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Abubakar Aliyu, Dan Etete

Malabu Scandal: Jonathan replies Nigerian govt, speaks on role - Premium Times Nigeria

Malabu Scandal: Jonathan replies Nigerian govt, speaks on role


Malabu Scandal: Jonathan replies Nigerian govt, speaks on role

A former Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan , has repeated his claim that he did nothing wrong when his government brokered the controversial Malabu oil deal.

The court documents, seen by PREMIUM TIMES, show that the government also alleged that the Malabu deal was “corrupt” and not done in the interest of Nigeria.

The controversial Malabu scandal involves the transfer of about $1.1 billion by oil multinationals, Shell and ENI, through the Nigerian government to accounts controlled by a former Nigerian oil minister, Dan Etete.

Shell later admitted it did know the money would go to Mr Etete. Shell, Eni, Mr Etete, Mr Aliyu and several officials of the oil firms are being prosecuted in Italy for their roles in the scandal.

In the statement released by Mr Jonathan’s aide Saturday evening, Mr Eze said although there is nothing new in the “fabricated bribery claim” which he had debunked in the past, the former president will continue to restate the facts.

“The fact remains that as recent national events continue to vindicate former President Jonathan, and as the world continues to celebrate him, those who are insecure will feed such propaganda to their media agents to feed their inferiority complex,” the statement said.

“The fact that most major media houses in the country refused to republish this falsehood bears out our conviction that Nigerians can no longer be deceived by hollow and diversionary claims of corruption, in the face of worsening state of affairs in the country.”

“We would like to point out that all the actions taken by the Jonathan administration in relation to activities in the oil industry were legally conducted by relevant Nigerian government officials and were carried out in the best interest of the country.

Last month, a consultant who stood as witness before an Italian court in Milan faulted the valuation of the controversial block by the oil giants, Eni and Shell.

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