JUST IN : Kano govt bans street begging by Almajiris

JUST IN : Kano govt bans street begging by Almajiris


JUST IN : Kano govt bans street begging by Almajiris

The Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje on Tuesday announced a ban on street begging by children popularly referred to as Almajiris.

“If almijiri teacher thinks he cannot accept the new policy he has to leave the state,” he said.“This policy of free and compulsory basic and secondary education goes along with its integration of our Almajiri system into the mainstream policy implementation. This suggests that English and Arithmetic must be included in the Almajiri schools curriculum,” the governor said.

This, according to him, will give those children other types of education, while they will continue acquiring their knowledge of the Holy Qur’an.

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Story for the gods Good Development. should try to draw the attention of Kano State Govt to also include Physical Health Education & Social Studies in the Almajiri sch curriculum to help change their behavior on cleanliness & other things. Cc:dawisu. Makaranta islamiyya is now everywhere they can learn and memorize the Qur'an their. They must not go to other state to do Almajiri in the name of seeking for knowledge. Their parents should be held responsible.

Let's see how it works out If you stop the Children from begging, what have you put in place to sustain their livelihood? If you allow 'Shekau' to feed these Children, the children will be glad to follow him to Sambisa forest in a hurry; with the aim of coming back to unleash terror on the people of Kano.

If you stop the Children from begging, what have you put in place to sustain their livelihood? If you allow 'Shekau' to feed these Children, the children will be glad to follow him to Sambisa forest in a hurry; with the aim of coming back to unleash terror on the people of Kano? If you Stop them from begging, what have you put in place to sustain their livelihood? If you allow 'Shekau' to feed these Children, the children will be glad to follow him to Sambisa forest in a hurry. With the aim of coming back to unleashing terror on the people of Kano?

Very good wllh! I am coming to love this Governor. Relevant Vocational Education should be included. This headline is Ok With this ingenious plan, the problem is solved forever! 🙄🙄

Emir Sanusi's Probe: Kano anti-corruption commission outlines next stepsThe Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-corruption Commission says it is exploring suitable options at its disposal following the ruling delivered by a Kano Federal High Court. I said it all in my YouTube videos that emir sanusi might get dethroned if care is not taken

Without making any provisions for the baggers? Ganduje is not ready to solve this problem An almajiri is also a child back to school. With this, Ganduje finally earn my respect. Though that doesn't changed the fact that he is corrupt. Lagos about to be flooded A welcome development, open vocational centers to train them and make education for all, a great step forward

Southwest governors should please same. When the creator of the nuisance is saying enough is enough we shouldn't accept same again. The Southern governors should place a ban on street begging immediately because what you will see next is exodus of almajiricin to the south. Ganduje surprise me o..... But walai I can't vote him and Tinubu and elrufai till I die!

Give them whatever training u think, begging is their inheritance they can't stop Very good

We're weighing options against Sanusi - Kano anti-corruption agency - Daily Post NigeriaThe Kano State Public Complaints and Anti-corruption Commission says it is EGG options against Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi Justice O. A. Egwuatu of the Boom Sanusi is a good person God will protect him

So how are they to survive?! This country shaaa, one day, one tomfoolery! I believe, in Victorian England, they established 'poorhouses' to deal with street begging. Point is there must be some kind of institutional intervention to provide an alternative. i.e. 'relocate' They should do something before banning them, cos not allowing them to do what keep them alive is something to think of.

Many people seems to have d theoretical solutions to our contemporary problems, but put them in the position of authority they will fail like we are currently seeing with d fed govt on security. Good move by the Kano state govt. What alternative was provided? Great news! I hope other northern states do the same.

Signing bills for prohibition of Almajiris is waste of time and useless. We have better alternatives to that. Adamu garba won’t like the ban!! losing the next elections

Rice production in Kano now 3m tonnes yearly – Ganduje – Daily TrustGov. Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano state says his administration has boosted rice production to 3 million tonnes yearly to meet local demand. Good work God bless you sir

Demikiwala Better idea Thank God All northern states should follow suit. Very good move. Now unto the next step... What do you have for them? What are the options for survival available? Making a law is one thing, enforcing that law is something else entirely. This law is the type my constitutional law lecturer calls a mere paper tiger.

Good move, but make sure that they're well rehabilitated and enrolled into any vocational training or almajiri school that was built by Jonathan They would be relocating to other states This ban would not last Great way to begin

Kano farmers hail Anchor Borrowers Programme, seek increased funding for agricultureFarmers in Kano State have hailed the Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) ongoing Anchor Borrowers Programme (ABP) but tasked government They hail the program but wont pay back the loans? Hypocrites! Parasites!

