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Looting of warehouses caused by protests, not poverty —Adesina

Looting of warehouses caused by protests, not poverty —Adesina

10/29/2020 4:27:00 PM

Looting of warehouses caused by protests, not poverty —Adesina

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, says the looting of warehouses and shops by hoodlums was not necessarily caused by poverty but ...

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, says the looting of warehouses and shops by hoodlums was not necessarily caused by poverty but by the pandemonium that accompanied the #EndSARS protests.

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Speaking on Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme, on Thursday, Adesina said attributing the looting to poverty was like justifying armed robbery.“Criminality is criminality. Would it justify armed robbery because the man was poor? Would it justify armed robbery because the man didn’t have money? Just as you cannot justify armed robbery because a man was poor and took a gun to rob another person, you can’t also justify the looting,” he said.

Adesina claimed the protracted protests provided an atmosphere for looting to take place.He said if police stations were not burnt down, there wouldn’t have been a breakdown of law and order.The President’s spokesman said, “Criminality will always be criminality and mere anarchy promotes criminality. What has happened in the last two or three weeks led to what has happened now. If there was cohesion and tranquillity in society, this wouldn’t happen.

“Therefore, it was corollary to the mere anarchic situation that came on the country because of the protests. If you didn’t have people burning police stations, killing policemen, burning private and public property, you wouldn’t have this spate of looting.

“So, I don’t agree that it is all about poverty. Yes, in any country, you will have at any given time, you will have people who are poor, who are hungry and that is one of the reasons why you have government is to ensure that the number of poor and hungry people is reduced.”

When challenged with the fact that Nigeria had become the poverty capital of the world, the President’s spokesman said the high level of poverty was caused by 60 years of mismanagement of public funds which could not easily be addressed in two years.He said the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), was committed to leaving a legacy that would see that 100 million Nigerians are lifted out of poverty in the next 10 years.

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What caused protest? It's porverty because if people have enough in there homes they will not loot or steal Okay oo, Is because you have money now, if you don't have you too will join them. Rubbish Why did politicians hid away the free food items for the public? Wicked politicians, they planned to re-packed it for next campaign, before then some will got spoiled but they don't care. 'WICKEDNESS AND EVIL POLITICIANS'

Please sir what causes the protestsAdesina Can you first accept the failure of the govt for not rendering accountable and good governance to it's people before ascribing blames.The injustice,corruption and nepotism are the reasons for the protest and every other things follow. What about our government are they not looter.

FemAdesina You can never have safe landing....Just watch out!!!! Again Mr Adelina am surprise you don’t see poverty and hunger in the land . Because you are chopping Nawaooooo for you oooo And the protests was caused by what?... He’s right, because the people looting the country for real are not poor. And the hunger in land is caused by your wicked reign

What is he saying? Is he trying to tell us there is no poverty in the land No Nation on earth refers to her citizens as 'miscreants / criminals' irrespective of their actions / mental state. Only Nigeria leaders does this. The dysfunctional system of Nigeria /leadership style, creates 95% social miscreants among the Youths annually EndSars. Retweet.

Please someone should put Femi Adeshinas new lines here let's show him some love Bt u can't be rich and b hungry Werey, people have been stealing even before the protest. They only decided to make it public since y'all liked violence You are high on drugs. vote THEM OUT! And what caused the protest? EndSARS badgovernance valuehumanlife

Stealing and mismanagement of public funds are caused by what,why so we have set of useless and non thinking people in government bayi tori olohun . Oga. Adesina. Please call a spade a spade and don't call it pade Adesina,may your doors be closed forever and never open again How did we get here... How has Mr Adesina got this foolish... Oga poverty is the root cause of many things.... But an hungry man is an anger man...

Nigeria is no more the poverty capital of the world. Hmmmm so poverty is not the motivation. These pipo lie to us on a daily. God help us all in this country Adesina Adesina How many times i call u Adeshina is just another waste of sperm Adesina......most u talk abaaaaa Seems akin_adesina's brain had been looted along side the parliatives 🤦🤦 it's quite sardonic... If not he wouldn't be spilling gibberish. EndBadGoveranceInNigeria EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera BuhariResign

these guys did not even have any shame at all!! Still having mind calling youths names.. FemiAdesina, you need to be on the street and see things yourself. How can you stay miles away and be uttering nonsense. I agreed sir, the protest exposed the hidden covid 19 palliatives stored in various warehouses across the nation, & the hungry masses did the needful.

