It's no scam to feed school kids at home, says Fed Govt

THE plan to feed school children at home is not a scam, Minister of Disaster Management, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development, Hayiya Sadiya Umar

5/22/2020 11:30:00 PM

The plan to feed school children at home is not a scam, Minister of Disaster Management, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development, Hayiya Sadiya Umar Farouq, said on Thursday.

THE plan to feed school children at home is not a scam, Minister of Disaster Management, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development, Hayiya Sadiya Umar

By Kofoworola Belo-OsagieThe plan to feed school children at home is not a scam, Minister of Disaster Management, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development, Hayiya Sadiya Umar Farouq, said on Thursday.She defended the Federal Government’s decision to spend N679 million on the programme.

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The minister spoke in Lagos at a programme to begin the distribution of food items under the National Home Grown School Feeding Programme (NHGSFP) at the St. Francis Primary School in Maryland.She was represented by the Director of National Commission for Refugees, Immigrants and IDPs, Mrs Margaret Ukaegbu.

According to her, feeding children at home is an internationally accepted practice to check food insecurity and malnutrition among vulnerable people during emergencies.The minister added that 16 other countries, such as Liberia and South Africa, were feeding children, despite school closure.

“So, the idea of take-home rations is not unique to Nigeria, neither is it a scam. It is a globally accepted means of continuing to have access to nutrition and nutritionally-rich foods, despite disruptions to the traditional channels of school feeding,” she said.

Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on the NHGSFP, Mrs Titilola Adeyemi-Doro, said 37,589 households were selected out of about 112,767 pupils benefiting from the school feeding programme in Lagos based on their vulnerability.“Knowing fully well that the resources available could not cover all households with pupils in primary 1 -3 across the public schools, the team engaged the community to formulate the definition of being poor and not being able to provide for their wards – women or widow-headed households, households headed by persons with a disability, households whom the head has lost his or her job and have no or little income among other criteria,” she said.

Read Also:Each family will get 5kg bag of rice, 5kg bag of beans, 500ml of vegetable oil, 700ml of palm oil, 150mg of tomato paste, half a crate of eggs, and salt.The pilot beneficiaries cut across seven Local Government Education Authorities (LAGEAs), including Somolu, Oshodi-Isolo, Apapa and Kosofe.

Chairman of Lagos SUBEB Wahab Alawiye-King said the initiative would continue monthly as long as schools remain closed. Read more: The Nation Nigeria »

Not a scam but criminality Not just a scam but criminality Yahoo Minister It is not a scam please. It is a huge and wicked scam. You will soon run to England as soon as your ternur end in 2023 FG coronavirus palliative to the masses was it not a scam? If it wasn't a scam then the feeding of school children isn't a scam.

If feeding school children at home while school is not in session is not a scam, I wonder what scam really is. Look at this useless liar When this kids were at home during lockdown, they didn't get anything, so is it now they would get something, I don't think so. Another Deziane madueke loading. Tomorrow now, she will say she was acting on instructions

This is legit scam honourable minister Indeed there was a country called Nigeria!!! Shameless people, you will give account in the presence of God. It’s one of the biggest scam in Nigeria history , the address of this student you don’t have , even the adult you could not feed them is it the student you don’t have their address you will feed

Tell urself whatever....U r all Scammer !!! So sorry for where we find ourselves... Lost project our dear fatherland. I thought they have already fed . Which one is plans to feed? SMH Stop being a disgrace to your self and family Wat happens when schools reopen? Oga minister, if not fraud, what is it ? If what we saw as palliative in the early days of lockdown is anything to go by, we can authoritatively say that it is another big time fraud foisted on PMB and the nation. Elitist thieves.

Thank God she’s even aware that they’ve been scamming the masses with other projects Eh eh ,pls tell us what is it How do u say is not a scam feeding while they with their parents Nigeria we hail thee Is not a scam but a plan abiiii U should allow schools to resume The plan is not a scam o, or the govt will charge you for hate speech, operation feed the children

But technical scam It is! Feeding school children at their homes is not just a scam but a disaster. The administration see parents as so lazy and corrupt they cannot work or feed their children if given money, hence, your job. Yes, it is a disaster. Hahahah. Tell our marines. Straight 4ward scam Some of us are yet to see any reasonable justification on the so called project.

Uphill task that would be to convince Nigerians otherwise. While must you force to feed children that are at home and we hear the country is in recession? Beside how many states does this feeding met for bcs in Edo and Delta State nothing like school feeding or are they not part of Nigeria school children?

Then call it yahoo minus.🤪 Who are u feeding? Where are they being fed? 😁 😁 😁 This ppl would brutally lie to you without a second thought even if it would kill the entire country. Even their family members knows how they can come out NAKED and do the worst if it comes to stealing... N600m + spent in a fraudulent school feeding in a day, this is absurd

It's a scam. Even done in school was stil much suppressed let alone at home. U don't have such data to know who is who. We are deceiving ourselves. It is a Scam infact, Fraudulent. The program is called School feeding program. So they have suddenly been orphaned by the C-19 Lockdown that you must save them by home feeding? Great gesture!

