Gov. Seyi Makinde

Gov. Seyi Makinde

Makinde tests negative for coronavirus

4/6/2020 8:49:00 AM

Makinde tests negative for coronavirus

Kayode OyeroOyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has tested negative for coronavirus,The PUNCHreports.The governor, who had tested positive for the virus on March 30, said on Sunday evening via hisTwitterhandle that he now tests negative for the virus.He said he received his second negative test result on Sunday evening while appreciating those who supported him with prayers during the intervening period.

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He said he would resume his duty as the Head of the COVID-19 Task Force team in the state on Monday.“I am deeply moved by your prayers and support throughout this period. I am so thankful. This evening, I received my second negative test result for COVID-19. I especially thank Prof Temitope Alonge, who acted in my stead as Head of the Oyo State COVID-19 Task Force.

“I am also grateful to all members of the Task Force for their cooperation during this time. I will be resuming my responsibility as Head of the Task Force from tomorrow,” he tweeted.See tweet; Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

We have been praying for him. He is doing well and Covid-19 cannot take a role model away like that. He should check next door please. Not Makinde head! Thanks God, but stop using your mouth to invite problem for yourself, you claimed one party was infected with corona but the next day you found yourself in isolation room. Play politic with infrastructures not unwanted utterances

God will keep protecting you and yours Congratulations I didn't expect otherwise. He's young and loved by all Am beginning to wonder what type of coronavirus is our own? Cos everyone wey be positive don turn negative! We have the antidote, so let's give it to the world na? Am getting confused!!! Or make we resume work nah since we have antidote!😁 Naija with scam!!!

Good news which ever way you look at it. Am happy for those who have recovered...... rebranded 9ja covid Congratulations!!! Audio Coronavirus is in Nigeria Congratulations Goodnews Congratulations to him more strength IJN Scam Na typhoid and malaria This lockdown is becoming more unbearable, having to deal with very poor data from MTN180 MTNNG and 9mobileng is making it more pathetic for me. Who has a better option pls

I’m not understanding They're deceiving themselves MakindeMedia Congrats to u sir Been awaiting this news like... Our own type nah like person wey get 3naira for phone e wan flash but dem come pick am as call MakindeMedia Great Agbooo don cure m...😂😂💪🏽💪🏽🏃🏃 Story fr another day Good news!!!💪💪💪 Why are we always on the positive side of the world. Seyi makinde tested positive to COVID_19 and now negative.Why can't they use a plaintext that 'He has been cured'.

Yahoo boys in power Happy to hear Oyo state must have received FG coronavirus support find Audio texting Everything na scam Ópé ooooooooo We heard Oyo state yaf spent 1bn on Coronavirus in just a week.. seyiamakinde over to you Handsome governor seyiamakinde Glory Congratulations I wonder how come he became negative within 10days. This Nigeria politicians knows how to lie in every form. UK prime minister is admitted in hospital despite their tech.

Mad pple! Congratulations seyiamakinde am happy for you sir... More of God's victory all-round in Jesus Name Amen Thank god one of my best governor is test negative. Sweetest news for today Scammer👵 I did not understand Naija coro at all.. This shit is killing many in advance country everyday.. But here people are getting beta.. Adupe sha

Yes! Praise the Lord 🙏 💃💃💃💃💃 He was never positive . Good news Was he positive before? Scammers He got his share already. Well played. Audio projects, Audio Corona. You guys are fake Thank God oh. Now i understand why one state governor rejected corona virus result in his state. Congratulations seyiamakinde

Thank God So happy for him... No fears initially. Very good Thank God Has anyone heard any news about el-rufai's covid-19 case? Good news for today. Glory to God Good news! Am so happy for him Sweetest news ever Thank God 🙏 God be the glory This is fantastic Wooow it's good news Congratulations seyiamakinde I'm happy for my Governor A ko ni riru e mo ooo

seyiamakinde is cleared for landing. Hit the ground running by His Grace🙏. Haters are never going to be satisfied with this news but u all should remember African is one of the very few to recover in China and d reason China proclaim our genetic set up very strong against the virus...We have faced things that killed faster but we live..We are Africans

This whole thing is now looking like a real scam to me Happy for him. Abeg o my people na the same Corona virus weh deh kill people everywhere this people dey talk abi na another type ? Prayer is the key to success Fastest recovery in the history of Corona. What a wawu! Recovered or Test Negative? Now let's all go back to work since there is vaccine now..abi kini gbogbo eleyi sef...

Lol politicians again and again😆😆😆😆😆 Congratulations 🎊 Makinde test positive and test negative NCC is redundant cos this is misinformation What should the public believe? This people dn turn us to cartoons.... Everybody wan cash out... Is alright We are are extremely happy! May his recovery be sustainable as we pray God to heal our land

Alhamdulilah chioma will be negative now Niigga congratulations sir Follow my new Twitter account adeolu_rapheal Government magic...I finally agree the corona in Nigeria is different from the one in the world Glory be to God From reports this man is doing good and truly happy for him , God is faithful to his children. We can't be suffering as Nigerians and Covid will come and be worrying us.

This corona is malaria in Nigeria ooo....well done sir Am happy for you Why can't they cure others the way he was treated too Nigeria na big scam Good news to a good Governor but how about that wicked soul from Kaduna State? God is watching our every day evil steps o! Why abba kyari case different,him dn tey for treatment room

Wonderful news Ur luck shine Tank GOD oooo Eggs 🥚 on Tolu's face Thank God. What is the validity and reliability of both test Scam This Corona virus is really a coward, it's even a very weak virus yet made people to be afraid? I know it won't take long b4 Naija blood will kick d nonsense out from dis country.