Let Nigeria government not think we are fools the same way they introduce Boko Haram is the same way they introduce this so called hoodlums soon they will over power you guys like Boko Haram did I wish they visit leaders more and more But Adesina; POVERTY is the bane of the protest. Could your Son or Daughter or any of the Senators come out to protest? Only the poor people came out to protest for daily bread: employment for daily living.

I am not surprised by the statement. Already FemiAdesina does not have sence. And what is the reason for the Protest? The word of a wise man said; when the root it spoil, you shouldn't expect any harvesting. Is that the message you had been passed to the president since your resumption to the Aso rock, change ur mind if you want a better Nija, poverty it every nook and corner of this country men

I think ponmo water is better than some people in this govt. They are over useless EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria Is Adesina also a Member of Lagos State House of Assembly? Cos the nonsense oozing out of that place of late...🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Mtchew If you guys have done the right thing he wouldn't have gotten to this level so you should just shut your mouth.

Simple question they asked him, he couldn't answer 'Who ordered the shooting by soldiers at lekki toll gate' he said that question was a trap. I watched with great disdain. What ever we did to deserve these curses as leaders... Many well meaning Nigerians saw this coming when they advised the govt to engage the youth in discussions instead of using brutal force. If the govt have provided security for the protests hoodlums won't have hijacked the EndSars protest

When rulers talk you will notice the difference with leaders. Protest is part of democracy. This govt is a beneficiary and product of protest. The proponents of EndSARS are fighting for good governance and new Nigeria not looting. The govt didn't manage the protest well You won't stop messing up...iranu

His brain is upside down,better tell your boss to resign Hahahah Una no go kill person ooo This one sef no get sense. Empty vessel EndSARS But what led to the protest? I know say adesine or what did he call him self is mad. No restriction; no condition!🔥🔥 I'm following back every single person that follows me💯☑️☑️

Like they say, stupidity is like death - both the stupid and the dead are blissfully ignorant of the pain they cause to people around them. That's the case of FemAdesina whose statements continue to break every limits of stupidity🤦🏽‍♂️ EndSARS AwaFierce Check my pinned tweet and RT please 🙏🙏... Trust me, I follow back.

Lets remind them that bad governance led to the protest. So, WE should do something about that first. Isi odikwa dis man mma Was the food suppose to be in the warehouse at this crucial time What so you know? Have you ever gone hungry since you start serving Buhari or seen what poverty is like? This man is high on weed and it's affecting his mental health, he needs a thorough psychiatric diagnosis. With this type of man + d dullard in Aso rock at d hem of affairs in dis contr3 I'm afraid dat dis contr3 'll still remain backward.

Fuu Ode! Caused by shooting Rich people don't seem to 'know' that the poor use the same market where the rich buy from especially in Naija Let have more of protest then. People were united in sharing. At least by now Nigerians, l don't need to convince you that femiadesina2 femigbaja name sake has gone insane.

This man FemAdesina is just so stupid. He is always seeing things from a wrong perspective cos he wants to satisfy his pay master Looting of warehoused food items caused by abject poverty inflicted on Nigerians by bad governance of APC and NOT the peaceful protest. Did he see any rich man there? Did he see me there? Did he see people who had good businesses there?

NIGERIA government is our problem. And we don't have a President EndSARS This guy😂😂😂😂 I believe not saying anything is better than the nonsense that comes out of these politicians mouth these days🤢🤮 All of you working for involved in this write up.... E no go ever better for Una family 😕 Stupid man

Are u a passionate Nigerian youths with a reformists minds? After the EndSars what's the next constructive moves? Do u want to liberate this generation from the bad eggs in the political offices? Follow this handle and retweet to others! Are you interested in learning importation. Both China importation and Gadget importation from the USA. Then follow this link to join

I thought it was caused by the influence of Netflix and pizzas!🙄 Why were the rich people found there If you no this why didn't you attend to the protester on time. Please let's be sincere with what we're saying. Habaaa Sometimes you'd wonder if these people really went to school with the way they talk or does politics diminishes the faculty of reasoning?

They are not hungry nor poverty. They're only taking what belongs to them which was denied from them. I hate the man gaaann Always saying rubbish What's the reason for looting, it's because of poverty I can see he is eating and chopping money, that's why he is sounding like this so what caused the protests?

