Chibanzi Mwachonda, Covid-19, Dentists Union, Kenya

Chibanzi Mwachonda, Covid-19

Kenya doctors threaten strike over lack of COVID-19 protections

Kenya doctors threaten strike over lack of COVID-19 protections

11/25/2020 1:03:00 AM

Kenya doctors threaten strike over lack of COVID-19 protections

The doctors plan to go on strike because the government is not giving them medical insurance.

Mwachonda is calling on the government to employ at least 2,350 doctors and medical workers to attend to the sick in various hospitals across the country.“There is an acute shortage of doctors in this country in each and every county and our demand that each county must employ at least 50 doctors to cover for COVID and for the other services. If this is not addressed equally, we shall be on strike come on the 6th of December,” Mwachonda said.

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The Kenya Nurses Union has also issued a 14-day strike notice. The union is demanding compensation for the families of 18 nurses who died from COVID-19 and salaries for some nurses, who have not been paid for months.The head of the National Assembly Health Committee, Sabina Chege, said Kenya cannot afford to see doctors not working during this challenging period.

“It’s not a unique situation where doctors are feeling that they are not taken care of by the government. At what point do you say it’s optimal or enough? It can never be enough but people can try, and we can’t manage everything. Let’s look at what is the priority, what can we be able to do for now, what can wait for a month or two then we can have an agreement. I don’t think the strike will solve anything. We’ll lose more life and nobody is safe,” Chege said.

Kenya has recorded 77,800 coronavirus cases and 1,400 deaths since March. Read more: Premium Times »

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