Kaduna Rapist

Kaduna Rapist

Man to die for raping Kaduna two-year-old to death

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6/4/2020 11:10:00 AM

Man to die for raping Kaduna two-year-old to death

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Godwin Isenyo, KadunaA Kaduna State High Court sitting in Dogarawa Sabon Gari in Zaria on Wednesday sentenced one Usman Shehu Bashir to death by hanging for raping a two-year-old girl to death.The Presiding Judge, Justice Kabir Dabo, said the convict had confessed to committing the offence, adding that relying on Section 221of the Penal Code, he was sentencing him to death by hanging.

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The case started on the 23 March 2015 and lasted for five years.Justice Dabo said, “On the fateful day, the convict took the late Fatima to his room and for about 40 minutes, he raped her which led to her death.”Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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The heart of the Nigerians are far from God even the so call man of God ,..Matt 15 : 8-9 Wetin people dey gain from this rubbish self? Dats C O O L 😎 what about Danga Com. For water resource if hanged it will serve as good Xample if d govt is so serious about RAPE they should start from d TOP !😭😭😭😭

Masha Allah.. idan Ana hka xai xama darasi Akan wasu Best judgement. Those men marrying children of five or six or seven or eight or nine or ten or eleven or fifteen years old are also rapist. They should be arrested, tried and locked up too. A child is a child and they shouldn’t be subjected to such abuses, inhumane, and such depravity.

Justice well served. Two years old... chai some people are naturally wicked en Infact they should not just hang him sef,they should first macerate his manhood bit by bit till he die so that he can feel the pain that innocent baby felt. Please the hanging should be fast... we dont want to hear stories later..

I think they should use firing squad GOOD!!! ToyosiGodwin Hanging is too small...let them open that hole in his dick and stuff in Cameroon well enough just the same way they stuff in enough gun powder into a local gun.... before hanging him....but why do men do shits around 😔😔😔😔 Why did this case drag for so long?

Let this serve as a deterrent to other rapist out there.....your life will definitely end like this... Since 2015, na now una dey pass judgment. Chai! This Country no work, at all at all Osa_novia Push him into the Atlantic Ocean. Poor man judgment dey come fast sha. God help us Nwanyimanari What's really happening to our men... Please God help our girls

Thats perfect punishment for him... I hope he will die by hanging jiggy_bop They should 'amputate' his penis, then kill him. I mean, it's only fair. Uncle Pam Pam UnclePamilerin Great judgement What of our politicians that are involved in genocide against humanity and order more deadly crimes in Nigeria here

But I suggest, he brain most test first. If people have the fear of God at heart, they won't go to the extent of destroying destinies He should pay with his blood... That man must be a monster 2 year old ?...Goodness!!!!! Beast! How I wish 2 cute ladies can rape me for a start 🙄 since it’s rape era Hmmn IFB fast though

Sounds sweet Only right Good I will suggest will be there should dug a pit and buried him up to his neck then shave his head and pure honey this should be done in a thick forest Only fair thing to do Satan was on duty. After five years, Nigeria need to upgrade their justice system. Good news This should be if every other rape cases .. tbh

Kaii🤯🤯... worst Glory be to the Living God. This is so far the best way to punish all Rapists, since they've chosen destroy our women's Devine gift. Let the rest follow... This will deter other rapist from doing so Good judgment Awwww...so sweet Pls the court shouldn’t prolong the sentence. It should be excuted immediately

We move. May his rest in hell Love to see it 😊☺️🥰 Make e no tey abeg. where are all the it is what she wore ....abi 2 years old too dey look and dress like beyonce? ori gbo gbo yin daru.....awon eranko Finally some good news! Good Sounds like justice to me So many things are happening this day 😭😭 God please save us

Wish he would be castrated first.. Let him feel unending pain before dying.... JusticeForUwa Can he be hung twice Good walegates A two year old? Very inhuman 💔 Chai!.. Some people are very wicked.. Why not go to obalande, were u will pay and get wat u want... Beast very well deserved. walegates Very good!

the_EstherOkoro Slow death, Apache style. fadererah_ This is what justice looks like In fact it should be carried out with immediate effect, animal in human form! Well deserved GovKaduna NAPTIP branch should also be opened in kaduna sir,it is needed please.thanks Yes! Yes💪 A 2yr old, I can't even fathom it. Lord!

