Looters Not Necessarily Hungry, It Is Pure Greed – Femi Adesina

Looters Not Necessarily Hungry, It Is Pure Greed – Femi Adesina

10/29/2020 3:01:00 PM

Looters Not Necessarily Hungry, It Is Pure Greed – Femi Adesina

Looters Not Necessarily Hungry, It Is Pure Greed – Femi Adesina

Updated October 29, 2020 The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, says the looting of warehouses and shops by hoodlums were not necessarily caused by poverty but greed.Adesina who disclosed this in an interview on Channels Television breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, insisted that the looting spree which occurred in days after the #EndSARS protest was propelled by greed and criminality.

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He said he completely disagrees with the idea that the pandemonium which accompanied the #EndSARS protests is a true reflection of the people’s hunger and anger.“I wouldn’t agree completely with that (that the looters are hungry) because criminality is criminality, would you justify armed robbery because the man was poor?

“Just as you can’t justify armed robbery because a man was poor and then he took a gun to rob another person. You can’t also justify the lootings that are going on. It is pure criminality.“It is not everybody engaged in that looting that is hungry, that is the truth. It is pure greed and criminality,” Adesina said.

He added that a situation was created for anarchy in the country and this created room for criminality and looting.Adesina insisted that the looters are not necessarily hungry and angry they took advantage of the breakdown of law and order.The President’s spokesman said further that, “Criminality will always be criminality and mere anarchy promotes criminality. What has happened in the last two or three weeks led to what has happened now. If there was cohesion and tranquillity in society, this wouldn’t happen.

“Therefore, it was a corollary to the mere anarchic situation that came on the country because of the protests. If you didn’t have people burning police stations, killing policemen, burning private and public property, you wouldn’t have this spate of looting.”

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Because you have enough to eat so those who loot what was looted by hiding them till date instead of giving them out during d covid 19 period are now d ones greedy At times am amazed at comments coming from appointed SA. Why won't he say so, you have it supplied to your door step. If you really know what people care going through out here, Mr. Adesina, you won't make such comment.

Not necessarily bah? Because u have in abundance. Thunder fire una for bad governance See this father of greedness Looting private property is wrong. For Covid 19 parliatives, there's nothing wrong in that. It is the Governors that failed to do the needful. This is just pure wickedness from a man I once had much more respect for. You've disappointed posterity. This is not you speaking. Go back to who you were before as an advocate of the masses not other way round. All is vanity. Stop destroying your good works. God bless Nigeria.

Just as you government officials are greed too right! This man gets stupid by the second If they are not hungry ur childrend are not hungry too and they are among them. God will judge you are a typical example of your statement Then u and ur government are the ogas of greed Why is Femi Adeshina always talking out of point which means he's supporting those criminals that hoarded the palliatives no Wonder as they say thieves begat thieves. He go just open mouth waaaaa

Hmmmh You must address mismanagement of COVID 19 Palliatives otherwise the brutality of police is in you. One thing is obvious, one day,Femi Adeshina is going to leave presidency and will be hunted by anti-nigerians policies made by the government he serves and so,nothing last forever. look at this idiot saying citizen are greedy what are you

This man makes more sense when he is silent And those holding palpatine are seen as what?... 1st class criminals,right? Just like our leaders, such greed is called primitive accumulation, stealing things you do not need. This man called Adeshina is a mess... We know the looting of people’s stuffs is totally wrong but trying to make it look like the country is in good shape is just not adding up. You can’t see obviously because you swim in money and power. People don do pass you

Now i believe this demons in Aso Rock story from Me Ruben Abati is really true This man is an example of the kind of leader will are complaining about they fail to see the pains of poor Nigeria people, because of there greed. We called this cleaptomania they will still money of which even their children cannot spend it.

Ahhhar femi, Are we sure this man has Yoruba blood in his vain Mr Adesina, while it is true dt those who looted stores and other people's homes stealing non-food materials are criminals; those who took d palliatives stolen by govt officials from where dy were hidden ARE HUNGRY NIGERIANS. I hope you still have some humaness to understand ds.

Mr Femi Adesina, your comments and response to some issues makes people to discredit you. If the looters are not really hungry what about politicians that are looting public funds meant for development of the society. It's bad governance that is leading them to bad behavior, period. This man is a disgrace to dis Country, why would people flock a warehouse to take a carton of noodles that is rightfully there's...You govt officials are the greedy ones

Why am I not surprised? It's good you know yourselves and bosses Nigerian politicians are they hungry or greedy Politicians too are not necessarily poor, they loot the Treasury out of greed. 🙃🙃🙃 This is exactly how they reason once they are in office Sule__lamido Let Femi remember that 1. Nigeria has been branded the capital of poverty in the world since 2018. 2. Why should the governments keep the palliative this long. 3. Why Benue states covid-19 palliative confiscated by police in Kano market IT'S A SHAME

Troll Barastad, how would you know some are dieing in Hunger?when you and your family is okay. Just listen to yourself, your selfishness has even made you a monster, when the government failed in thier duties to create enabling environment and you are expecting law abiding citizen. Hmmm,you need to feel the hunger young man.

Dude is talking from experience. Always has madness on his head wen making comments... Such as incompetent fellow. Shane on you Femi Adesina What did you give to us? EndSARS_10 Baba think ooooo. Based on his(Mr Adesina) response to Chamberlain's question, I have the following to ask: -What led the 'near anarchy', no tranquility situation?

They thiefs. You are talking in rubbish Very soon..I will launch a protest to boycott watching channels if they don’t stop airing disturbing interviews like this one. There are more people with brains to interview among over two hundred million Nigerians. I thought some of these appointments around the Presidency was based on intellectual abilities..never knew morons also made the list! Idiots everywhere.

I'm glad he makes such a comment, be it on a national TV or in a mere interview, since he could also refer the phrase 'looter' to himself better off as a ruler and not a 'leader'. Now we are experiencing a war between the greedy rich and the hungry poor masses. endsars✊🏾🤐🎤 Thiefs are calling us greed (this is Nigeria)

What's this moron saying, do you know what it takes to be hungry. It's not about the present condition of the stomach man. Someone who can't think of how the next meal will come, what do you call that? That's hunger and poverty. Try spending 150k for 2 months then you will ... Satan shall burn your soul in hell fire for lying wickedness and evil, hence you chose to sell your soul to him

Who is this numbskull? God punish your generation with hunger Greed kill you there Who is more greedy-u or d youths?if u answer d youth pls step down today Crazy fool... Why una no give dem? Soro soke werey Are you referring to economic looters or food looters you are a fool sir Looters not hungry,, I laugh out loud..do you know how many millions of Nigerians that are hungry and angry..Nigerians are very hard working people, the environment t to hustle is not just there....you and I know what I am talking about...Why should items meant for the masses

Damm it, you call them looters and greedy? What do you guys do in government if not looting. Lagos Ibadan Expressway has been there all this while without completion. Many failed promises, you keep changing the goal post. looting Animals in human forms This guy is SICK, this is ridiculous, highest level of absurdity.

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This femi is a fool with all his knowledge he's ignorant of the Nigeria state BAGS OF RICE FOR SALE TO PLACE AN ORDER OF YOUR CHOICE TYPES OF RICE AVAILABLE FOR SALES ARE :- MamaGold Royal stallion Otunba Mama Africa Royal crown Elephant Gold Tomato rice Caprice Just like you the original looters No sense at all

Greed or hanger Femi is being economical with the truth. Though, I am totally against looting. But people are really hungry out there. If there is anyone being driven by greed, it is our political office holders who dip their filthy hands into the treasury with reckless abandon. But why do channels still always bring this man, bcos he never support anything good

A delusional talkative, pls what about ds looters in d government house, I wanna hear talk about them also? OgaGodwinEgwu Treasury looters? or Indomie looters? This man may be right. Pls let him specify before he's crucified for nothing. This man supposed stay for ghetto to know the kind of problems in the ghetto... He calls it greed, I call it survival and call for change... To all the hoodlums out there una own don do...

Yes!!! He actually meant those of them looting public funds!!! Politicians that are looting the national treasury, what are they Mr Femi Adesina? We need to seriously kill all our leaders I blame you? This man is another criminal we have in this country This man I believe does not live in this country for him to have said the statement, if you a gainfully employed and have basic things of life, you don't need to be looting because you are okay, it was those that are hungry that were looting what belong to them, not greed

So sorry 😐 sir Looters that attacked private businesses are thieves. The ones that recovered pallatives are heros. Pure greed?Are they greedier than politicians that are looting the treasury with impunity? Pot calling kettle black. Shame!!! This man is being afflicted by the demons in Aso Rock which Reuben Abati once talked about. His eyes will soon see clearly in the next 940 days or thereabout

Bastard. Look at his yeye face😡... Endsars In summary, Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla rubbish and senseless talk. EndSARS ENDSWAT EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA GetYourPVC2023 GetYourPVC2023 electoralreform electoralreform electoralreform

It's unfortunate that this is coming from him. If he knows the greedy, he will not be saying this. Is he not part of those that are greedy? Concocting stories to satisfy his pay master. Bros looter a really hungry. A hungry man is an angry man. Nothing meaningful and sensible had come from the mouth of this man ever since he joined the Buhari train;it has a way of knocking sensibility out of them and replacing it with senseless rants.

