Kogi Rejects Two COVID-19 Cases Announced By NCDC

Kogi Rejects Two COVID-19 Cases Announced By NCDC

5/29/2020 1:17:00 AM

Kogi Rejects Two COVID-19 Cases Announced By NCDC

Kogi Rejects Two COVID-19 Cases Announced By NCDC

 Updated May 28, 2020A patient who is suspected of suffering from COVID-19 coronavirus undergoes testing at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital isolation centre on May 10, 2020. Audu MARTE / AFP The Kogi state government has rejected the two COVID-19 positive cases announced by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control.

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In its daily report of new cases on Wednesday, the NCDC said Kogi had recorded its first two cases.Only Kogi state and Cross River were previously the only states not to have recorded any case of the virus.However, during his appearance onPolitics Today

on Thursday, Kogi state’s Commissioner for Information, Kingsley Fanwo, described the NCDC reporting process as fraudulent.“We are completely rejecting such declarations because they do not even conform to the protocols set by the NCDC itself.“When you look at the history of the cases they declared, the patient was admitted at the Federal Medical Centre in Lokoja for symptoms that were far from COVID-19 symptoms. But they were not attended to there and the next thing was to bring them to the National Hospital in Abuja. And within a few hours, they were tested, and under 24 hours, the man was declared COVID-19 positive.

“It is fraudulent as far we are concerned and we are rejecting them in its entirety.”Meanwhile, the NCDC had earlier maintained that due process was followed in recording the Kogi cases.At the briefing by the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 in Abuja on Thursday, the Director-General of the NCDC, Chikwe Ihekweazu, said the Kogi index case was a referral from the Federal Medical Centre in Lokoja.

“There is actually no dilemma in the two cases,” he said. “They followed absolutely normal practice.“A patient that was referred from the Federal Medical Centre to the National Hospital. This is a normal referral pathway when you have a case.“The physicians in the National Hospital, I don’t have any influence over the work that they do. They suspected COVID-19 based on the clinical symptoms of the patient, asked for a test, and the test came out positive.

“The individual lives in Kogi state. And public health response is based on where you live because that’s where your contacts are.“So this is not controversial in any way. Standard practice was followed. Once the results came out, the state’s Epidemiologist was informed that he has to do contact-tracing around this patient. It is the state’s responsibility to do that contact-tracing. So we hope they do it. There is nothing actually controversial in any way about this.”

On whether the NCDC was willing to subject its test for validation, Ihekweazu said, “we are a public health organisation, everything we do is open to the Nigerian people.” Read more: Channels Television »

Na the matter we dey settle since Kogi State Government debunked the news, The Minister of Information said the symptoms is far from Covid-19, but the NCDC epidemiology said they have TWO COUNTRY ONE SYSTEM Have said it time without number, NCDC is fraudulent. Until they reveal the truth behind the actual cases we have in this country.

E Don happen It’s about time somebody like a senator or a lawyer do an independent review on the total number of reported covid19 cases in Nigeria. Some high level transparency is needed here to restore sanity and integrity in the system In an ideal world, you fall sick with an unbearable medical condition and then request test or diagnosis but not any more with NCDC(New Case Don Come). They come to a perfectly healthy person, do a test and verbally release the result. Covid419 is a ploy to promote test kit biz.

I dey Government house with GovernorBello and NCDCgov since morning dey try settle the matter. The two of them no won gree. Na the matter we dey settle since yesterday Audio covid19 in Nigeria. God will fight you that make life unbearable for Nigerians because of selfish interest 3 days free business training on mini importation, mini exportation, 10 businesses with zero capital, freelancing (fiverr and upwork), SEO, putting your business on google, Animation & Design, Facebook ads From Sat 30th - Mon 1st June Join WhatsApp👇

Why is Yahaya Bello afraid of covid 19 discovery in Kogi State? Is he expecting a trophy for clean slate of covid 19, in his state? May God almighty Allah forgive those policymakers..... Nigeria is free from COVID 19!!!😬 What is all these drama...while some countries cry over this covid-19 we are here playing hide and seek game with it...what a mess!

Nah the matter we go settle I commend the governor for this, because he knows NCDC are playing game with this pandemic Is by force to have kogi state counted among the covid 19 states, kogi no get coronavirus sheikena.....haaa NCDC looks shady but we still dey court dey solve thematter 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I taught NCDC was supposed to publish COVID-19 cases based on the state governor's alignment, or is there anything i am not understanding.

Na TheMATTER dem dey settle for Lokoja 😂 Na by force them dey take get Coronavirus? I just wish God fit deal with those lying about this covid19 to loot our money Still on the matter Scam Election result better...NCDC is giving us fucking figures.. Lolzz covid 19 result, turn election poll results... Nigeria my nigeria!... we are here settling the case..

Lolz na the matter we dy settle for efcc oo WHAT A COUNTRY. NCDC: We discovered two corona virus cases in kogi state. KOGI STATE GOVERNMENT: We don't have any corona virus case yet. Kogi will never record any covid 19 cases ijn🙏🙏🙏 Na this matter we go settle now Because they knew it is was a scam and a way of saying Kogi is not a covid19 free state.

I love that, do joined in makings numbers up. TheMATTER Channels una no dey shame..... Make una stop to dey upload NCDC live score again... NCDC go give una update una go upload without proof , is dat how jobless you guys are? They have discovered another oil in Kogi state Love it or hate it na our country be this but I no follow

Rogue governor. God bless all the Kogi government, your transparency will never be forgotten 🤣🤣🤣 It's only in Nigeria that I've heard that a state can accept or reject COVID19 case. Hmm....🚶 NCDC VSKOGI GOVT. Winning team say hi If this people can take a test in this manner, trust me they can never treat a corona virus patient.