One bitter pill to all savage rapist. It’s wrong to celebrate the impending death of a fellow human but I’m glad. This should be a nationwide law. ✅✅✅✅ More of this kind of judgment please. We can't continue living with animals in human skin. Justice Dabo said, “On the fateful day, the convict took the late Fatima to his room and for about 40 minutes, he raped her which led to her death.” I can't stop shouting! 😳

My dick just became rock hard What they deserve It is well nwaegbe_nkem is this our same story? Poor reporting. No references. It took a fricken 5 years to decide if he did it or now...common people, something is wrong here. Pls hang him already! 🚶🏿‍♀️ He deserves to die, one life for another..... Wish to see quick execution

Wtf is “Kaduna 2 year old” As he should Good He deserves to die Justice at last... Due to the trending topic on rape Precious Stone Comedy went to his archives to bring out this old video to stand against Rape... Let's say no to Rape. saynotorape thunderforrape Raping a two year old is a mystery. It is beyond mental problem!

Way to go,great news!!! If there is another crime worse than death he deserves it. This is what I mean by stiffer For men who get themselves involve in rape, I really do not appreciate the death sentence been passed to them ooooo. Their victims went through pains before giving up, so also they should go through pain before killing them!! Let them be cascerated....abi wetin una think na!!!!

Man to die keh He's not dead yet? What are you people waiting for 😭😭 2 year old Ha Slow death please,very slow and terrible That serves him right joor...awon were Good! He deserved it He should be cremated alive & his ashes used as manure to grow crops. Two years old? Wow. 👍👍👍 Serves him right Public hanging on a public holiday should have more viewership hopefully to a greater effect

Amen ANY RAPIST MUST DIE LIKE THAT I like this judgement 👍 I think death is an escape and an offer of mercy for this beast. Life imprisonment in the gallows (in Nigeria) is the punishment you should mete out to such an animal. a__aris_ Death by hanging is too quick & honourable for this gravity of inhumanity.

Just cut of the D and fingers. 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 This i stan Abeg,who be the man to die?him no get name.Make una kuku show us the comfirmatiom video ooo.justiceforvictims Jesus Good! 1 down Give us the news of his death. Rapist are animals, murderers and shouldn't be allowed in our society. Anyone found guilty of rape should either be killed by firing squard or stoned to death. What nonsense 😡😡😡

This is a good sentence. He does not deserve to live .He is a beast in human clothing. They should broadcast his execution on live TV eniolakiite Very good! Ensure it is slow and hurtful He should be castrated with his testicles fed to vultures and the devil should be magnanimous enough to also kill him in hell for his soul to die permanently In case he wants to reincarnate again .

Wrong accusers should die by what.. Please I think airing it live on TV will help to teach some of the rapist and potential rapist a very big lesson on what the consequences will be, after committing such barbaric act. NiceCondemnation To die lasannnnnn As it should be.. This is serious why the recent spike in rape cases please? what is happening? Everyday I here about someone being raped, is it that the rapists are on rampage or what? This has to stop.

Serves him right. More of it death penalty for rapists totally in order they rape and kill so they should have the same fate haywenzo 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 This is the best punishment so that the remaining beast can learn. Make Dem cut hin kinni before the dieing He should die If it was possible to kill a person twice, it would be better

Amen Amen when you try to destroy someones life you deserve this. nkay_yo How can you rape a 2 year old 😮, truely this life no balance. I just want elrufai to sign off this as soon as it is upheld. Why has the case lasted this long? Since 2015, imagine the level of incompetence That's one Many more to go!