Very sure his talking about treasury looters Like ur oga and even you.. Never a time u talk sense... Ur days are noba Sule__lamido Real then who is more greedier? I have a concern. These young people that looted palliatives and those who has been looting our national and States treasuries, who will prosucute who? Jesus said, if you know you have not sinned be the first to cast stone and they all disappeared. please I need answers.

Are politicians poor to loot public funds? Saying all because u can afford it,may the hand of clock turn on u and know how it feel to have nothing including hope. Yes exactly, it very common with Nigeria politicians and if you are dying with them consider yourself as one. If I may ask, I guess the said items were bought and meant to be distributed to Nigerian but our so called government officials keep it away for what reason. Now you are putting the blame on the looters, Sorry they are not looter but the rightful owners of all the items.

Shameless man Can somebody who is not hungry steal?,you are full of political statements.pls let's be realistic here ,Nigerians are hungry. Oga, barb your hair and let breeze blow ur head maybe sense will fall on you. Or is it that you wear some kind of invisible helmet that we are not seeing? Barb you hair jor!

This man no get sense at all.... Greedy like the present govt It takes one to know another! Your bosses created thugs, area boys, and I don't understand why you are saying they are greedy when they were created out of greed. What about one man earning N29,000,000 monthly and clamouring for the masses to earn N30,000 monthly?

Please help me ask this man accusing poor masses of greed if he has no hand if the greedy looting of billion of dollars met for masses & development in this country. Wicked people So it means greed led you guys also into looting our dear Nigeria treasury. If those who loot it are greedy, those who have more than enough to eat and waste but still hijack the perliatives and hide tham are very satanically satanic... They'll perish in hell with their generation... Heartless people

I have been saying this and I'm still saying it till now it's FemAdesina that has been ruling this country, his one of the cabal It is only in zoo republic of Nigeria that you can see criminals who should actually be in jail talking as if they are useful to anyone. femiadesina is a compound fool... Yes but who do they now resemble, especially with that word ' Greed'? 'Abeg ma who dem resemble?' Please lets not go into the palliative matter right before to seek answers. It is well.

You can pass the IELTS exam in flying colours and get a permanent residency to Canada. DM for details on the link to the high score formula for passing the IELTS exam You are talking in the rubbish, though I don't support the looting. This fellow should be careful. He should reflect on the lives of all the other politicians cursed by the poor people due to their insensitivity to the plight of the poor. These curses work Oga.

U need help! I believe you, it is a case of 'like looters like their leaders' Very greedy leaders, very greedy looters! Right back at you. This hypocrisy is on another level lol Protesters re bunch of greedy You don’t knw what you saying. You may say whatever suits you but you know really there are problems don't shay away from it.

His he talking about looters in Aso rock and othrt government agencies? There is nothing like looting ooooh, no body losted is was collect they collected there thing peacefully, person going carry food and another they collect they hardship allowance , they made it legitimate chaii Nigeria bahalaza I just wish God will take away all He has blessed u with, let see what u will do...

You this man has eaten so much of our money that he has lost reality of what Nigerians are facing. Ask how much was a bag of rice when his oga took over and now. We are trouble with crop of leader and this their microphone. Hello!! Hello!!!! Aso rock is deaf. Thunder dey fall my hand ahswear 🤦 This guy should remember that one day this administration will come to an end and all the annoying stuffs he has been saying will remain on social media irrespective of the monies he’s mailing now. God help us

These people have totally lost touch with reality. They've all gone crazy! Hell fire 🔥 is waiting for them if they don't repent and give their lives to Christ. Looters of our common wealth calling hungry people taking palliatives that belong to them greedy. See hypocrisy. Stupid This man has oil in his head!!! I must confess!! He will just hit the air and start voting nonsense. Shai!!

What about the people who hurdled the palliatives. What would you call them This man is a complete fool They need to check on this man’s mental health. This is not normal Oh God, this man eeh Be very sincere sir are you not also very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very griding

FemAdesina The same way u aren't hungry but u are greedy, looting Nigerians' money. God will judge you up till your 4th generation. Just like the Govt is also greedy. Like leaders like followers EndBadGovernance What about you? Check yourself first When will they ever be sensitive to the plight of the citizens ,shameful.

What of you guys, aren't you greedy That is what you think FemAdesina it is really unfortunate that even the VP ProfOsinbajo believes and accepts that there is so much hunger in the land but you find it very difficult to accept that. Posterity will judge you Which of the looters the political looters or the palliative looters?

Common Sense is not common. Only a heartless human being will say this rubbish.... Nonsense EndBadGoveranceInNigeria Without no apologies Mr Femi is obvious not a good father and he doesn't know what the fear of God is...why doesn't he talk about why they the government kept what is meant for the people....NOnsenze

FemAdesina yet they are not as greedy as the politicians who have failed them and still hoarded palliatives meant for them vote THEM OUT! Animal Farm, just cos u r very comfortable on what they should enjoy abi, E NO SHOCK ME WALAHI This is a clear example that our leaders don’t have any intention of helping us or Nigeria as a whole🤦🏽‍♂️

Seem you don't know people are angry Same with the govenors who hoarded the palliatives in the first instance And the Hoarders of the palliative are SAINTS These people dont even know how to talk. Ozuo God punish u You are wrong. It's the government that are greedy, stingy, selfish & corrupt. Looters of CA covid palliatives are definitely hungry people. By the way, we did not see any product packaged as federal government palliatives!!!!!!

I will really doubt it if Femi Adesina is mentally balanced So also people like you looting our common wealth. They are not necessarily hungry, it is pure greed and wickedbess Ho! Lord, where thou your wisdom, Let there be one to Mr Adeshina Ewu APC, I can't believe you shamelessly opened your mouth to spill this nonsense. How much punishment will God send us as leaders? 🤔. It pains me to my bone marrow that you all will know the truth and decided to turn blind eyes to it. May God continue to deliver us from evils.

So, how’s that any different from what you guys do, keeping things that you certainly do not need. If you don’t have anything meaningful to say, just shut your damn mouth. IDIOT. This man has to be the dumbest person affiliated with government You can never overestimate how dumb this man is! 😏😏😏 Looters in government impoverished our nation. y'all politicians are the problem, not the people.

Oduduwa should forget this animal called pig Adesina If paliative looters are greedy then what are you and fellow politician?... Who are the 'looters'? The Governors that hoard the palliatives and refused to distribute or the masses that burgled the warehouses and get what rightfully belongs to them? Pure greed and high rated wickedness when you hide palliative diversity of public funds to personal use . That's greediness at the peak sit

Maybe the people are learning it from their leaders. Politicians looting are not hungry, its pure evil and wickedness We actually need a new Nigeria, totally different from that of Awolowo, Azikwe and Balewa. We need Nigeria that accommodate all, irrespective of gender, ethnic, religion or region. A Nigeria that give room for intelect, not rogues. Nigeria that develops in all spheres. EndSARS

This moment will define the next millennium. The last generation failed because they're afraid of their tormentors and oppressors, thereby leaving the struggles & pain for us to tackle if we so wish. Are we going to also leave it for the next generation? WE NEED A NEW NIGERIA Mr Femi, the people taking Rice to eat, Govt approving billions for common printing of question paper, who is more greedy. Hypocrites

you can't join politics and devil will not borrow your senses sometimes, he is finally an idiot What will you say before? The lord will destroy your witchcraft and you will no longer cast spells on our president again. The lord will destroy ur land and tear down all your strongholds. Just like you politicians using the palliatives as party packs mamaamuwo even though you can afford it. Address people like her first before you talk about the hungry people that really needs it. Charity begins at home.

The same greed that has been making you seal your lips to the truth about this government But you all keep on stealing more money are you not stupid The political office holders are more greedy than the looters. They know, but they did it so that you guys will also feel the same pain we are going through! Was't not greed when all of them decide store the palliative for their upcoming election's campaign?

We are waiting for you after Bubu's tenure is over This man is a mumu man.... The politicians and their aides like you are the most greedy bunch. vexderex2flex Same with the legislooters and politicians as seen all over the country. Pure Greed. Hoodlums in power. EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA Very true and in the same vain, politicians that looted common treasures are not hungry but purely greedy. If you FemAdesina have at any time taking undue govt money directly or via quid pro quo. Then that same narrative qualifies you.

