Covıd-19: Lagos

Covıd-19: Lagos

Lagos begins house-to-house search for COVID-19 patients

4/9/2020 9:36:00 PM

Lagos begins house-to-house search for COVID-19 patients

Dayo OjerindeLagos State Government has commenced house-to-house case identification to detect possible cases of COVID 19 in the State.This was contained in a statement from the Lagos Ministry of Health on Thursday.The statement quoted that the Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi, as saying this during a joint Ministerial Press briefing on COVID19 intervention in Lagos State held on Thursday in Alausa, Ikeja.

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Abayomi said the COVID19 case identification campaign tagged the ‘Community Active Case Serach’ is expected to run for two weeks in the first instance across the state.He stressed that the officials carrying out the exercise can be identified with the COVID-19 outbreak Response tags and letter from the Local Government.

He said, “In the coming days, some of our health workers will be moving around in pairs to administer an electronic questionnaire at homes and healthcare facilities to make enquiries about symptoms of cough, cold and fever.“This is in a bid to intensify our search for possible cases of COVID-19 in different communities across the State. I implore you to give them your maximum support by providing accurate information that would help in containing this pandemic quickly.”

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Time has come, by fire by force Nice INITIATIVE Safe journey. Scammers Now they will start bringing in the Virus carelessly to the houses of those don’t even have it before. This is a bad move shaaa Pls excuse me I want to sneeze 🤧🤣🤣🤣🤣 Not house to house starving masses?!? This effort will not work as most people are not enlightened and cooperating. The best method would have been to come with a powerful gadget that can detect the virus on the spot. Many will lie in the questionnaire.

Why then are the palliatives no shared house to house? Nigeria is worst than hell fire. GoodFriday Easter nosivad Did you give us the food items or money house to house? To ba bi yin daa, come to my area... I hope is not with Chinese contaminated equipments, Nigerians must reject any form of force infection of covid 19 by enforcing people who are healthy to be infected in the name of checking for patients. WeRejectChina WeRejectCoronavirusEquipments

Incredible When you suppose to begin house to house sharing of money 🙄🙄🙄 let them also carry some relief materials with them too Please is this backed by law or not. Is it even safe for you to come into my house? Who knows if you are going to be the carrier of corona virus, shouldn't be meeting us where we are self-isolating.

That's how they will spread the virus Sometimes I feel that the continued spread of this virus, is as a result of some residents not following laid out guidelines. Some still doubt that this disease is a scam and has no presence in Nigeria. Most people don't follow this stay home order. Una papa, make una come my place Na big punch 🥊 I go give that pesin weh go wan come force me do test, to share money una no go people house oo , he reach test una wan do high service....God go punish una...WAKAA 🖐

Hmmmm....9ja pipul make una shine una eye oooo I don't think dey really need this house to house search! Is it that this Italian guy is now the face of covid19 in Nigeria🤔 Make Una try come our if we no treat Una fuck up, eyin werey yi 😡😡 Really? Wow! I cam see how logístically impossible this is already. Goodluck with that though! ✌️

I still don't understand why government ask us to stay home without any reason Does that mean they now have enough kits to test everyone in Lagos? Or maybe patients now write it on their forehead. Someone wants to go on a wild goose chase at government expense .....i don't gerrit 🤷‍♀️ You can't share them food house to house but you can search for virus house to house honestly this government are bunch of idiots with empty brain like their useless and senseless president MBuhari

We know. FOOLS That is the strategy to share whatever the Chinese have brought Best option But they can't do house to house to distribute food package. They should do it the way they share the food package through the politician and there family Good..👍 That way you can share all the MONEY and FOOD to the houses you go.. Ahbi..reason💭💭 am that way first😷😷 StayHomeSaveLives StayAtHome COVIDー19 COVID19Lagos

Great move. To all teens (13-19 years), to keep you home and productive, I will be hosting a self development WhatsApp class starting from next week. This is my own way of assisting the government. Free air-time to be won. This too shall pass But they can't share money house to house Let's hope they will not politicise it.

I weak Why didn't you do House to House Food funding...... So who is deceiving who here Fools How can it work? Wake me up in 2025 Good development Dem go carry funds along with em I beg don't make me laugh!!!! After 2 weeks lockdown Abi? Oya come Begin..when?, sanwo olu announces patient has been discharged, why hasn't he talked about this..and what is the credibility of this news...I dont care if I can see punch..

