Buhari, Gov. Sanwo-Olu, Lekki Toll Gate Shooting

Buhari, Gov. Sanwo-Olu

Lekki toll gate shooting: I have been unable to speak with Buhari - Gov Sanwo-Olu - Daily Post Nigeria

Lekki toll gate shooting: I have been unable to speak with Buhari – Gov Sanwo-Olu

10/22/2020 12:17:00 PM

Lekki toll gate shooting: I have been unable to speak with Buhari – Gov Sanwo-Olu

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on Thursday, said he was yet to speak directly with President Muhammadu Buhari concerning the shooting of End SARS protesters

Sanwo-Olu in an interview on Thursday said he called Buhari twice but he was at the Federal Executive meeting, FEC, on wednesday.The Governor stated that the Chief of Defense Staff called him on behalf of the President but did not disclose details of the phone call.

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He said, ”I have not spoken to president Muhammadu Buhari directly. I called the President twice but the first time he was not at the office. The second time he was at the FEC meeting.Lekki massacre: 'Buhari should resign, soldiers responsible must be arrested for genocide' - Afenifere

”Although the Chief of Defense staff called me and acknowledge that the President received my message.” Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

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Lies u can speak to him on politics n religion but u can't get him on very important issues involving human lives !!! Speak to him for what, you are the Chief security officer of your state, the power is in your hand, fish out the perpetrators of the Lekki genocide You spoke to Jubril, which Buhari? Someone who is resting in peace

Hmmmmm Tell us how ur government failed to share the palliatives discovered in mazamaza This is the change we voted for. EndBadGoveranceInNigeria Who is deceiving who Then who order are you following Go and tell that to the marines urna done mad Na so so lies full your mouth continue lying Oku o kii ba'laye ro joo 😌 BuhariIsDead

Kindly give us his phone contact(s). We'll speak to him for you. endSARS sorosoke

As Soldiers Shoot Unarmed Protesters at Lekki Tollgate, Entertainers Lambast Sanwo-Olu - THISDAYLIVEBy Vanessa Obioha Music and Nollywood stars are directing their ire over the shooting of unarmed EndSARS protesters at Lekki Toll Gate this evening at the governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu. Taking their grievances to the microblogging site Twitter, the celebrities accuse him of allowing such inhumanity under his watch. Actress Kemi Lala Akindoju … BBCNews cnnbrk dwtv TheDailyShow FoxNews FOXTV FOX17Erik FoxNews espn ESPNPR ABC AriseTVAmerica nytimes NYDailyNews nypost guardian AlJazeera UNHumanRights UN They said my only duty is to mention these handles on every EndSarsProtests I stumble on 🙏 What is “entertainers lambast Sanwoolu” ? The correct caption is: Every well meaning Nigerians lambasts SanwoOlu... aka SanwoMurder! Innocent Lives Have Been Taken at Lekki Toll Gate. This is Pathetic! Is this Democracy we are yearning for? Unarmed and Peaceful Protesters are shot at, severely injured, and some have been killed all because they want accountability for Police Brutality on Nigerians.

Lie to us. EndBadGoveranceInNigeria SmartEmmye The last time you saw bubu handing him the 5for5 Your fluency of communicating in ghost language was not effective, baba was even laughing at you... 😂😂😂😂😂 SmartEmmye But you have spoken with him before LekkiGenocide Sanwo you won’t be able to talk to bubu You have fucked up as a governor Baba is angry with you. Period👌 *Even as a father, i’m sure you ignore your child when he does a wrong thing *

What do you mean you can't reach him, is buhari in hellfire Oyinkansolaabi9 I he still alive? Did he forget that Baba has Ear problems? This is laughable. U were used as d fall guy! Everything starts and ends with BUHARI...SHAME.newNigeriaOrNoNigeria This is laughable!!! Sanwo-Olu you are a disgrace to man kind. The gover in whose state d genocide was committed said he hasn't spoken to Buhari, but the president of a diff country, Ghana, said he has spoken wit Buhari on it d issue wat kind of a lie human been are you in fact u have to step down!

Lekki Shooting: I Have To Prioritize The Welfare Of Victims - Sanwo-OluWhile Lagosians await the state government to give a statement on the shooting incident at Lekki tollgate, the state governor, Mr. Sanwo-Olu, said he was visiting victims at various hospitals. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 sanwooluisamurderer And you believe we are fools abi.. You and jidesanwoolu may you all taste hot death till your 10 generation...may you be identify with sorrow

Lie You'll be forever be unable Mtchew Ehn hen! Prez Nana said he spoke with him how come you haven’t been able to? Kayafi 🤔 Not positive you reach a dead man Big fool in your head ellenosei59 Nyondothegun i followback Nigeria Army achievements 2020 Against Boko Haram 0% Against armed bandits 0% Against Lekki protest 100% Coward of shames to Nigeria Army. I give respect to my fallen heroes at Lekki tollgate 👍💪✊ please retweet and show love with your emoji

How can you be able to speak with him, you can't because is all gang up y'all did, you betrayed people that put you in power, but not to worry because the monster's y'all made are out in the street waiting for y'all Just drop his number here let's help u call him, may he will pick my call. Ndiara Imagine that speech u haven't been able to reach the president of a NATION since the killing of innocent protesters in your state. OGA sir if Mr president cares about Us he should be the first person to put a call through to know what is happening in your state. WhoIsInAsoRock

#EndSARS: Sanwo-Olu orders probe into Lekki shootingsThe very same thing he said 💔 wereydeydisguise psychoOlu I have known your not normal... Ambode voiced it and was shut!! Now we are seeing the result...