Just like you and your cahoots who loot and loot Nigeria and have rendered it stinkingly poor leaving the youths in disarray without a feeling of remorse. How can the president do well with evil minded people like you? Bad company corrupt. Looters Femi you are suffering from lack of sleep I no blame am shall he is Jst a good for nothing person who chose to speak with out thinking

AdesokanAriyo Ok I hope he ended with statement with “same with the politicians” See who is talking about greed If it is greed, Who taught them? Brother Femi, eti ya weyre Sir Do we have poor or hungry people in positions even before getting to the position? Therefore, GREED is the reason for looting our collective treasury too.

U ar nt well for saying dat, ar u not greed I agree with you. They are thieves Pure greed? ...kettle calling pot black When four fingers points back at You... What a shame! who is greedy among those that looted what belong to them and those that hood what actually belong to public? Between youths and politicians which ones are greed?

Nna eh this one weak me bad Is very amazing for you to point finger on masses in respect to greed am sorry you people have starved the masses is hunger not greed How can God leave people like this man alive? And the learnt it frm the center of all greedy looters Abuja and all state capitals. FemAdesina Sometimes I wonder how you sleep at night sir after lying and your children watch your video .

Femi Adesina is raving maaaadddd!!! He should be admitted to a psychiatric hospital ASAP. Nigerian politicians personified greed,they don't have to be poor,it comes natural for them to loot. They loot money belonging to the nation and still loot food provided for the poor. Woe unto this man...there's life after Buhari's government

Yes, it is pure greed. Looters in government are not excluded. All looters must go to jail. Thank you! Can this ass-licking charlatan shut his trap and go and get a life. If those people looting the COVID-19 palliative food warehouse are not hungry or angry, can they be taking those risks to get a 20k bag of rice. Nigeria is the poverty hub in Africa.

These are very wicked. God! Where did Buhari get this girl from EndSARS This is what happens when you quench a burning house with kerosene instead of water. And it seems like you are ignorantly pouring more... 🤦‍♂️Smh. You people in government are as well greedy. God will judge Femi Adesina said the obvious truth and you don't have to crucify him for that. He said looters; treasury looters, pension fund looters, palliative looters (even those that looted it and used it as birthday souvenirs) are all looters.

May thunder slap this silly man Graduate Trainees available in Lagos. Interested? Then forward updated CV and cover letter using “GAT07” to : careersbremprosystems.org.ng Looters at all levels. He. Is 100% right that is while you can find Tinubu and Buuharj children among the looters. OLOSHI! So politicians looting our money are what?Demonic and useless I guess

Ironically he is talking about his bosses and co If hunger is not problem, Then eating is not the solution. Our government are so greedy, what is stopped them from sharing the COVID-19 PALLIATIVES. You go just open mouth talk, come you want God to destroy your life or what See who is talking about greed 😂

FemAdesina When the Rich rob the poor, they call it Business. When the Poor fight back, they call it Violence. It's often believed that the leaders are often filled with the feeling of *they will make noise and keep quiet* FemAdesina I just dunno how you conveniently sleep peacefully knowing you are disgracing your after life in power. Do you try to play back and listen to your utterances? Have you taken your time to recheck the meaning of the word LOOTING? When does a situation become looting?

And u guys own are deliberately wickedness Kai!!! God get plenty things to judge o..... see who is talking I'm pretty sure you and the people you work for know the concept very well Very correct boda femi, especially those looting government coffers. They're rich yet they loot and deprive Nigerians. you must be mad by using that word how can you government officials be wicked and headless

As greedy as Nigerian politician. The looters are greedy, Nigerian politicians are greediest as postulated by FemAdesina This vagabond keep disgracing himself, you politicians and government officials cant stop to loot the country dry because of greed Adesina, if you say the looters of the covid-19 palliatives that your government hoarded are greedy, what then do you call yourself and your colleagues? Why not stay quiet if you have nothing sane to tell us.

Sometimes tweeting doesn't make sense to me i want to talk to this politicians and ask them questions heart to heart, wtf!!!! U hid palliatives when pple were dying of hunger Okoto meow 🐱 Another plans by Nigerian polical Leaders during the protest is expose by this man, please watch and share MOST HIGH GOD SAVE Nigerians from these evil leaders AMEN

How I wish you to go to the market, villa is not your permanent house address surely one day your tenure will come to and end. Then you realise if the youth are hungry or not. Just misusing opportunity to oppress people Shameless and wicked idiot Ah! Ah! This is evil, people are starving, some are been killed because of 50naira bread, and you open your remote mouth to talk trash... Sha after everything we go count scores ba?

See who is justified to talk about greed! This man must be a very wicked person tbh. And he's an enemy of Buhari. Just turning d people against his master. He must be checked. Orishi rishi. Whats your Definition for PURE GREED? See his lips All the governors and government agents that hoarded COVID_19 items MUST RESIGN IMMEDIATELY or BE IMPEACHED

How does he even make it to that side... This guy's is a real yeye man. How wish you could feel 2% what Nigerians are feeling you will commit suicide the next day I'm sure of that. Bastard oshi Mad man What's wrong with dis man na abeg who can we place Bounty Channels, how do you conduct interview with this psychiatric patient? Please keep social psyche distancing with him

Na FemAdesina teach them.... But in this case na hunger wa una cause, cause am. Ogun kill you FemAdesina Animal in human body idiot Please no one, I repeat no Nigerian should take this FOOL serious. Adesina is always spewing trash... Arrogant shior Looters are very hungry and angry people, who had hard enough of the Incompitent of our so call leader in this country, plz mind u talking to ur boss

“Not all were hungry”.. I guess the minority who were, are justified. Sir, remember the French Revolution? Ancien Regime’s time to go. It's just pure nonsense! You don't sit in your office and tell us what you feel Go to the streets of Nigeria Be like say Na warms dey this guy brain The looters are not the ones being greedy

He is living in another Nigeria.. AFTER RAIN 🌞 SUN SHINE MR FEMI ADESINA! THERE'S ALWAYS TIMES AND SEASONS. THIS WORLD WILL NEVER END AFTER APC PRESIDENCY IN NIGERIA what can I say.... Who said? Adeshina, looters are hungry . did you know how many Nigerians lost their jobs for the past five years? People are hungry in this land.

You can't tell me this man doesn't smoke anything Greed, according to Oxford dictionary, is the excessive desire to acquire or possess more than one needs or desires. So, only Nigerian politicians n their mouth piece like Femi Adesina are possessed n controlled by the spirit of greed. Femi Adesina ti je dodo, kole so ododo mó.

Yea, looter are not hungry, because you and many others around don’t look hungry, you guys just want your personal Estates. Fem!! True talk Wallahi You think someone will want to hit by bullet cos of rice and noodles if not cos hunger has beaten the fear out of them, one thing for sure is that none of us has spare life and will take nothing to our graves so EndSARS

It is not greed that u looter the loots and stored them for your children unborn. Mad man.. How about those looting the nation's treasury? This FemAdesina, has been behaving like a Fool since he swore on oath to speak for the Corrupt APC Polithiefcal party. He has lost his reasoning faculty. He's no less than a slave bought to sing the praise of his master, irrespective of the wrong.

Who is greedy here? EndSARS Just like the political class Cos you practise that....'greed' I’m ashamed. He probably thinks he’s doing his job well Yes but is greed a crime? This man brain na water they inside, what about the person wey them give am something make he. Give hungry people he no give. What is that called

We agreed but people in government that hoards palliative from the people, is pure madness. Femi Adesina's needs to be examined if really he is in his sound state. Femi Adesina is a man who do not know which direction to go anymore in life. Very shameless and confused man. Nigeria is not working and you all know that. How do you say you have one Nigeria but you have people from the north occuping all the position in Nigeria. Be honest once

Werey dey disguise 🤣😁🤣 Typical nonsense!!! And our corrupt and heartless politicians are what? Femi Adesina has smoked weed This man has to be an Ahitophel They really greedy. Imagine someone who is hungry carrying foam,DVD,chairs etc. Some people Just shut up So the people who stored up palletives are what?....for a man to go and steal food definitely he is hungry and fed up....u dont know what hunger is that's why u can say u eat only certain parts of chicken.....go to the streets and see for yourself.....

Femi Ade'shit' and he ever says is shit. And that's bcos he's speaking from a comfort zone that he fails to realize is transient. May God forgive you hopefully it is clear that all those in govt alongside their lieutenants are far from the people, when Amnesty International declared that Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world. People like Adesina rebuffed the position but what played out lately shows who is lying

I have never heard this man saying any meaningful thing since his Oga at the top appointed him. What you taught us... When you do it to the poor its normal now they have done it to you its greed? Go check your mental health bro This man FemAdesina is high again . .. Hunger is in the land, look around and see poverty written over the masses. Hunger that is not justified breeds anger. Adesina must be sincere and objective.

