JUST IN: Baba Ijesa Faces Possible Life Imprisonment As Lagos Govt Set To File Charges

JUST IN: Baba Ijesa Faces Possible Life Imprisonment As Lagos Govt Set To File Charges

5/4/2021 10:11:00 PM

JUST IN: Baba Ijesa Faces Possible Life Imprisonment As Lagos Govt Set To File Charges

The Lagos State Government may soon charge Nollywood actor, Olanrewaju James, popularly known as ‘Baba Ijesa’, for sexual assault, among other crimes. The sexual assault charge is punishable by life imprisonment. The State’s Directorate of Public Prosecutions recommended five charges “after due consideration of the facts in the case file,” Lagos State Commissioner for … Continue reading JUST IN: Baba Ijesa Faces Possible Life Imprisonment As Lagos Govt Set To File Charges

 The Lagos State Government may soon charge Nollywood actor, Olanrewaju James, popularly known as ‘Baba Ijesa’, for sexual assault, among other crimes.The sexual assault charge is punishable by life imprisonment. Read more: Channels Television »

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We Paid N800,000 To Someone Gumi Introduced Us To –Parent Of Kidnapped Kaduna Student

Good Let just leave the young man alone ..mbok. Says who? Let's talk about the LekkiMassacre serves the idiot right, he is sick he does not deserve to be roaming free In an Idle nation like Nigeria, government and the people must channel their unused energy and time on something either in a negative or positive way, that is what is happenning now. Peoole are meditating aloud as if none has ever committed any sin before.May God forgive us al

He needs to be locked up! In the CCTV footage I watched, it was the girl that was even removing baba ijesha shoe by herslf ...may God save us from friends trying to nail us down....what a setup GhostOfEcstasy Na wa ooo If there is no interference in the judiciary system concerning this man’s case, is jail term no suppose pass 10 to 20 years even less sef. I just pity the guy

For wetin biko? Oga u people shld say something abt lekki toll gate and those that lost their life and how to help their families..now now you people want to file charges nd we are yet to hear anything abt lekki toll gate and those soldiers that kill some innocent souls. God go punish all of you

Lagos Island and the 'greater Lagos' train | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsThe ‘Greater Lagos’ train recently berthed in Lagos Island, heralding the commencement of the Lagos Island Area North Action Plan aimed at regenerating that axis of the state. The first phase of the plan began with the reconstruction of Adeniji Adele, Oke-Popo/Tapa roads as well as the new Mercy Children’s Hospital. The Lagos Island Area […]

I hope this is not drive our emotions on to high expectations & the case will just die In Nigeria crime like these are normal but once you are a victim everyone will talk as if you are the first to do it give the guy space jare most of these girl are into more than what we can always imagine I hope this news is legitimate!!!!

Another one For all those coming here so say set up and wickedness... Ko ni ragba fun yin. Person wey dey fuck small pikin!!! Ahhhh.. Oloriburuku full here like mad. Anybody that has a problem with this, should go and share prison sentence with him. Chop am finish😂 Yessssss. Some justice about to be served😭😭😭

Very good! Perhaps people like him will learn. See I'll stand on d fence cos I dn't kno much, even if I see d cctv footage. Let d proper investigation be carried out. This thing looks like a set up to me, there's nothing pple cannot do to wicked their fellow human being, na naija we dey. Imagine he's not guilty afterall 🤔🙄

BREAKING: Nollywood Actor, Baba Ijesha Faces Possible Life Imprisonment As Lagos Recommends Prosecution | Sahara ReportersBREAKING: Nollywood Actor, Baba Ijesha Faces Possible Life Imprisonment As Lagos Recommends Prosecution | Sahara Reporters Lagos State Attorney-General, said Baba Ijesha would be charged under the Criminal Law of Lagos State. READ MORE: Pep:- to Baba Ijesha; u no get level 🗣️😂😂😂 Govt can be so fast to nail ordinary citizens. Army killed Pple at lekki gate and govt have done nothing Na him kill NIGERIA

Fake news thou, because this is one millions of tjings that cannever happen anywhere in the world Aaa,baba ijesha, woman or girls,ladies. We're you go wey u no get pure water for Nigeria mercy shall locate you were ever u his oo. 4 Thanks God ..channels TV would not be the judge. Life imprisonment bawoo