Pls come n carry me I'm just tired of this house No light No food No peace of mind After if person die they will record +1 death Not knowing say na hungry🙄🙄 Good move, that’s an impressive initiative to beat covid-19 May God help us win this war. If they want to test biko I hope is not any infected test kit from China ooo

So there is data for all houses in Lagos, & yet the unbefitting palliative relief was taken to LGA'S & Designated centers, while asking people to come out, queue for collections. A bold step, it is. Just pass my house, no branch! Merci Abimberry awesome, pls carry along relief materials as you go. no relief materials, no entry.

Bad time to have a fever like symptoms... olukayblark Lobatan I laugh in Chinese. I swear it almost seems that this govt is bent on Sabotaging it's own efforts. I mean how do u loose Covid 19 patients left in your Care? It almost feels like U ple let them go so that the can spread this Pandemic So that U all can have a Job.This has Covik 419 written all over

😂😂🤣🤣🤣 But no house to house of foods sharing Modern days slavery begins Oga na Express you de goOh How? I love this news but please as una Dey come house to house make una carry food and money come o abeg Na to use dog pursue una... nonsense.. This is nonsense 😡. Then what's the point 2 weeks lockdown? This should show everybody that this covid-19 na scam. Seek and ye shall find.

They should remember to take food along with them,,, followlasg .......meaning some coronavirus patients are on the run?! Why not publish their names?! They can do house to house search but can’t send house to house money/Foodstuffs to us for upkeep this Coronavirus period ...interesting It appears number of confirmed cases are not looking like expected..? House-to-house ko, room-to-room nii... 💱💰💱💰

_N_obody_ 😂😂 Lol! Y'all people are crazy y'all can't come along with Funds ABI? Best ideal Make una just come with money abeg....I will be waiting Is this a joke? Get outta here. Better Punch pls tell dem to come with guns and tear gas oooo if not 🙆🙆🙆🙆dem go chup beating of there life waaliii They should bring food and money when coming

They should after from prominent people area. They've the most travel history. Or they should check airport. Sorry Nigeria doesn't have data base They should share money and food as well 🚶‍♂️ NaijaFlyingDr This is actually funny and scary. How many households can they get to within what timeline? Is this advise from some foreign contacts? Are they sure the testing kits are intact? Are they sure this is not a way to spread to people that are safe already?

They want to forcefully vaccinate people.abi d deal is d more u vaccinate d more dollars u get? Always always always the 11th hour approach But can't go house to house and share the relief funds You are speaking in the nonsense Lol Hullabaloo😂 Eeyah that's good which year will you finish Madness They should also give us relieve materials

come out before them catch you oh,🤷 I trust they will carry Nigerian police on this search ba? And una know as those ones they behave,😂🤣😄 This is commendable Una wan run mad oo. House to house? That’s an unprecedented undertaking oo What they suppose to have done since. Have they run out of contacts to trace? Don’t they have people calling their hotlines begging to be tested but are denied because they have no travel history? So why would they even need to conduct a door to door search for people with the Coronavirus?

I know say unó fit reach mine area Wait idg why they used this mans picture 😹😹😹 Yeah we know but if those people coming to ask questions like how many of you resides in this appartment and shit they can as well bring food for those families too handy. You people are just pathetic Jokers 😂😂😂😂 Share money, una no share! hunvid-19 patients una go see tire, make una no worry!!!

floeywalton U guys just keep disgracing yourself You get ordinary malaria , you con go get temperature, you are a gunner Make them no near my house sha, unless them they bring something to wet the ground first. 😌 Maybe you guys should have done this with the stimulus package so you can actually get to the people that really need it.

If they come, I am not testing. Like the Chinese in China who kick out Africans our of their home. NaijaFlyingDr You can go house to house to look for Corona virus patient but not share stuff if u don't get d f jidesanwoolu can you help the people you're sending out on this assignment with proper IDs?A lady was at my place today saying she's from the LG on this assignment. I asked her for an ID but she couldn't produce any.I had to turn her back.I cannot let an stranger into my house.

