Buratai Viral Video

Buratai Viral Video

Military to counsel soldiers who cursed Buratai in viral video

5/22/2020 6:25:00 PM

Military to counsel soldiers who cursed Buratai in viral video

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe Defence Headquarters says soldiers on the frontline seen in a viral video insulting the Chief of Army Staff, Lt.Gen Tukur Buratai, will be subjected to observation and counselling.In a video that went viral earlier in the week, some soldiers in the Operation Lafiya Dole in Yobe State who were ambushed by terrorists were seen cursing Buratai.

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Narrating its own side of the story, the military headquarters said some soldiers encountered multiple Improvised Explosive Devices and Boko Haram terrorists’ ambush, eight kilometres ahead of Buni-Gari in Gujba Local Government Area of Yobe State on May 18, 2020

The military said two soldiers paid the supreme price and three others sustained injuries as a result of the explosion.The DHQ said additionally, a recovery truck and a water tanker that ran into the IED were destroyed by fire.The tweets read, “Three terrorists were neutralised, while unconfirmed number escaped with various degrees of injury. However, due to mental snap/distress occasioned by fog of war, two of the soldiers who escaped the IED and terrorists’ ambush recorded the incident with uncomplimentary remarks, about the Nigerian Army and her leadership, which was released on the social media.

“Although this kind of outburst is expected in war, the soldiers involved have been identified and would undergo observation and counselling.“The Armed Forces of Nigeria will remain unwavering in its quest to end the terrorism and will do everything possible to ensure there is no repeat of this kind of traumatic incident/outburst.”

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Thank God is counsel and observation first and not court martial You deserve more bastards 👿 Counsellors in Military.. Hmmmm... J %% Truly He arrange d killings You people are horrible gutter yoruba media.. You are not asking why the army gave information to bokoharam and not their gullible soldiers trying to defend what in essence none defensible

Why is nigeria military so wicked to its soldiers Is it the boko haram into military or what Jokers Which counsel That counseling, we hope it’s not going to be “Lock them in guardroom “ Counsel ke 😀 When subordinates openly insult and disrespect a leader it shows it’s time for the leader to quit. Always quite when the ovation is high. But our leaders prefer to die in office when when they become irrelevant and lose respect from those they are leading.

After now na 15 billion dem go take do counseling... Sinzu money gbé fún Mk den Sha no kill them for speaking their mind... Buratai deserves death Tundaclap They want to take our attention away from the drill ha ga aku mmadu. Chizoba. Counsel those that survived. Whatabout those who are dead? Will they counsel thier dead bodies? You send them out with little or no intel on the enemy. How do you espect them to succed against an enemy who has better intel, better weapons and better motivated?

How are we sure that is what they are going to do to them. That niggah will be missed By counsel they mean torture. He could will be tortured and possibly deranked if not killed and blame it on Boko Haram Counsel for what?let buratai too enter the battle himself Ok Counsel cos of cause? U guys re lucky des soldiers ain't started turning their guns n raining their bullets on u yet. U constantly make women widows n children orphans n u kul with it? God forbid u.

Why not counsel buratai bcus he need the counsel incompent Na Brutai need counseling not them cuz dem they express their feelings as the matter be wey brutai and his Oga Dey cash out from sacrificing our soldier life for one useless remnant terrorist wey chad don almost finish.😡😡 Na dungeon be that o.... Army lies.

Mutiny or coup loading. If you know, you know. I'm following everyone that like my comment, pls follow back I just know that someday the truth about boko haram will be known. Till then God save this country and bless those solider giving all for a country that cares little about them They will punish him then kill him

Hmmmmmmmmm I blame president buhari for all this nonsense Not buratai Someone who has served more than 40yrs is WHO you still see as the best serving chief Freedom of speech.. freedom after speech🏃🏃🏃🏃 Nigerian is called zoo, no be me talk but you can ask the nation. If i were Buratai i will honourabily resign

...horribly inept and inhumane service chiefs...bunch of failures in uniform and stripes...they should be at the war front with the infantry...they have redefined failure... Na der way WHY WILL SOMEONE DIE FOR NIGERIA?..THE SOLDIERS KNOW THAT ONCE THEY DIE THEIR WIVES AND KIDS WILL BE HOMELESS...BEING JOBLESS IS BETTER THAN DYING FOR A USELESS COUNTRY...

