Lekki Tollgate Shooting, Osinbajo

Lekki Tollgate Shooting, Osinbajo

Lekki tollgate shooting: Vice President, Osinbajo breaks silence - Daily Post Nigeria

Lekki tollgate shooting: Vice President, Osinbajo breaks silence

10/22/2020 9:01:00 AM

Lekki tollgate shooting: Vice President, Osinbajo breaks silence

Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo has condemned the killing of protesters at Lekki tollgate on Tuesday. Osinbajo , in a tweet on Wednesday, also mourned

Osinbajo, in a tweet on Wednesday, also mourned policemen who were killed during the protest.He promised that all victims will get justice and prayed against more tragedies.He tweeted, “My heart goes out to all the victims of the Lekki shootings, and also the policemen and all other men and women who lost their lives in the past few days in different parts of Lagos and other states.

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Where is ur oga at d top? Oga ProfOsinbajo since you ur self No fit make decision to better this country At this point Stop having pity on ouz Tweetwizzard SONG OF FREEDOM BY DIDENTICALS Always am shock or break silence Everytime nah only this cloth He deh wear to break silence These chameleons know what they're doing!!!

Is he dump? Osinbajo should shut up he is a failed leader Getyourpvc Buhari-Shock absorber, Osinbanjo-Silence Breaker They are both alike. Sir this government as tarnish your personality as a man of God..to safe your integrity from this bad government just resign sir and your name will gone down in history as a top political office holder to first resign in Nigeria history..BadGovernanceInNigeria

[BREAKING] Lekki shootings: We will get justice for victims, says OsinbajoSodiq OyelekeThe Vice-President of Nigeria, Prof Yemi Osinbajo , has expressed concern over the shootings and killings of Nigerians demanding an end to police brutality and bad governance in the... Nonsense First of who gave the fucking order man !!!!!? meanwhile y'all should follow me, I follow back instantly thanks 🤝

Na the same people 😠😠😠😠😠😠 wicked set of politicians you especially failed us ,we thought you are even better but you are just the same Osibajo is actually doing nothing VP in my opinion. Osinbajo you will know no peace. Where’s your boss. This calls for impeachment... Let’s begin the process pls Let him resign, he is a coward!!!! Mumu

Please Governor Sanwo-Olu must step down. He has failed and people cannot honour him again. He also has integrity impairment by lieing. That is the atonement for innocent bloods Rubbish!!! Is that the best he can do Break silence by 12am 🤔 You couldn't stop d shooting, so u can't get them Justice obviously. Nigerians are tired of promises that cannot be guaranteed. The breach of trust is becoming perpetual.

Where is your president? Endsars Brutality

Lekki Massacre: Ex-US President, Bill Clinton reacts, calls out Buhari's govt - Daily Post NigeriaFormer President of the United States, Bill Clinton, on Wednesday, condemned the shooting at the Lekki toll gate of Lagos State. Clinton urged the Federal Let's follow each other! Follow me & I will follow you. Do it now, Follow me. 👇👇 ElevationToday Since they are killing us on the streets, our power remains social media If you are out of data, I still have 40k to be shared Retweet and follow basedonwhat BuhariResignNow EndBadGoveranceInNigeria BuhariIsaMurderer EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeraNOW LekkiMassacre MBuhari this 10 minutes you wanna use to address the nation is not much. Please come out and say something 🙏🙏🙏. Things are destroyed, lifeless Souls on ground 😭😭💔. Say something

ProfOsinbajo please resign now and let Nigeria celebrate you Wetin them one talk..... speechless people 😥 buh if it's COVIK-ONE NINE they are ready to speak on extending lockdown so they can embezzle more of the donated funds from other countries and the UN In this country, silince now breaks like ceramic plate

You better retire you this man and leave them to their wicked ways Lol l, werey dey disguise.... Usual sympathy rather than empathy Oga ok let's forget who ask soldiers to kill our brothers and sisters,pls who asked for the CCTV to be removed let's start from there,if not the God which you serve will punish you messeslesly

It's the president we want to hear from....with all due respect tell d imposter to come out and address us Bad People in Nigeria you know yourselves Please just Stop fake news! Stop instigating violence! Stop fake news! Stop instigating violence! We only ask for justice and a good system of government.just imagine for a moment if it your family that is been killed! Retweet Endsars

