Kwara Nurses Strike, Personal Protective Equipment

Kwara Nurses Strike, Personal Protective Equipment

Kwara nurses begin strike over lack of protective wear

4/10/2020 10:30:00 AM

Kwara nurses begin strike over lack of protective wear

Tunde OyekolaMembers of the National Association of Nurses and Midwives working at the General Hospital, Ilorin on Thursday downed tools in protest against what they described as poor and risky condition of work.They also complained of non supply of Personal Protective Equipment to safeguard them while treating suspected COVID-19 patients brought to the hospital.

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Speaking during their protest in the hospital premises, the health workers lamented that the state government did not provide personal protective equipment for them in the accident and emergency units as well as other units despite the coronavirus pandemic in the state.

The nurses also said they worked two shifts of 10-14 hours daily without provision of call food or allowances as being provided for some other health workers.The auditor of the association, Funke Alo, added that designated pick-up points for workers on duty were few, which made workers go through stress before finding their way.

While accusing the government and top management of disregarding their letter where they pointed out their challenges and the risk involved in the course of their work, the protesting health workers vowed not to resume work until the issues were addressed.

She said, “The nurses are working under a risky condition in this hospital. Those at the Accident and Emergency ward are not given the Personal Protective Equipment to protect them against the danger of contracting coronavirus which we has now crept into the state and we are not also paid hazard allowance as it is done in other states.

Efforts to get the response of the state government proved abortive as the state Commissioner for Health, Dr Raji Razak, did not pick all calls made to his telephone while the text message sent to the number was not replied as at the time of filing this report.

Meanwhile, the state chapter of the Nigeria Medical Association has directed its members not to consult or treat any patient without Personal Protective Equipment.In a joint statement by the Chairman and Secretary of the NMA, Dr Kolade Solagberu and Dr Majeed Mohammed respectively, the association said it noted that there was inadequacy of PPEs in majority of the public and private hospitals in the state.

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FabolousBanji Who swear for this country like dis 😭😭 Yes Why on earth do you have to use the picture of UBTH Nurses...are you people ok Shebi China doctors are in Nigeria now, why is our poor Nigerian drs and nurses still bothering themselves ? I support their protest but IF this image attached to this tweet is how they went about it then I am disappointed.

Good. Doctors should even join them Punch toilet paper please stop ur fake news now no strike in kwara State jidealexoni This govt no get shame. In the midst of this pandemic Won japa olayemi_123 Jaw jaw sometimes is better than war war. Engaging medical personnels in this kind of adventure without adequate medical equipment is a suicide mission. They also have families. Gov should do the needful plss.

This so painful at a time like this apc Nigeria government still playing hanky panky govt system Here we go again.. DrEOEhanire are you aware of this? Abeg mek una stay at home, u also get Families The Governor dose not know there is no protective wear🤔 No comment Imamofpeace My Country we deserve better.

Mess country Jack ma donation nko? 🤦🏾‍♂️ I don’t want to hear pim! O’to ge Don't worry the Chinese doctors are here. You can go home. Thanks for your earlier commitments. We're proud of you all. dondekojo O’toge 😂😂😂 I am sure this is also SARAKI'S FAULT... Hahahahaha... Yet your FG is bringing in chinese doctors who will be provided all they need to do whatever it is they came to do (such an irony) and saying hazard allowance for doctors is unnecessary... God! Innocent bloods are on y'alls hands!

If this was Oyo state, BMC handles would've been wanking all over the thread Please start to make enquires abt opportunities in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. Consider brushing up your English language skills to enable quick processing of your work visa. Don’t hesitate to leave a society tht has no value for your job, your profession & your life.

Hope you stay your ground until you get the correct PPE. Coronavirus is real and lots of health workers, especially nurses and doctors are dying from the disease. Politicians can’t be stealing public fund and live in luxury at home and abroad and expect you to die in untimely. BabalolaFarouq Cc OlaitDele154 ard_uith

Afolabi40878165 lmao You can't strike during a pandemic and stage a gathering for a protest like this..whats wrong with this country. This is crazy. How can they care for covid positive clients without PPEs Hoo disappointed governments I like it like that Am sure they will have to listen Okay!!!! It’s going down

Everything that enters Nigeria always turn out to be regrettable . I'm sure oga corona has regretted coming to Nigeria Dead nation UncleChike_ But Jack Ma supplied this and NCDC distributed to states in Nigeria What a sow of shame Government should take fast movement over this issue, before is too late God bless kwara state, God bless Nigeria

I thought it was donated and also billions was giving to Nigerian govt. So they chop the money and want our nurses to kiss corona virus. Stay at home they are protesting; govt self busy enjoying money. sandybrownx 🤦🏽‍♀️ This a big disgrace? Is this a joke ? Another one Otoge Ah ah Too Bad for d state I guess Saraki is still the governor.