We don't have a president periodt U never talk truth Oga EndSARS Take control of the affairs of the state as commander in chief. We cant continue waiting for Mr president who doesn't have feelings. Congratulations 🎉🎈👏👏👏 If the Governor of LAGOS STATE is unable to reach the president, who are we then? It just means that the man we call our President doesn't give a damn about us. We are all on our own

Is MBuhari alive? Because MBuhari is not alive anymore If you can't speak with him,then which person order are you using... Werey dey disguise kingkamary U want to go and talk to him in heaven..oponu agba... Who unah dey fool. U want to talk to a dead man. Ani ori bobo yii o peee seeeh Did they also bar you from visiting him?

Sanwo-Olu blames shooting of Lekki protesters on 'forces beyond his control'The governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has blamed the shooting of peaceful protesters at the Lekki toll gate Tuesday evening by security agents believed to be soldiers on 'forces beyond his control.' EndSARS The governor, who said Tuesday evening was the toughest night of “our lives,” said the shooting leaves dark notes in the history of the state. EndSARS EndPoliceBrutality LekkiMassacre Name the forces beyond your control Sir...... You shall account for stewardship Dey don talk am

God go shame u all...🖕 Are you thinking what I'm thinking. Ati gbe baba rele, ati gbe baba relee So who did you hand the 5of5 request of endsarsnow protesters to? Try again mr Governor, you always fly to Abuja nah. EndSARS LekkitollgateMassacre Lie kill you dia..EndSARS Abeg Everything Dis Boy is Saying Na Scam Jare, He knows abt Everything

Big full How possible? DominicOfodum jidesanwoolu drop your number make we show you love You made a big mistake jidesanwoolu. When tundefashola was a governor he empowered followlastma. Not even the military in the state can break the rules. He stood as the CSO of his state in a loggerhead with those forces beyond your control. Stop seeking from god-fathers.

Lekki Shooting: 28 Injured #EndSARS Protesters Taken To Hospital, Says Sanwo-OluLekki Shooting: At Least 28 Injured EndSARS Protesters Taken To Hospital, Says Sanwo-Olu your systems will crash catastrophically if you dont want to air the truth.... Please put aside professionalism and wear the cloak of humanity. How many lives were lost? Where are their bodies? You have a chance to stay in history’s good books. Take it LekkiMassacre LekkiTollGateShooting channelstv Now they have proven to us that our lives means nothing to them. EndSARS

Robots doesn't talk though unbelievable Yea... It's possible. How can you speak to a mannequin. Foolish people! Lol We also watched it. Don't misinform us pls What do you mean by this? Soro soke Alaye Imposter not buhari You're a very wicked man Is buhari the governor of Lagos state, go n speak to him in his grave he will hear u idiot EndSARS

#EndSARS: Sanwo-Olu Calls For Calm, Orders Investigation Into Lekki ShootingEndSARS: Sanwo-Olu Appeals For Calm, Orders Investigation Into Lekki Shooting. Beware of the wolf in sheep clothing Wants to investigate after spewing that the forces that gave the order was beyond his control...which kain people Nigeria come get as rulers so...beyond your control indeed!!! Stop disgracing yourself Sanwo Olu! You have already played the devil’s advocate & carried out his script. You have made a huge mistake. You guys do not practice politics the way it is supposed to be. Your service should be to the people & not to one god-father.

Seriously? How about Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Chime or WebEx !!! Na waitin u wan tell am? Una wan together plan the curfu ba? U re someone of black heart🖤 Because his guilty MBuhari order the killings of those youth at lekki tollgate If una no suffer am Una children go suffer and If una children no suffer am Una grandchildren and great grandchildren no go miss am Bloody leaders Endsars Endbadgovernance Endnigeria

What a shame that number one citizen of a state is not in control of the state The impostor has runaway. it's clear that Buhari is long dead and gone . Governor Sanwo Olu .jidesanwoolu why do desire to lie . What do you benefit by lying. Stop all this nonsense. President Buhari is dead OK jidesanwoolu Keep confessing

May be it is IPOB that's blocking your calls at the Aso Rock Is Buhari the CSO of Lagos State? Kindly resign if you are not mentally fit for the job. EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeraNOW

jidesanwoolu so MBuhari does not have eyes to see again and does not have ears to hear for himself. What a shame. jidesanwoolu please try not to allow them use you. Be in control of your state as the Governor. What do I care We don't have president in Nigeria we only have cabals in aso rock Liers since on Tuesday evening ... God is watching o

How will u speak to a dead man Imagine u spoke with him few days ago now ur unable to speak with him again Shior Whoa! I'm speechless. How can; how is it possible? EndBadGoveranceInNigeria EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria StopNigeriaGovernment Talk am again🙉 They are trying to reclone the Bastard Why bros, is your phone off or the president phone is off which one, abi no airtime to call. Tell us.

Which Buhari are you talking about. Thank God the truth is revealing itself. EndSARS You're a killer and murder..hide in shame.. EndBuhari Dead man How can you speak to a dead man. That man you spoke to few days ago is a clone Nonsense man