Boko Haram, Chadian Soldiers, Prophet Muhammed, Shekau

Boko Haram, Chadian Soldiers

'Leave us alone, Prophet Muhammed will help us' - Boko Haram leader, Shekau begs Chadian soldiers - Daily Post Nigeria

‘Leave us alone, Prophet Muhammed will help us’ – Boko Haram leader, Shekau begs Chadian soldiers

4/7/2020 1:47:00 PM

‘Leave us alone, Prophet Muhammed will help us’ – Boko Haram leader, Shekau begs Chadian soldiers

The leader of Boko Haram sect, Ibrahim Shekau has reacted after his fighters suffered heavy defeat, following an ambush by Chadian troops. Shekau begged

The leader of Boko Haram sect, Ibrahim Shekau has reacted after his fighters suffered heavy defeat, following an ambush by Chadian troops.Shekau begged the Chadian troops to leave his fighters alone, stressing that God will help the insurgents in their fight.

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Recall that the Chadian President, Iddris Deby had led troops from his country in a fight against Boko Haram insurgents.Deby and his troops had last week Saturday captured Boko Haram’s arms store in Sambisa.The Chadian President was said to have led the offensive against the insurgents in retaliation over an ambush which killed over 90 soldiers.

However, the Boko Haram leader in a viral audio, urged his fighters not to run despite suffering heavy casualties.Shekau lamented that the attack was not approved by the Qur’an.He said: “People of Chad, leave us alone, this operation is not approved by the Qur’an. It is not the will of the Prophet Muhammed but if you want to continue, God will help us too because he is bigger than you.

“To my fighters, take heart. It is I, Abubakar Shekau, your leader.” Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

Prophet Mo would be the biggest terrorist and a ped)phile if he lived these days. This govt have their agenda they are not telling Nigerians but God will save us Muhammed? Hmmm interesting In other words hes saying we have no business with Chad. We are for Nigeria. Nigerian government didn't approve the attack because he confirmd it from Lai Muhammad. Nigerian Government will help us.

Prophet Muhammad buhari abi Why can’t you kill our president Nigeria Hello dear I want to use this very issue to touch, matters of our country Nigeria, Why will the press go to this guy for such news, meaning the Nigerian authority and Nigeria press know where this guy is for long, Nigeria To the other hand, Muhammad tell us your plans Nigeria

May God Almighty deliver Nigeria from wicked leaders that enslaves us Look at this fool who turned Koran upside down and calling on Prophet Muhammed to save them from their atrocities to mankind President Derby should go after him to stop the spread of corobokoharam to neighbouring countries Why are you fighting gorilla war, if you are true war man, come out and face Nigerian army.

Confused man Total madness.! Is prophet Mohammed that evil to help you kill, rape, steal and live in the bush like Nebuchadnezzar for more than 10 years.! That's silly. You should be smoked out and be prosecuted.!! Fight on nah bros Shekau is not a MUSLIM He know that the Chadian's are not as corrupt as us.

You have not seen any thing yet. U are mad for your statement. Chadians solider countinue fire them with big bomb This goes to show that Buhari and all his northern supporters have a serious problem and living in self denial,they are so wicked that they cant even fight the people killing them off,kudos to chad and shame to every Buhari supporter

Hopefully God don't support evil.. You're a gunners and you will perish. So he's not as invincible as he claimed to be Prophet mohammed will never help and imbecile like u shekau. U will live to regret in these world after. Unbelievable. I think the p... is an autocorrect problem....🤔 Coward, feeling the heat from Chadian forces

You lying that's not what I said What I know is that Almighty God will wipe away all this Boko Haram and we will never hear them again in Jesus mighty name bcuz God is not in support of killing of people. God bless Nigeria ! You idiots editors and owners of this newspaper, if you want to insult Islamic just come out directly to do so. Stop hiding under somebody to say so. I heard the audio there no where the man said holy Prophet Muhammad will help us. The holy prophet of Islam Allah sent him to d w

Bubu and his gang might be around the corner. APCNigeria and BMC are the real haters of Nigeria. Shekau felt the heat of leadership! In side life. I know the Nigeria Army can kill him in 48hours if they wish to do that, but in the words of shekau. He said and I quote, 'Muhammad will help us'... which of the Muhammad please?