No comment I keep seeing this name whenever a Google the word 'MUMU' Is he the definition Is it not true ? O watch the program this morning. Adesina gave it to you just like Ojudu did with Maupe I can't believe he said this. What?!!! And you and your governors are really hungry to stocked the food meant for the poor masses?

This man is a joke anyway Food looters dey and money looters dey which are you talking about? Can you please stop inviting this man for interviews.. with your tv. He is the next most annoying person in Nigeria after lie lie Muhammed We all know that the palliatives looters are not the major looters we have in Nigeria. Stop gaslighting the palliative looters into thinking that they committed a more heinous crime than you guys in the government do every given opportunity.

Haaa Intereeting times indeed. What will demo say about the missing money that found it's way to the snakes and monkeys stomach? How about the palliative funds found in private bank account. What is demo calling that. Lust or luck? Same as hoarders sir! This man is sick! Lightning please come and show this boy sitting on the table the way to go He is confuse 🤦🤦

Does this guy knows how it feels when one is deprived of food? Talk more of supposed owned food?. Puppet Why is this man like this, this man is shame to humanity. What exactly is his problem? I don't think this people have conscience, devil is better than our leaders in Nigeria He really need to be visited for him to asertain their level of hunger

Is it hate speech to say I hate this man with a passion? You no go know peace You are right, but we are talking about the politicians here. Not hungry Nigerians Na because say u chop4house before u come for dis interrogation I ftink dats why u addressing this issue or matter rather dis way. Please this man need to go places in this Nigeria to see we are not greedy people are really hungry and nothing is been done

You re a fool femi adeshina, how will you know if people are hungry when you are feeding fat on the country's pay and receiving fat allowances. Using tax payers money to suite your purpose Ode How about heartless politicians that loot the national treasury dry? Are they hungry? Wisdom is saying nothing when there's nothing to say.

Just as we have so many greedy people in Govt. Everyone no that Femi Adesina is not normal due to some psychological problems he has been battling with, anytime you come across his post or anything related to him just ignore it Who be this fool Yeah, I agree with you, we can't take it anymore. It's greed and that demonic heart y'all got that causes y'all to loot and not hunger. Or what type of property do y'all want to acquire that you can't with your salaries and allowances? We must EndBadGovernanceInNiger

Another fool!....what a mistake to existence I feel so asham of this man, i wonder how his family feels too. He should remember he'll not be in government forever, internet never forget and posterity will definitely judge him. Idiot So this guy can say greed but does he know that virtually everyone on this government are actually greedy including him. He should know that as he's pointing hand to other people, the remaining four is coming back to him. 2023 here we come.

It seems Mr Adeshina is not a alright. If common is greedy!! What about you government officials and Politicians You GREEDY MONSTERS. It's only when u r hungry and u don't have food in your home, that's when u see people ... If someone has enough to feed him or her family, they won't come out to loot what they know they have or they can afford..

... and what’s making you work for Buhari and you lie to your people to cover him up stupidly on a daily basis ? What do you call that? Hunger or greed? Clueless and brainless This one na bastard for fulani man, the masquerade will is going to turn back to man. Who is greed? Politicians who kept palliatives for political reason.

Mr. Femi have never being a good speaker when it come to national issues even when he was a journalist, so, don't expect less from him. This guy never ceases to amaze me. Sold completely to the devil Even Femi Adesina is hooked to his thankless job of window dressing because of pure greed This man is talking in the nonsense and speaking in the rubbish!!! Them wey loot national treasury nko? What do we call them?

Wow. The government is talking about greed 🤣🤣🤣 Not aware of label of “poverty capital of the world” eh. Sad😭 FemAdesina leader not necessarily ready to lead, it's pure corruption and wickedness. Continue to be a political dog. Bunch of failures. They are greedy the way you are adeshina Kettle calling pot black. Sir Werey 😂😂😂😂 EndSARS

Cartoon flakes I hope Femi Adeshina is referring to all the looters of Nigeria, including all politicians and political office holders. Can channels TV please ask him classify their type of greed? It must be 'Greed of necessity' as compared to that of the politicians of which Femi belongs, which is 'Greed of insanity'.

May God punish your generation Like you people looting our treasury Well, i give u that. I think he is right on that one. But mr femi u talk too much. It doesn't necessarily mean u have sense, you just always talk like an E-diot. But when you store up what belongs to the people in warehouses while the people starve to death is no greed. Future shall tell

Well i for say who tell am, Anyways what do I know !!!! Uuh Same as politicians looting this nation All of the money you guys have been embezzling what should we call that one..talking in the nonsense Hoarders are not necessarily hungry, it’s pure greed. Femi, when are you going to speak from your heart? And politicians loot because they're hungry abi?

Politicians looting our treasury are not necessarily poor it's pure greed and selfishness. God will punish all of you together femiadesina God will judge you! They are not hungry 😑 Tomato paste is 150 naira How is a low income earner supposed to live ? So he meant to say there's no hunger and hardship in this country? That comments is as lousy as the mouth that uttered it.

Because you are eating fat in ASO, now you are licking Idiot!! This man's stupidity is getting out of hand!! Baba ode. Those who stored them, people like you. They are not necessarily hungry it is purel demonic oppression and wickedness Very soon you would be out of that bandage you are Federal and state government looters not necessarily poor. It's greed and wickedness to impoverish the majority.

Aye e de maa baje tiran-tiran!!! If we called the looters greed then what do we call those that hide the palliatives? Politicians not necessarily needy. It is pure greed. Pls can he explain b/t political loots and warehouse loots? G Looters; be it palliative (food) to assuage hunger is milder than treasury which is borne out of greed and wickedness. I think our leaders at various levels are becoming like the Biblical injunction of those ever learning but never understanding. Wickedness is on the increase.

Stupid man stop talking If you know people are not hungry, come n say this on the street, if you are not stoned to death. Mad people everywhere sha I no like dey see this guy. Always spewing nonsense But why hoard the palliative in the first instance, to the extent that the food stuffs were getting spoilt. You people are wicked.

Guard your tongue Same with Nigerian politicians Adesina God is seeing you and your lies This idiot were did you come from I don't blame you because u are defending your pay master, you can't there forever. One day you will leave to give account of all you have done good or bad Put politicians first as greedy instead to use the word to the masses who are always looking for whta to eat.

Y are u talking like this you are a lucking person. What are u doing to our youth in Ipetumodu. Pls watch ur word Na yesterday sense this one get God will have mercy on u As greedy as politicians and political office holders Greed from the Nigeria government? Is this man in Nigeria? God will punish dix man ....

FemAdesina, I would have loved to say you said something sensible but unfortunately for you, just last year, Nigeria was termed poverty capital of the world. In addition, unemployment is at an all time high of 27%. You are the greedy ones and the looters are poor and hungry. You can imagine what this man is saying on a national television? You mean greed? When there's hunger in the land? Why hoarding what is meant to be distributed at the first place? This government is too insensitive to the plight of the citizens.

Grassroot looters are greedy ba.... So what would you use to qualify the looters upstairs EndSWATnow EndSARS EndBadGoveranceInNigeria ReformPoliceNG Haha kilode.....why And una no FEAR GOD 🇳🇬✊🏽🇳🇬✊🏽 femi Adesina why you say so?you turn to blind can't speak the truth Foolish u Femi,you are an appointee and you are behaving like a god. Mind you,you will one day be out of government and nemesis Will catch you.

Normal service, resumed! Femi gbenu e dake jor. Greedy like you politicians? Greed on whose part the government or 'looters'? Is it applicable to the politicians? Femi Adesina is right. The Looters of Nigerian Economy are not HUNGRY. They ARE GREEDY. They are not hungry cuz u fed them, right? Chai Femi ur misleading PMB for making this statement.

Just like you guys. You are very comfortable, but greed won't allow you consider others. Shameless man! Between the governors who hoarded the items and the leprous men who went out to the streets to seek for help, who is more greedy? Bros bros u no dey tire anyways the rate of hunger in this country knows u re not correct with your statement

Big Thunder fire you sir. Your generation, hunger will kill them all Foolish talk! You wouldn't be there forever, u will definitely finish ur tenure n come back to pps which u sold because of ur job but it won't be easy for you. No matter what ideas you bring to solve a problem befalling Nigeria, there is someone somewhere planning how to kill your ideas.

