June 12protest

June 12protest

June 12: Any Protesters We See Will Have Themselves To Blame, Kogi Government Says | Sahara Reporters

It said protesters must be ready to face the full wrath of the law.

6/11/2021 3:58:00 PM

June12Protest: Any Protesters We See Will Have Themselves To Blame, Kogi Government Says | Sahara Reporters

It said protesters must be ready to face the full wrath of the law.

Jun 11, 2021The Kogi State Government has warned that the state will not tolerate any protest on Saturday, June 12.Though the State Security Adviser, Commodore Jerry Omodara, said no group of persons had indicated interest in protesting, he still warned prospective protesters on Friday to stay away from Kogi, while briefing journalists on the proposed nationwide protest slated for June 12, Democracy Day. 

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He said, “Available data before us has shown that Kogi is the safest state in Nigeria. As we feel the pulse of the nation, we narrow it to Kogi. The pulse of the nation right now is that there are so many online reports of a nationwide protest on June 12th 2021.

“We have looked at it, and we have done our check through the Commissioner of Police, and there is no association, group or individuals that have applied for permission to protest, or carry out any walk. The police have not granted any permission.“I have cross-checked with other security agencies, and we have seen that as a government, there is no reason for anyone to come out in Kogi or in any part of the State to protest on Saturday June 12. headtopics.com

“It is a known fact that the state has remained peaceful. When it was COVID-19 time, the government did not shut down the state. We continued with our legitimate business. "When it was the time for EndSARS, Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello came out to support the youths but the state didn’t join the EndSARS protest. This is because the government is with the people. If we are enjoying unlimited security in the state compared to what we are seeing in other parts of the country, it is important we give peace a chance.

“I have also cross-checked with the student body and they met with the Commissioner of Police on Wednesday and they stated categorically that they won’t be part of the protest. Any youth we see tomorrow Saturday coming out to protest should have himself to blame. The governor is not going to allow anyone to disrupt the peace we are enjoying in Kogi State."

"It is not that the challenges we are having in other states, we are not feeling them here, but the government is making a serious effort to nip them before they emanate. Just three days ago, three suspects with army uniform came out in Ajaokuta Local Government Area, the security agency came out and confronted them, and they brought them down.

”The Government will keep on appreciating what the people of Kogi State are doing. Giving us relevant information, as well as supporting the security agencies will go a long way in combating insecurities. Let no one obstruct businesses, or obstruct movement of people. This is a warning. I have instructed the security agencies. If you see them patrolling, don’t be afraid. They are only going out to keep peace. People should continue their normal businesses.” headtopics.com

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The government of Governor Yahaya Bello is notorious for human rights abuses.Two Buhari-must-go protesters, Larry Emmanuel and Victor Udoka, have been detained by the Kogi State Government since April 5 despite national and international voices calling for their release.

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Boko Haram Confirms Shekau's Death, Denounces ISWAP

Terrorists loyal to Abubakar Shekau's Jama’atu Ahlussunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad (JAS), otherwise known as Boko Haram, yesterday confirmed his death.

See the same man that claimed that youths has endorsed him to be next president, Mtchwwww Why are you always a figure of problem ? Idiot Mad dog.. A detector...like his tyrant boss in Aso Rock There’s a lot of Mental instability among the ranks of public office holders in this country sha You are a disgrace yeye bello

This is the fool, that feels he can be president of Nigeria. This man has no clue See waiting wan become president fool But the last time i heared and read this Fella want to be Nigeria President come 2023. It not your fault coz you now in position which is not sure you be there tomorrow....you now became dictator

June 12 protesters will have themselves to blame – Kogi Govt - Daily Post NigeriaThe Kogi State Government has warned those planning to protest in the State on Saturday, June 12, to jettison the idea or face the full wrath of the law. S'ogun laye ni How can you threaten protesters that have not even protested yet! This Country is bonkers Where is Sowore aka Palliative Thief? GCFR - GRANTivist Commander of the Federal Republic. CFR - Cashtivist of the Federal Republic. 😁😁

And you want to be the president of Nigeria. We dey wait for you come 2023. Mumu governor Look at someone who want to run for presidency? He's tenor will be the worst.. thank God you can never win such election, werey! And this one wish to be president in 2023.. Lol. Useless man The ability to speak, does not make you intelligent. You're governor today, tomorrow you will be just as irrelevant as anything.