See face h̃ẽ ĩs̃ Ñõ L̃õÑg̃ẽr̃ ã p̃r̃õp̃h̃ẽt̃ M̃ũh̃ãM̃M̃ãd̃ f̃õL̃L̃õw̃ẽr̃ B̃ẽ C̃ãũs̃ẽ p̃r̃õp̃h̃ẽt̃ M̃ũh̃ãM̃M̃ãd̃ s̃ ã w̃ h̃ẽ ĩs̃ Ñõt̃ ã t̃ẽr̃r̃õr̃ĩs̃t̃ The way Chad troops dealt with Boko Haram this simply means our Nigerian leaders knows everything. God punish you and your mohamed who is in hell Hmm. Nigeria government is not telling us who is sponsoring those guys. Can you Imagine a small country like Chad?

Should we not be thinking of smuggling some chadian Army to help protect us from Fulani herdmen?. Am sure Nigeria govt will still provide them enough funds and manpower by releasing the repented ones back to their duty post...after all it's an oil well in the north.. This Shekau has more lives than Candy crush saga

Honestly speaking this guys are nothing they are not well trained to fight a battle not to talk about WAR with what we saw in Chad within 48 hours clearly shows that Nigeria has never fought this people what we see is Audio fight they use to deceive people Hahahahaha. You never see something Can you imagine....I think this is just the first time I'll be hearing that the boko haram leaders is a well known person with name.... we'll only hear of the capturing...we won't hear the bottom line of h story...I plead with the chadian soldier to do the proper judgement

You're on your own! The Prophet do not know you. KingPenticost_A That was a slip of tongue, he meant to say Gen. Muhammed 😒 realseunwilliam God help us o When other country where about to help to defeat by we reject, which means there's something fishing Why him no do video The Muhammed in Aso Villa of course.

At least the leader of the BH is begging chadian armies but Nigerian army the leader of the BH has never begged them to stop killing them meaning that they are small The BH that was technically defeated by our HQNigerianArmy and physically destroyed by the great Chadian army is begging Chadian troops to leave them alone. This is just a pointer that B Haram is a big scam and its sponsor is in Aso Rock.

This is Northern politicians speaking. Bloody terrorists! Leave u for what na.when u where killing innocent people u did not Remember God hv use Chad President IdrissDebyI & d Brave Soldeirs to wipe u all out of surface of this Earth.God bless IdrissDebyI Do which of the shekau did they kill? Those that means he's still alive? This mother fucker have to go

So this man can beg it does not even take a year for chadian armies to lockdown BH what are our soldiers doing ever since only to beat his citizen and fork Prophet Muhammad (saw) is looking for a way to kill you himself for tarnishing his image and that of Islam The Boko Haram War that the FAILED Buhari Regime could not win. Chadian Government (a Smaller African Country) is Winning the War Already. Kudos ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼 to Chad F9 👎👎👎 to PresidentCovik MBuhari

Our president and Chad president go soon begin quarrel... Very soon Why is he begging Chad this whole thing is starting to look like Nigerian film MaziEmmaOgbonna I yam laughing in Swahilian language Just one week somebody is crying in sambisa. Onye ara When a PRESIDENT fights insurgence DonPEKA Mohammed, which one cos that name sounds familiar 🙄🙄

What are u saying all of u will died If you can't do the right thing, God will raise stones in your place. In population, Nigeria is bigger than Chad, in terms of military strength and equipment Nigeria is bigger. But it takes a nation that is sincere and united to defeat the enemy. Chadians Soldiers Weldon

You're not muslim, is better for you to stop playing along. This is not what prophet teach us Thunder fire you sheakua! Your days are numbered. Nigeria government are hiding something Hmmmmmmmm A dead man 'prophet' muhammed will help you? Together in HELL indeed. Wicked game Chad had been their save heaven .

Are you thinking what I’m thinking mohammed cannot even help himself Find the key. 'Prophet' in the Bible and Koran, their roles are defined. MOHAMMED as we all know is a popular Islamic name like you John, in Christianity. What are we looking for? We all know that the Prophet SWS, condemns this act. So, who is this prophet that can supply Guns?

Na madness de worry u... U Will burnt in hell.... And shekau begged... What a nice book 👌👍👍 But NA claimed they killed shekau some time ago Muslims don't pray to Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W) but Almighty God and no Muslim in d world supported their acts except for the brainwashed ones like them. And,God that he was mentioning never supported killing of any form. So,he should face his consequence and rotten in hell.

