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Libya’s instability affects us —Buhari

Libya’s instability affects us —Buhari

11/24/2020 4:10:00 PM

Libya ’s instability affects us —Buhari

Olalekan Adetayo, AbujaThe President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on Tuesday, said the instability in Libya is affecting all countries in the Sahel region, including Nigeria.Acc...

Kindly Share This StoryOlalekan Adetayo, AbujaThe President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on Tuesday, said the instability in Libya is affecting all countries in the Sahel region, including Nigeria.According to a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, the President spoke while receiving a special envoy from President Idris Itno of Republic of Chad at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

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The statement was titled “As neighbours and brothers, we’ll always stand by Chad, President Buhari assures.”According to the statement, Buhari promised that Nigeria will always be there for the Republic of Chad as citizens of both countries are not only neighbours but brothers.

He was also quoted as saying that Nigeria appreciates the support it is getting in tackling insecurity from the neighbouring country.The President said, “We are aware of the problem Chad has with Libya, which supports some Chadian rebels, trying to destabilize the country.

“The instability in Libya after 42 years of Muammar Gaddafi affects all of us in the Sahel region.“From Mauritania to Central Africa Republic, Gaddafi recruited gunmen, who learnt to do nothing else than to kill.“When the former Libyan leader was killed, the gunmen escaped with their arms, and are wreaking havoc all over the place now.”

Stressing that Nigeria was grateful to Chad for the diverse kinds of support given to combat the Boko Haram insurgency, the President assured the country that Nigeria would always back up Chad in its local and international aspirations.The special envoy, Mr Amine Abba-Sidick, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Chadians Abroad, conveyed a message from his President, whom he said sent fraternal greetings to President Buhari and Nigerians in general.

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Affect us or affect you. Arrant nonsense Your incompetency and lack of ideas and plans has affected us gravely Oga face your country problems What does he smoke 💨 Is no longer PDP, not COVID-19, Not Corruption, Not Rainy Season or Dry Season and Not Wailers! Is now Libya’s instability. FemAdesina, GarShehu, AsiwajuTinubu. Talk to this President to stop blame game. He’s just demonstrating total Incompetency with every time Blamegame

When the war in Libya was tensed and GEJonathan was the president our country's economy was heading towards the right direction (no xcus). Since MBuhari took over it has been frm one excuse to another. You're just too incompetent Has dis man ever slpt and woke up without blaming one thing to sombdy or country?

It be like say they want to Yan another story again o....Another blame game. This man and excuses are Siamese twins! So Nigeria is the only country with close proximity to Libya? Sometimes I lack words to describe this President and his cabinet. Their instability kee u there. Ewu oshi! Enough of this blame pls

Yes the shifting blame game is on again. We do this forever Yet you are asking them to come in their numbers to Nigeria. You blamed GEJonathan , COVID-19 , peacefulprotesters and now you are blaming Libya Abeg who do you want to blame next ? Weyre Arsenal football club current form also affected us. 🤡🤡

This MBuhari is a clown and he appointed another grand clown FemAdesina as a mouthpiece spewing rubbish. How can Libya be your problem? Just hear the voice of incompetence and stupidity...soon we will hear that Yemen is the reason behind the bandits in Nigeria. common fools. Why is trouble associated with this people as a religion ,tribe everything tired of it endsars

Satan instability affect you and ki you there. By 2050, Northerners will realize how bad they are currently hurting the future of their generation as a nation which is yet to be formed. Northerners doesn’t know what political foundation is 🙁😂🙁 What else do u want to say! This is bad, while will u say another country affect your own country economy. Baba! Why now! U will live long but u won't live forever!

Post video and stop posting this yeye man picture for us to see 😡😡😡 This man no too get sense I made a mistakes for voting for APC I sell quality stabilizers... Any brand you want sir I don't like pple that can't accept responsibility buh blame others. What about sanctions the Libya's for there instability sir 🙄🙄🙄

As we know Buhari is just like an institution that has many people under it so we can relate to the post depending on the Buhari that made the statement because our own late Buhari wouldn't have said that as Nigeria has no boarder with Libya... Big fool Soon instability in Afghanistan will affect you too.

