Lockdown, Naira Marley

Lockdown, Naira Marley

Lockdown: Naira Marley now in custody, to be arraigned – Lagos Police

4/6/2020 7:08:00 PM

Lockdown : Naira Marley now in custody, to be arraigned – Lagos Police

Sodiq OyelekeThe Lagos State Police Command said Azeez Fashola a.k.a Naira Marley is now in its custody.The Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, made this revelation on Monday.The PUNCHreports that the singer, actress Funke Akindele and her husband, Abdul Rasheed Bello, were at a party in contravention with the lockdown order of the government as part of measures to curb cases of coronavirus in the state.

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Akindele and her husband were arrested on Sunday evening at their residence in Amen Estate along the Lekki-Epe Expressway.The duo was subsequently charged to a Lagos State Magistrates’ Court in Ogba, on Monday, where the magistrate, Mrs Aje Afunwa sentenced the couple to two weeks of community service and also imposed a fine of N100,000 on each of the husband and wife, as sanctions for violating the Lagos State’s lockdown order.

Elkana, who said on Sunday that the Police had launched a manhunt for the singer Naira Marley, revealed on Monday that the singer was now in police custody and would be charged to court accordingly.He said, “Azeez Fashola a.k.a Naira Marley is now in Police custody. He will also be charged to Court for violating the restriction orders.

“The Command has launched a manhunt for the remaining persons who attended the party. The Commissioner of Police, Lagos State Command, CP Hakeem Odumosu expressed his profound gratitude to Lagosians and other well-meaning Nigerians that speak up against the violations. Together we can stop the spread of COVID-19.”

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Didn't Ngr police shut down their stations over COVID19 ? Marley is safe, they just want a free live performance One week one trouble Another hit coming Marlians were u at now 🙄 To be fair, if he is going to he arraigned, then everyone at the party must be arraigned too. It should just be limited to the house owners/Party organizers...SIMPLE! NCDCgov followlasg jidesanwoolu

They are making him famous. With time now, arresting a young guy will be street things. Social miscreants, covidiots!!! Good looking young handsome man, may your days belong This guy is always present in any wahala available Las las him go still carry una sing, abi him done dey pay una make una arrest am because of new hit!

Naira Marley and Custody sha, lmao nnaemeka_anene Naira and police Please test him before arraignment Nigeria government are broke, that's why there are looking for officialnairam1 To come and dash them money in court as bail... Good Go e house you go see ham dere New music loading after the arraigee A talented musician but an absolute dick head

Kini wó tú ni Marley sè?🤣🤣🤣 It appears like LAGOS State only cares about Show-off. Are they going to arraign every attendees of the Party or just making a show out of this incident? They already arraigned the celebrants, why going after attendees if they wouldn't arrest all? Senseless! PoliceNG has turned officialnairam1 to ATM .. In less than 48 hrs you will see him flexing in his house again.. Dat is naija police for you.. Nothing special or new about Naija police..

Aye nika o! Omo iya mi mo wa pelu eh. Community service nani plus 100k Make Una free d guy na Naira Marley na customer dada for police force before. Nigerian celebrities should learn to keep laws not breaking them You can own a plot of land at Ibeju Lekki for 650k a plot. Buy and build immediately. DM for details.

Na wa oooooo Gee New song go.come out be dat. Dem dey help marley wella Same punishment might be meted to him also A fine would have made a lot of sense and compulsory test/quarantine monitored by followlasg. All these courts process when courts process is not suppose to happen is going against your social distancing initiative. Prosecuting them is fine but please apply wisdom. Haba!!

Attendees of party end up in gulag and party organiser paid fines to the court. What kind of a nation is this? This one Na customer dadani!!!🤣🤣🤣 Lol He is going for round 2 Blowing I no they see him post for insta again so dem don grab am I thought the courts were closed? Igbolabi, again. As a marlian, he will scale through

If una no kill dis guy, mk una no rest!!! Kini won tun ni Marley se? 😄 why always Nm Achievements of Nigeria Police Force! Weldone Sir! Good for him! They are supposed to be role models and they r one breaking the law. Abeg the law is no respecter of no one but I also wish it will be like that for our politicians that steal the coffers of the government.

Abegi is no longer News....no one Arrest him, he Went in byself Zoo nation is this guy the corona issue or is he the one that is holding our 10 10 k 😢😢 Poor guy don suffer for police hand. We hear Another hit loading Naira marley and prison sha If only this energy can be channeled into arresting and arraigning corrupt leaders. Our life foh better small

Arrest all the yeyebrities that attended the bloody party Always in the news for the wrong reasons. A big disgrace to the Nigerian music society. Everyone in the court premises during the Funke Akindele debacle ought to be arrested & tried for breaching the Social Distancing injunction. Aren't we suppose to be indoor?