This picture here really shows that God made it happen. Imagine all these people with cartons of food stuffs. Why would anyone jeopardize her/his life if s/he has food stuffs at home? Hunger is seriously in the land. Politely sir, MBuhari EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA You can't keeping hiding from the truth... Now listen The money y'all have been looting is an act of greediness not service to this country

This is Nigeria youth Wow! Thank you, Captain Obvious! 😁 Some people sense just dey depreciate every day for this government Thunder fire 🔥 and kill u dereadesin Don't forget that when Adesina talks, Buhari talks. He's the mouthpiece. 'Looting of warehouse caused by killing of unarmed youth singing national anthem and holding flags' . I am sure that was what he meant. Nonsense endsars

If I'm not wrong, this was Covid 19 palliatives that was meant to be shared amongst the citizens after they spuriously imposed a lockdown on us. The people took what rightfully belongs to them and you call that looting? The govt that hid it in a warehouse, what do you call that? This man, you will not attain anything in your life again, because you have abused your power

Is only a stupid , deaf and blind man that we say he's ignorant of the level of hunger in this country IFB This is perfectly untrue, if not poverty tell us what brought to loot including with those of special need, we'll never stop praying to see the end of this unsympathetic government. God punish Femi Adriana with what he said Looting of warehouses was caused by poverty

FemAdesina you are the real problem in NigeriaGov and God will punish you and all the people pushing you EndSARS EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA This guy is deluded. He need psychiatric help The protest led to looting and vandalization right! What led to the protest? Ehn?: Soro soke weere! EndSARS Hey! Maybe you meant that, looting of non palliatives warehouses are caused by shooting at unarmed protesters at Lekki. Poor people didn't discover palliatives to loot until government caused anarchy with that senseless shooting at lekki and bad boys infiltrated unsecured cities

You have your mouth say what ever you like. FemAdesina You are wicked. People are suffering and dying because of people like you in government. No accountability, no follow ups on projects. Posterity will judge you. But they have not enough to eat so when they looting covid 19 palliatives is very ok This man does not know what is going on in the country

justkachi This people are mad oh,they don’t know that there Is poverty and hunger in the country I never expected less from Adesina...full of lies Wht are the causes of the protest first of all?...mad,senseless politicians everywhr If you are awake leggo again last Airtime giveaway before tomorrow.💪Are you short of data ? Just retweet, follow me and drop network ,check your dm EndSars follow me so I can access ur dm.

Protest against poverty? This kinda awkward talk all in the name of politics... Typical Nigeria politician Lucidemmy Follow me, drop ur handles,I will follow back asap A hungry man is an angry man. Nigerians have been subjected to so much hunger, injustice and oppression. What do we expect? Na thunder I blame.. not Adesina

If the government do the rightful things a government has to do it won't happen When will the Nigerian Govt take responsibility for their actions and inactions, Mr Adesina? My questions remain the same. Why did the government keep the palliatives that was meant to be shared to the people? Why did the government order the army to kill innocent youth EndSARS EndBadGoveranceInNigeria SoroSokeGeneration

from adesina and co are the real looters who created monsters through there inhuman policies and now they are using scare tactics to shut people up benado4life I follow back immediately Looting of warehouses was caused by hunger and poverty. You are not talking about the government that hoard the palliative from the beneficiaries. You guys can't oppress the poor for ever. EndSARS EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA

Yeah... Figures. If people were well-fed and were not lacking in basic necessities for living, then they would use the protest as an excuse to loot. Guess looting is human nature. FemAdesina, you too get sense walahi. I am not in support of Looting in any form but Is Looting carried out by Government officials cause by protest too? With revelations from NDDC probe, hope that is not cause by protest as well. “Whatever a man soweth that he/she will reap”

Na the same protesters started the shooting at toll gate.mumuman That's what you say when you are living in denial. Then hoarding was caused by greed and corruption Adeshino will never get sense just open mouth and say nonsense always This government has left one vital lesson for us and generations to come, THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT US! It's saddening that after all that happened, they could not, at least apologise for hoarding what is mearnt for the people! Posterity will NEVER forgive you.

Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime. Is hungry and porverty With all due respect........your brain needs to be checked Does he know what he is saying at all? He's has always been looking for ways to present the peaceful protest by innocent Nigerian youth across the nation in a bad light. But he's isn't a factor. His opinion doesn't count. We won't be distracted. EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA

Replace your phone broken screen. We are at No 8a Otigba Street Computer Village. 08161157194 You can define situation now abi, where were you when it all started Mr man The protest was peaceful,is you guys that hired things, He has finally found his voice.... This is a spin by an imbecile. The government which is a class criminal of looters is now trying to blame their victims. The Nigerian political class looted the treasury and impoverished us. The criminal political class are the looters and hoodlums. Mansions in USA and Europe

We're still definitely going to protest again, if nothing changes. EndSARS That 1 na man man naw. FemAdesina i know u have a wife, she must do well to advice you. You are going astray. Off point General Is poverty please Prince_leomessy Anyone short of data? Just retweet, follow me, and dm me EndSARS LagosMassacre

Mental test should be carried out before and annually on anyone aspiring for public office. It's very necessary. EndSARS Just as the protest is caused Benin ore witches not Nigerian government..... wolves Because u guys hoard the food to ur selves. Poverty cause the taken of food from warehouse. If protest cause looting of food what cause looting of national treasury?

Oponi ni femi adeshina se Is an element that Nigerian are suffering. But they are not hungry as you said It's because Femi adesina is living fat on tax payer money that is why is talking rubbish, let him go to ipetumodu his home town and see how pple are suffering. FemAdesina I just wonder how your children feel knowing that you're part of the people causing a major havoc in this country.

Femi Adesina is a monumental disgrace. Mr Femi Adesina. Don’t worry. Your children will reap the reward of this your labour. Did you even see the crowd at Jos palliative warehouse ? Sometime I wonder the way we think n some of us speak as if we are not in this country how can someone in Nigeria said no poverty

This guy needs to see a doctor. He has never talked sense for once This adesina guy is becoming more annoying 😡 Don't forget that what goes around comes around God will not let you go unpunished for defending evil What kind of colouration is Uncle Femi giving people's constitutional rights ? When has protest and highjack of protests by political hoodlums become part of protest ? This is quite unfortunate.

If it's caused by 'protests' it implies there are other reasons within the 'protests' beside EndSARS. Poverty is key. It is what can in headquarter of poverty. Shame you guys reduced this once growing economy to this ridiculous level. Government of liars Yes it is caused by the protest because the palliative belongs to the citizens but keep holding it

Quiz? Which country is the acclaimed and reputed global POVERTY headquarters of the world? What did stealing and looting by politicians cause? Nonsensical This adesina needs to be psychoanalysed EndSARS You dey Twitter and we no dey follow each other ahh let's follow each other joor.i follow back immediately. Retweet let's gain together 😍😍😍

This man doesn't no watin dey sup like this as people dey hungry even some dey vax say that warehouse no dey then areas. EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA Na this guy dey deceive Buhari... How could he have said this trash!!! He can say anything he likes. Bcoz, he is previllege to have food. Does he really knows what it takes not to have food?. I doubt.

I don't expect adesina to speak ill of the government that employed him, person wey dey feed fat off tax payers money? He spews whatever he is asked to spew, whether it makes sense to him or not, e no concern am.. Coward! FemAdesina don't know the differences between protest and poverty let's not blame him.

Adesina is a mumu man... Femi Adesina is completely disconnected from Nigerian youths. His enviable office, wealth has beclouded his sense of reasoning. If the looting not caused by poverty then you and your looser government should see the hand writing on the wall that we are set to destroy all of and restore our country back

FemAdesina Posterity will not forgive. EndSARS EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA You're right sir they are thieves, criminals and these are the youths that want to lead this nation. Once they are in govt or politics they will do worse than the set of govt officials and politiians we have today. Well Na you sabi. You people will just open that mouth to yarn rubbish

This man Adesina no get sense at all, he's just becoming useless everyday. Am not sure u always remember that u have maximum of 3 years left in that office! Time will tell Oga. Fact 🤡🤡🤡 Looting of warehouses caused by protests, not poverty - Adesina Translation. 0.00001% of Nigerian Population in Government. Looting of warehouse caused by poverty, not protests - Nigerian Youth Translation. 65% of Nigerian Population on the Streets.

This man is talking in the rubbish EndSARS Yen yen yen yen 😏😏😏😏😏 Lol....If looting of warehouse was caused by the protest...what caused the protest? Useful idiot Don't you see poverty written on the faces of youths looting in this picture? Do they look like rich youths? Your children will never know peace.