I told someone that Lagos is one state that tries when it comes to GBV cases. Lagos and other states abeg. Even in implementing VAPP act they are there. Chibzyyyy But till date no one arrested this man, right? Baba Ijesha didn’t rape the girl ooo, his only crime was seducing an underaged girl, seducing her, not raping her oooooo But in Hausa Land, they’ve been getting married and raping underaged girls for decades nd nothing happened

Fawat Icl that girl looks more than a typical 14 year old....you could have sex with that girl and argue you didn't know she was a minor. The story from when she 7 is the one I'm concerned with and he should be purnished accordingly. About time This is the judgement we all went and it shall come to pass, say amen 🙏

Nollywood Actor Risks Life Imprisonment As Lagos Set To Arraign Him In CourtBY OLUGBENGA SOYELE, Lagos | The Lagos State government has revealed that it was set to charge Nollywood actor, Olanrewaju Omiyinka, popularly known as

Pastor fatoyinbo was only invited for questioning while baba ijesa may spend the rest of his life in jail ...' Double standard ' Those witches don go give lagos state government blow job Cowards, lekki massacre isn’t a strong case more than this? What I don't get is that if he is not a pedophile why would he fall for the setup

Won pada get Baba Ijesha ni sha. ...more than meets the eye. Them go come release am for side bah? If you book rides on Bolt, you probably didn't know this: He deserves punishment. But life imprisonment is just too much. Ahn ahn Need a cold room? Do you need where you can get supplies of cooling equipments like condensers, compressors, evaporators etc. We're the go-to hub💯 Check Bio for our address or call us on 07064798294 Kindly help Retweet🙏

This is a good thing to hear, I'm in full support of it. We need to protect everyone and also, the law should also unleash it's wrath on any victim that fails to report as at when due, this will bring everyone to check.

89 men, 664 women victims of gender-based violence in Lagos - Official'From January till date, we have had 43 males report gender-based and domestic violence issues and 286 women.'

Wahala be like wetin again? Now they can send Baba ijesha to jail and follow up fast .... that sounds good . But when there was murder at the toll gate the case became so complex that today we don’t know those that pulled it off in spite of the CCTV and video coverages. E ku ishe Lagos State. I guess they will be using a different law

Some pple go say if na ur daughter ko will u allow such nw sme are saying if bb ijesha na ur fada ko what will you allow him for life imprisonment ewo e kuku arrest everybody ke pawon pelu eni to install CCTV odawipe Ori gbogbo yi ti daru wetin dey my mind is how I go comot 9ja Let's grow followers on twitter together, Just follow me and I'll follow back in a blink.🙏🙏😏

The men under this tweet defending with their lives a man THEY DO NOT KNOW are the reasons I’m scared for society!!! Very good! Iyabo Ojo shouldn’t be ranting on this case, she claimed she was raped in the past why can’t she call out the individual or individuals never too late. All of that looks like something fishy on this case. This is my take but again a fair trail is the best options before judgement

Life imprisonment I will say is too harsh, at least couple of year in jail with hard labor with file after a fair trial.

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Can't wait for the justice to be served. He deserves to serve 15yrs but my word,life ? What will we do to those squandering you and I money There should be more investigations and fair trial on the us case. Actors shouldn’t pressure any lawmaker to do the uncalled for. This is a very serious matter because it involved a minor.

I think this is set up ,how nigeria has DStv ,talk of ctv camera to capture people Let's all of us be transparent baba Ijesa is not forcing the girl in the video I watched is like they are acting, moreover baba Ijesa has to face the consequence because he has done it when the girl was at age seven 'as reported' and still repeating it now, what a mess!!! 🥺

🥳 All this stuff is their plan, welll celebrity life style Nothing to say They should Kuku ma slaughter him at national stadium Others won't learn from this o, after y'all be begging for mercy... Pedophiles and rapists please you can still change! Glad to hear this.

Please temper justice with mercy. Kudos to the Lagos state government. An example needs to be set of someone. Justice needs to be served. And this is to everyone saying the minor was interested cos its bullshit. The real thing happened 7 years ago and this time, it was staged so they'll catch him red handed. The girl only played along cos she was in front of the camera. So get your facts straight always.

Lagos State government pls file charges on lekki massacre too,,, unless na God go punish all of una POSSIBLE! That what the headline said but the truth based on available fact, the man may not get up to 10 years in prison LOVE TO SEE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT💃🏽 Good good With headlines like this, I wonder when we would start having professional reporting in this country. I expected much better from an organization like

GbengaGOLD Life imprisonment for what nau,him kill person ni. How I really wish justice like this can cut across all our system in Nigeria. Federal government still defending pantami, but the law is so quick to condemn another .