Man to die? Rephrase to 'Man to mutha**cknly KILLED...... PAINFULLY! Things you love to see Ayé rapist mà bàjé ooo.....chai! 2 years old baby😠 Two year Old. Callousness. Hanging will shorten his pain, just punish the idiot severely every day, as long as he is leaves. It should be made public 🤦🏾‍♂️ Burn him alive

Great 👍 Fact They should make the anime die a slow death. Poor baby😥😥 2 years old🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄... Chai.. Death penalty straight that serves him right, so disgusting Biisi96 Can it be televised please This is the best punishment for rapists 2020. A year to remember😪 Castration first... They need to punish the idiot first

Biisi96 Let him die already Biisi96 Nawa ooo The girl's father should be in jail now for killing that mf Good for what..Good for the animal. His carcass should be fed to vultures!!! Before you kill him, please insert his d××k into the hole of a boiling ring (make sure it's at the highest level) 🙄 after 5 minutes hang him

The sad part is not that the convict raped and killed a 2 year old. The sad part is that it took 5 years to prove he did. Nigerians, change your justice system. Yes, he suppose to be kill The land is soaked with innocent bloods and they're seeking for revenge. How on earth can anyone with his clear eye think of raping any lady at all? Talk more of raping a two years old baby, when there are sex workers everywhere. God forgive us our sins🙏🙏🙏

Please o, let it be done on national TV and also let the animal be strung up by the pen** and not by the neck. Others will learn. Where are those mad people saying indecent dressing is the cause of rape? Shebi this two year old was indecently dressed. Mtchewww... May they all hang 🙏 B_ELRUFAI Wonderful. A hope for judiciary system.

Koni kuray 😏 2 years? Omg!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 Yasssss! Animal I hope the judgment is carried out immediately. hahaha and are we suppose to feel bad Yes! Enough is enough! Since we choose to behave like animals! Capital punishment will serve as deterrent. It should be passed into law, but justice must prevail, WITCH-HUNTERS should also suffer the same consequences as RAPISTS.

They don't have to die before you carry out the death sentence .. Anyone that rapes a minor should be killed, that is the worse .. Whether the minor dies or not.. Kill the rapist .. Finally dis ppl are doing d right tin, bt i think electric chair wil b better. That rope no strong,Agege people get original one

This is better... Any rapist should die by hanging The kinda burial I'd love to attend.....just to confirm with a slap he's the one in the damn coffin Sounds great to me .... he killed the girl first when he raped her. He deserves it... JESUS H CHRIST!... what depravity!.. all of these monsters should be fished out and eliminated... ALL OF THEM! They pose great danger to the human race!

I love this song May Allah give him what he deserves! Wicked Great!!! Can a high profile citizen be next? B_ELRUFAI Justice prevails Women no dey die for raping little boys abi that one nobi crime Can a gay guy rape him before he is hanged 🙄🙄 chemicalbrodar Cut off his genitals and his tongue and ears :)

His manhood should be burnt first before hanging him for such a barbaric act STRAIGHT HANGING PLSS! What is wrong with this rapists!!! 2 year old? Seriously? They should cut of his hood, and let him watch the dogs eat it. Before hanging him. What about the commissioner, who was released after been accused of RAPE. Law is for the poor

How na Very absord After the first death he should die again raping is not a sin with the fulani is the culture . why are you guys against it . they are doing it ever time He got the capital punishment not because he raped but the victim died as a result. Rape and Murder. Oluwa seun ooo Its even two year old now, ahhh

The family of the man suppose to even give the Court extra one person as Jara,to die with the man.....idiot. Na wa o...this country is turning something else Could it be televised? Best news so far on rape issues... The beast should die asap. I feel likw death is an easy escape. His balls should be smashed one after the other

This is good news. God bless all those who fought for justice to prevail. That is great news to the lovers of sanity! Support Better It's not the first time they're doing it Please Nigerian I suggested there should be another judgement apart from death ✌ Better ManLikeAkoh 2 year old? If this is true, he should be Castrated, amputated and Forced to drink ACID.