The rich men have enough and have several ways to feed themselves, but the low income earners, whatever chance they get, no matter how much stuffs they carry, it won't be enough, because even rich men doesn't get tired of earning more money. This guy always sees the truth and will decide to leave that road and enter the bushes of lies where he is currently lost

Y'all should stop calling out protesters ooo You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. Ifb no lie This man just love talking thrash... If looting not caused by poverty, why you not in the crowd looting, why middle-class Nigerians not looting, l didn't see any governor or minister youths looting. Pandemonium usually result in people running for their lives and safety not looting unless extreme poverty push them..

Very offensive, although it doesn't concern me because as a christian, I use low income earners instead of poor people, there's a way we talk. But what nonsense is the man talking about?! There's hunger in the city! These people saw a food, they took it and run with it! Your father This man is shameless, but above all, he's very wicked, more heartless than MBuhari

UN The EndSARS protest was peaceful, Nigeria government organised those that are looting and disrupted the protest. They know if the protest continue that international bodies will come in. _AfricanUnion 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This guys in pmbs government are beginning to sound like comedians.

Lies who's even femi Adesina can he come out on any life TV to defend his claim. Hoarding of Covid-19 palliative is caused by what? This man brain dey leak. Protest did not happen in North East. North West. But looting took place seriously Evidence to say is hunger. Adesina this is why people are saying this Govt na scam and na true.

That's a blatant lie from an irresponsible man. Of course the looting was caused by Poverty. The poverty in Nigeria now is abject, and the hardship only second to the 1985 administration under MBuhari. EndSARS EndBadGoveranceInNigeria EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera It was purely poverty, mismanagement, police brutality and suffering that led to protest. EndSARS EndPoliceBrutality Endcorruption

Its not his fault 2023 he will come and join us as ordinary citizens, we are waiting for him to feel the pinch we feel Nobody's fundamental human right(s) can be taken away irrespective of what anyone says. EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA Adesina is this caused by the protest? It’s only a demonic and wicked person that will see hungry people,and assume they are not...they know people are suffering but cos of grid and selfishness to remain in power...they need to keep lying to themselves that the masses are not poor. EndSARS EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA

It's rather unfortunate that Adesina has lost touch with Reality 😫😫😫 Na one thing dey lead to another When will this man keep quiet self. This people gives me serious reason to hate old people😡 how can elderly man like you bend the truth in a broad day light to suit your narrative You are wrong sir, it is poverty and too much denial that caused it

If I commot your teeth now 😣 Is porverty Femi don take smoke again, chai😪 Let's be friends Follow me if I didn't follow back within 2min unfollow 👉 UgoDon61341957 👉 UgoDon61341957 EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera I know two Adesinas; one is an enemy of the people, the other is a friend Oga can say whatever he likes. Let the 'looters' themselves tell us the reason why they are 'looting'

Adesina dey mad in the Lord tbh 😂😂😂 If there was food available people won't come out in masses to loot it will only be few individuals but considering the turn out of people to loot that means there is poverty but then again how would you know Mr FemAdesina when you are living big on our taxes. Hunger ni ogbeni adechina.

What caused the protest then? What caused the protest? If every thing were to be even near normal, would there be protest in the first place? And the protest was also caused by corruption, bad government and no jobs What is the difference between POVERTY and HUNGER, need better explanation thanks. You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. I follow back ASAP try my speed 🛩️

May the God that these people serve judge you Sir. Don't no why our leaders brain always malfunction,O'Lord please take control Then the protest was caused by the ineptitude of this present government which you happen to speak for. You see that you (this government) is the cause of protest, looting and poverty. Haba!

You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. I follow back ASAP try my speed🍾❤️ If I have enough money to feed at home what is it that would push me out on the street to join in such art? How many of the rich men children or relatives did u see there oga?

If citizens loot,Wetin we go call the politicians wey hoard am? Shey government that is hoarding indomeen 😂😂😂😂 Mr. FEMI make I no lie na poverty 😂😂 fear God sir. There are plenty poor people in Nigeria that is why it is the poverty capital of the world So tone deaf FemAdesina 90% of Nigerians living on $1 a day femigbaja realFFK EndSARS dareynow eyohenry OnomeOyaide ProfOsinbajo jidesanwoolu