Correct !!!!no PPE no work. Like say the change they pay us as nurses is not enough Thank you Provide it for them for Christ sake.... Why una dey fall hand like this M in support of this. wack government Sigh And let's the whole world know that health workers receives 5k for hazard in Nigeria. So where all this billions come they go 😷

Have you seen soldiers going to war,without wearing their Camouflage 🤔❓ Welcome to Nigeria God will help us ... Is the governor or commissioner aware 🙄 ogun state,and d landlords and tenants have turn them sefs to watch guards since the police have refused to answer them,please sir/ma do something it is getting out of hands already PoliceNG ElkanaBala AcpIshaku frankmbablog KemiOlunloyo segalink citizen_gavel ifounrest

These Yahoo men nor settle them? And the FOOLISH FG GOVT spent $12millions to import Chinese Doctors chaplinez70 It really didn’t have to get to this, but.... Only us go import doctors and export patients. Why problem nor go dey? Imamofpeace We are in such a shameless nation. Imagine, importing Chinese doctors with millions of dollars and our health workers here lacking personal protective equipment. .. SMH

Love this!!! Please share this more... We left our own and went for Chinese doctors , imagine this joke? Na so. Make de go bring their Chinese doctors. Kris_beee Good Move💪 The only language the Government understands is strike, very unfortunate, even though there is shortage of PPE all over the world that of Nigeria is exceptional. When a suspected case of COVID 19 was brought in ABU Medical Center in Zaria, offices closed for lack of PPE.

Sen Bukola Saraki is the cause. He cornered all the protective wears to his family. Haqhaqhaqhaqhaq... Good one speak up Way to go Whete is Busola Saraki in all this,is he not responsible for this too? This is what we are talking about The Governor's aides are telling us their boss is a baby who wants praise for doing the wrong things. projecting him like he's mentally deficient, even realities can't be clouded. When there are no PPEs and staff are really grumbling at facility centres.

Who wan die? Without PPE, health workers & family members will be at risk. When we said RealAARahman is not ready with COVID 19 but propaganda they think we are said it because of politics thank God it's clear to the nation that kwara state govnt is lie to us Psychiatric patients would say the nurses are not patriotic.

I commend you people our front line heros the real soldiers The same people that were paid to say “otoge”.. enjoy your new government. Next level/ oto geh A failed Nation in the making Otoge🤣🤣🤣 I don't know how truth is this but is it quite cray Let's go there Is this happening.why all this ,how much will it cost govt to provide this they will not,money it's a No why are they leading us.too bad.

It is high time we teach all this looters some lesson. No better time. The ignorant of Gov. AA Totally set back for Kwarans Saraki is not doing well at all. They should sit at home to be safe and let the 12 Chinese take over now. They can't make home better. They are parents, children and siblings of somebody and we want them safe. PLEASE STAY HOME

The APC governor wants to use the nurses for NextLevel sacrifices. Go & check the financial records of the state and you would find that money had been budgeted & released for the protective wears but the NextLevel miracle has taken place with respect to its usage. The government of the day is a scammer

Toor!!! 😒 This is very sad So unfortunate that we are facing this situation in Nigeria. What happened to all the money donated and budgeted? The current administration is a failure and doesn't have anything to offer people of Kwara state Lobatan. Lets gather around to say a prayer for Kwara state!! Only in Nigeria oh

And dey use $2m to bring Chinese Dr. They should send them to kwara Naija, they can't even provide safety materials This Corona don expose many things sha Hmmm! No wears? Two trillion can’t be accountable for. SMH Otoge kwara Nawa for this Country, which way Nigeria, what are we doing, what's happening now?