Lol, this is serious 😅 Has it gotten to this May God help us in Jesus name Ah abin yakai ga haka😅 As Una dey carry test kit for checking Covid'19😷 make Una carry test kit for checking Hunger2death'20😩 too. My take I know some people will not open the article Lmao they should carry money and food along Cos people need to eat

Pls if them reach your house, kindly signify ooo Na wa o so na to dey do Jack Bauer 24 tinz now They should remember to carry those food they want to share along so dey can use one stone to kill two birds jare It's good but please kindly come with food stuffs. Thank u What nonsense? Carry food along Kilonsele gan gan now

E don happen better g to the rich men house to house because they travel and brought COVID-19 upon us Omg this is an avenue for day light robbery... Am so sure people won't open gate... When it gets to where they will loot money they now remembered house to house and people's corporation; but when it gets to relief material to help the public they forgot peoples addresses ''' May the god of thunder locate all of u there'''fire!!!

So why are u using this Recovered Italian picture mrpeller_ Mtchew You dey give us Lagos news with us man as advert Ya'll want to tipatipa force this sickness on us? Make them carry food come o jidesanwoolu NCDCgov the search for covid-19 patient I think dis thing is a game, the new game in town is COVID 1 9. To win the is how much? Can see almost 50+ now win

If they are coming to my house they should bring food, 50kg of rice, beans, spag.. I will find solution to palm oil e.t.c If una day come make una bring relief money and food too. Smh If una Dey come my side make una bring our 20k follow body o From your tweet sir, simply tell us we are staying another 2 weeks home....

Please charge those that purposely evade this effort even though they have the disease for attempted murder Frustrated set of human beings, near my house make I break person head Hope a phcn personnel is part of the search party But as it gotten to this extent. Shu 😲😲😲😲 DamilolaAdeoti4 They should share palliatives house to house first 🤡🤡

Who hath bewitched us in this nation Is this idea coming from the Chinese Doctors? Or you all just want to justify the money already squandered? Or you want to infect masses with coronavirus You have a 14 day window for anybody to manifest symptoms of the virus, wait What they ought to have done from the onset. Just hope our 3weeks stay at home won't be in vein

why do they have to search for them? can't they submit themselves? This should've started day one of lockdown minister let's try to be good at everything we do in life. As if 'COVIK-419' is not enough, now they want to bring COVID-19 to our homes 😭 Hahahhaha its becoming comical These ones have smoked bomb

If you think you will visit house to house with the Chinese testing kit. You have all failed 🤣🤣🤣😂😂 You should know the epicenters and where the most infected people are concentrated so.that won't be a problem.. Only if the people shows no symptoms... The solution Rubbish😡😡😡 They may end up in detecting dogs battling with rabbis.

Enh Enh wetin musa no go see for gate But no house to house food supply. Hypocrites! If na to collect bills dem go know people doors steps. But now that it is food na television we they see am or some party chairmen go call their strong members for phone. God dey see unah! This one will eventually be Ultimate Search Season 10. Keep searching......

Please let them share money and food along with them. All the best Them go search! search!! search!!! Na dem go taya.... rubbish A repeat of 1918 pandemic in Lagos. House to house search. They should come with food o Lmao... scam Let me just see anybody close to my house first. Right step in the right direction

😂😂😂 Una dey craze Now the number of positive cases will shoot high I think this is the next phase of the plan, like they are almost done with suspected cases at hand want to go and do some searching bf they send us back to the street..... Audio But you could not bring food to the house. Better come with food truck or you will bang and gate and go back.

YFBNigeria Pls Sir, no Covid-19 Patient in my home. Obey the Stay at Home order. I don't entertain any for of visit now. So this man face is now the face of Covid 19 🤣🤣 Good one, God gives the medical personnel d grace We know they will cover the whole of Lagos State but when it comes to sharing of food and relief materials, map go lost from their head. Yeye people.

Fine idea. Just do house to house fund relief join simultaneously. Really innovative. I truly hope it works and helps the government's effort. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ok Tag food along o Is like the their brains are coming up now. But painfully, it suppose to have started since lock down so that by now we'll be preparing to resume work...

Now they can search house to house but they can't share the materials house by house. God is watching We applaud the Lagos Health care workers for a Job well done. Eko o ni baje o 🙌🏾🙌🏾 Lagos is a country.. Whatever,make una do quick and leave us alone.The one wey una locked us down do now. Better don't come near my house.Nonsense!

Be kind enough to drop relief material To balance the 39k patients they predicted They should just make sure they come along with my own food before I would attend to them, otherwise, they should not bother to come. I am fine with my family. When sharing food packages and money, you did not consider it a process to be conducted house to house. You are all hopeless, the tiers of government in this country.