The basis of these looting is poverty , nothing more. If everyone is okay and well Fed like you, Adesina, people won't have the thought of going to loot warehouses loaded with palliatives. Focus on how to alleviate the poverty state of the masses. 🥺💯IF 💯Your 🙌Looking🥺 for🥺 Followers 🙌Follow 🥺Me I 🙏Follow Back 🥺Immediately 🙏💯💯promise 💯🙏 SEE HOW FAST 💨I FOLLOW BACK 😞😞🙏🥺⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Hoarding of palliatives is caused by stupidity, not richness - Adesina Politicians hoarding palliative - na protest cause am?. What is he saying 😡😡😡 This man has just lost the respect I have him, I became his fan and admirer just few days ago. Omo you fall my hand o. Wen Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world

Adesina never says something even himself loves to hear, he’s always animated when saying shit, I feel for the motherfucker Dem make you special adviser to the president, upon sey you no get sense... Na lie, hunger is everywhere in Nigeria jor You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. I follow back ASAP try my speed 🛩️

Who caused the poverty. FemAdesina needs help. There is poverty in the land. Tell MBuhari the truth. EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA Adesina said it, so😉 Sometimes, I wonder how this man's children feel, watching him say these things he says... His wife too, how would they really feel? How does he sleep at nights?

No restriction; no condition!🔥🔥 I'm following back every single person that follows me💯☑️☑️ Ah! Baba God, please give our leaders brain that functions na😣😣😣 Ema gbo werey The real caused is the government who’ instroduce thugs to the protest So myopic! EndBadGoveranceInNigeria Omo Adeshina son of a bitch.

This is as a result of hunger Don't blamed them Rather blame the government 🙄🙄🙄🙄 There is no single word of sense from him since the day I knew himmm... another nonsense man saying nonsense to defend their wickedness Na why them dey call this man to swear for am be this, imagine! Why do you have to hoard palliatives in the first place man!

The EndSARS riots is a sponsored terrorism or insurrection against the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I hereby call upon HQNigerianArmy PoliceNG including (DIA, NIA, DSS) to arrest and prosecute all the principal actors in accordance with the laws of the land. NigeriaPrevails In the name of the law and Federal Republic of Nigeria, I command MalamiSAN to prefer criminal charges against EndSARS Twitter coordinators for inciting riots or insurrection against the state or be compelled by the judex nothwithstanding that the AGF is a law unto himself.

End SARS: Nigerians looting warehouses are not hungry - Presidency - Daily Post NigeriaFemi Adesina, the Senior Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, has said that the looters of warehouses across the country You on Twitter and you don't follow me Oh wrong. 😔🤦 Follow for a quick follow back Follow me and I will follow u imidi8ly am online..! Why would Thrump and d US rejects Iweala really.!! Sth is wrong somewhere... He must be scared of our corrupt systems. See where our leaders as brought us oooo...! EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA EndSARS LekkiMassaccre They are what then? If life was comfortable enough in Nigeria will you see people do that? And that's Recovery not Looting... this should be 'THE GOVERNMENT LOOTING PALLIATIVES ARE NOT HUNGRY'

#EndSARS protests and unemployment, poverty bombAS two weeks of extraordinary nationwide peaceful protests by youths gave way to brigandage and mass looting, Nigerians got a bloody ringside preview of the impending explosion of the poverty and u... Follow me I will follow you back asap 💯💯 They monster they made Classy_Zack I'll follow back

Plateau governor relaxes curfew in two local councilsLalong had imposed the curfew after hoodlums invaded, vandalised and looted some warehouses in the state. Well done sir blaqboi_vic The most hopeless Governor, how do you lock down a state for any flimsy excuse. how can the state become product. no concern of persons that are doing genuine business here. nonsense

Returning looted goods may not save you from prosecution -PoliceEniola Akinkuotu, AbujaThe FCT police command says returning goods looted from warehouses storing COVID-19 palliatives and other items may not shield one from prosecution.The Commissioner o... Returning lives you gunned down may not save you from hell. That's if u are not in hell already Chop your loot In peace ✌️ Heheeheheheheheheh Which way naaaaa

Natives Condemn Looting Of Warehouses In AbujaBY IGHO OYOYO Some natives of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), under the auspices of Original Inhabitants Development Association (OIDA), have

End SARS: Police arrest 56 suspects over looting of warehouses in Kogi - Daily Post NigeriaThe Police in Lokoja, on Wednesday, said it arrested 56 suspects in connection with the recent looting of some warehouses and offices during the recent Ifb in 5G What has looting of warehouse to do with EndSARS ? Hmmm it's like they are using this 'looting' as revenge arrest