Femi Adesina is right you know. Our legislooters, LootingSenators, LootingPolitricains are all but greedy! FemiAdesina for...? EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria EndBadGoveranceInNigeria LekkiMassacre2020 LekkiGenocide NeverAgain✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻 JusticeForTheSlain✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻 cece_raina Thinkproperly. We are tired of eating our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. We are tired of hearing lies about Origin of Gold and Origin of Fuel all over the world. We know it's not a natural resource. Except for water. We are tired of losing our loved ones.

femiadesina Are u people running the government not greedy? You guys should create an enabling environment for job creation and good standard of living so that the youths could be engaged. Oga Go, will u shutip? Omoale Yoruba I doubt if it's greed, I feet it's an expression of anger for the years of oppression

I'm tired with senseless type of leaders we have in this nation. They think the poor behave like they do. They continue to steal even when they can afford whatever they want. Then you are the most greedy because you are the highest looter ovieroskoles Politicians not necessarily poor, the steal public fund and hoard indomine because they are greedy.

femi adesina how do you sleep at night The useless one has spoken.... And the people who kept the stuffs are hungry bah? Hungry of Greed I guess.... Nigeria 😢💔 Liars Our polithievecians and leaders are necessarily not in lack of money, it is greed that makes them loot the nations funds and even palliatives which was meant for the masses.... What am I even saying sef😯😯😯

I don't even know how to comprehend this. This adesina guy is sick say people are not hungery in this country very insane words Politicians not necessarily poor, it is pure greed The same greed that made governors under your watch to intentionally hoards palliatives, the same greed that's making you people to strengthening Assu strikes and wasting our time in University.

That is the system that bad governance has given to us. Everybody are waiting for their opportunity. They were hungry but became greedy when the opportunity arise. After all opportunities are rare for common Man in Nigeria. WHO YOU SABI This dude's Mouth is Acid.. 🤭🤕 This one that has sold his soul to the devil...

Look at wat someone is saying? Let me ask him, if there is food will there be greed? kittles calling the pots black hmmm I see so. Basket mouth don start to lick again ooooh! Carpenter wey no him work na sueegbe ooooh. This Man obviously is always under the influence of tramadol or weed! This man no go ever die well

What else can come out from an empty head...? He definitely doesn't know what he is saying.... Looting not acceptable,but Nigerians are very hungry Who is greedy? The government that fails to distribute the Looted COVID19 palliatives, Or the hungry citizens that went to break in to take what’s rightfully theirs.

No be only greed, me sef sure say some people no get sense for this country Who says is greed it's understatement. People are seriously hungry and hungry. People are in hardships and suffering. Imagine greedy people calling people greed How do we expect people who hid common Indomie from their citizens give them good roads, constant electricity, portable water, employments, security, etc? EndBadGoveranceInNigeria EndSARS LekkiMassaccre

What do u know? Looters Not Necessarily Hungry, It Is Pure Greed – Femi Adesina EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria EndSarsNow As you are very greedy This man is a perfect disgrace to his gone and unborn generations. In a country were a bag on of rice is costly than minimum wage, you said is not hungry? Pls second base

Another problem of this country... Thiss man Who is greed is the looters or the government that store foods to the extent that most of the food had Expired, instead of sharing d food while is ok Politicians not Necessarily need money, it is Pure Greed Politicians are not necessarily hungry, it’s pure greed

Muhammadu buhari's hands are soiled with the blood of defenceless citizens of Nigeria Hoarders are not necessarily Hungry, it is pure Wickedness and Foolishness. Muhammadu buhari and his APC government are killers of armless peaceful protesting Nigerians You sick if you really said this. You will burn in hell I assure you .

You are not necessarily stupid Mr. Adesina. It's just politics. Looting in the government sector is caused by what? But u politicans are fathers of greed,& lutters How about the greed of the government and obas/rulers that stocked up all those materials for themselves? You can't mention that. Thieves! Palliative na our property, so therefore' you can't dash us our property, mumu man 🚶🚶🚶

With your comments you are doing no harm to Buhari but your party's next candidate I don't know what to tell you, but be sure the devil your master will bend your mouth and deal with your generation for contributing to the hardship of the people. Na sawdust dey this man head Exactly! You people in the ruling class are their senior brothers.

Someone should tell this man,he should clean his mouth,you're talking about greed,is the people the greed ones or the government who has refused to do the right things. Everyone in power in this country should be shamed of themselves. Shiorr. Government Not Necessarily Hungry, It Is Pure Greed that make them steal public funds EndBadGoveranceInNigeria EndMilitaryBrutality EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityinNigera EndSarsNow EndSARSBrutality

Mhen,our country needs cleansing How will your end be after 2023? You called that greedy? Would your children do that? Let's remember that a day is coming that we will stand before our creator to give account of our actions on earth. Must this man always be wrong? I think you are too insensitive to the plight of the poor people suffering under Buhari regime. It is hunger that led to those people to loot the Warehouse where Covid palliative were kept and not greed.

Whose is worse ? The so call looters of the palliatives or the wicked state governments who prefer its citizenry to starve rather than distribute the palliatives collected on their behalf. The person that gave Femi this job is wicked EndSARS Please tell Adesina that i want to whisper something lite to his ear

Was he one of the Looters?. This should be investigated by .......... . Sorry we don't v I think you have not come across the proper definition of greed. It takes one to know one. 🚶‍♂️ Just just like what is happening in buhari government. The looters are those of you that hoarded the palliatives that were meant for the masses.

We hear you Femi pls have re-think before you talk always..... my candid advice if you will ever listen. Power is not forever remember in case you forgot I have never seen anyone so stupid and foolish as this nigga 🤨 Adesina, when you hide my belonging and I find out, it is discovery and you who hid it from me is a thief

When office holders try to manipulate situation they get anarchy in return, very unfortunate U mean the greed palliative hoarders in Gov offices. They will not go unpunish I promise u. Boda femi what of politicians/government looting and stripping the nation and economy naked! That why you are wicked Follow your leader

does politics make people dumb.... what kind of reasoning is this ishakaa Greedy bastards.... an hungry man that went to loot a store, pop two bottles of champagne and drank them at thesame time. This reinforces that those who 'snatched' d people's mandate don't know what d people need. They care only for themselves&their cronies. Nigerians need2decide how2manage their mandate. Gold not cherished is necklace for the swines. NigeriaRising LetsHaveANationalConversation

Just like politicians are not hungry but greedy I think I agree with the phrase Buhari is not our problem, the problem are the praise singers who refused to tell him the truth, how will you know that Nigerians are hungry when you're eating free food. Seems somebody has sold his soul to the devil. Dis man ,one day be one day

Ode You are right Mr femi, Greed is exactly why you and your likes horded our palliative Na u dey feed them now that's why you know they are not hungry, oshisco 😂😂😂🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼 Who be dz kid Ahah!.... And these are the elements in our Presidency? Jeez' is this guy even for real?!?!.... Or is it severe dementia!! Na wa o!

Statement of a man out of touch with the masses and living in the decietfulness of transient power. You will leave that place one day. People that were there before you left so also you will. Either by choice or by force.. Den u people dar loots money,,d money looters is caused by wot? Na Ogun go kee your papa

Yes,all looters be it civil servants, politicians, pastors,imman, village heads, obas emir's,you,I,,,, everyone When they loot public funds, it’s called allocation. But when they hoard palliatives and the masses begin to take what belongs to them, they call it greed. Nigerian politicians are absolutely wicked

Shit happened! when u re eating national cake freely, Have u encounter someone beg 100 to eat sir....and u re sitting down there talking. IBLAMECHANNELSTVNOTYOU Greed is part of human behaviour that's why they loot in America too which is highly condemned but here, Nigerians are hungry hence they went for what was rightly theirs.

The looters are those of you that hauled the palliatives that were meant for the masses. Una mumu don do. If looters are greedy what can we call you people in APC govt? Ooooo shut up. Don't make me angry femi The first and only statement that puts us on the same page! So much greed was displayed during the loot!😔

lmfaooo what type of clowns govern us in this country😭 what circus are these clowns from Greed You people dare talk about greed? But it’s not greed for govt officials to hoard palliatives? Am disappointed in Mr. Adriana This man is indeed crazy Yeah you're right they are just like you. You at this hight of leadership, haven evaluate the economy of an avarage Nigerian holistically, you could come on air and make a statement like this? Nigerians are ashame of guys.

How they somehow find a way to make us innocent citizens look bad is a major skill because whatt Mr Adesina I'm sorry to say 'Oriyin o pe Sir' Aye yin ma laba ni sir Security vote money? sitting allowances?car allowance? newspaper allowance? foreign hospital's bills and allowance? contract awarded by self to self allowance? aide's and servants allowance? y'all don't pay for shit,yet you hoard indomie and garri from Hungry citizens, thieves 😒

He is very correct. Greed pushes them to keep stealing and accumulating money that even their 4th generation won't finish spending while the present generation dies of hunger and starvation. What will you call those that hoarded the Covid-19 palliatives meant for all Nigerians? They are candidates for Sainthood abi?

this man is a fool I might not have problem with this man, it is the 1,112 people that like the tweet that I have big problems with. So what you are trying to prove to us now is that those in power right now are not greedy and the country is still in this mess Could they be more greedy than those in government who empty the treasury?