Always blaming everyone except himself. Lifeless Follow me, and I follow back instantly. Mtschew!! Our apparition president MBuhari, which Libya are you referring to? Why this man like all these horrible countries, I don’t understand Fol0w me&ama folow bck imidi8ly m onlin. D UK Parliament as decided 2 sanction Nigerian GVT& d ARMY wu participated in d EndSARS human rites violatn. UK Parliament Memba as jst exposd d stealin by our leaders. Dy sed Gowon left with HALF of the CBN &ran 2 London(back in d 70s).

Baba why naaa🧐🧐 Are you stable by yourself? OMG....... E be like Baba wan go grant us another import oo, maybe we go start to dey import Diesel from Libya be dat oo Una dis guy MBuhari wetin be your problem sef. Then finish up the refinery so we can refine ours.. MBuhari and APCUKingdom , OfficialAPCNg I no know who Dey fool their self,those APCUKingdom Dey 🇬🇧 illegal 💰 Dey enter 4 them dm Dey campaign nonsense, hopeless human in 🇬🇧 that can’t work but surviving at the destruction of their nation . If 🇬🇧 no favour U come back home.

🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶🚶 Despite Libya instability they have not imported petroleum products from nearby Niger!! Only once have their price for PMS increased in the past 5 years Someone helped me ask Buhari how Libya instability affected far away Nigeria? Or is they somthing we don't know? Pls Sir how? Buhari keeps outdoing his failure.

Just look at this animal again 🤦 Who this wan gan They need to reprogram the brain capacity of this man Blamer in chief... For God sake take responsibility for your failings... Keep blaming everybody, clueless president. DoctorEmto We are listening. Is that all? You are a big FOOL sir. With Respect What a lame and flimsy excuses,just admitted the naija problems overwhelmed Ur confuse and directionless government 😡😡

Tuale for AFRICA PRESIDENT. Keep carrying loadssssssssssssss oh I don't know whether Mr. President has come across a report that former Controller General of immigration made to government of the day in 1980s where he advocate Nigeria should consider the option of covering her border bit by bit on yearly basis. Porous border; insecurities!

Has our president ever see d map at all Or is dis wat d cabal asked u to tell us I know one day we will be save shikena Always looking to blame someone else’s for his incompetence Era's of blaming PDP has pass now lybia its ur turn pls come and defend urself why would u allow ur instability to affect APC led administration..... Pls use d mic we want yo hear...

Since 2015 till date they have blamed GEJ, PDP, BH, Endsars, Covid-19 for their abysmal performances. Now they are running out of time and ideas, the blame game is shifting to Libya. This is the most useless government in the history of this country. Ashiere government Is Nigeria stable why not fix Nigeria first is this man thinking from the anus or what

PMB main agenda is to relocate all the Fulani tribe in Africa, to live in Nigeria Na craze man that🎶🎵🎸, sense e no dey there🎶🎸🎵, na craze man be that oo🎶🎸🎵. Werey wey don enter market, no cure. This one don enter jankara, Dugbe and Sabin garri markets. Libya upon hearing Baba. Prov. 24:10 If you falter in the time of trouble, your strength is small. Algeria, Egypt and other Nations were not affected. It is all about the will.

Thank God PDP will rest.. The rain and sunshine is even affecting us that's why we cannot refine our crude oil. Nigeria supported Obama on Libya Chai Clueless How?... Misplaced priorities. This is boko haram country. If you want to argue ask angel 👼 gab. Na only boko haram gbadun Blame game by this administration

Who is us? One picture 100 💯 informations. If you know you know It is true, ride on. This journey will end one day. True! The solar eclipse has destroyed our economy too. Somebody should arrest that yeye eclipse and we must report Libya to UN immediately. How is our destiny connected to Libya? This one loud oh😂😂

See this mumu oh,, imagine Lybia N Nigeria where's the connection 🙄🙄🙄 Soon nah Pharaoh of Egypt him go blame him incompetence to... Children of perdition will not understand why. Caused by the west... Exactly what I've been saying. It's not Buhari's fault. How😠 Them family Nigeria Why would Nigeria economy rely on Libya instability. EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA

Aide to MBuhari LaurettaOnochie Laurestar she is number one human trafficker from Nigeria to Libya across Europe hrw humanrights1st eu_echo UNHumanRights SavetheChildren Mr President let me ask a question, Sir is Nigeria the only country in the continent if the answer is no why is their problem affecting us directly Sir giving excuses for failure will not help, you have lost ideas about how to get us out of the mess you put us into

Is this some sort of jokes or what. Is Nigeria stable under your watch MBuhari . every area is in total mess from security, economy, education, health, to every other sector and you are there talking about Libya instability? Who is close to this man sef See 9ja president blaming another country for his own problems... Wahala o

Una no dey tire to blame someone else for our misfortunes? Finally, won ti get wa tipetipeee Help me ask BUBU if Nigeria is stable They are the reason we are in recession. The man is right, straight on point Would it be out of place if I describe buhari as: - a brainless braindead illiterate stockfish skeleton -the DULLARD of Daura & - presidiot of cow brain zombies whose EXPIRED analog cow brain is working in reverse gear/order? Just asking 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Always moving the goal post. What a life. Always saying rubbish Ah, how? A leader that's always finding excuse or blame others for his irresponsibility is a figure head.. This one pass one chance o. Why are Nigerians pamparing all these old men in power ? Why is it not affecting Ghana? Or Togo or Cote d'ivoire Why is it only Nigeria it's affecting. These are the questions Nigerians are asking. Why Nigeria? This only means our immigration is grossly incompetent.

What's this thing with Bubu and Libya? Security Libya now economy Libya again... This man should just resign and stop blabing txpgDsbhhjajnsbdknv. Cluelessgovernment. Gaskiya He is right! If Libya was stable, Nigeria wouldn't be in this mess. 24hrs power supply, tarred roads everywhere, inflation would have reduced...1 naira=1dollar etc. A ni Buhari ti go ju!!

Libya's instability affects the entire region's peace & stability. Libya is a transit route and destination for arms trafficking, counterfeit products, drugs, migrant smuggling by organised criminal networks, armed militias & terrorist groups. See Libya's neighbours on the map This man and blame game... He will never stop blaming and concentrate... He will blame himself very soon

How are u concerned... focus on ur country na!! What kind of nonsense is this? We share common border. UKinNigeria stability does affect us This guy is a big boring joke Omoooooo Seriously?🤣🤣🤣🤣 Are we twins 🤪 Baba and his brother Lia will soon blame God for harmattan and dry season there must always be someone to blame

this man will even blame goat Excuses Sleepy guy is always full of excuses Its quite sad many do not read any other thing other than the headline. While crass corruption of the political elites from time immemorial is largely responsible for our economic downturn, US led Libyan invasion led to total instability of west African regional security.

Its affecting only Nigeria. Only Nigeria. 🤡 Iiar But your own instability doesn't. Fool Lol 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣. Buhari, take responsibility for once in your life. Chai, who open gate for this mugu to release 😳😳😳😳😳 Boda ode....Kini Libya ati Nigeria Se Papi...attimes I feel like strangling this man causing the whole Nation untold hardships. May God reason your matter very soon...ha ha...Enough is Enough

Werey of a president nigeria border closure is also affecting neighbouring countries and they never complain... Buhari oloribuku 😫😫 Ashamed...😑 Is Libya a state in Nigeria? Your incompetence affects us Useless man All this baldadash Now I know federal government problem, Romans 2:1 NLT You may think you can condemn such people, but you are just as bad, and you have no excuse! When you say they are wicked and should be punished, you are condemning yourself, for you who judge others do these very same things.

