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Kano-Maradi railway to solve bad-road challenge, says Amaechi

11/24/2020 8:11:00 AM

Kano-Maradi railway to solve bad-road challenge, says Amaechi

Joseph OlaoluwaThe Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, has said that the construction of the Kano-Maradi line will help Nigeria solve the challenge of bad roads and compete favourably with neighbouring states.Amaechi said this during a train inspection tour of the 156km Lagos-Ibadan rail line on Monday.

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He said, “The essence of that line is for us to be able to transport cargo, not just from Niger Republic but from neighbouring states.“We are not competing well with Togo, Benin Republic, Ivory Coast and Ghana over cargoes that come from the landlocked states.

“The excuse given for the poor competition by Nigerians is that our roads are bad, criminals attack them at police and Customs checkpoints. They are not able to do business due to the high cost of transactions.“If we have to compete favourably, it means that Nigeria has to repair or rebuild the roads. However, a rail line will solve the problem.”

The minister apologised for the breakdown of the Abuja-Kaduna train, noting that the contractor and the National Railway Corporation have been directed to fix it, as he worried that Nigeria may have to make use of its old locomotives.He said the failure could affect the number of times the rail could operate because it was just recently procured to increase passenger services.

Amaechi tasked the contractor working on the Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge rail line to increase the pace of the work.He said, “There is a need to increase the pace of the work. They were doing well, but the pace of work has slowed down.“COVID-19 is no longer an excuse. They have worked for three months; we insist. The Permanent Secretary, myself, Chairman of NRC Board, the tech committee should meet with them tomorrow to ensure the pace of work is increased so that by the next time, we will see a huge improvement.

“They gave COVID-19 as an excuse for cutting down the number of workers but if you wear your mask and sanitise your hands, you will reduce the risk of infection.”Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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Amaechi has sold his birth right The roads cant be fixed? Yes it will solve the roads problems of the north and their niger brothers while the southern part remains a death traps. One country indeed Oga amaechi as ur name imply,put ur own husx in order first When will railway be constructed in the south please?

In order to solve bad road, you won't repair the road but built a rail li e. What happened if the rail line is faulty aren't you going to use that same bad road you fail to repair? Is it that this railway System can't work in the south-south and south-east? It's well. Idiot. Kare 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and the terrorist boko/ bandits challenge

I hate this man with all my body, soul and blood. Yeye Dey smell The train service is now to replace the roads or to complement it? Is this leadership well at all. How can you solve bad road challenges by railway. When you can actually fix the roads for much alternative. Mtchewwww. These people self Bad road challenges? You just Indicted your colleague.

For easy transportation of the refined crude into Nigeria I guess. It's easier using the money to fix the bad road. Must everyone travel to Maradi? Even in ur local govt too Political dunderheads on the prowl What nonsense, fix the roads... RotimiAmaechi, you need human capital development and not this. How do you build infrastructure for people without value? How do they maximize this? If human capital development comes first, then we build our own infrastructure using our values...ProfOsinbajo tell him

So his kinsman can come in numbers and take over Nigeria IFB IFB Instantly When railway goes bad then what next, waterways? What is this fucking man saying Maradi!!! In Niger republic? So the road will not work on or what Kano to Lagos not working, but Kano to Maradi to solve challenges on what. Gaskiya no dey for this talk.

Kano, Niger republic, when will you talk of rivers. This country eh, so we get trains and abandon roads? No wonder we are where we are This our connection to Niger, I no understand again oo. So if you repair rail, the roads becomes good automatically. It's well. Ifb No, Good roads will solve bad road challenge

so, you know that our roads are bad. Anything you do for the north, you have done it to Nigeria. The North owns Nigeria and that is why they all got their appointments. Everything about Nigeria is just moving backward Oga liv d road we wan enter recession ....: So Amechi has decided to abandon the roads now, railways will now replace bad road.

Why can’t we have both rail and road in good condition? How much are borrowing to make it happen Amaechi u be goat CAN’T YOU FIX ROADS? SO BECAUSE THIS IS NIGERIA the people that have BUSINESSES on ROADS and ROAD TRANSPORTATION should continue to DIE in AUTO CRASHES. These are the same people that CLAIM they want to better the Economic Situations of the poor masses. DEAD BRAINS!!!

APC just assembled morons to drive their stupid incompetent fraudulent government. Why are there still bad roads in Nigeria? Absurd!!!! E don dey hungry him to chop money. If only mono rail did same in Rivers State This useless government don't have any plans for south south & South east! Amechi Shame on you ChibuikeAmaechi

Solve bad road where in Nigeria or in Nigeria? This people feel we are fools. Or probably they are out of their mind. There is no need to spill out a terrible excuse... you could have constructed an Airport to solve the bad road because we don't understand this OKOTO BREAKING: What Nigerians Are Not Yet Doing To Transform Nigeria Kindly Retweet and Follow

Has this man attracted any fg project in his area? Just asking for a friend Somebody is thinking upside down. How can a 156km railway with less than 10km stretch in Nigeria solve the problem of bad roads in Nigeria? It seems bubu is trying to use Nigeria's resources to develop his native country Each day with various bufoonry

2020 Nigeria still talking about bad roads.... 😂😂😂😂😂... Foooooollllllllslssssss Railway kano to Maradi is 419 KM, let them do their business 😊 This same Minister has pushed us into a cesspit of debt which we may never extricate ourselves from. The Abuja-Kaduna line can not even pay it's our share of the loan used in building it. This shows it was over priced

So the bad road remains unfixable? Cow head Do you have any economic benefits in MARADI? You haven't fix Nigerian road, you are thinking of Niger Republic They don’t take the Trains so what u expect from them . Nice headline, Next please!!! I follow back immediately These guys are just shameless Oloriburuku Amaechi

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