Step in the right direction. Are these kind men humans? the judgment is fair though!!! Governor's don't sign death warrant of convicts; their inaction makes it impossible to end crime Nigeria! Therefore, politicians are the main problem why crime still strive in the country.. We'll like to watch the video pls. Let's see how life is snuffed out of the wicked soul, and how he died a slow a painful death. You may say I'm wicked, but wait until you have a baby girl before you judge me. We need to wipe out these evil guys. SayNoToRapists

Quickly approved. SayNoToRape Ashafsy Well deserved 🙌🏿 More of this please Serves him right SayNoToRapist ❌ Bcetter even our corrupted and loot's policians need to die also by hanging. Keep them coming. He should and his spirit caged in hell forever How sweet was the two year old, Mr rapist? Same should go for all the rapist caught, don't congest the prisons!

SonofBayo We love to see justice. ....'man to die' then you left us to figure by which way through the loop. And is this man He-who-shall-not-be-named? Sunshyno I love this. He should have been given life in imprisonment, jus saying tho. Where’s the hangman, this needs to be done ASAP They should hang the he-goat to death

They should first tie him to a moving vehicle before hanging him. That's legendary of Northern Judges. Immediate execution about RAPE. Others should learn this not only spreading words on media. What were they waiting for. Why to die?. It shld be man died by hanging or firing squard for raping. LocusBendi

It will serve as deterrent to others We better delay the jubilation until after the implementation of the verdict AmotekunSw Haaaa 2 yrs old nke😡😡😡😡 aysha_ahman Yauwa Still not good a news. Death sentence is barbaric. Send him to an already clogged jail & (unintentionally) have him raped by the inmates

I have a better idea.. just let dog feed on his dick till he dies... let him feel the pain... He shouldn't have done it I think they should make this PUBLIC! my God I will not judge but this is something else, is just like demons are operating in Nigeria now. Rape everywhere. Good Two year old what happened can't men keep their dick

Justice well served MyOpinion Death penalty is not a good suggestion for the extreme offence of rape in Nigeria. I am mindful of the fact of how the Executive arm of Government have politicised signing of DEATH WARRANTS. Thus, if death should be the punishment for rape. Very good! He should also be publicly shamed by mentioning his name

Gud for him. Hang the muderfuker now now publickly Rape cases in Nigeria is now directly proportional to the coronavirus cases on NCDC twitter page. Good justice This is soooooooo stupid! It should be televised so people never forget, it will serve as a deterrent to rapist. thatyorubaguy Don't hang cut the hood off

Cut out his preek, fry it and make him chew it before hanging him. He should castrated before facing death. He shouldn't be blessed with a fast death, he should die before dying. It's about it...rapist when convicted get the ropes! SAY NO TO RAPE!!! TheEnike Good riddance. The issue of rape most especially on the young child both female/male is spreading like bush fires across regions/religions. A capital punishment should be mated on the culprit forthwith with out any delay. Parents most be watchful on movement/association of their children.

I support It's a good judgement Make hin die oo, but they should cut off the rape organ first, so that he'll knw how it feels Wtf 2 years old? Shit 🤮 Rape is bad no matter the age. Dr_youngy This should be streamed on live !!! Where are those senseless men that are saying that the way ladies dress provocatively is the reason why they are raped ? What can you say is the reason why this 2yr old baby was raped and died as a result ? Rapist monsters ! 😡😠😡😠

What is happening pls is getting out of hand I don’t support capital punishment for any reason but I won’t be losing any sleep over his hanging Not the best This should be the penalty for rape Now we are talking Justice for all Let the execution be made public. Good one. What of Abdulmumini Dange, the Kogi commissioner? He may not be related to a politician or has a surname that why he was sentenced.