What exactly does the Koji governor hope to achieve with this propaganda machine We go settle the matter last last noni When kogi got Ncdc involved what were they thinking? God bless Kogi state NCDC don sneak am in abii wetin? Because Dem talk am last month say their target na to make sure the virus reach the whole state, Lagos State still targeting their 120k. Convid comedians

Kogi has been promoted from second division to the main COVIK 19 Nigerian league Can somebody assist me with just a token to feed..pls..let me buy little foodstuffs plss..am begging you all.God will bless you love you show.this pandemic has hit us badly.pls don't ignore me pls .you will save a generation if you do this. 3115801777 first bank

Kogi state have 2 point Communication gap NCDCgov kogi_dairies It has become election result announcement. Very good As in it’s not their portion right ? Jokers Na the matter we they settle since, and network no too they Lokoja.... Who is Fooling who.... I hail for Nigeria There is nothing to dispute here. lugardhouse Infominkogi should do contact tracing before COVID19 spreads further in the state. Brazilian president who denied COVID19 is reaping its fruit now.

Who go settle this matter? May be Oga Bello is yet to agree to their terms. They should increase their offer immediately. Lol I follow back Nigeria agn? Abeg How we go take settle this matter now 'NCDC should stop defrauding Nigeria' ~ Kogi govt. 'Sanwo Olu should account for the money spent so far on covid-19' ~Lagos state assembly(14-04-2020) Cases are increasing everyday since that day. Abeg b4 you drag me for clothe, I didn't say anything. I just quoted.

When they knew the case was not covid-19 related, y didn't the FMC Lokoja treat the patient instead of referring him to the National hospital, abuja? This desperation to ensure Kogi isn't listed will only get kogites killed soon. Naija my country 😂😂😂 Yeah it was rigged , ballot boxes were stolen and they were no elections in Ankpa , Dekina and Kabba LGAs

I love Nigeria! NCDC, you have failed us by not telling us the truth! 3 days free business training on mini importation, mini exportation, 10 businesses with zero capital, freelancing (fiverr and upwork), SEO, putting your business on google, Animation & Design, Facebook ads From Sat 30th - Mon 1st June Join WhatsApp👇

Maybe they don't want to play in the league. They see this for the shitshow that it is I think they should give their own result now Kogi no wan gree 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lmao as per na Election result abi 🤡 we still de settle the matter since morning oh 😩 Nonsense force kogi to accept it na liars, dis covid 19 will soon put NCDC in trouble, the fake numbers wen NCDC Dey announce neva tire them, we go soon probe una.

No be that one way build isolation center for 7 billion naira? 🚶 🚶 🚶 E say dem reject,Na election result Jnr_elnino Na TheMATTER we they try settle so I talk am say if Kogi find out say them lie for their head we go need settle TheMATTER. Jnr_elnino 🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣 AngelGabriel come settlematter Kogi state don reject NCDCgov LiveScores o.

no so dem take blind ncdc pikin eye oo we still dey settle the matter since morning settlematter TheMATTER Na this matter we still dey settle now Goldengift025 Na the matter we dey try settle since morning 🤣🤣🤣🤣 When will this back and forth end? Lol 😂

COVID-19: Kogi rejects NCDC result, insists state still freeNa the matter we dey settle since morning Lolz , this man no won gree o 😂😂😂😂 Hehehe. Hope their Governor is a doctor sha

COVID-19: Kogi rejects NCDC results, insists state still freeNa the matter we dey settle since o. NCDC talk say Kogi get two COVID 19 index cases, Kogi govt say dem no get. Na the matter we dey settle 🙆😱😂 people are getting sick, tired and bored already...NCDC are not helping matters

Kogi confirms two COVID-19 cases as Nigeria records highest daily figure everBREAKING Kogi state confirmed two cases of the novel coronavirus on Wednesday as Nigeria reported 389 new cases of the virus, bringing the total of confirmed infections in the country to 8,733. Read more: NCDCgov 256 in Lagos NCDCgov How come the virus enter Kogi, the app don fail? Or the interstate lock down is not working NCDCgov Figure captured.... Livescore everyday NCDCgov ramain Cross River

Kogi Joins List As COVID-19 Spreads To 35 States In NigeriaKogi Joins List As COVID-19 Spreads To 35 States In Nigeria i follow back God finally shamed him. Bloody liar Scam! As most of us no wan get sense.

JUST IN: Finally, COVID-19 hits Kogi - The Nation NigeriaKogi, which has resisted attempts by the Nigeria Centre For Disease Control (NCDC) to operate in the state, has finally recorded two coronavirus cases. Finally Wow COVID-19 related death everywhere. Does it mean people are not dying of HIV, Fever and other ailment? Most death now is COVID-19. Covid-19 related death is different from COVID-19 death. I'm tired of hearing all these audio posthumous test. Surely, COVID-19 will fade off someday Thenation are u hapy wit d development?

COVID-19: List of five States with highest cases in Nigeria as Kogi gets figureNigeria on Tuesday recorded 389 new cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) This sums the total number of confirmed cases in Nigeria to 8733. According to the data from the Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC, there are now 35 States, excluding Cross River, with at least one confirmed case of COVID-19. The NCDC on Tuesday night