Eleribu and you want to be a president Go and sleep, you must reap what you sow Your new president has spoken. Tyrants everywhere U hear a man that is going for president?

June 12 Protest Will Hold In Calabar, Despite Government's Threats — Jalingo | Sahara ReportersJalingo said the Department of State Services (DSS) already invited one of the organieers, Jonathan Ugbal, over the planned protest, noting that the protest will continue regardless. This is interesting 😁😁😁

Goat, if you like lick buhari's ball you'll never rule the zoo... coward Weyrey fe se president..... Calling this guy an animal is a disrespect to animals because don’t even behave this way Na the same person wa say young Nigerians say make e run for president be this? He said Nigerians sees something in me that they want me to run for presidency 😂😂😂😂

Haha awon future president Joker you want to become Nigeria president with this attitude? This is the fool thy wants to rule Nigeria

June 12: Group Threatens To 'Resist Any Protest' In Lagos | Sahara ReportersThis was conveyed in a statement signed by the Director General of the team, Zulu Authority, noting that TEAM LAGOS will resist any protest by any group of people across the state. Corruption always fight back. But we are the RESISTANCE KeepitOn When has it become a crime to protest? You mean politicians hired thug

This government are cowards, so to protest is now a crime...This is why some animals needs to be separated from Human OfficialGYBKogi So, citizens don’t have right to protest again? No worries, we will be out to see what you'll do. Looking at dis tyranny I wonder those he claims supporting him for presidency

Well so we have been imprisoned in the country? Things are not going right we can't protest, during election too machine guns will chase us back home, after election we are chased inside again, we are denied of our rights at all time in this same nation Very foolish man😂😂😂 See person wey dey feel say him fit unit this country with earpods for ear😂😂😂😂

Another potentially wasted presidential 'yoot' in perspective have only shot himself in d foot. Trying to pry on Bubu's anti people stance & programme will not fly. He shd amiably apply 4 his political retirement by going to d Senate & continue his political jamboree there. 😡 Like this Man Is F***ing Ugly. Shit!!

Failure has spoken, the guilty one's are always afraid. Someone that messed himself up in 1st tenure . To the extent that his party members publicly apologized to the masses to forgive and give him 2nd chance. The denied 2nd chance materialized through rigging. He knows he's hated. And you want to run for President come 2023? I don't blame you at all.

Nigerian Students Association In Ogun Vows To Join June 12 Nationwide Protest | Sahara ReportersA statement jointly signed by the Chairman, Adeyemi Ajasa and the spokesman, Abdul-Maliq Ibrahim on Wednesday, said the protest is being organised against insecurity, banditry and kidnapping in Ogun State. No need to vow on this. This June 12 protest is a must for every youth that doesn't have a cow brain Hoping there would be no police brutality Revolution Revolution Revolution RevolutionNowNow EndNigeriaNowtosavelivesmatters

🤣🤣😂😂😅😅😅😅😭😭🤡🤡🤡 he wants to be the next president.. lol! 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Yaya bello presidency u no fit smell Is this the kind of president you want to be? Your intentions are showing forth I need to research this boy background and his ascendancy to power, with this type of statement from him, something is not adding up.