This woman no dey hear word! Qaryan banza da Hopi! What's the aim of feeding the kids at home?just handover the palliative to the whole household, wani gulma da tsugungwila! School feeding akace ba home feeding ba! Idonmu biyu Goggo Zubaida Zubairu, Kaaar! Muke kallonki. This Woman Is A Criminal.. How Long Will She Feed A Child At Home ? After Which You Will Tell Nigerians You Have Spent Billions Of Dollars..Oloshi..

Scam is an understatement. How do you want to go about this when all our schools are closed. Of course to you it seem like it's not, but we all know what it is. Who beg you to feed them problem dey Nigeria everybody are trying to manufacture way of stealing fund How do you know the children at home country without data

She's forgotten ni. No be she go spend d money. Make she go ask Abba Kyari and Babangida dem. God will scatter all dat they've gathered. It's a big scam!! Not scam you can call it 419 or zamba. The whole program is rubbish More than a scam Madam Scam, scam scam Hummm why nija leaders think like this instead feeding children at home . Our leaders should think of another way of empowering young people in this country ... both upper and lower level... this feeding issue is like scam Yahoo!

Why can’t she wait till when schools reopen tofeed this kid? What is she trying to cover up? Used to believe that women are better managers but the ones we have in government keep letting us down. She stole the school feeding money and she has to somehow save face Dumbest idea. U can feed the family but u think u feed the kids.

If you're smart, SHOW it. Don't SAY it! If you're diligent, SHOW it, don't say it. If you're HONEST, SHOW it, don't say it!!! It may be not scam but hoex Buggy yahoo scam Should we say the Minister is not capable cause I wonder how a government will be wasting money on schools who are not in session and you have the gut to say it's not a scam? Is this truly my country

A very big scam. A scam soo soo big. Will you keep quiet '. 😎 Than what is it. But it is corruption and embezzlement public funds It's not good to be a disaster to the nation. If you know you know Nincompoop! This is simply annoying at this time when many are losing their jobs daily and d country is drifting into recession. Even d beneficiaries say they don't need it because it is a fraud

Madam minister How are you doing that? You can say what like, but please remember you are dealing with intelligent people Is a pure scam Pls pay npower their money, some have not even received March n u r not paying the April at this time, even wen u know they are some to celebrate sallah, this is unfair

Madam minister, so you read our Twitter posts ehnn . Read this one again ' it's a scam ' if it's not a scam , then give their parents the money so they can feed their children at home . And until my neighbor with four children benefit from this program, it remains a SCAM !!!! Her office is a scam, the program is a scam and a sham. One would expect that women in government would be more transparent but no way in this country, it seems they’re the bigger thieves, from Daizani to this one...

This woman is not only a scammer but also mad woman, idiot and thief, I didn't blame her because na the same people. And COvid Returnees were asked to pay for flight, feeding and accommodation bcos Govt. Could not afford it. But you can feed school children at home. Their teachers nko? To what end? How many times will you feed them in a day and for how long? What of their parents? The rest of their siblings? It is clearly nothing but a scam. Channel your energy towards what will help the parents take care of their children easily.

Is a big scam I can smell a scam from a thousand miles away and this My Lady, smells strongly couple with the fact that it has all the markings and trappings of a fraud of monstrous nature. One quick question madam, how many children are enrolled in school? I bet you don't know. Do you even have a record of the children's current address? Who are you people fooling?

Ofcourse. with all due respect, what should we call such a smart movement God dey Big one ma Really? It’s not scam but scamming because it’s a continuous action You are a very honest person... That is Nigerian government for you,misplaced priority ,meanwhile Federal workers who retired in 2019 have not been paid their retirement money, 17 months after ,.Yet government is giving out money to their party people to share

This woman must go to jail after this tenure Frankly speaking, i see no idea or rationale behind feeding children while at home, if you ask me i will just say is another way of looting puclic treasury. Sadiya Umar Faruuq fear Allah one day you will die. You are right Honourable Minister. It's a disaster instead.🙄

Useless government with useless minister 🙄why not feed the whole world Madam hope you go to those under the bridge too? The government of nigeria ia a scam, did not the ministry of finance say it would send nigerians money tru bvn, for morethan two month now they are still digitizing there is no hope in this counry ..

Anti Saddiya even the headmaster no know all him pupils house na.... u know am Shame on u this woman This woman is the SI unit of inefficiency, dumb and nothing to offer... She even contradicted her own words in an interview. There are salaries to pay but she won't instead looking for ways to siphon public funds

You are really a minister of disaster. Ha an u please explain to us how you plan to go about it ? Hajiya Charity Yes madam, it's not a scam but a social disaster & mismanagement of public funds in d part of ur leadership, u couldn't give palliatives 2 their parents, now u biscuits & water 4 d children & estimate billions as money spent on school feeding, who send u, una yansh go open soon

U will forever be remembered as a scammer minister in the history of this country, even d children u r feeding r saying they don't want to eat anymore but u insist they must eat the useless scam food by force because of d apriko u r making out of the game How can the scam work better? They must have to force the feeding programme on us even if beneficiaries still dont want.