Please you people should go clear smelling refuse scattered all over streets and roads Na waoo, what is house to house, if they feel sick they will rush to you people for treatment Crazy people, they no fit go house to house distribute welfare/money to people but they can go house for covid'19 patients... Aswear!!! Na thunder go fire all of una

It’s welcome idea because it is not enough to just stay home. 👍👍 That is ARU!!! even in the sight of GOD Good one sir keep it up As they are searching, they should also be given people food and money. Lagos working hard maziogadimma83 Nigeria is a joke, the Chinese virus intervention fund most be spent.

I'll release my dog if they dare come close to my gate... Na thunder from Abakaliki go strike una left yanch!! Go to lekki, Victoria island, ikoyi, banana island, parkview,magodo,Ikeja G.R.A, bourdilon. After now una go talk say una use 10 billion take buy fuel for transportation... If they are coming with food stuffs no problems,

As u re going from house to house,also do the house to house shearing of the cct fund,cos you go to can do funny funny things ooo If you to come to my house for covid-19 search, you would have to start with my pit bull 🐕, he’s very nice. Lagos is a country inside Nigeria 🇳🇬 Another imminent lockdown E don happen

lemie_ y’all are a whole lot in that Lagos🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️ Mtchww Please they should bring some goodies along. Nigerians can't be pleased. The house to house strategy is to ensure that Lagos is COVID 19 free on time Tell them to give food to the needy also ooo Abeg make dem Dey deir dey o, make I Dey my dey jeje

Na beating some of dem go chop 😂😂😂 Dis Chinese doc I no trust dem oo, dis one wey nah house to house raiding now🤧🤧🤧 Is it with Chinese Doctors This will help to restore movements in time.. We can know who and who are infected let's pray people don't sabotage this effort by finding time to be moving

Bullshit ...there is much more to this rubbish. About they want to use style inject una , in the name of “searching for patients”🤭 y’all don’t let them inject any shit into you Do you have adequate manpower and logistical equipment to realize this proposed plan? People complain that the NCDC officials hardly turn up on time when they are called up for emergency intervention. I pray that you guys should look into improving your logistical and manpower

To the houses they gave money and the food items?! Lol Abeg come start from Ajegunle,because we get plenty pingo wey dey eat yam and red oil You're welcome...God go do dogs go dey loose...that your white hair go suffer Any where you see this man.. Just know say na Corona yarn🙄. Who e offend😝 No be small sontin

Una neva well oooo Are you guys Jehovah witness 😂 Oh so now u want to come my house? Na my dogs I go release for una. Idiots! U no know my house for money and relief funds, na to come test me for coro u wan come. Dey come na! Imbisiles!!! I will even put my address. Come! They didn’t think of going house to house to share food... some people should get ready for the beating of their lives... Hope the evil minded will not use this to penetrate people’s compound? Anybody can falsify that so called badge and letter.

Please this is one time you're allowed to snitch on your neighbor's Animals did the patients run away So the heartless leaders can go house to house in search of people that are hungry but they can't do same to give money or food items What do you mean search? Is the virus missing? Ok where to finish the 10bill

*Lagos begins house-to-house spread of COVID-19 virus. How about that 🤔 They can search for covid-19 patients from house to house, but can not share a relief package from house to house. Yeye dey smell GOOD IDEAL...CV-19 We don't have it all the numbers been mentioned are lies Good GOOD. This is very necessary if we are not sitting on keg of bomb.

Robbers liked this tweet. So you will comman infact us abi, why start this when your so called Chinese Dr's flew in. There's more to this stoopid move. Y'all need to explain This is a very good move and how it should be........ I hope the people will cooperate, because the way people are busy sending their account number online is scary.....

House- House ke., na wa oh which kind pattern be this Haaaa. Nija won't kill me not dt it's bad oooo 😂😂😂 You’ll just be in your house and someone will kuku bring the virus to your doorstep...this country shaa How many houses can you cover 😒 It must be a joke Stay Home K3k3 ooo 🤣🤣🤣 May God help us ooo

U better have a search warrant when u come. Hmmm Davido song of N30B for d accountiooooo.... Is this what the Chinese told you to do? Are you coming to collate data? What's the end game? Non of your men will gain access into my home Nawa... Nigerian govt make una get small shame na See whinnying chaii God,dear no dey catch una about people’s reactions 🤔

An opportunity to spread COVID-19 Umar_Tals guys dinnan fa are serious 😂 How could that be possible nah! Oh my God Na this man they lead them ?🤔 Be sure to be coming to my house with a carton of fruits n fibre, and 200Gb data subscription. Otherwise, what happened in 1945 may happen o As it unfold 🤔🤔🤔