Rubbish military base ...stupid senior officers punishing junior one... How sure are we it is counselling they really want to do for them and not incarceration? I don't trust these people. amnesty international please follow up this issue. Buratai is showing incompetence as his Oga. What do you expect from the boys whose laugh are wasted as if they are cows. For such to happen implies there are bottled up resentments on his handling of issues. Take Buratai off or take his Oga out.

Can't you do some analytical news on this issue, ? If these at the forefront can point accusing fingers on their boss, then something is really fishy somewhere. UMU EKWENSU!!! 😠😠😠😠 I live in one of the army barracks in Nigeria even though I'm not a soldier, most of the military men I know here have prayed it openly without caution that Buratai die in an unpleasant way. I still wonder why they all hate their chief of army staff.

*former Shame One day, a frustrated soldier will open fire on their Chief and damn the consequences. You play with their lives and don't want to listen to their cry either Are they not supposed to curse Buratai? If Buhari understands his job, by now Buratai or whatever his name was should be formal army boss. Nonsense! Those soldiers are suffering from psychological problem, orchestrated by Buratai's ineptitude. Sorry for their pains.

Am a professional Counsellor, you can give me the job to handle.. About time. Things are backfiring The Nigerian army has to do better, people’s lives are at stake here. Life has to count for something, bigger than our incompetence and failings. Are you sure the soldiers are the guys who need the counseling?

That Video Is not the first since the Incompetent Buratai And Useless Buhari Come To power and It Will not be the Last so they should continue. If you believe this you can believe anything...🤮🤮 Please can you share the video again Hian!! Brutal counseling loading... Best counsel is to take care of soldiers and their families

Those who live by propaganda shall die by propaganda said Sen Abaribe.General adeniyi once exposed the failure of Buratai and here comes Another.Buratai should be sacked or else he will be mutinied.NigeriaGov HQNigerianArmy MBuhari BBCWorld i knew they wld go for him. No need.. We all know what will happen to those soldiers..

Burutai should step down Ok They don't need counselling what they need is for the military to fish out the moles within the system that is feeding their locations to the enemy. Too many of these men have died to ambush. Power your homes with complete solar system solution at a cheaper prices. call CRYSTALS POWER SYSTEMS SOLUTIONS today 08131363612 and say byes to blackout. newnigeriagogreengosolar

Curses not enough. The present Service Chiefs have nothing to offer the nation. They're just there as watchdogs to the Commander in Chief. If i were d soja i wud do d same oo.... Ifb You mean to say CANCEL? Misplaced priority This counseling may be something else. These animals keep killing our soldiers and our government will still give them amnesty.

They don die be dat. Buratai has lost his respect so he needs to be replaced long before now Soldiers said the truth about the true situation in the battlefield. Better. Military should make it easy for the soldiers. They are human beings too and should be encouraged as they set themselves in battle array with the enemy

The soldier's just express there view Them* If then no kill am first Na MBuhari and Buratai need the counselling What will counselling do to a man that is hanging already. You counsel them and still push them to die. What good? These people never seize to amaze me. 🤡 Definition of What Military Counsel means to this Soldiers who have suffered both physical n psychological Trauma: A) Military Counsel either means Court- Martialing the Soldiers or B) Sending them to the Hottest Bed of Boko Haram insurgents to be killed in active duty.

The only ones that should be cautioned here is Burutai $ the military hierarchy....for funds mismanagement!! I think only in Nigeria a mere soldiers can insult their superior. How? Something is fishing.. Run for your life 😅😅 As MBuhari refuse to sack this man one day his life will be cut short by one officer

Please leave these soldiers alone. I pray they won't do harm to them, because the conspiracy is too much.qq After counseling, give them the right tools and motivation to keep fighting. Nonsense and useless people Those guys will either be locked up in guardroom or inject them and send them home to go and die.