I'm not sport💯, because what Government bring to them? One state at a time. While you are putting a ban please deal with the issues that led to people begging on the street. Provide education, enlightenment and empower them. The almajiri system is a political machinery of the north. The north just will never rid itself of mass poverty and almajiris as long as we are talking about Nigeria with its doctored demographics & immiscible value system.

It was long overdue Waste of time, This same people have been coming to the East in truck loads, in Bus loads, why are they Coming to the East? We have been seeing them coming.. This time bomb will consume all of this evil Northerners They will join their cows in their trucks & flood other states. If not begging, what else can they do? Lazy fools.

Na today Long overdue adamugarba your pride have been banned Adamu Garba processing this L rn

Era of fuel scarcity is over in Kano—IPMAN – Daily TrustKano state Chairman of Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) Alhaji Bashir Ahmad Danmallam has described the success of ‘Operation White Project’ introduced by NNPC in 2019 as the key that dealt with fuel scarcity in Kano state and the nation in general. According to a statement issued to newsmen by the chairman, “the …

After this good movement, what is next for those Almajiris? I wonder how they will handle 3 million almajiris in the streets of kano alone? If northern leaders are honest about combating this social ill they would have allowed hundreds of schools built for them by Jonathan to function. They created them as foot soldiers.

They should build more prison cell bcz outright ban of this age long begging on the street isn't d best way.The best solution is 2 create an enabling envir'mt 4 them by enrolling them into schools& try 2 reorient their mindsets out of begging,anything aside that,is bound to fail. I believe he has a plan for them anyways because this begging has been a lucrative business to them in the north especially here in Kano. Atleast This would change the orientation of those that gives multiple children just to push them on the street to beg. Good development 🤝

He is doing well. At least he has done one thing right. Implementation should be key now Oh wow! Those beggars should be engaged properly please. Lol. Funny jokers Adamu Garba must not see this 😂 No news,until Kano State stops exporting SBs to other states only to cry'Foul'when attempts to send back the 'Unwanted' imports are made by the overwhelmed states as they reject 'Liability Citizens'.

Agriculture: Rice production hits all time high in Kano - Ganduje - Daily Post NigeriaKano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has disclosed that his administration boosts local rice production to 3 million tonnes a year to meet the karya ne And rice cost! Still Wow...

mikkyalat GOOD MORNING KANO! OBJ & VP atiku, introduced this policy via Universal Basic Education (UBE), in 1999, with UBE Act signed in 2004. Goal? free, universal & compulsory basic education for every Nigerian child aged 6-15. South Keyed fully; North was adamant. 21 YEARS LATER👇👇 👏👏 Am expecting LASG to do d same.. They're just everywhere like flies

Neighboring state get ready, they will soon flood your state if not southern state. Enforcement is not enough, reorientation about family planing and massive educational support will truly show they are serious. Not this yeye cosmetic approach. Will this charade really work? Lagos nko oooo Neighboring state get ready, they will soon flood your state if not southern state. Enforcement is not enough, reorientation about family planing and massive Educational support will truly show they are serious. Not this yeye cosmetic approach.

All this is just mere talk.. Wait till 2023!!! This is one big good news but it’s the only thing the people know how to do. How do you plan to rehabilitate them Ban will never solve or apprehend this issue.

A welcome development. Parents should take their children off the street. Attention followlasg Before you know it, they are in a truck down to Lagos. Audio ban.... So where do they intend to keep the boys. Lagos shine your eyes followlasg The analogy here is that, if there r no Palliatives provided for these streets beggars, kano state should expect high crime rate. Pple who beg to feed r vulnerable to crime.

Why will he ban them? They will now hire vehicles and send them to the South to constitute nuisances and criminals on the roads. He should allow them to stay with them oooo Could this be true, north wakes up... This is incredible work that Worth commendation. I would like to seek the privilege and honour of Northern Governors to apply this policy. GovUmarGanduje may Almighty continuously bless you sir.

Long overdue in Lagos. The menace is increasing daily.jidesanwoolu

adamugarba kai, they are banning your Heritage oo. The thing that makes you tick in the north! They are banning your proclaimed culture! About time Lagos is waiting to receive them nah. Funny lots, how can a factory ban it's product. It's like saying Coca-Cola bans the consumption of it's product within it's premises. discas2001 tha__phenom

All of them should come to Lagos the maga city...we need to show love for the sake of 2023. How realistic this will be? Good advantage for kano but lot of disadvantage for north central and the rest .....cos you will see them here in a truck ...chai .they love begging orladhortun Best decision from Northern part in past decades

orladhortun Where is that Adamu of a clown? Finally!!! Why is it always so difficult for Blackman to effect the most inescapable changes

What was the governor smoking when had a mass marriage for about 1500 people before Ramadan This is good news. The Kano state govt. can learn from our BooksOverTrays concept; Take them off the streets, enrol them in schools and empower their parents. Otherwise, this law will not hold. We must also address 2 other issues; childbride and birth control

sama_on_point Where is dawisu and Adamu Lols. 😂 I love that sarnchos Ell oh ell. Audio ban.. Something that is their pride adamugarba, Mr Okoto meow Chi efoola! 👏Way to go Pls read the article along thank you!