Just carry food along... And let a nepa officer in charge of each street to lead you, you no go miss road. Talking in the rubbish So you can go from house to house in search of covid19 patient but can't do same when it comes to sharing food and money as governments palliative? 😒 They must have been doing this since

Very okay and commendable ✅🤝 Excellent 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣....I don tire Hope not another way to say you want to lock them for another 14days. Good morning Lagos. You people are doing well. Who'll open the gate for the health workers abi dem go jump fence? 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Mad oh Make sure you come along with the needful

Sha do everything you want to do before 14th as you promised. This lockdown no funny again. Shey nkan to ku ni eleyi... mtchewwww Good, but you need to be physically equip Good move. You want to start infectng people house to house abi That's cool. Some residents still looking at it from stigma perspective and alternative medicine. So house to house is OK. Maybe you should start house to house palliative measure drobafemihamzat, jidesanwoolu

This is a strategy to extend the lockdown What about sharing the money contributed? Una dey find passengers? How if I may ask? Another dimension 🙆 So u can prepare for house to house Covid 19 patient's, but can't go from house to house to share food materials for Covid 19 Situation? Dumb ass Mada foka's......

Dem just dey start wen it hard for them to do house to house funding right... Make sure you come with foods and money If u think of getting d vaccine to everyone Lagos U better rethink. We don't wsnt the vaccine 😠😡 Nice one Are they just waking up? What did they do since the lockdown? Nigerian government 🤝 unrealistic goals

Clowns but you can't go with relief materials Please quickly, while searching house to house for Corona virus case, do well by also dropping your palliatives. I think that will make it easier.. Hmmm Lmao Wu na weldon yousouphate1 follow me as I promised to follow you back from bumper to bumper 👌 👌 👌 Make den come my side empty handed o because my dog dey vex now o lockdown But they cannot begin house to house distribution of food... If they dont gedifok Even with the Tag and Letter.. I hope some people won't take advantage of this to execute their evil agenda. Good one. Just get enough man power and its done Make Dem Sha hol money Please their should come over with food stuff ooooo

Na so Thank God o This one pass efcc oh But can't go house to house to share relief funds They shouldn't go empty-handed while they're at it Boys go obtain una o This is serious Pls can they also go with food items 😥😥 Lmao!! E don reach that level? Nawa ooo Where dey wan search reach? Good OMG🤦🏼 This may not be easy but it will help a lot

COVID-19: 78 people arrested in Lagos for breaking lockdown rules - Daily Post NigeriaAt least 78 Lagos State residents have been arrested and convicted for violating “the principles of social distancing'. This was disclosed by the Lagos You are making a law where people are hungry, a hungry man will always disobey that law. Please arrest more...

BREAKING: Lagos discharges seven COVID-19 patientsSeven Coronavirus patients have been discharged from the Isolation Centre in Lagos state.The state Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu made th... Wow Good job to Lagos Thank God oooo💃💃💃💃 We're coming out of this.

BREAKING: Lagos discharges seven COVID-19 patientsGood job the health workers. Stop fooling yourself .. Which treatment are you giving them... Even USA, Italy, Spain don't discharged patient like Nigeria. Na paracetamol dem dey give them ni

BREAKING: Coronavirus: Seven COVID-19 patients discharged in Lagos - Daily Post NigeriaThe Lagos State Government has discharged seven coronavirus patients from its isolation centre in the state. This development was disclosed by the state Thank God for the large scale recovery... Our Doctors and Nurses are working yet China must come 😢 God bless Nigeria Doc. and Nurses Wow that's great

COVID-19: Social restrictions continue in Abuja, Lagos, others despite Easter celebration - Police - Daily Post NigeriaThe Inspector-General of Police, IGP Mohammed Adamu, has directed the Commissioners of Police in states where the COVID-19 social restriction orders have Is good oo, prevention is better than cure... So no easter this year

Easter Celebration: Lagos Govt speaks on relaxing COVID-19 lockdownWe are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information. lol close it down We can only celebrate easter when we are alive, seek experts opinion Gov. of Lagos. That should only be allowed if doing so will not jeopardize the efforts made so far to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus. Can we all read the outline and not just the headline? The Lagos state government disputed the rumor making the rounds on this note. Lagos state is not relaxing on the lockdown. StaySafeNigeria StayHomeSaveLives