See all the peadophile child rapists crying under this thread ?We have a huge problem in our society- the amount of paedophiles is scary. Parent should watch their children, some 14 year old children look like 18 physically and d words and seduction in their mouth will surprise you, from d clip I saw I think d guy fell victim but last last he deserve a punishment, I repeat parents should watch their children better

It is not murder so he can not be sentenced to life imprisonment. But he will pay for his sins by destroying a young girl's life. The bulk of the blame goes to the mother. What kind of charity warrant you to harbour a man in your house leaving your girl child with him Life imprisonment is rather too steep a judgement. Some years is fair

God have mercy on baba ijesa Yes oo. And all those ones running their mouth trying to support him can join since they love him. If u ask me sef if he is found guilty, his penis should be cut off and all his fingers too before the imprisonment. See this handsome guy now. Which girl can't he get in Lagos? What's it with unripe mango na agbaka ntị that will make you rush it over ụmụ agbọghọ toro eto dị sharp

Sit down, relax your self & feel free Na setup ooo. Who gave the order of killing of innocent citizen at Lekki toll gate. Lagos state govt: jakpa 🏃🏾‍♂️ 🏃🏾‍♂️🏃🏾‍♂️ Why this drama? We need to understand the fact that,the nation is as the brim of destruction.Baba ijesha should be freed& the so-called Attorney General of Lagos acting under the influence of breast is a bastard . Woman wrapper. Did he kill someone ni.

Governor yerima of zamfara and emir sanusi married a 13yr old, now wats d difference.....

E no go better for iyaboojo and princess that set this up. They must surely go to jail Life imprisonment for what?Up norrh, the northern give out there children in marriage between the ages of ten and twelve years.Let the govt do something about that “I dey come” no be address. Please inform at least one person of where you’re going. “I dey one side” no be location. Please let at least one person know where you are. “I dey with my guys” no be update. Please tell at least one person who you are with.

Who has given them life imprisonment for the rape of the state, abeg Jo let's hear word. How Apologies to no one. Baba ijesha's act is condemnable but he pleaded for mercy and i think that you should be looked into. We should focus all our energy on the mismanagement of Nigerian resources by this thieves called leaders.

Sexual Assault by Penetration is not first degree murder. Even if the accused committed the crime, he also has fundamental human rights which the wrong judgement will violate. Prison is not meant for animal alone, if he is found guilty , let he go and cool his Nerve there. Wish him well Life imprisonment bi ti bawo. Is life imprisonment the usual sentence for rapist if found guilty? Who are those fueling to end this man's life and career? For what reason? Who has he offended? Channel tv should watch their headlines. You aren't the jury.

This guy is just pedophile, he’s sick , so a little jail term and rehabilitation should do justice ..

Princess should come nd tell us baba ijesha offence cos the game look more of setup of wish baba ijesha really fall in the trap This will happen IJN. Really, you people now appreciates the government right? Is Baba Ijesha the only one that's corrupted in this country, but because he's fame and not a multibillionaire, that's why they just got him easily. Dis country Nawa

The core reason why offenders gets their reward is for others to take note and desist. It's slow in coming but it's clearly not business as usual. Life imprisonment doesn't worth it, mere looking it the minor show interest as well not as if he force her, Lagos govt must be kind of joke This guy fucked up sha

Possible life imprisonment for wetn e Neva do... ... Abi d leaked vedio show sai e dor do am? If e kọn do am nkọ? Well,hanor trust anybody for dis full country again sha,cos if e be TRIPS May we wait till d concluded part We all know that they planned this incident for BABA Ijesha. The complainant needs to answer a lot of questions in the court. In my own view , they plant video, call him and seduced Baba Ijesha to do what they called rape. To say the fact, these people rape Baba Ijesha ooo

He was guilty of the offense....you Shall reap what you sow whether you pray or not . I'm disappointed In some useless mother supporting this man. A man who didn't deny defiling a 7 yr old girl and came back at 14. Even if she's 50 he is always guilty Standard.

