Hijab, Kwara State, Muslim Leaders

Hijab, Kwara State

JUST IN: Kwara govt. approves use of hijab in public schools

JUST IN: Kwara govt. approves use of hijab in public schools

2/26/2021 9:06:00 AM

JUST IN: Kwara govt. approves use of hijab in public schools

The state government also directs the 10 schools it shut last week over the hijab controversy to reopen on Monday.

has approved the use of hijab in all public schools in the state and directed the 10 schools it shut last week to reopen on Monday.This was disclosed in a statement released by the Secretary to the Kwara State Government, Mamma Jibril, Thursday evening.

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Recall that the government, last Friday, directed the temporary closure of 10 grant-aided secondary schools in Ilorin, the state capital,pendingthe resolution of the controversy on the use of hijab (head covering).The schools are C&S College, ST. Anthony College, ECWA School, Surulere Baptist Secondary School, Bishop Smith Secondary School, CAC Secondary School, St. Barnabas Secondary School, St. John School, St. Williams Secondary School and St. James Secondary School.

At the meetings held with government, leaders of the Christian and Muslim communities refused to shift ground.While the Muslim leaders insisted their students should be allowed to use the head covering in accordance with the Nigerian Constitution, their Christian counterparts demanded respect for the ‘religious background’ of the schools. headtopics.com

ResolutionHowever, according to its statement on Thursday, the state government said it has considered all the submissions, the education law of the state and prevailing court judgments.The government said it has paid particular attention to the ‘declaratory’ nature of the subsisting judgments of the Court of Appeal and their purports.

“Consequently, the government hereby acknowledges and approves the right of the Muslim schoolgirl to wear the hijab, and directs the Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development to come up with a uniform hijab for all public/ grant-aided schools, which will be the accepted mode of head covering in schools. Any willing schoolgirl with the approved (uniform) hijab shall have the right to wear same in public/grant-aided schools,” he said.

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Alhamdulillah Welcome development. I don't have any problem with the directive but truth be told, would Islamic schools here in Nigeria have allowed pupils whose parents are Ifa worshippers, Herbalists, Christians or Buddha to put on a religious cap or insignia in their schools? Why give what we can't take?

Kwara used to be a Yoruba state o They have finished the whole system with religion. Not quick for them to build standard, structure but quick to legalize religion demands. Rubbish! This is just rubbish. You want to force your religious beliefs on another religion? So why are the Muslims sending their children to Mission schools? They should rather go to schools own by JNI no be by force na.

This case is very simple... Aggrieved Christians who feel slighted can also test the laws by going to an all Muslim school and refuse to wear an head covering... It will be interesting to see the outcome.... This is a recipe for religious crisis..Why prevail on Christian faith schools to allow your hijab? Religious freedom should be seen and encouraged not this

Misplaced priority. Kwarans are brainwashed Is it compulsory nih Not in public christian owned schools. Moreso! kwara, even ilorin is not an islamic state. Every time Muslim causing problems don't Muslims have they own school and do whatsoever they want to do,the Kwara state government judging is base. ... approves use of hijab for all (willing) Muslims. Even the Muslims it's those that are willing, don't come here and start spewing grammar without reading the news biko.

Hijab or no hijab, we know what lies underneath the hijab, beyond the skin and some inches beneath the ribs. So we're all Muslims now in kwara state.. It's a pity our christain brothers and sisters are still angry with hijabs... Like why exactly are they unhappy with it? We will be magnanimous in our victory. We won we move.