Nigeria is still not ready Only person wey get shame shame go shame. We should calm them almighty Chad. Eegbe leleyi sha Imagine. This is what Nigerian soldier have been unable to yet we say we are the giant of Africa. Giant my foot I listen to the audio in hausa he said Allah would help them he did not mention prophet Mohammed SAW why this newspaper spreading falsehood

This guy never die? Lol Sabotage by their senior officers. He said Derby Itno is still in the bush. They have chased the BH out of Chadian territory. The terrorists don’t ever leave a dead member outside. What they do is they disembowel them, remove their entrails and through the rest I had a long chat with a friend who is in the Chadian army a few minutes ago. He said the Chadian soldiers don’t call BH soldiers. Then call them small bandits. The problem in his words are that the Nigerian soldiers are not serious. They are all afraid of sabotage

Shek is that your knees? 😅 I think knows his where about Yes, as he delivered ISIS!!! Ewu!!! Prophet Muhammad support Boko haram? So how is he gonna save you? 'Prophet Mohammadu Buhari will help us' Na which kind god this dog the call self?🙄 He should be killed so Nigeria govt doesn’t send him to Europe or America

If prophet Mohammad (SAW) should return to earth, BH will be the first he wi fight Your prophet Muhammed Buhari is far away in Chad. He is not available to help you and by the time he comes back, if he survives it, the Chadian government will have decimated your BH group. Why would most Muslims claim shekau is not a Muslim? It's very annoying when I hear or listen to them say that. I hope they heard what he just said. Quran verses are often read before beheadings or shooting their captives.

So all our alpha jet, bombadier jet etc na scam. How many of such do Chad have to smoke them? These country na scam in its entirety just kill the basturd This is not the following of prophet Muhammad I still don't understand why Nigerians seems to be believing what the media is saying concerning the issue of BH.

Ah Nigeria Best land military my ASS. Nigeria Best Land military my ASS. O boy you make me laugh. You go see pepper Is this fr.. 2020 is indeed historic, I'm glad I'm part of history uno. It seems Chadian Soldiers are now the Best in Africa See shekau begging Chadian solders ,buhari's here given them amnesty and de-radicalize them back to the society.

Lies! Where did the terrorists say prophet Muhammad will help them? You mean prophet Mohammed buhari will help you Look at this bastard is still talking. “He said: “People of Chad, leave us alone, this operation is not approved by the Qur’an. It is not the will of the Prophet Muhammed but if you want to continue, God will help us too because he is bigger than you.” Ode. You are next 👿

We must all not comment on every issue. It's easy sest in the comfort of your place & berate Nigerian Army or run military operations. Nigeria gornverment is a scam Thunder fire you with prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) that u said. His he the one that's telling u that u should be killing people like goat🖕🖕🖕

Meanwhile... oluwaloninyo Can you imagine this while we pamper them So Prophet Muhammad sent you? Fallacy! You better bow out or worse than Chadian Army will face all of you and your Sponsor Government. Shakau, God will disgrace you soon. I trust Nigrrian army. They can wipe u out within a day.......but? God shall fight soon.

I'm sure he isn't referring to Prophet Mohammad (PBOH); he's referring to someone else he may probably know He's not begging oo! It's a strategy. Is he not the same Shekau that 'they' have killed 3 times? He resurrected 3 times. We used to believe he's a man with 3 lives. But it could be more. He could, probably, be a man with 7 lives. Just maybe oo 🤐

Is a lie, you're spoiling islam with your deeds and yet you're associating yourself with the prophet Muhammad ( peace and blessing of Allah be upon him ) you're wrong. No vex... I know say all these suffering dey happen because your patron Buhari & Kyari, no dey. I'm sure dem go help una deal with Chadian soldiers the minute he gets back.

Can't they arrest this bastard Oh! He's killin In d name of Muhammed. Religion of peace my ass. Thunder fire whatever Muhammed he's referring to. Lol,so you can beg . Imamofpeace is the prophet Mohammed going to help them go through this? NphyM Let Chad finish this man as quickly as possible. I hope those that are benefiting from the boko haram war will not go and sabotage it.

Iro ni oo Now we know that you have agreement with Nigeria leaders Which Mohammed? Stupid It is clearly to everyone now that MBuhari led Nigerian Army re not fighting Boko Haram. He will never support u fools because he was not a bad leader as u The Leader of the Charity Organisation funded by the FG has bitten more than he can chew. Egungun don mistakenly enter express. Body go tell una

The prophet ' Muhammad ' he is talking about is no other person than the president ' Muhammad ' Buhari that will help them. He is their grand commander. Waoooo. That means Chadian military is stronger than Nigerian military. What a shame? All the claims of being the giant of Africa is for nothing. Cameron chased us from bakasi. Now boko haram chasing us is being flogged out by Chadian army. SHAME O NIGERIANS.