NGRPresident why are you like this, can't you just take responsibility for once, how is the instability in Libya affecting your government. The only way to make progress is to accept responsibility and move forward. Do the needful!!! Dec 7 can't wait Smh 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 How does it affect us oooooo? Will it reduce d price of foods in d market? Am asking for a friend ni ooooooo

Good Job Baba. Your security is top-notch. Your prof economic plan is 100% yielding good fruits in our country Niger Republic😂😂😂 Dem fit talk na libya no allow dem solve Naija problem now.......Stupid set of people How Lmao Again? Lol This man is so insensitive Tired of blaming past leaders for your incompetence now it’s using libya as excuse abi? Very soon china’s economic growth and industrialization would be what is caused out recession.

This man have PhD in excuse making. Buharistically true 🙄 Not only Libya, Samoa and Tonga problems are affecting us as well. Are you happy now? Nigeria's instability is affecting Libya ni... Omo!!!!! The clown is trying to shift blame I guess Sudan shares a border with Libya Is Ghana not a west Africa country u failed already oga give me chance

It does because some hell bent evil people choose Libya to shop ammunitions illegally to Nigeria. U shit for house u blame outsider who nor wake u up otodo Thank God! President Buhari has said the most sensible thing this month. I have always advocated for the stability of Libya and I think the Obama administration is responsible for the mess in that country. I hate it when people out of selfishness will ruin the lives of others.

your cluelessness and incompetence affects us much more Clueless man. He blames everything and everyone for his incompetencies. Lmao this man go find person blame 😂😂😂 Anyway Follow me IFB Libya Instability Affect us How?! Do we Share Land Boarders with Libya? Olodo open Land Boarders before hunger Kills Us!

Libya o. E pass all the countries wey near am come dey affect us here. Continue you hear. MBuhari is about to blame Libya for this recession. WTF!! Is dis man OK again like is what our business wit Libya North Africa to West Africa like wer to wer Nawaooo Did you just wake up? You just realized that? Na waooooo!!!!

Please who is talking? Blame Libya for Nigeria Recession Na....Iranu Still don't understand waiting concern Agbero with overload....😀😃😀 Chia...what a mess 🤦🏻‍♂️ Why don't you take responsibility for once over the dilapidated state of your own country than hanging your excuse on another country? Accept you have failed this country, period!!!!

Not only libya instability affect you, EndSARS too also affects you,Always looking for who to blame is a sign of a fail leader Na everything dey affect dis man. Always shifting blame. You guys come and carry your president Who we offend? Please is M-buhari From Niger or Libya? The Revelation of The Seven Thunders Rev10 and 11 Cor 12 And Biafra ( unbiased) sold on Amazon and rated 5-stars.

Are you stabilized? Why did they ignore others but torment us. River Nile Waves really affected us in Nigeria ...abi make I swear for these guys As a leader you have failed those who voted for you, as a person you have failed yourself as nothing of substance can be linked to your competence and capacity, as an African you’re one of the leaders that failed and backstabbed Ghadaffi who bankrolled your 2003 election in $s.🤷🏽‍♀️

Misinformation and fake news! They should be sanctioned I dy vex for buhari special advisers, them just dy allow this guy dy fall e hand steady Yea, sure.....the Ethiopian-Tigray war is also affecting seriously. But Boko Haram insurgence has not affected the likes of Ghana Always blaming...this is the most useless president in the whole wide world

God.... were dose this human being comes from is Libya 🇱🇾 in western Africa so what is happening in nigerian dose not matter EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA EndSARS whoisthepresidentasorock 😀😀😀😀This man can give excuses for everything... Niger Republic, Tchad that are contiguous to Libya did not share same gravity of the instability as Nigeria. Oga find something to say again.

Well right now they better pass us in every angu Dead President who actually knows the truth😒 1.bordering Libya to the east is Egypt who only record terrorist activities and engagement in the Sinai peninsula,I havent heard of terrorist activities on there western border 2.let's suppose this true,this why we need a robust military cont below

Let's grow together. Unfollow me if I don't follow you back after 30 seconds agaba2agi How for God's sake? Did you not know when Libya was been destabilized? Was it also necessary for the West to use oil and military contracts to support African regime? It's not normal for leaders to rule for 42 years,but the Arab countries scenario may be different. Allah knows best. Power belongs to

No, America's interference in the 2015 elections that saw you in power , is affecting us. Seriously? The instability in Niger State, Kaduna State, Kastina State, and other States within Nigeria is not affecting Nigeria? We do not have boarders with Libya so how come? How This man Dey ment Libya na naija papa abi?