This man needs another curse.. How about those hoarding palliatives meant for the poor masses Fools Femi the script writer. Those who hoarded the palliatives are pure evil. I hate it here 💔. Look at what this unintelligent thing is saying 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ ➕ 600 years for you Say the truth for once.

Femi Adesina is a bastard, no one should take his speech serious.... Hoarding palliatives in a poverty-stricken economy is a no-brainer and absolute weakness. Set of treasury looters... Emeritus Shame on you Looting: Is It Hunger or Pure Greed? EndSARS Pure greed he said but people like him that loot Nigeria as a whole are doing the right thing is that not what he want us to believe, bush man talking jarguns....

Hahahaha, Thank God you says looters wish you are part of Thunder fire you there EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA Can you be reasonable for once in your life This man is a clown jhoor, then the corrupt leaders that kept the palliative are more greedy Including the political Oga if you are not hungry will you steal?

You just explained to the world on national tv that you politicians are pure greedy lots. You loot not because you are hungry but because you're GREEDY Femiadeshina 👍👍Endbadgovernanceinnigeria ItIsNotFinished It means the govt of Nigeria doesn't even know what it's citizens are going through in this country in terms of hunger for the Special Adviser to have made this statement.

🤦‍♀️ I usually tune off each time I see him on national TV. It's just a way to keep my mind healthy untill this govt pack their bags out of Aso Rock. At times I wish I could use voice note to reply to this people.....y'all are mad....if y'all are not hungry and greedy why would you hoard items meant for the masses in a warehouse? Why why!!!!!

If looters are greedy. What do we call those that horde to the food items ? FemAdesina is probably talking about himself. These guys want to have a monopoly on corruption Between the government that hoard them and the takers, who is more greedy? They took what rightfully belong to them Abi na we should follow our leaders footstep you can imagine what this one is saying

He no lie at all. Is Tinubu, Fashola, Buhari, and all other looters hungry? This thing called femi we is such a useless being. Since all ir needs are met by fg u can be saying whatever u like. So why is our politicians keep on stealing the public fund if u said the looters of palliatives meant 4 dem r greedy not hungry b dere own situation what abt the politicians?.

BEYOND COVID-19, NIGERIANS NEED PALLIATIVES EVERYDAY! Here is how and why... Exactly “pure greed”, because they looted to eat right. What do we say about those who loot money and lock them up in safes without investing in the country to at least create jobs. You’re not fit to be an image maker Oga. Honestly I think a prerequisite for holding a public office in Nigeria should be that you and your immediate family are not allowed to live outside the country for a certain number of years.

I clearly understood it when someone stated that Adesina can't say the true nature of his master's government. He just have to lie and follow them sheepishly! Politicians not necessarily hungry....it is pure greed. This is what happens when you're being pampered and out of touch with reality....smh Aridin ni Broda Femi yii sha... 🙄🙄 EndSARS EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA

Premium Okoto I follow back ASAP,,just give a try. 😁 When you subject people to hardship expect something like this I am confuse which looters is he refering to, the ones on the street or the powerful ministers and other government appointees looting our common wealth. Your are mad Femi. No more respect for any of you idiots

You and your professional partners in crime are more greedy I look at Femi Adesina and he looks sick or possibly underfed like a majority of Nigerians do or maybe the amount of curses and abuses hurled at him are affecting or maybe the mental toll of defending the indefensible are taking a toll on him

Femi, Femi, Femi! Ko deni da fun e! Oloriburuku somebody! You don't support the wicked. All who take side with wicked will also partake from the wrath of God up on them. Their own hands will bring their downfall. Psalms 9:16 The LORD is known by the judgment which he executeth: the wicked is snared in the work of his own hands.

Asshole You don't need anybody to tell you that common cannot afford the price of their stapple food called rice. Pls rejig your policv on rice. Just like you I think he is refering to politicians because that's a typical definition of all of them. Politicians are not hungry but greedy and want to keep keeping the citizens in poverty so they. An manipulate their way into office.

Sure, especially those selling palliatives meant for communities. May God almighty that rides upon the heaven by His name Jah be glorified forever in Jesus name, amen. The money you steal from The Government is not just because you are hungry, you were just born a Thief This country can never progress so long as we have this kind of animals in government.This is just the height of it!These guys are insensitive to the plight of the suffering masses.This is just the height of it

Out of touch politicians... Yeye dey smell... I don't take his words seriously so he doesn't provoke me If you're in a good mood, don't listen to this guy or read anything about him, he will spoil ur mood and make u sad instantly. This man had always been a fool, not surprised. Okay I understand. just the way you still from the government because of greed.

And the Governors that hoarded the palliatives are Wizards.... Practising Wizardry as governance. Channel TV, pls stop bringing this Adesina to media home bcos sometimes he doesn't know what say. You guys are being earning millions as salary for years and still looting so call national cake. If the looters had jobs and can fend for themselves, they would have been at their job locations. endlooting

If this one comb his hair , e dey comb sense commot. This femi adesina is very senseless, like seriously!!! Werey dey disguise gba ni If you call those who picked what belongs to them greedy. What would you call those who hoard what belong to the masses. Listen! That wasn't looting. The people took what belong to them.

FemAdesina is telling us that palliatives ment for they public is Good for a governor or oba to keep in his warehouse and share it during their birthday.. What a hungry politicians/leaders in Nigeria ordinary indomi and garri you still steal it from the Masses Mad man Why has nobody arrested and prosecuted the real looters like u and ur colleagues in govt

Oga den dey follow ur footsteps What will say about those who store covid 19 palliatives? To me they are not only greedy they wicked The same greed that has finished Nigeria politicians, the god-fathers and those that kept palliatives meant to be shared at d appropriate time but kept them till they were forcefully taken.

Mad man, Femi make sure you stay behind in the villa after the expiration of the regime’s mandate otherwise we go show you pepper This Man is mad oooo. He will just come online and be saying nonsense. Mr. Adviser, do you believe there is God at all? Judgement of God awaits you bitterly While politicians who milk the country dry is due to pure wickedness.

You are also guilty of what you said The same greed that made you(femi Adesina) to keep defending a failed policy Channels tv, tell this man not to talk again. FemAdesina whatever is good for the politician is good for the common man 'State govnors issues 'order' to looting citizenry of Nigeria threatening & worse giving ultimatum that looters should return what was looted. Very well; Does this equally applies to their fellow political comrade friends, godfathers godsons & aquintances in APC/PDP?👈🏾

If the looters are greedy, you that horde the food that was made for them over months is what? Nothing but a wicked and the most greedy person. See your head... The main greedy 🦁 calling innocent souls greed🤦🏿‍♂️ To us you and everyone up there appear to be greedier! Why? We see you all working for yourselves only and not in our interest. FemAdesina NigeriaGov MBuhari ProfOsinbajo NGRPresident

That's how I see it I'm sure he's referring to his friends in government.. This government is so annoying God punish you FemAdesina , we are hungry so your people should do something about it!! The looters are indeed hungry and that’s what lead to the taking of what belongs to them!! 80% of Nigeria 🇳🇬 youths are jobless so why wouldn’t they go for palliatives

Parrot 10% abi Why is this man always talking leftists... When did it turn to be a politician... C'mon man stop insult out intelligence! Na black thunder go fire this man. See your face like hippopotamus' private part Is this man from Nigeria? If looters are greedy, what do u call the hoarders? The population is more than greed is pure hungry..... Justify yourself with the population of people that come out even government workers take their own part... May God reward everyone of u all for ur action towards Nigerian

Did I hear him say 'pure greed'? Exactly what he and his cronies are all doing; looting and relooting our national treasury making it difficult for meaningful developments to take place in the country. EndCorruptionInNigeria EndMilitaryBrutality EndPoliceBrutality EndSARS To hear femi adesina speak nowadays simply nauseates me because he seems to just open his mouth to expel air. He has eaten with both hands so doesn't know what it means to be hungry again. Shame on you femi.