Stories for the gods,I know Nigeria military very well, they will definitely deal with the soldiers involved 😀 yeye Please someone should help me tell Buratai that I have a container load of curses for him. When the counselors are done, he should let me know. Counselling in Nigerian Military terms means disciplining those soldiers. Those soldiers were traumatized and were crying, for a grown up man to cry and curse on the battle field...means he stared death in the face.

militaryblower Alaranolatunbo1 Raheematibi MistaMayr lawrencrisla Demikiwala abi won fe fo epon e. 😔🤔🚶 Hope the counseling wouldn't lead to dismissal. Lol How about military requesting insisting that Buratai should step down. Which counsel? Lie lie,those soldiers are gone,they will be court marshalled secretly .Buratai has been there for 5 years now and has failed abysmally and the clueless still keeps him there.unfortunate govt

Counsel inside guardroom Putting the cart before the horse. Give the soldiers credible intel, not useless counsel. Counsel them for expressing their frustration. The reason we'll hardly make progress. Training and motivation can do this counselling joor! Buratai should be sentence to life imprisonment. Hypnosis!

So who will counsels Buratai or isn't clear he needs counselling as well? Twitter were thanking him yesterday..the depth of Nig problem is immense Wow! Just wow!!! I hope you guys wont kill them, demote them or lock them up. They only said the truth. Thunder fire Buratai Counsel or kill? We joke too much in this country... You think if I am a soldier i would agree to go face bokoharam? I can't be a pawn on chessboard while those pot-bellied politicians already decide the outcome of our every move before the game starts... Nigeria army is shitty

You actually meant court martial. By the way, I think this BH have been defeated? This woman is looking for a way to dissolve this npower_ng programme.but God will not allow that to happen. Light fire 🔥 on buratai nah If I were the soldier in question frankly I would have resigned that's if he's still alive from the video I saw because it seems he only covered the incident amid of the ambush by the terrorist but frankly if I'm the one after making such utterance I will just put pen to paper

In Nigeria, the meaning of the word 'counsel' may be Nigerianized in a different way from dictionary definition. Otherwise, even a lay man knows that except under duress, a person who mean to curse can not just begin to praise until the subject change for the better. It's okay. DISINFECTANT BOX AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY CALL OR SEND A MESSAGE TO 08140252052

In Nigeria, any one who speaks it's mind is termed an enemy, and would be severely sanctioned. Better to curse buratai than to die In war front Say the truth and die right ? Those days My father counsel me with koboko. the military should admit that they are failing the soldiers and failing the Nation. make necessary adjustment to win this war. they have made enough money from this business. let it stop.

During counselling, they may as well curse the counsellors. The clowns obviously don't feel the pain and frustration of the soldiers. So shameful Why DefenceInfoNG Nonsense! Look beyond the curses Those soldiers are innocent. They are just expressing their feelings.thats all. The problem is leadership not counselling....your just victimizing them for saying the truth...this is the disease of 'eye service' in this country. Buratai has to ask himself if he is a suitable leader. Those soldiers are not happy except his boys and his close friends.

They better leave that war front let MBuhari go and face them with his chiefs of staff and police since they are using those boys to do business stupid country When it is obvious to rank and files that the war again boko haram is for milking money into individual pockets. They will soon embarrass the nation with another video that will be more damaging to expose their lame commanders

Na soo Cut Mashal Counsel fire!... Lies! As per say he's mad abi? Please sir, counsel them ni o... a beg o Explain the meaning of your COUNSEL 🙄🙄 If they put them in prison or court martial them... wetin I go do to our leaders eh,them nor go believe sef Bring them here for counseling lolz 😂😂😂 I wish I was seeing this from Lai Mohammed.

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Two soldiers killed, others wounded by IED in YobeTwo soldiers have been reportedly killed by Improvised Explosive Devices during an ambush by Boko Haram fighters close to Buni Gari in Gujba... 😭😭😭

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