Watin concern agbero with overload 🙄🙄🙂 Insecurity,high price of basic foodstuffs,fuel price,high rate of unemployment and poverty rate in 🇳🇬 is alarming,these things affect us more than Libya’s instability. Yes, ww2 is still affecting us too. None of this is your fault, we understand Nigeria.s employed you to work but you are always given them reasons why you failed

Who dey supply dis man colorado He had all the security solutions as a presidential aspirant but today....... They're never responsible for their woes all they're good at is looking for who to blame for the Doom they create. One things is sure their time will pass and I believe a better time will come.... Evil Genius

😂😂😂 God in my next life pity me and never send me to a place call Nigeria. 🙏🏿 Syria war affected us. Blame it on Libya... Kindly take responsibility... Ur ears only function properly when it comes to issues other nations are facing. Libya is far north Africa, Nigeria is west. Or are there economic activities between these two that the citizens of both countries are not aware of? I am open to knowledge please, anyone?

Are we standing on them? Baba is always blaming someone The FG seems to concentrate too much on why they failing but rather find a way out of this current cracks and make amends swiftly with their patriot hearts.. Nigeria should be the focus... You say? Abeg follow me That's all I ask for BashirAhmaad GarShehu FemAdesina so you could know what you are up to

This man is brain dead Don't just try shift blame,You weren't qualified for the post you are handling What a mess is this? Everyday you will be shifting blames.There are so many incompetent leaders that will wholeheartedly abdicate the office you are killing and starving us for if their magics fails Who cursed us with this man at ethe helms of government

He always looking for an excuse. As how? So our own instability nko... the killings and abductions going on in the north! Who’s it affecting? Lol. Even Libya? Buhari's ineptitude affecting us ~ Nigerians Stop the blaming thing This man dey ment e Dey take codeine Omo this man na full time dummy And Buhari ineffectiveness affects us

The Labour of our heroes don finally be in vain,Na like this all the Evil plan on us go later be Your incompetence is killing us 😏😏😏 The youth activate the talking in our government. I think they are winning. We await actions activation. Oga, you have FAILED WOEFULLY. We are just praying for 2023, so we can stop seeing your face. EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA

If it's not Libya it will be Jonathan government. Sick people in government Nigeria's instability affect us more. Is African cursed with leaders who don't solve problem Fool When we have open borders why not...chadians n niger people moving in and out as they please Na apc government e dey affect ooo 😂😂😂nawa ooo

Buhari is a joke that we know! But been a clown also? Just getting to know that But luckily Niger’s fuel drives us Who is talking? See this mumu. WHAT happened to immigration police n DSS have they closed shop...? Mr president please... By January -- Trump loss affects us. Wéré😂😅 Are you from Libya The instability that will keep you

I don't need to read this. This man has no need of being Nigeria president. Empty empty empty... Excuses unlimited Blamer-in-Chief of the world. How naaa Soon you will Trump loss to The election affect you in 2019. Your incompetence affects us! When ur own country is in a state of higgledy piggledy🙄 Hmmm Blame blame and Borrow borrow

Boko haram are getting their weapons from Libya and other neighbouring countries with the help of Nigeria politicians. The military are only fighting an endless war. Shut up Soro soke jor👂 I promise to follow back I no be Nigerian government wey dy promise and fail Home instability affects us — Buhari. How just how Abi eti ya Werey ni sir ?

He don enter Libya 🇱🇾 🤣 😆 wetin concern you for Libya 🇱🇾 🙄 😏? This liability is still talking after feeding him and his entire family with our taxes. This man is quick to respond to inconsequential issues.. But he goes inexplicably speechless when it's about the Nigerian welfare. How.?😒 Efulefuu!

That is it. The spirit is radiating, manifestion will follow soon. Which country is our instability affecting? Shey una dey hear trash again 🤡 Ghen Ghen!!