The same greed is what makes our leaders to loot our treasury . So both looters of food and funds should be punished accordingly. What is your surname? GREED Oloshi, the ogas at Abj not necessarily hungry, it’s pure Greed But it’s ok to hoard palliatives This man will surely suffer for all the things he has said. Quote me

Those gathering billions too nko, what are they doing with money they cannot finish in their lifetime! Look at kettle calling pot black. Politician looting are not necessarily poor, it is pure greed. FemAdesina you and other govt officials are the greedy ones These people are hungry!!! Hungry!! There is hunger in Nigeria! Even hardworking people beg to eat!!!! You pple are so heartless!! Chai

Ori awon people yio pe And it's greed that kept them in the warehouse Who can be more greedy than you? It is clear you don't know the true meaning of *greed' it's a pity!! You shall never know peace and comfort, henceforth Amen! Must you talk Mr. Femi FEM!!! Ok na see kettle calling pot black... Tufiakwa no more shame

Na greed couse this ko thunder see this man It means you and your colleagues are Greedy What about our political Naira - Dollars looters? Would you call that a Charity compensation? Idiot. This brain is leaking. Greed is on you all who looted money meant for providing them basic amenities, greed for improvishing them, greed for hoarding food meant for them while they were lockdown and left to starve. Wicked wizards. EndSARS ENDCHILDFOODPOVERTY EndBadGoveranceInN

Words from a foolish being alienated from the realities in the Nigerian human realm. Same greed that is worrying you and your principals..... Why do you keep interviewing this guy? Is it not better he keeps his opinion to himself? He is the only one who understands his ideologies, conclusions,decisions name them....abeg, he should just face Aso rock n stop hurting us the more with his baseless talks.

MBuhari FemAdesina you have finished PMB. If you don't know what to say kindly keep thy mouth shot. People are hungry my brother So keeping them is not greed,may you and your generation face what the youths are facing Mumu man See this man suppose get cancer make e die slowly, something like leukemia 😒

These guys definitely don't look in the mirror At least if you don't believe that the protesters were hungry you should believe they were angry for the govt not to distribute the palliatives as at when due. For example, have you seen any looting in Borno State? That tells you that the Gov is a honest man.

He think say na politics Think before talking na! Haba! Oga Femi, ashawa dey use eye sabi im colleague. You understand greed, you speak it and teach it. greedology Hoarder's are cruel and wicked Mr Femi doesn't make me mad no more, now all I see is a clown Tufiakwa, power is toxic Bro fm... am very sure ur parent are not rich.. u suppose to know how nigerians are suffering... food are cost n no money to buy dis tins... fear God...

Dis man don dey run mouth Again Greed how So You don't know that there is hunger and starvation in this country If you're not hungry, you won't know there's Hunger You are a mumu man but u have forgotten EXACTLY, THAT IS WHAT OUR LEADERS ARE EXHIBITING BY THEIR EXCESSIVE LOOTING OF PUBLIC FUNDS. ALSO, UNIMAGINABLE HOARDING OF COVID-19 PALLIATIVES BY VARIOUS STATE GOVERNMENTS. NoToHoardingOfCovid19Palliatives

I'm happy to hear this, looting National cake is as a result of greed. Reason majority of politicians always aspire to retire in the senate just sleeping, swallowing Nigerian wealth. See this greedy fellow...pot calling kettle black Femi adesina with all due respect, Shey u dey eat three times per day. The palliatives was meant for everybody not for the selected few that run the government. Oga Una as politicians dey loot national treasures, hungry people loot food wey Una hoard because of Una greed. Focus o

Oga what you're saying is smelling 😏😏 Which looters is he referring to pls🧐 is it the first looters or the second Looters ? May you and yours face hunger too...Amen. Pure greed kept people like you, Femi, with a government that kills his own people. Greed kept you from speaking the truth! I no come know what to comment. Una don finish d work.

Everybody talks the way they think If it's not hungry, then Wat is it, how many politicians children were seen carrying the palliative. Senseless talk. It is because you have food to eat , you are talking this way. I don't blame you Those palliative why do u pple kept it there and someone will have the gult to say I want to distribute it on my birthday what concern citizen with ur birthday rubbish

No politician has the moral to call someone greedy in Nigeria They are the grandfathers of greed that have refused to leave for the young generation to rule They now sell ganja in Aso rock.. Wait a minute,oh until Nigerians start living in dust bin scavenging for food, then are leaders will know yes we are really really hungry,?

...now I know who wrote that empty speech for buhari to address the nation during the protest. Femi you disgust me hence that statement of yours. Goosshhh!!! Be real and honest for once and fear God Coming from an over fed public office holder with like 3 layers of skin on his neck..... but what do I know.. Like this comment I follow you immediately

Same with our leaders! FemAdesina This man doesn’t live in Nigeria, there’s serious hungry in the land. Am sure he can’t say this to peaceful protesters because this statement alone breeds violence! With people like these around bubu there’s problem for Nigeria because it can only get worse! Same thing with the politicians who are looting our collective treasury,, they are not necessarily poor, it is pure greed.

Which looters he’s talking about? Rice looters or national Treasury looters? This man na goat aswear Same with our leaders! You're mad sir! He’s talking from experience, 😂 You don’t question the narratives you just judge the conclusion so daft a man!!!the Governors who held hostage what belongs to d masses irrespective of whether they be rich or poor it belongs to d people!!you call those one cheerful giver right !!!Ode boy Adesina

FemAdesina Pure greed vs pure evil This guy self Help me ask, what would hoarders use them for? Mr. Femi Adeshina how could you so soon forget the welfare State of people. Do not go far, come back home to your own State, Osun State. You will see poverty face to face. You will see hunger singing National Anthem and waving National Flag.

Those that hides the palliatives were not poor but greedy and wicked Someone told me Buhari is a good man, now I understand those feeding him with lies are his downfall. You guys never still learn anything Thunder sama you there, you and your compatriots are the true definition of greed. People are hungry I the land you are talking or greed.

pot calling kettle black! Nigerian government officials can't stop to amaze me! Honestly when I hear Adesina talk, I weep as tell my self the biggest set back in this government is this man!!His level of education is far far above is IQ!!whick make me questions is certifications!!So daft and myopic in reasoning!!!

Weyrey ni Bobo yi sa You're a fool like that of survival fund they were asking people to go and see there focal person in there respective state this is where corruption will take place, when you have 1 focal person in a state with 25 LGA very stressful and will attract corruption so pls take note This man is one of the major problems we have in this country, always trying to cover up the truth and facts on ground.

Buhari go soon step down for another person then he will know far, is only saying all this rubbish because he stays in Abuja and everything is at his figure tip don’t worry you will come and join us Close your dirty mouth Mr man before thunder hit you there. E.g You Hoarders nko? Agreed. Same like you and your principal holding to power without solution to the problem of the country. Pure greed

You discussed with the looters and they told you that You're right just as your principal contested for three time won after fourth time and re elected fifths time and make the country miserable for mass not because he want to serve the people but greedy for power shame on you The one who hate nigeria most is speaking

Even the devil marvel at the garbage that comes from the mouth of this fool. How I wish his father used a condom on that horrible day. Mad people everywhere!! Femi Adesina,just keep on saying rubbish.The youth are noting your words Most Nigerian politicians are not hungry people they are just the most greedy, selfish, heartless and conscienceless people in the world.

Goan sleep What do u have to say abt the governor that hoarded it food? This man can’t be okay So the politicians that hide them in warehouse are what sir? I hate rubbish This guy tomorrow go funny. Don't say anything. Let's just watch it unfold When did femiadesina turn to this? His responses lately to national issue is really sickening. It is better to be silent than rubbishing the President with your wack responses.

This adesina must have escaped from yabaleft, how can this yoruba man be consciously wicked!! They said buhari is dead! Now I agree, because this man is hiding something. Breeze go soon blow ya fowl yans Nigeria politicians not necessarily poor. It is Pure Greed and Share Wickedness. FemAdesina is a big disgrace to journalism in Nigeria..

It's the political class that is greedy, we are hungry even though I am not a looter. Those looters were really hungry What a mindset. Is this a representation of characters making decision for 200million people?. Our politicians are not poor, they are just greedy God will punish this man no jokes I think he meant the looters in government!

Corrupt leaders not necessarily wicked, it is pure wickedness. This government is d most greed FemAdesina Even if you're speaking as the presidential spokesman or it is a personal opinion, ode ni yin sir. You could have said something that will create more enmity, hatred, or disaffection for MBuhari or his government than you have already done. Reasoning before might

Then what about those storing it? There is hunger, standard of living is no longer affordable. Please who has his handle U're senseless sir What about the 'pen' looters and robbers ? Corrupt politicians are not necessarily hungry,it is also pure greed. You people caused all these. So why come here and scream of your citizens being greedy when you as a leader was the one to chook spoon first inside rice? Na you show us the way nah.EndBadGoveranceInNigeria

I don't know these broadcasters manage to sit under the same audience with bigots.. you clearly have a chance to rip Nigeria's problem to pieces but you can't do anything about it. I will so uneasy and restless 🤦 I disagree with you Bros 💯 This man will soon die Between looters and politicians, who has the highest record of greed? Obviously it's the Nigerian Politicians.

If “pure greed” is ‘carting away’ a carton of noddle that was meant for you but someone well off hoarded it when you where hungry and badly needed it, then I wonder which lexicon we need to look to find an appropriate name for the well off person that denied you. Any help Femi? Seee pot calling kettle black...

Kettle calling pot black. The looters were learners. Nigerians know the greedy ones. Original looters get security, the looted turn looters have none and so are made the scape goat It’s the same greed that have caught up with you, that why you refused to give up your post or resign . The most corrupt administration ever seen.