After Chad's President attacked Shekau and his boys even threatened to kill Shekau if he refuse to surrender. Suddenly Shekau turned coward with all d boastful characters he possess. Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) has no power 2 help anyone, only God Almighty has. DEUXSVELTE If they tell you the amount of money spent every day on security every day in Nigeria you will weep and how the generals embezzle that money you will regret why they call you a Nigeria. I know one general here that builds houses and buy cars for his babes that r in uni here.

Ogun o kill u May be Nigerian army should go and learn work and strategies from chaldian... Perhaps the romancing and mouth fighting in newspaper and vedio for ages will stopped. Maybe Shekau is the one in the mask as a Nigerians presidency that's why he said that Idris Derby should live them alone? This show that this book haram are not Muslim or an ignorant, prophet Muhammed can not help anybody only Allah can help.

Pls which shekau is dis, i tot he was dead lond ago according to NA When tipper jam volkswagen beetle🤣🤣🤣 debbyidris Look for this guy kill him, ORO BEYIN YO 😀😀😀. NO hidden place ! 😂 😂 😂 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 The best headline could have been “Leave us alone,prophet Muhammed would help us” — Boko Haram Leader ,Shekau cries out to Chadian soldiers...

I know of only one Muhammad who helps boko haram and his Muhammad Buhari Idris deby chadian president) is my man of the year-award. Congratulations sir . So Shekau remembers compassion. The prophet Muhammad that Shekau is referring to, is the Muhammadu in ASO Rock and not the real Prophet Muhammad (SAW) .

Which kind post be this one? Our news men had gone MAD o Fake news So ds idiot can beg?so na Nigeria soldiers e fit form agbako 4?naim b say Chadian soldiers na dem b d real mvp.u can c wot quota system & politics has done 2 our once best soldiers in Africa.nawao.smh 4 Nigeria He's referring to the Army chiefs appointed by Buhari. HAVE you asked why Buhari is not letting them go even when they're supposed to have retired?

I think shekau most be joking' hip hip hury for chadian soldiers Just watch out, Nigerian vampires representing us as our leaders is going to lunch attack against the Chadian soldiers for this great development O boy see begging, this guy never beg Nigerian army before, can u imagine this I am not seeing the Chadians with Apache helicopters, M1 Abram tanks, self-propelled howitzer artillery, Super Tucano single super tech equipment. Yet they are recording amazing successes at lightening speed! One day, we would know the true story. God bless Nigeria!

Clowns! Giant of Africa can't conquer boko haram....but we can conquer rebel in other country......something is fishing Boko haram are our Nigeria Government... They know everything about it..they are playing politics n making money, enriching demself with d life of our soldier In Nigeria terrorists are given seat,recruited into the army, sent oversea to study (study they see as aberration) and can even be president,Nigeria must collapse so that common would be liberated

Kill them all. This guy is mad If Chadian Soldiers are winning and boko Haram have to beg, then we need to Ask our authorities Questions... starting from the commander-in-chief, all the head of the forces and so on! Chad! A perfect description of David and Goliath Shekau's moles are in the top echelon of the Nigerian fucking Army. That's why.

Watch, alot will be revealed soon El_PrisciTO U pipo don't really get the message here. Chad as being a safe haven for him and his boko boys. The secret msg to decode here is that Chad has being protecting them wen ever Nigeria strike them, after the confrontation wit Chad's army, Chad was anger to send them away. Get d msg?

MBuhari just imagine how you have yeye urself b4 everybody, change security architecture, u said no... releasing captured terrorists upandan. Let me hear anybody say 'giant' of Africa first... nonsense! Buhari repentance strategy can never save you and your members from Chadian Soldiers. Egungun was not Kiaful!