In saner & more decent climes, these folks'd be treated as bio-terrorists. Many celebrities & religious leaders who ought to be role models are execrably lawless & disgustingly irresponsible & have become worse than the political scoundrels (who are) running & ruining the country Free my nigga NM Nawa oh Marley dem dey use u dey catch fun

He must face the consequences, celebrities all over the world are assisting the government to arrest the Covid-19 menance, these ones are having a party and posting pics, what message are they sending to their teeming fans. LockdownHouseParty Nigba tin jale, tin mo ba teni kan je, ti mo ni ti’re ma da, E’kon binu ori lasan, Ori ma mu won, Owo ma ba won, Ti olorun ba ti gba’dura mi, Bukata mi a fu’ye... officialnairam1 officialnairam1 officialnairam1 .. Stay safe n healthy.. Love you man..

Las las Going on another vacation I guess.... set_awon_Legendary Long live king_Marley Naira Marley and police custody just be like stay home and stay safe They move together 😂 Nigerians have a problem, they have become confortable with lawlesssness, even a graduate of law can flout Govt instruction over a pandemic that has brought the world to its knees, this one said he has a masters degree.

Where are the Marlians. This guy will become more popular, will use it to sing. This guy eye don see ooo Japan no fit Japa. More like ijapa Inside life nairamarley...am playing ur song to them..WHY WHY WHY mp3...he just want to have some fun atiku who looted PTF fund in 2003 is still living large in ADAMAWA but in less than 48hrs you want to Arraigned Naira Marley in court for violating LOCKDOWN ORDER. Only big name politicians are exception. We will correct all this soon. Ko si eni tio lori meji

Dear ElkanaBala, you guys at PoliceNG are just making mountain out of mole hill, 'cos EXPENDABLES are involved Rather than WASTE TAX PAYERS MONEY, prosecuting funkeakindele, officialnairam1, et al, why don't you guys FINE/TICKET them. Also, when 'll you arrest Lagos Imam?👇 Ki le tun ni Marley shey

This guy is a dodoyo although he schooled in the UK 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Expect another hit... Why arresting him, he was not the only celebrity there,eniola Bhadmus,aduni ade was also there Kini wó tú ni Marley sè?😂 iam_benadosh He needs a good representation of Legal Counsel Can the Lagos state government just leave this guy alone why are they always waiting for any mistake then jump on him.

Nigeria is just a disappointment to herself How about MBuhari chief of staff Indeed small man thief for market boom💥 big man thief 4 market Dem leave am If you talk like pimple Dem go burst you!!!! Shame Wetin concern me with dis one again... When kwara is under attack😢😢 Marlians no dey read news at all... 🧐

Ifb plssssssss Ki le tuni Marley she Ki lo tun ni Marley shey ? Laslas...after party you can share my cell..Lmao FreakyNaomi_ Ori yin ti daru!!! Kiletu ni mani se Leave dis guy alone for God sake govt Thank God ohhhh,new music loading. Is he a yahoo boy FreakyNaomi_ Lol Wetin president do again ooo.. Lol Naira Marley is not your problem, Coronavirus is.

No case Joseekhay Customer daadaa ni 😂 I told you (police) not worry yourself, he knows the way home. He can never get lost or missing...son of cell, Sabi cell location daku This one always dey commit Mr Commissioner of Police, this Ergungun you arrested is an evil spirit oo. Abeg, quickly call T.B. Joshua to come with a drum of holy water before Ergungun gets hold of soap. Let's help a brother, some koboko lashes may also calm him down🚶

Naira Marley is not the only guest at the party why must he be arrested without others PoliceNG must not be selective if actually they are performing their duty More soapy in isolation... What a time. Something must stir up ur announcement n this is it..ur case will not be swept under because God has designed the situation for your promotion and your announcement. No man can stop you .

Customer dada ni 🤣🤣🤣 make sure una charge others too Customer Did he call the party? Not a fan but if you will arraign him, pls arraign all attendees of that party. Simple. My guy go write another song related to his current situation, i trust him 😉 All the best For what I don't seems to understand what's going on

You lot are very stupid ChocolateMoana Make dem keep him dea for few years they guys no get sense. Very disappointing. We have a pandemic in our hands and the purpose of the lockdown is to save lives. Yet people like naira Marley think they can just disobey the laws. He must be punished. Period. See the person that advised us to japa.

Rowlanddavid5 So it’s Funke’s husband , Funke and more than 25 people (naira marley) that are arrested Lol hay_whye He be customer before, AbdvlHerphyz Naira was an attendee, which means all attendees should be arrested too or am I missing something? If this is true,then, all the invitees should be arraign as well.Abi iru ofin selection wo leyi now.😷😷😷

This naira Marley na menace to society This guy can be liking to a Chrisbrown who always get into one trouble or the other 🤣🤣 Inside life See him face self 😀😀😀😀. Upon all him jakpa them still catch am. FreeNairaMarleyPart2 There are better things to do but they will Never do it,all they want is someone they will arraigned and get money from that's where you will see the best of Nigerian police,fuck em all (popo)

My guy why now you forget say after God na government Naira Marley ... a ma lo a ma bo, Why do nig police like chasing shadows most times I am not defending this man but has the police arrested other people that attended the house party aside Naira Marley? Ahhhhhh Marlians your President is going to jail.