Great news...he should be tortured to death. Best option. That Kogi man too should be properly investigated too and should be given what he deserves Lol,its not pronouncing it,will they show us his body to be sure,we have lost faith in this government oo Animals everywhere Good! He got what he deserved. Stay at home and Earn from Google Admob You can earn up to $100+ a month using Google Admob Join this WhatsApp group *Training is on the 5th of June* Join now before the group fills up🤓🤓 *POWERED BY GOOGLE*

How can you rape a two year old child to death? This is EVIL! Goodnews😁 Rape a 2 year Old? I don't believe it. The media always likes to sell fake news especially when it is bad. Great way to jump on this rape wagon that has been riding for some days now. Yes. No punishment less than that is good enough.

MsTyma_ Way to Go I will prefer castration. It will cause him to commit suicide. Seeing girls and breasts and being not able to use his carrot. Too evil of that man Gud verdict indeed _OyiiNkaN I don’t know why court cases take this long though , since 2015. Good one anyway _onah1 Wait wat? Who are these demons really?

To hell with such a man Perfect for him... Good. Next! Hang him and burn his corpse. Good news 👍 Liars every where What will you even enjoy for repaying 2 year old girl, God is really merciful 2year old!! Nawa oooo So did the little innocent baby dress indecently to warrant such barbaric treatment from the unfortunate man? Or did she talk harshly to him, or go out late?. I'm asking because of those who give excuses for rapists.

liars every where Na Barb wire dem for take hang am Great step Well deserving sentence at least other intended rapist will learn from this , this country is becoming something else like from one inhumane act to the other haba raping a two year old child this is mere wickedness That will be cheap dead... He should die by starving Slow and painful ...

2 year old!!!!? I always believe this Rape this has much to do with one’s Mental health. Is this a curse? What is really going on? Pandemic on the rise Rapevirus Want to learn forex and make legit money Dm me on Whatsapp: 09029144314 Note: free indicators available after my class justiceforvictims Opor Where are those idiots saying indecent dressing promotes rapes. Now what is the indecent dressing in this 2years old baby that will make a full grown man rape her. Say No to rape

We need a bill in the national Assembly on establishes of castrating hospital center in Nigeria for rapists offender This is isn't fair, I heard that the most painful death is setting one on fire, why don't you be fair and dish out this one? Yes, that's what they should have done in the first place so it would be a lesson to othe unscrupulous elements in the society. May Allah save our sisters from being victims of this act.

Goood news Hope it's hanging by balls Death by hanging is too lenient. He should first be castrated then hung on live TV for other to watch and learn. 5 years to get justice for a 2 year old? YES!!!!! He deserves to be slaughtered alive so that he will also feeling the pains while struggling for his life FIVE YEARS TO GIVE A VERDICT 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

More of this please. Punch said in kaduna while vanguard said in Zaria. Who knows the one to believe? Fake news and misleading information Why are some men animals in human form ? What will attract a grown up man to a 2yr old baby. Mmmmh, even the devil will be afraid of this man. Judgement on Rape cases should not exceed 7days , This case started in 2015 ..... our judicial process should be on the speed lane

How I wish the same energy will be channeled when a rich kid commits the same crime. Die by? I suggest die by cutting of his manhood and making pepper soup with 1,000 Naira worth of Cameroon pepper with 2 Bottles of Sniper and Handful unshelled perewinkle. Beasts This is the kind of justice that befit this kind of crime

Man to die The man no get name or picture The very problem with this country. . If the covid 19 hoax and unscientific lockdown were not implement,all these won't have happened.lockdown is the cause of this because it's unscientific to lockdown healthy people Good one.. Get it done asap Just like that?. How about cracking his skull and hanging him upside down so he losses blood slowly, till he dies! .. or straight up BloodEagle..... then hang him!