Animal in power. I don't blame you l blame those who voted for you so sad. Can you see now that these Criminals don't want anyone to speak Against their atrocities again in Nigeria 🤔 Like father like son Ok Mr man you're a taught you didn't deserve to be a governor at all so Be ready to kill and drinks the blood of the Nigeria youths tomorrow

Again, Buhari Blames Past Administrations For Economic Woes, Failures | Sahara ReportersBuhari wondered why Nigerians are not questioning the past administrations and demanding for accountability, despite the fact that his government had spent six years in the saddle. GEJ Administration: Rice- N15k per bag Dollar- N165 per $ Petrol- N87 Pure water Sachet - N5 Insecurity- Boko Haram only Buhari Administration Rice- N33k per bag Dollar- N500 per $ Petrol- N167 Pure water Sachet - N20 Insecurity- B/Haram,Herdsmen,Bandits,Kidnappers etc The usual script Blame manager

Yet you want to be the president... So this is how your regime will look like. Mad man. Slave This is who wants to be the President of a country. All are dictator Who is putting this kind of people in power for God sake? Whats hell with you vultures ARISEtv CNNAfrica BBCBreaking BBCWorld AishaYesufu CNNAfrica cnnbrk AlJazeera_World twitter jack MKabrik EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeraNOW EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA Buharimustgo YorubaNationNow June12Protest Endsars fuckBuhari KeepitOn

I'm sorry for this Governor See person wey some mumus dey talk say fit be president 🤣 So after all d tins happening, una won vote for dis man, who dash am presidential candidate My guy don smoke loud abii Jombo🤣 see e eyes

FLASHBACK: Fashola Blamed Lagos Robbery On Former President, Jonathan's Visit To Lagos | Sahara ReportersFashola stated this at the Buhari-Meets-Nigerian-Entertainers programme which held in Lagos on May 12, 2015. Stupidity doesn't reduce by age... 🤦🤦🤦🤦 tundefashola always try to dey gather sense small small 😂

Little Hitler😎 And he wants to contest and win presidential election, your campaign will soon turn protest mark it I'd rather support a very dry rock hard poop than vote for his likes... Monkey _jaymonix 'Nigerians are begging me to run for presidency' indeed... Anu ezi🙄 Another dictator in disguise who wants to be a president

The person y’all been begging to run 😂 My fren shurup there, see ya eyes like grasshopper this is the man that wants to run mad for presidency. Says the man who wants to be president of Nigeria

And this kind of person wants to become President of a whole country? SMH 😡😡😡 See mugu that wants to be president. Dey should show him love by setting his house ablaze if him do anyhow... Cultist governor Thus government and threat Upcoming presidential insha Allah Do these guys actually said these things or someone just makes them up

No wonder they don't want twitter 😂😂, see threat oh Nigeria leaders, the only country that kill their own citizens ,shame on you people

Do you have sense to start with? That hair growing under his lip can't still tell you it's for wickedness And this is the person that wants to be president? Smh Na person una won carry for 2023 be this oo😂😂 See the tout that wants to become president....same evil clique.... Heartless fellows OfficialGYBKogi and you want to be the president of Nigeria. Na so you wan take rule us. We must doge you come 2023 if at all election will hold

In a domocratically elected government?Who are these fools for God sake? Make your eye red pass red oil, if you cross our path we'll crush you. Fool just opening their mouth to say whatever comes through Animal talk from yaya

Person wey wan be president This is how u will become President...mad people everywhere See I’m nose OfficialGYBKogi See you idiot that wants to be President. Tyrant. God punish you! 2023 you ll not even be Governor anymore talk less of President. Werey gidi This is the thing saying young Nigerians are calling him to come lead and he is trying to clamp down on the civil right of ordinary citizens that you have failed, hell will not be enough for you lots

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Werey can't even disguise The fucking president to be 🤣🤣🤣🤣 A fool .........there's no democracy in Nigeria .........how long do we live dictatorship life? No one will vote for him This is the same man that wants to go for president and he says Nigerian youths wants him. Shame to Yahya Bello And this fool wants to come for election 2015.... Tolotolo

What a threat. You people sees yourself as a god. One-day you will leave the seat, one-day we all will die and turned to sand. Mischievous information from YeleSowore and please take note that it's a lie against OfficialGYBKogi all is false information. He's joking... Mad man It appears he just smoke weed