I know ProfOsinbajo has a good heart but that other monster is nothing to write home about, aishambuhari you knew the youths will be killed that was why you Tweeted SAVE MY PEOPLE abi the blood will keep calling for justice do you know how many families is crying at the moment They should tell us WhoIsInAsoRock

BREAKING: Outrage as security forces allegedly shoot Lekki #ENDSARS protesters - Latest Nigeria News, Nigerian Newspapers, PoliticsThere was outrage on social media on Tuesday evening over the reported shooting of ENDSARS protesters at Lekki toll plaza Allegedly E ti mad !! Let it be on Record on 20th October 2020 - jidesanwoolu sent people to switch off the cameras and the wiring/lighting at the Lekki toll gate then sent Gun Men to Attack Peaceful Protesters by 6:45PM EndSARS Pass it On ! ON THIS DAY20TH OCTOBER, UNDER YOUR WATCH, MBuhari jidesanwoolu YOU ORDERD MILITARY AND POLICE MEN TO SHOOT AT UNARMED PROTESTERS. SITING ON THE GROUND. HOLDING HANDS. YOU TOOK OUT THE LIGHTS AND THE CAMERAS BEFORE YOU CAME. WE WILL MAKE YOU INFAMOUS IN HISTORY. ENDSARS

Our VP finally crawls out of his shell to sow a banal tweeter thread, after many lives lost and global condemnation. Even if the dead buhari can't speak what is holding the vice to address us ProfOsinbajo please be quiet, you are one of them No one should listen to the midget I wish you were the president

Vice President Professor Yemi Osinbajo is doing a superb job in leading our nation through this trying time. There is no one else in Nigeria I would rather have doing so. He is the greatest Vice President of all time Set of fools Prof, what took you this long to break silence? Your pple are being killed here at home and you just kept silence.... You will all be judged.

Welcome back to Earth Mr vice president of the federal republic of Nigeria...

One Killed, Two Injured as Soldiers Shoot Unarmed Protesters at Lekki Tollgate - THISDAYLIVEBy Chiemelie Ezeobi At least one person was shot dead and two others sustained gunshot wounds after soldiers attached to 81 Division Headquarters, Lagos, stormed the Lekki Tollgate two hours before the curfew began. The Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu had announced a 24-hour curfew that was to begin at 4pm but was afterwards extended … Fake news! This day God punish u wit dis ur news Ogun dè loma payin

Still nothing heard from buhari... We suppose know say no be buhari dey aso rock ajeh Condolence in Chief, just like vulture to carcasses. He should resign to save his name. LekkiGenocide EndSARS NoCongoNoPhone MBUHARI ADDRESS THE NATION. Since MBuhari can't be found, I suggest we drag aishambuhari she must tell us her husband's where about

ENDSARS protesters are now a VIOLENT protesters by burning buildings and Cars, they are just busy destroying our country and calling it peace protesting ENDSARS PROTESTERS MUSTEND. Destroying and burning Lagos State in the name of ENDSARS, Time For Real Lagosian To Think Deep WHAT A PITY..!!! This is bullshit

Its belated!

As Soldiers Shoot Unarmed Protesters at Lekki Tollgate, Entertainers Lambast Sanwo-Olu - THISDAYLIVEBy Vanessa Obioha Music and Nollywood stars are directing their ire over the shooting of unarmed EndSARS protesters at Lekki Toll Gate this evening at the governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu. Taking their grievances to the microblogging site Twitter, the celebrities accuse him of allowing such inhumanity under his watch. Actress Kemi Lala Akindoju … BBCNews cnnbrk dwtv TheDailyShow FoxNews FOXTV FOX17Erik FoxNews espn ESPNPR ABC AriseTVAmerica nytimes NYDailyNews nypost guardian AlJazeera UNHumanRights UN They said my only duty is to mention these handles on every EndSarsProtests I stumble on 🙏 What is “entertainers lambast Sanwoolu” ? The correct caption is: Every well meaning Nigerians lambasts SanwoOlu... aka SanwoMurder! Innocent Lives Have Been Taken at Lekki Toll Gate. This is Pathetic! Is this Democracy we are yearning for? Unarmed and Peaceful Protesters are shot at, severely injured, and some have been killed all because they want accountability for Police Brutality on Nigerians.

Several Dead, Others Injured As Security Operatives Shoot At Lekki #EndSARS Protesters – WitnessesSeveral Dead, Others Injured As Security Operatives Shoot At Lekki EndSARS Protesters – Witnesses You guys are fools oo.. what is “Security Operatives”? Mtcheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew Cowards una dey mad