Which Prophet? Allah will punish you ten billion times. I don't think it's the Prophet I know He's talking about.... Nonsense by how our beloved akhirul ambiya, imamul mursalin sayyadi Muhd (S.A.W) will help you. Change your decision in begging from other hands side Let our government and Army be fooling themselves

Honestly Nigerian government are behind this people, it’s now very obvious 😏 Serious!🐱 Same Shekau that's be threatening Buhari and his men is here begging the Chadian Army? Lmao the giant of Africa is now an ant! Who's sent you But Allah will judges you ✊✊✊ If Nigerian army,Niger army and Cameroonian army can strike the way Chadians soldier attacked this mad dogs am sure they will surrender within the next few week

The Chadians soldiers should kill them all, Nigeria is still playing games Allah ya tsinema Covid-19 BONANZA!!! FOLLOW ME, RETWEET, DM your phone number, Get your data or airtime direct. Naaaaahhhhh The muhammed in Aso Rock or maybe your Nigerian Patrons will. Sure they will..... Even the devil bleeds. When the last RPG touched their camp!

Thats the tone of defeat What is their gain for killing innocent people Christians Something is wrong somewhere,I know Nigerian soldiers can do this I will be very happy if this guy can be captured alive I like to feed my dogs with his flesh The Same Prophet who said 'He that kills one person, it is as though he has killed the whole of mankind'? How would the Prophet help terrorists that go against his teachings and the words of the holy Quran?

Shekau na gin jiki Look at how this demon is giving Islam a bad name.........was prophet Muhammad a terrorist and a killer. Lol, Baba pass the mantle to Muhammed. Unbelievable. It will be important to arrest that prophet mohammed that is coming to help them while he's at it. The Chadians have exposed someone.

Lol just tell us BUHARI will help you people That’s a lie how can he beg for mercy Buhari will gather the list of injured BH members and send them out for rehabilitation. Look at Shekau crying like a baby after being pounder by Idris Deby He even admitted what they is not supported by Quran... So Abacha was right all along🤔🤔

iykimo Nigeria is a shame. 😏 iykimo realDonaldTrump ! Kpei Traitor turn beggar oo Which Prophet Muhammad will help you Prophet Muhammad is not a terrorist You_must_die Isn't this funny 😁😁😁 Asin Prophet Muhammad Buhari? Cos the real prophet Mohamed dos not know you..🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏼‍♂️ When Abba kyari is busy taking contract for tuscano helicopters with inflated fees. Helicopters that cannot even fly 100km before it falls from the sky

Lol 😁😁😁 MBuhari can you believe that he's begging Chadian president to leave them alone.👆👆👆😂 Last time I checked, shekarau threatened Nigerian president not to visit borno again. What an irony. Never encourage terrorism. 👌 There's no hiding place for the wicked very very soon you will be smoked out of your hole like a rabbit 🐇 smoked out of it hole you better Repent and accept Jesus as your lord and savior confess him with your mouth as ur lord n savior b4 it's too late so dat u can b save

Weed talkin So, Boko Haram can beg? That's interesting. If chad as small as it is could deal with BH It shows that there's an in-house conspiracy against the Nigerian people I tired oh Kawarij. Why is that Buhari has not thank the Chadian troops for destroying Boko Haram? This is true victory to all the nations ravaging by Boko Haram.

Death to shekau prophet Muhammad will not help terrorist ever for ever Anas_YD_Lawan Pls which prophet Muhammad is he talking about I think tho is another FakeNews I believe the prophet Muhammed Shakau talks about is actually Muhammad Buhari In some battles, you need to defeat yourself in order to win.

Some people don't understand what he means by prophet Muhammad he means president Mohammed Buhari dat is just it The Nigerian government has made this moron a celebrity Muhammadu oya any comments He meant President Mohammed Buhari Dead man you still have mouth to talk ChiefOjukwu Chad did it!!! Tell ur sleeping clueless President I said so!

Bloody lies, which prophet Muhammed send u the evil he's doing in disguised as a Muslim. May u perish with yr lies That statement is a coded message oo.. Why didn't he say Allah will help them.. The prophet Muhammad mentioned may be a strong ally to there campaign... Terrorist doesn't give straight messages but encrypted ones...we shall see what will happen later..

Chad kill them all including their sponsors Foolishness I believe that the sponsors of this useless group are in Nigeria.... Everyday for the thief one day for the boss and that day will soon come.... 🤣🤣😭 You're getting no help Deby to shekau: surrender now or we will kill you. Boko haram leader Shekau is a big joke, it's only God that help good cause not this barbaric and senseless killing. God will judge him for all the souls lost.