His job will expire in less than 3 years if he is not fired, the masses are waiting for him. Thank God you have said it yourself. Looters are really greedy. They are looting billions of naira when they already have enough. Though palliative carriers are looters only possessing what belongs to them in a wrong way.

FemAdesina, it is a reflection of the greed in the political class. Lessons learned over the years, have hatched & demonstrated by a brazen citizenry, who now confront their masters. I used to see you as thoughtful, enlightened person. Nigeria became the world's poverty capital You're on twitter and we ain't following each other, o wrong now, common. Let's grow together. I follow back ASAP try my speed🍾❤️

Awon werey, so u people that hold indomie are not greed😈😠 And what do u say of the looting government officials? Lol Looters Not Necessarily Hungry, It Is Pure Greed Femi Adesina Femi Adesina Is Not Necessarily Stupid, He is Pure Crazy. EndSARS EndMilitaryBrutality EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeria EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA

Then what is it for the people that stored up palliatives then? 😱😱😱 Just like the policians which he is are part of.... Are they hungry that they are busy packing and looting our National resources? See his face like yesterday's fried potato. It is also pure greed for your master to remain in power... He is too old for that position.... Advise him the right way not Nigerians who are hungry

Think before talk. Daft Adeshina Looters are everywhere, especially in government where a senator makes over 1m daily and a civil servant can not make 30k in a month! Werey ni Shina o We don't blame you, you get paid daily that's why Eleyyi to sick 😀😀😀 Dis states categorically dat Fg has been aware of d StateOfNigeria & decided 2 keep quiet 2 castigate good hearted technocrats dat hv advised &/or staged a peaceful protest abt dis NextLevel gov't. IT IS WELL. If I hear 'femi' -- sorry, PIM..! EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA

No be ur problem sha Shame on you!!!! I have always thought that you are not smart....but now I know Like ur Oga at the top🤣🤣 God punish you, ode. We buy used diesel Generator Perkins Cummins Lister Peter's Danyo Don't let them just lay there, they don't add value but depreciate. We sell used Generators too 20kva -2500kva WhattsApp pictures 08038236695 Retweet/like & I will follow U pls follow back

Your horse so high you so blind to what happens below. KeepKwayet I never understand this man since I have been seen him on TV. At least for once be considerate. Although I never support thugs destroying people properties FemAdesina politicians looting is not necessarily broke, it is pure evil, wicked, low self and moral esteem, lack of vision and purely purely possessed.

This man na clown Only of i was to be GOD this one will not live till Europe league time this night🤣😂🤣😂.. EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA EndImpunity Same circle. Greed greed everywhere. Looting private warehouses is stealing but public warehouses with Covid-19 palliative as common as 'indomien' is the people taking what's theirs. EndSARS

Really? A time will come when this man and his entire household won't be safe again in this country. yea, you're speaking from experience My question is, when will this man have shame and buy himself wisdom Or maybe his case has reached the 'you can't shame the shameless' stage? Greet learnt from you fuckers!! Same greed can’t let you people do the right thing than lying all time and looting public funds🖕

Do me I do you (greediness at both sides). What of our monies, you have been looting? I understand vividly, Nigerian politicians DNA is tormenting you, bouches of myopic thinkers. Always saying thrash just to save his job. 😬😬🤦🏽‍♂️ And what do you call those who hoarded the palliative? When insensitivity rocks the lead head of a nation,when too much luxuries sorrund those taking the lead,when they separate themselves from their subjects,when psycho take over, when syndicate oppression are overlooked. What you have is Nigeria.4tomotoes for N200,paste N150?

Hoarders are wicked Get rid of yellow or brown teeth with charcoal powder and toothpaste NgZido Femi Adesina no get sense, stop bringing him to your station for interview. Its obvious who's greedy in all of this... The people hoarding indominnnnnn or the hungry masses😤 This man is always talking in the rubbish. Who is more greedier. The one that keeps the palliatives or the ones the loot it. Adeshina or what's your name. I thought you are an adviser. Please always think before you talk because it's so glaring you are the greedy one here.

All these people are really really mad sha. Nkan da opolo gbogbo won ru What about government officials holding public offices? Same to you sir. No need for long talk. I wonder the kind of man this Adesina is.... such an animal Oga with all due respect sir. Most of us can't read well Please come in person to Lagos island and repeat what you just said. Fool

Why is this man always making unnecessary comments against the poor and oppress people of this nation just because he's happy and opportune to be where he is today? Exactly what he did Naija info FM radio the other day.😠 Baba you self be thief🙄 If those palliatives were not taken away by citizens, they’ll surely expire before the targeted time which the leaders have plans for. Nobody should call them looters, they only took possession of what was meant for them.

Looters Not Necessarily Hungry, It Is Pure Greed You are sick upstairs My evil mind is saying, this man need stoning I swear. 😈 This one is cancelled🤔 Can you find a Senator among the Noodles Looters. ...Ogbeni, fun ra e ni brain now! Pre recording artist aka femi live us alone Please they should stop interviewing this guy now they should please he dey always vex me ghorn

Crumbs hustling KOALA like you. You will be remembered for murdering your conscience because you really need to keep your job These people are stupid idiots I swear Femi Adesina will suffer for 600 years! 🙌 Another lost integrity yapping about his big mouth without shame. Our politician are greed also . You live in ur comfort zone and make unnecessary comment,

This man is doing his job for money I don't need to worry about his stupidity You are so sure of this because? You've been giving the 'looters' upkeep, feeding and clothing them daily, Or maybe they are from your house, your children or your employees that you pay every month? Pls which one is it? Since you are so sure, Mr alooter expert

And what would you say about ur superiors? Are they not driven by greed to do the things they are doing? Imagine a governor needing 9.3 billion naira to purchase luxury buses for transport o roads that are not even pliable .werey dey disguise.....EndSARS Very funny, did I just hear greed? It is well with our dear Nation o.

Speaking from experience Same as our politicians too.....greed for selfish interest.if they've done the diligence,all Dis won't have come into play at all. Do the right at the right time. So you people taught them how to be greedy A man that’s hungry will be easy to get angry Animal Mad man Keepers nko? Does who locked up palliatives are hungreed

What about you politicians looting & hoarding cash... Is it hunger, Greed or wickedness? 😏 What of politician that are Looting our money, meant for road, good hospital,is it Pure Greed Who is greedy the people that took what belongs to them or wicked politicians like u... Who want the masses to die? This country is run by degeneracy

Femi Adesina Looters including politicians looting the nation's treasures are not necessarily Hungry. It is Pure Greed 😡 😡 😡 You would not die well omo ale Calm down guys, he’s talking about the politicians Your father.shege barawo Wooooooo Pure green like our law makers Greed as in? What then do you call all our leaders that have been looting our national Treasury since 1960-date & haven't retired from looting? By the way the poor Nigerian that invaded those palliative centers where you people stocked what is meant for them didnt loot but took what's theirs

Working for the pay masters Try not to forget your family members else they will testify to you in no distant time. It shows how greedy our elected leaders are. Looters Not Necessarily Hungry, It Is Pure Greed – Femi Adesina This same thing apply to our politician too.. Not as if they are not rich, not as if they don't know what to do for a better Nigeria, but they are just too greedy

U need God No wonder you guys never stops looting. Greedy people everywhere Haba 🙄🙄🙄🙄

End SARS: Nigerians looting warehouses are not hungry - Presidency - Daily Post NigeriaFemi Adesina, the Senior Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, has said that the looters of warehouses across the country You on Twitter and you don't follow me Oh wrong. 😔🤦 Follow for a quick follow back Follow me and I will follow u imidi8ly am online..! Why would Thrump and d US rejects Iweala really.!! Sth is wrong somewhere... He must be scared of our corrupt systems. See where our leaders as brought us oooo...! EndBadGovernmentinNIGERIA EndSARS LekkiMassaccre They are what then? If life was comfortable enough in Nigeria will you see people do that? And that's Recovery not Looting... this should be 'THE GOVERNMENT LOOTING PALLIATIVES ARE NOT HUNGRY'

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United States Not Supporting Okonjo-Iweala’s WTO Candidacy Despite American Citizenship | Sahara ReportersThis comes as a setback for Okonjo-Iweala despite obtaining American citizenship in 2019, thereby becoming a dual citizen of Nigeria and the US. NOIweala I'm an Abuja based painter, interior/exterior expert, 8D ceiling/8D wall,3D floor, Concrete floor stamping, wall skirting/Mural/cornice. Please help retweet 🙏. Follow me too, I follow back. Want to do business? Let's talk. DM or WhatsApp me 08144779911 Thank you! NOIweala 😀😀😀 e go reach all of them NOIweala Na their headache

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