Born2begreat__ What's his own sef, they arrested pastor and not his followers, he was just there not the one who organized the party, mumu govt Covidiot Naira confirm enemy of State..... ir3oluwa Is Naira marley our Problem?🤦‍♂️ Own a personal vtu channel to find out how click on this This their story should be title 'trouble dey sleep yanga go wake am'

Nairamarley did nothing 😎 We are busy cos am sure they will want to drag his own case. I haven't been a fans of this guy, they were more than 20 people at the party, why did they arrest 3 person?. Hmmmm !!! God save Nigeria Naira Marley Nigeria government is making him bigger. Kwontinue! Audio custody Naira Marley detained but Funke Akindele and hubby goes home with N100k fine and 14days community service. Who threw the party and was everybody at the party arrested?

O ti fo Good. No one is above the law. O jó loro Ina 🔥 mu'gi 😂😂😂😂🏃🏃🏃 So they finally got him. A word is enough for the wise. Worst behaviour! Lead by good example. I am waiting to see how marlians plead guilty when they lack manner! E don happen. Customer dada ni 😂😂 We're Marlians He should tell them he’s a Malian. They would release him

This guy is just always on the wrong side of media. Is it only Naira Marley that was at the party ? Useless government But this guy nah guest now, he was invited to the party, dem too dey waste tym on useless things in this country🌚 Im___wayne 😋😋😋 Lmao Am not a marlians what of funke is she free to walk

Is he the only person that attended? This guy and court rooms 😂😂 Many people have to be arrested oo Gbas Gbos 🙄 😂😂 what do expect person wey sing japa🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️😂😂 There are loads of people walking about on the road and some are even grilling suya but they’re focusing on the celebrities that decided to have a party in their estate close to their houses far from anywhere outside. 👎🏽👎🏽

Mafo Pls ooo shey na only Naira Marley attends the party 🎉 cos dis one weak me ooo why detained only him Nigeria police 👮‍♂️ no get orientation of their work Lmao shalaye niyin kaluemeka89 I feel Nigerian police are always happy when it’s all about Naira Marley 😂 Well them still never arrest am 77 times😂

They Don nab am Is it only naira Marley dat was in DAT party that they where looking for him wat of eniola badmus and d rest Useless boy I tired for nna people matter self. No be him come to the police station himself. 100k and that all ... Always Malians Malians for Life officialnairam1 Number 1 president

For what exactly? For going to see his friends or for hosting a party Where are the marlians? Police customer He has been going their often and often Always giving him cheap popularity He dey form tupac of Naija😂😂 Una like wahala Popo behind my back and I ain't gon stop 🛑 I'm not a fan of naira Marley but was he the one that hosted the party? How would he hv known that they are more than 25people in there? Abeg, if naira Marley should be arrested, so does everyone in there. It becoming annoying

Back to base That mopping stick again? Wetin Naira do Nigeria They should arrest everyone at the party because NM was a guest like everyone else so I don’t know why he’s being singled out for arrest aside other guest! Another hit coming up 💯 Community service and how many thousand naira fine Were are the marlians

Ok, waiting for Tinubu and oshiomole arrest too cos both had little birthday 🎂 party too or are they above the law?⚖ What of other people that also attended. Dem catch am Abi na him surrender himself? Arrest for what? So Marlians are not invisible. 🐶 😁 eyah You people are crazy Ohhhhh my naira Marlians goes to court not church

Always Seen Around Controversial Places

Lockdown: Police search for Naira Marley, Funke Akindele’s husband😂😂😂 Marlians😂 Rubbish country

Lockdown: We are still searching for Naira Marley – PolicePls declare him wanted ejor So he is now wanted? Dis guy again

Coronavirus Lockdown: Naira Marley in police custodyAzeez Fashola, popularly called Naira Marley , is now in police custody, an official has said. Good for him! He’s useless in improving the Nigerian society For the umpteenth time 🤤 That's is homep The prodigal son returns home

COVID-19: Funke Akindele gives reason for hosting party with Naira Marley, others - Daily Post NigeriaPopular Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele has given reason she held a party at her house despite the government ban on social gathering. DAILY POST had Reason not acceptable If you are a celebrity and your party list is not including officialnairam1 and Zlatan_Ibile forget it you are not throwing a party Whatever reason she had defeated itself on delivery. You can't tell people to do something and do the opposite. It is called 'HYPOCRISY' and is punishable. As much as I love her works, I believe she should just eat the humble pie and accept her misgivings.

Police summon Naira Marley - Premium Times NigeriaThe Nigeria police have summoned singer Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley for his presence at a birthday party amidst the coronavirus lockdown. Marlians can't be summon Keep disturbing someone and leaving important Corona issues to attend to Some people are arrested while some people are regulars they can only be summoned 🔥

Police invite Naira Marley, JJC Skillz over Funke Akindele’s partyWe are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information. He have been a regular customer to police 👮‍♀️🚔,,, give them the money 💰💴💵 Naira should be careful of police station , theres mixed up , and some of them are under curse . So as he will not regret his action .