Thought he is dead. Abi you be spirit 😁😁 The best time to end terrorism is to finish it when is weakened & down. How come he was left & allowed the privilege of breath to canvass & recruit again. Why is permanent end so difficult to achieve? Terrorist wey Dey hide under Islam 🤣🤣this is insult to our Great Prophet(S.A.W) but as you Dey insult his personality Almighty Allah will shame y’all in this Dunia 🙏

With so much money spent and many of our gallants soldiers dead in the fight against BH with no result. Just one dedicated attack of Chadians soldier. Shekau begged. Hmm Naija. Let's follow each other. Follow me and I will follow back ASAP You’re on your own ooo prophet no know terrorist Absurd, insane, unislamic by far and extension out of Islamic doctrines, inhumane, ignorant of noble prophet teachings and values inculcated to humanity... You have no helper nor saviour for the day of your atrocities will surely come to an end in shaa Allah.

Look at his ugly mouth. Y'll are getting the wrong message. The Prophet Muhammed he's referring to might be living somewhere around 'Aso Rock'. Those Chadian soldiers really finished these ones. He's now so powerless🤣 What you are doing is not Islam and it's nothing to do with religion (Islam). May Allah punish U here after

D way Chadian Army dealt with BH strongly showed that BH can be defeated with a sincere&dedicated Army. This has let us know that Nig Army are not telling us d truth about BH.They are using BH as politics &way of making money. Or u don’t have numbers or tools to fight BH tell us Ode ni Bobo yii... which part in d Quran says dat💭💭

War against terrorism in Nigeria there's more to it, war against terrorism can not be won by Nigeria soldiers bcoz there's traitors among them 'It's not the will of Prophet Muhammad' Please what is the will of Prophet Muhammad about Boko Haram? So Muhammad asked them to be killing innocent people? Shekau is totally insane. I'm looking forward to celebrating his downfall.

You will die all Fake news If u don't know how to translate hausa language to English just ask someone who can do it. Morons he didn't say nothing like that why is the idiot begging the Chadians, now is the time for our government to seek the Chadians to support us to bring out the idiot and give him the torture of his life.

Boko Haram: Surrender or die, Chad's President dares ShekauAs the onslaught against Boko Haram Terrorists (BHTs) continue, Chad's President Idriss Deby has warned the sect's factional leader Abubakar Shekau ... Buhari is going to re-enforce Shakau and his boys. We will soon hear about missing military weapons from the Nigerian armory. Is it the same Shekau that has been killed by MBuhari led HQNigerianArmy or another one? GarShehu kindly enlighten me pls Gan gan!

Boko Haram: Nnamdi Kanu mocks Nigerian Army, as Chadian troops rescue soldiers - Daily Post NigeriaNnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has mocked Nigerian army after the gallant display of Chadian soldiers led by the Unpatriotic funk, come to Nigeria and see!! Our gallant men at the battlefield are bound to succeed and peddling lies to cause mayhem so as to demoralised our Armies shall failed at it's arrival. God willing Please specific because when you mention Nigerian Army in this case, the poor spirited fighting soldiers come to my mind. Therefore channel the mockery to our commander with thieves and his service thieves. Our soldiers are the best in the world. The problems are the Fact find any of the claims from Nnamdi Kanu, then you will have a re-think. You can't be educated and lack application.

VIDEO: Chadian soldiers led by President Idris Debby burst Boko Haram warehouseWe are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information. Northern politicians are not telling us something. Is MBUHARI cowering in Aso rock like a scared lamb? The Chadian president led his army to confront BokoHaram. Kudos to IdrisDebby. Leading by example

Boko Haram: Chadian troops free Nigerian soldiers in captivity, kill 100 terrorists - Daily Post NigeriaThe Chadian troops have again dealt a major blow on Boko Haram insurgents. This followed the killing of 100 of its members in Magumeri, a local government What a shame to Nigeria!!!!! And you dnt want them celebrating when indeed they have incompetent and watermelons as leaders This headline got me crying 😭😭😭😭

Chadian President to Shekau: Surrender or die – Daily TrustChadian President, Idriss Deby, has called on the Boko Haram ’s factional leader, Abubakar Shekau , to surrender or be killed inside his Dikoa hideout. Read more: A leader Why can't u go and kill him than telling him to resign. Do u mean if he resign he will be forgiven Please, kill him for the 90 of your soldiers killed

Chadian President to Shekau: surrender now or be killedChadian President Idriss Deby has issued a yellow card to Boko Haram terrorists’ leader Abubakar Shekau . He should surrender or be prepared to die. Is it possible to do a presidential exchange program renoomokri Did you hear this Commander-in-Chief, BashirAhmaad ? Strong men don't hide inside inside room!