What about the president Chief of Staff that was among the first people that tested positive Koko Lara ota nle,nothing do you the best governor Haha So fast......scam Great.. Thank God. Best news Thank God My governor is back. Glory Great news This is not new Thank God. God know His people Tor thank God o Scam!!!!all na scam

Mofo I'm happy for Oyo state and the general populace that wished you well sire. Thank God For This Governor!!!😀 Opee ooo So fast great news indeed. Am happy for this young man that just came to enjoy his life Abracadabra..... What of Abbah kyari? We didn't hear about him again Congratulations.... Stay safe for ur state 🙏🙏🇳🇬

Thank God 🙏 ooo... Early morning good news. I don’t even believe any shit again. But it’s a good news tho When they are done playing games on us let them inform us. Coronavirus for Nigeria na scam Glory be to God This country is a joke 😂. I'm so happy honestly despite I'm not from Oyo state but I love this man

Same person (he Gov Seyi Makinde) was tested positive 28th of March 2020, and quickly tested Negative today 6th of April 2020 is worrisome.... All is well Kayode714 theefeyisayo where is the Thanksgiving Our own type of Corona virus is tantamount to Abracadabra. The Nigerian version of Corona virus is a mockery of the widespread pandemic in Europe. In fact, our own Corona virus is a child's play. The type of Corona virus in Nigeria needs not be taken seriously...

👍👍👍 He has oo he doesn't have o, negative or positive oo let just pray we keep receiving this good news that everyone tested positive before are negative so that we can go out of this lockdown situation. Am tired That a good news, congrats to GSM and OYO policy Congratulations! So glad Gov Seyi Makinde is now negative to COVID19. Now is becoming clearer that there's something that we don't know.

Congratulations, good job NCDC. OK 🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽 Thank God Glory to God, I'm so happy for you sir Our beloved Governor We have been expecting this news sinceeeeeeeee. Another political stunt by His Excellency. Weldone. Fool time(full time) Makinde 4 vs Oyo State 0 10 min PDP Rally 39 mim Apologies 57 min COVID-19 positive 90 + 2 COVID-19 Negative

Good news. Thank God for that. I like this kind of news🙏 It now clear Nigeria actually wants money .....only the top people get infected and heal totally within days without a particular drug but those we dont know are announced dead ...what stupid Game is this ?😏 Glory to God, congratulations to you Mr. Governor.

Congratulations Hurray Thank God for this morning good news Good News Maybe wat e had was Colodia dilus......... Wow. Congratulations sir Good morning tea, I thank God for this great news What drugs are these guys using! Our God answer prayer!!!! Congratulation sir God is great. Congrats. See your smile like say na you won the champions league

this naija Coro na something oh... Positive today, negative next week. Thank God for him all the same More good news Congratulations sir How came may be there are given us fake news before..,am confused Hallelujah 🙌 Africans are strong and peaceful. That's good 419.…... Nigeria leadership saga. May God bless common Nigerians

Great news Ok Alhamdulillah The best news this year Glory be to God Congratulations sir. Good news thank you lord. Congratulations sir Congratulations your Excellency our audio governor continue deceiving your self Audio testing kits na all of us for Nigeria go die lass las seyiamakinde congratulations the Lord keep you from all evil in Jesus name Amen

Wow his was very fast Good immune system Everything nah scam Praise God I think he said he had asthma initially We thank Allah🙏🙏🙏 for oyo state governor Good news of the day😍 ojo aje See how he dey smile I believe if church dey open yesterday Thanks giving for dey for you Who types this headlines ? Good news. God bless GSM and also grant all those affected speedy recorvery.

Hmmm I Dey see something different in this positive, nagative 😷 There is still something we still don't know about this covid 19. The recovery rate is some seems to be faster than the other Thank God, I wish others quick recovery too IAbusahl Is a liar Congratulations HE He was probably not tested positive in the first place. Every governor want to cash out

Very good How, sebi corona virus no get cure,u pple shld stop deceiving us atilo atide, eni ori yo ,o di ile,....congrats dad ...good no go shame us Good news. Good people can't just be sick Thank God. Should we say makinde fake the positive news? Thank God. Please make no such silly mistakes next time of hosting any large gatherings at this time .

Ahbeg. What else. Can we continue our daily lives now. Na the unknown dey die of this corona. Lord we bless your name. GSM continue the Good work in OYO STATE. God is with you. Helleluyah Glory be to God Thank God🙏 Just one good news for the week God is your strength Egbon Seyi Happy for u my Governor That's some early morning dose of good news.

Thank God for my governor

Gov Makinde tests negative for coronavirusWe are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information. Please I need 50,000naira urgently for emergency in my family Account holder: Adeleke Oluwatobiloba Emmanuel Account number: wema(0240899280) Phone number: 09027745239 Please help me God will meet you at your point of need too Thanks in anticipation God answered prayers of saints

Oyo Governor Seyi Makinde tests negative to coronavirus - Premium Times NigeriaOyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has said he has tested negative to coronavirus.Mr Makinde said this via his Twitter handle late Sunday night. Congratulations to him. This is the news Nigerians have been expecting I thought he was positive before

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Governor Seyi Makinde Tests Negative For COVID-19Governor Seyi Makinde Tests Negative For COVID-19 Congratulations Good to know the Gov has recovered from Covid19. Kudos to our health workers and Glory to God Our ALMIGHTY GOD is a Great HEALER HALLELUYAH!!!

Coronavirus: Lagos Deputy Gov. confirms his negative status - Daily Post NigeriaThe Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Dr. Obafemi Hamzat, has tested negative for Coronavirus. Hamzat disclosed his status on his twitter handle on Saturday

Seyi Makinde recovers, tests negative for COVID-19We are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information. Thank God Wow!!! So soon? Thank God🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Thank God, congregation.