So how will they feed before we put them through school and get them jobs. Good step SodiqTade Let them go to school As A Graduate, Unemployment & Politicians Are Teaching Me How To Hate My Country’s Government. banning street begging by Almajiris is a good thing, but what are the measures KanoStateGovt put in place to cater 4 the wellbeing of this kids before coming up wit d banned. Because if nothing is put in place for their welfarism this ban is just a waste of time.

adamugarba what do you have to say ? Banning street beggars does not solve the problem of poverty. Be rest assured they would find alternative means of survival.Don't rule out survival through violence, and crime of course. Lagos State govt restricted their movement and these idiots were protesting,even had the guts to come to State house today.

Kano let’s do this! I believe in you!👊🏾 Ganduje as seen the light

A much laudable move from Gandollar. Better Migration of Almajiris looming. Neighboring States, get ready Nice one.said Ganduje. We need to tag Shehu.....The dollar fraudster is about to destroy cultural heritage. Its a lie, he just want to chop another money In the name of reformation of Almajiri's life. Kuma wlh bamu yahe ba.

You people should start coming to Lagos You can't just ban a needy from begging when you are practically insensitive to their plights! Provide the right relief (policies) if you are sincere. I hope they are really serious with this one. Great! Amma, Da Kwai Aiki...

They have set the timer of the time bomb Way to go BabyKosica 🤣🤣😂😂😂 Hello Kaduna Katsina’ Can We? First time GovUmarGanduje has got my attention Unto the next state IKABOY12 Those who have started commenting bitterly should kindly read the article and not follow the headline. Act like person wey go school for once na.

Imagine if the have allowed GEJ program on alamajiri to have continued. How far the would have gone by now 👍 The solution should first of all be how do you stop producing them.. I mean these uncared-for children? To solve a problem you tackle the root of the problem nit the symptoms...

Beginning of a good thing. Great! By doing this, their teachers will have no choice but to return them to those duly responsible to look after them. If this happens in all other states, it will eventually compel people to stop having thoughtless marriages and children for others to feed for them. What are the palliative measures......or they can go and just die

Excellent but they shouldn't be shipped south in the name of one Nigeria. Pls you guys should practice birth control, is not all sex that must lead to procreation Abeg. Banditry, kidnapping and religious terrorism has become the only occupation for these lads as they aren't educated. Abeg North una help us!

Na waoh! They will all now move to Kaduna and Abuja. Sadeeqkurfi If they can provide their basic needs ,I think they should ban the street begging and if they can't do that ,I think they have no reason to ban them from begging Gaskiya, it will not work. They will soon unban it. Please allow them to continue begging, it's their heritage

Encourage them to school

Honestly, this guy is good Lol, with this Ganduje i forgive that babanriga , this is so nice adamugarba won't like this news 😒 👍✅💪🏻 Catalyst4eva Any alternative provided for them? followlasg Please act accordingly. Thank you Story for the gods adamugarba I hope you're ready for us tomorrow NigeriainfoFM tomorrow.

This calls for a celebration

This made my day..... Kaduna others to follow elrufai Dattijo Sokoto state should do the same 💪🏅 Great one. Now let's find something for them to do. Teach them a trade, help them set up businesses, send the kids to school. Next up, Bauchi. ✊🔜 Without social programs for them the state has just opened the floodgates to 10x crime in and around the state.

Nice one.. Next should be providing them a welfare package that will employ them to remain in school and help engage their parents I think the first thing is to provide structures to absorb them first and then the ban. Any training outfits? Any schools for them? Etc. The horse and the wheel which comes first?

Lagos should do the same A very good morning to them. 🚶🏾‍♂️ The north has lost alot of suppose intellectuals through the menace of street begging. Ganduje remain undefeated. We should try to strategically reduce lack of welfarism, not ban them from what they consider to be source of livelihood. What alternatives have you implemented?

A good move. Huhhh at last. A step in the right direction. Kudos to ganduje A very wrong approach towards curbing the problem we face, wouldnt this make it easier for them to be brain washed by anybody that wants to use them for bad acts, when they can easily be made to believe their Gov't doest care about them.

adamugarba is going to be very upset. And they are all over here in the south protesting and claiming entitlement What's in the blood is in the blood Wow, how do they plan to enforce that Great Open vocational training centres for them. Make them useful to themselves and society by learning a skill.

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