Says the man that wants to be president 2023 Youthful governor, the youngest governor. It is finished It's very obvious that he temerity to be president of this country. Thank you future President. Yoot president Let's see who win between the government and the billion people Coming from this one that do not have sense, what a waste of sperm. Yahaya Bello is an ugly failure to the youths

Sahara Reporters are out to deceive people again with their usual propaganda. They'll never succeed anyway... These are the people the elected to rule, or is it to kill them? I don't think u guys reason like human. So now protest is a crime. Why don't you guys focus on resolving the issues that's leading to the protest than threatening themselves people u guys denied there right. Mugus

Any state governor that talk rubbish will die Source pleaseeeee I know there's none You're telling blatant lies as usual!!!! Supporters club, make una come see person wey una wan endorse as next president. God forbid bad thing! Tufiakwa We are matching in solidarity for u to become d next president!!!!!! Freedom of speech and expression must be respected at all cost

Mad boy. Another mumu no be your fault come tomorrow this one will be running for President ! No be your fault This bastard You will do nothing PMB must go June12 Endtyranny EndDictactorship BuhariMustGo YeleSowore EUinNigeria vanguardngrnews MobilePunch USinNigeria UN BBCWorld cnni See the one planning to become a president, you are basterd!

This is how he wants to become the president...the failed man.

PMB must go June12 Endtyranny EndDictactorship BuhariMustGo YeleSowore EUinNigeria vanguardngrnews MobilePunch USinNigeria UN BBCWorld cnni Sometimes I just don’t know what to say. So we shouldn’t protest, man dream on. See as him keep face like person wey dem thief him grain of rice 😂 🤣 😅 What Nonsense, Rubish Anybody wey vote for this one come 2023, e no go better for that person. So you have this kind power yet bandits and terrorist dey kill people everyday in ur parlor..

Who is the bastard threatening. Ode This one with this weed eye go still dey talk. On my way to KOGI let's see... Nigeria belong to US.... What if the PROTESTERS are carrying your placard for 2023? Young Dictator who wants to be President With all due respect, sir Which people in Nigeria ask you to run for presidency

Woju wayray kongba... Thieves! Murderers!!!

Look at this one . I don't blame you sha . KeepitOn And this one go call himself youth like this? And he wants to contest for president. This country na cruise A supposed 2023 presidential candidate Bridge indeed SolmanTheFirst Na this animal dey talk say Nigerians want make him contest. Joker! Are you kidding me 🤣🤣🤣.. And this want to run for presidentation in 2023..joker everywhere. We cannot be intimidated. It is our right and it must be exercise. Protest isn't only in Nigeria tomorrow it is all over the world.. Yaya, go and kii yà self

Who is this young fool? You are a coward Kogi governor.. On your campaign when struggling to be governor of kogi, you promise security good roads stable electricity freedom of speech good jobs and all but now you feel like you are super man.. I don't blame you, I blame Nigerians Na waa. Person no get right to protest again yet some fools are still talking about one nigeria.

See the thing that wants to be President, God forbid! Clear indication that you’re a dictator without democratic trait. Mumu! You can’t smell 2023 SEE MILITARY REGIME 🤦 Military dictatorship, an authoritarian government controlled by a military and its political designees, called a military junta when done extralegally. WHY IS DEMOCRACY? DEATH IN SILENCE.

Lol, this is guignols that’s wants to become President. THIS MAN JUST DISGUSTS ME ANYTIME I SEE HIM Lol 😂.. una youth leader Hello Mugabe 🌚 SolmanTheFirst See incoming president.some Nigerians can be very annoying planning to vote you in. Future president of cockroaches See this mumu Birds of the same feathers. My own is not even June12thProtest but to EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives BiafraNationNow OduduwaNationNow

😂😂😂😂😂😂 presidential threat todunlami This one wan be president see Mumu Supported,Our president to be come 2023 .... This one don't even know anything about democracy. EndNigeriaNow Olorunpomiolale And this one says he want to contest for president. Mumu man