See these ones o! I don't think these ones believed that Covid-19 really exist! Protest at this time they know the disease is right out there. No distance in between them! Vampires all overrrrrrrrr You never see anything. Ótoge never dey do you well? There we go 🤣🤣🤣 Follow StraightnewsM for latest news, retweet our post and stand a chance to win cash price in our weekly give away

This country self is just sick Great. Delta... So none of them is wise enough to use nose mask. They are health workers for God's sake. Fake news, nah we Nigerians gangan be our problem. Some ppl would have screenshot this and put on their TL too. SEzekwesili What kind of country is this? 🤦‍♀ U got my support 100%

They should all go home since these politicians don't care about their lives Oh no. Better The same thing is happening in most of the teaching hospitals across the Country but they are busy importing Chinese doctors. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ This is turning to something else oooo Any small thing, strike!! Nawa oo... Why the state government dey fall hand na

They are busy importing Chinese Virus. Sorry doctors. Our own we don’t support neither do we acknowledge the good work they are doing Crisis is brewing . To get anything in this Allah forsaken country you must protest. It is a shame Good for them, before they get home and infect their families. Imagine the country we giant of Africa shame to our fucking leaders.

Lol Hmmmmmmm easyhopes i remembered that you are one of the covidiots that came on segalink TL to defend kwara state governor for wearing a mask meant for healthworkers. Una don sell una soul oooo and brain to the devil finally !!!! Nigeria my country... Smh This is not good! Any nurse or doctor that strike during this time is not in the right proffessional.

What a pity Where is the Billions of Naira donated by individuals and cooperate organization to curb Covid-19. Those money can be use to procure personal protective Equipment (PPE) for our medical personnel. And FG used $2m to bring those Chinese doctors in our country 🙆I weep for Nigeria 😢 ✊ Same should happen on Akure

After over 30 billion donations.. CursedNation MrUsifo I know Gov RealAARahman wouldn't want to risk the lives of our mothers and Fathers like that. Pls, provide protective gears and other necessity. Hazard allowance also should be critically considered. This are desperate times; we need desperate measures.

Saraki why? They didn’t give us anything to protect ourselves,we keep working everyday 🥺🥺🥺🥺 Another Otoge movement 😁😁 No fake news go kiss you .. Kwaratine We are not ready in this country Otoge! Call in the Chinese doctors Must you people go on strike over everything? The APC government is useless. Corruption won't allow them do what is right.

It is there right I don't blame them Way to go💪🏾 They're willing to pay billions to import doctors yet they find it difficult to provide basic PPE for health wokers to work with. They've shown countless times that they don't care about our wellbeing. Please ooo, Your SAFETY first! Don't waste your Life for nothing

Let's start a trend, protectivewearsforhealthworkers The government should provide for them. Thank you for your action. 🙏🙏🙏 This is what you need to do for the world to see the failure of the Government. 👍 No protective wear, no risking our life for anyone. No one can travel overseas for medical treatment again... We are suffering together and dying together. 🙏🙏

Good Nigeria is a mess I regret been a Nigeria Haaa,in this era of covid-19. But why on earth would the government not provide PPE's 😳? This is bizzare But Nigeria government can use $2m to import Chinese doctors 😂 See gone Look at the foolish govt we have idiot people 1trilliongang . office na bank in Nigeria. Come tell me say one get office burn

Kwara Nurses Commend Governor RealAARahman for his dogged commitment, dismisses strike rumour Ok oooooooooo This is serious! Way to go before they start becoming victims. Beta that is the beta OTOGE RealAARahman kwaragovt Pls look into this. Nigeria just tire me And the lockdown will start today... Kwara never get ready at all...

And what if one of this nurses has been contacted with COVID-19, is this gathering not too alarming to withstand? Our Nurses lack protective wears but the Chinese medical will enjoy goodies worth billions of Naira.... Abeg who do us like this for Nigeria Kwara doing everything to get their own stimulus fund from the Federal government.

Haba!!! At this time? Why will Saraki deprived them of PPE? All Doctors n Nurses should follow suit let the government provide all necessary things they need.... Abi kinni gan na I weep for my country I weep for my country men Just tell me one sector that is working in Nigeria. Otoge geng ti gbe won ni over 2.5 😂😂😂 OyatoyeEmmanuel

They have families too Emo wolu indeed 🤣🤣🤣 Kwarantine kwarantino 😂😂😂😂 Imagine 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Na them Its about time. E don happen.. mr_sete Very good Kwarantine This is not so true RealAARahman kwaragovt RealAARahman Ewo tun ni eleyi bayii Omo see gbegeh. E don happen😂😂 Oh my god Emo wo lu😱

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