We are set for a reality comedy show in court where an accused person who was INVITED come and commit rape will be docked. Haha😂😂😂 as he should Lets call out the government on bad governance. But I'm sure some of this ladies dare not do such cos they earn there living from there sugar daddy senators and boost of expensive cars acquired through them . Baba ijesha case shd be handled lawfully. Practise what you preach

Also i will like to know what has been done about the life of those massacred at lekki toll gate? Life of innocent citizens locked up for crimes they didnt commit. People harassed on daily bases . When it comes to issue like this we all cry wolf. Diff people with diff opinions . Life in prisonment tori kini

Totally condem what he did . But I hope the senate can do something fast about early girl child marriage in the north. Girls age 12 been married to a man doesn't speak well . They do this boastfully without any remorse. When it comes to law . It should be applicable to all tribe Fake news 🤣🤣 Whoever used a 14yr old girl for a bait to capture a molester needs to be in same place with baba ijesa kissing rods. Will anyone here agree to set his daughter as a bait, I doubt, knowing there is a molester on the loose. Mad ppl everywhere

Had to be for life God will expose the rest of them including some leaders in the country, any man who can marry a 14yrs old girl is even worst than baba ijesa

Life imprisonments over what? Lmaooo Possible This case can lead to anything because those two uncared woman that set that man up are up to something %100 Is this Journalism or what? Hatred everywhere, tell them to send the unknown gin men and the fulani ex- men to life imprisonment also. Does he killed someone besides the video show the girl in question doesn't struggle with him neither any form of sexual intercourse, they were just cuddle how come does that leads to life impresonment

Yeye Dey smell Fantastic Hahaaa! Life imprisonment is too severe ooo. What does the law really says about such case of defilement ... Sentiment apart

Wetin he do now our corrupt politicians wey steal billions of naira never sentence to life in prison how much much ordinary assault... Beautiful Life imprisonment for what exactly?, those that have been molesting us for years, raping and oppressing us are out there walking freely, they now want to send someone to life jail for child molestation, what a country , what a people.

He shall overcome it. Sin no more bro. It's bad dou Lier I hope he get himself a good lawyer that will ask the girl and her mother under oath if this was not plan. If only PRICK has screw. It'll be wise to keep it at away sometimes. From the CCTV footage there's a lot to this case.. the girl involved not 14yr old, she's more than that age. Princess has implicated herself with this case because it look like a set-up to me. Lagos State government should investigate properly before taking any action.

End of life penalty! Aye Toto mojuba , aye koni mumi o

👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Do you wish to become an importer? Do you wish to learn how to import from china Do you wish to become a mini importer? Have you been looking for a full time or side job Here is an opportunity for you. Learn how to import hot selling products. Like the case of Adam Johnson, a former England International who chopped a 15 year old in his Landrover, this fella must be made to pay. A celebrity should be a good example to youths. JailBabaIheshaNow

Nigerians MUST Boycott any of these naija actors and actresses movies who lobbied for the release of this monster Baba Ijesa who is a sex offender and a pervert. This is one of the reasons why rape culture is rampant and mostly swept under the rug, they feel untouchable, shame!! zetbradaily yomifabiyi Mr defence lawyer, over to u ! Let your protest start from lekki toll gate straight down to alausa and back to the toll gate till late in d evening. Abeg, when dem off light.... Japa o! 😁

😶😶 Life imprisonment what such offence...I am sure you are joking or you don't understand the Law There're alot of lessons to draw from Baba Ijesa's case for all randy men and loose women alikes should it happen he is truly found guilty of the said crime. Hmmm

The guy is totally destroyed. Life imprisonment as a result of lust. Kilode ? Kila gbe kile ju Molestation is not rape or murderal case nah Life imprisonment bi ti bawo EnahoroEsther5 Ahh, I know he deserves whatever punishment he gets but life in imprisonment? How? Him kill person? It's a set up Good! That his statement “Aye le” in the video still rings in my head till date 😂It’s a lesson to others to action and get help whenever “aye is se e” lol, do fasting and praying or something ...

All Hail this country🤣. We are yet to hear anything about the lekki massacre but the lagos govt is ready to file charges🤣 They are people that have done worst than this ,it’s not lik I’m on this side tho but at least 2or3years is enough and then take him to a correction school that’s why this country has 😁

Why not just imprison all his generation too 'POSSIBLE' life imprisonment not the verdict yet... It is suffice to say that Baba Ijesha is not only deeply a hardened pervert, but his cohorts rallying to get him off the hook is a slap in the face for the justice system of Nigeria, they ought to be charged alongside that pedophile as accomplice.

Life imprisonment for molesting case? Which law wan pass such judgement? Is not a rape case, neither a murdered case. U guys plus the govt, plus those that are happy and plus those that will reply my comment thunder fire u all. Fulani herdsmens killing and raping yet no case.