Is it a crime to be a female? Why rape at all let alone a defenseless child 👶? God please give the child’s family the heart to bear this pain in Jesus name , Amen 🙏🏾 Way to go 🙏 Hanging is not enough. Guillotine execution is the proper one.. 😠 Can it be televised? Please NaijaFlyingDr Is it curse or what. What is wrong with some men.

inhuman Simple. Straightforward. Needless sugar-coating. If truly found culpable of the raping crime, justice should served devoid of emotions. Please with immediate effect...beast🤢 DeathPenaltyForRape Thank God WTF💔 Televise ! Is this raping the new way of making money? I don’t understand There’s more to this How can a full grown man sleep with a two year old and enjoys it 🤔🤔

Please torture him. Let him have a slow and painful death... Start from now. Goodness!!!! Two years old..... What kinda pleasure do they derive from it? Its about time we looked behind the scene..... This is no longer ordinary..... It's too rampant.. What are they waiting for? The headline should be reading “Man executed by hanging after raping two-year old to death”

Yeah this’s the type of judgement we want🖤 This is such a good news i must say. Even Satan did not rape EVE when they met face to face...they should bury him alive This should be the fate of all rapists. If he is really guilty, May his soul rest in PIECES..... Nice one....but i would have loved his prick chop off first so that in his next world(if there is anyway)woman Toto go be his nightmares

Well deserved Make dem follow cut im prick before dem hang am abeg 😢😢 “Man to die by hanging” when the appropriate news by now should be ‘man died by hanging’.... until we leave ‘will’ to ‘have’, we ain’t making any progress in Nigeria. Too many we will we will than we have we have in Nigeria. NO TIME!

Why the increase in rape cases Our governors curfupt mind will never permit it: can anyone mention a civilian gov that ever signed a death sentence? A 2yrs old!!!!!!! Damn... He shouldn't just die like that, he shld b castrated, b4 he dies Die!!! Motherfvcker Die!!!! A beg let the Gov sign this fast o, so that the goat will not be released by another Govt biko

I hope it's not audio hanging... NoToRapist NoToRape BoyTooCanBeRaped EnoughIsEnough EveryLifeMatters WTF is this? Sharply please Public hanging live on TV Other will pick lessons from there

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BREAKING: Suspected Fulani Herdsmen Invade Southern Kaduna Community, Hack Women, Children To Death | Sahara ReportersBREAKING: Suspected Fulani Herdsmen Invade Southern Kaduna Community, Hack Women, Children To Death | Sahara Reporters “We were just waking up when the herdsmen came around 5am. They came with weapons and started chopping people to death.' READ MORE: These southern kaduna should strategize and start self defense and effective attack period. Even the devil is afraid of an organized strategy. Start doing something and let the news change for better. Security agencies have failed to track down and arrest those behind these attacks. This is terrible

Kaduna killings: Shehu Sani reacts, beg El-Rufai, Buhari govts over attacks in KajuruShehu Sani, former Kaduna Central Senator, on Wednesday condemned the fresh killings in Kajuru Local Government Area of the state. Sani urged the state, Federal Government and security agents to urgently bring an end to what he termed 'senseless bloodshed by terror groups.' In a tweet, the former lawmaker said the fresh crisis in the Dm me ur mail address to get my write up 'why the killings of innocent Nigerians will not stop anytime soon'

Kaduna: 9 people killed in Kajuru attack – Daily TrustAt least nine, people including women and children, were killed in the early hours of Weadnesday at a village called Agwala in Tudun Wadan... So this is the picture of the ppl killed or the killer Please they are more than 9.

El-rufai confirms 31 new cases of COVID-19 in Kaduna, discharge of 15 patientsThe Kaduna State government on Tuesday announced the discharge of 15 COVID-19 patients. The State government on its official Twitter page also confirmed that it recorded 31 new COVID-19 cases. It said the cases were recorded in Zaria, Kaduna North and Sabon-Gari. \u201cCovid-19 Update: 15 patients are due for discharge. Out of 145 samples tested Bet9ja- Initial Deposit Bonus 100% Welcome Bonus WINNERS DON'T WAIT. JOIN NOW HERE NOW This one is now NCDC governor

Kaduna markets, worship centres remain closed – Daily TrustDespite the lift of ban on worship centres and financial institutions by the Federal Government on Monday, the Kaduna State Government has announced that markets and worship centres across the state will remain closed. El-Rufai stubborn pass Buhari All he want is attention