U r a big time scammer with ur boss Ole Why can’t you use the money for free education or free health care instead of feeding school kids y’all know that will benefit the society than wasting our money fraudulent things Nothing wey person no go hear Not only scam but corruption of this highest degree. The parents are hungry and you said you are feeding the school children. Let the parents feed their homes by themselves. Government of deceits and lies. The enemy of the truth. I regretted being voted for you in your 1st tenure

Why is the School feeding program not under the Ministry of Education? But schools are lock 🔓 down Lol, looting is making her go crazy now. She can't think we'll again. She'll be like, no you can't just cut my looting pipe. Your children must be fed by fire or by force. We will know why you're doing this in the nearby future. We know it'll be bad.

Big scam of the decade... remember the day of judgement! This is what I call “legitimate scam” Madam is a pure scam, do you know their homes? How do consult them even if you are giving them money? We have so many problems in Nigeria that need urgent attention but you guys will not do it, but you choose to do those stupid programs which will give you room steal our money.

She herself is a scam, the richest minister in the federal republic of Nigeria during this pandemic. Am sure all other ministers will be envious of her by now. At least use the fund to provide sanitation and handwashing facilities in the schools so the pupils can resume learning without fear of COVID-19. But no, you must use crooked mean to siphone the money since MBuhari is audio president who has been mislead to approve this nonsense

Yes now 419 no be scam na bussiness now How can it be? We trust you! This is quite outrageous and preposterous for a minister to feed children whom she doesn't really know except when they are school. Npower beneficiaries, you are owing almost two months. What a shame on you, ma! From giving out cash by hand to giving expired rice and giving of 5k to Nigeians who did not have up to that in their accts and now feeding of school children at home. The ministry and minister of disaster mgt has turned to disaster herself.

Scam Why do you have to feed children at home, is it to enrich your family and friends who are most the contractors. Give the parents the money to feed their kids themselves Please This woman is actually a disaster logistics, modalities, etc will be cumbersome and expensive. If it's not a scam, let's jettison the plan for now.

Is it by force parents said no You are not at fault Hajiya. Your master chose and appointed you. You can not do it without his consent. Your master is the root of everything. May Almighty Allah help us with good leaders. If this is not a scam what about the previous one ( money shared to poor Nigerians)

Madam it is..... Does the parents complain that they cannot feeds their children, feeding of pupils at home is the highest score of scam I recorded so far in this year madam You can rarely substantiate it and convince anyone. Ist by force keep our money naw, let it be use in different ways nah. Haba.. If its not then don't feed. The children are ok.

Madam minister you no dey hear word. We no say for you e no be scam but for us na scammer e be. Give the money to the parent/family to feed their families period!!!! The 'plan' isn't the scam....the 'doing' is. To prevent the doing becoming the scam, we must abort the plan!! Hope this is now, very clear, Madam Minister!!!

Scam How can u use our money to feed some part of d country even wen dey r on lockdown Hear urself out Why do you need to give the students food when you have “supposedly given the parents palliatives”. This woman is a disaster like the name of her ministry. Buhari aunty it's a scam and you're a scam artist

Dis Woman ain't a woman again, her heart qot destroy Her only thinking is to loot money Make una continue... Mrs, it's a scam remember you were unable to locate these children at the beginning of this lockdown but now,how come? Someone should please talk to this government. If you don’t know where or how to spend Nigeria’s money, please build roads, develop infrastructure. How can you be taking food to children at home. It doesn’t make sense. Which kind people Nigeria vote into power so? See wahala.

It benefits Northerners most. Simply Northern agenda You mean the children don’t have parents again to feed them at home? Why all these meaningless expenditures? If you want to feed school children in their homes, please just feed the whole family. They have siblings and parents. This govt. don’t have meaningful projects to do.

Pay Npower their monthly stipend A scammer doesn't say he or she is a scammer!! Get that into you thin skull bunch You are not serious, na big scam. Just like the wau you distributed two trillions naira. It is a serious scam Tell that to the animals in the bush.. Mtwww Na hustle This frustrated minister for Humanitarian and disaster management should pay April Npower salary. Enough is enough.

Is this not an avenue to syphon tax payer's money? Will the food contractors locate the children in their various homes? Will the contractors not observe the nation wide lockdown? O Nigeria! In a time like this, every office will formulate how to eat our money. May God help us. The truth is well known by the populace.

Please DONT TELL ME NONSENSE.. Na Yahoo plus ,madam... Not scam naah... Nah yahoo yahoo... Indeed Zubaida Stupid woman scam 😠 My beloved country Big scam madam Hayiya or Hajiya?

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Home grown school feeding programme commences in Lagos ThursdayThe Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development will commence the Home-Grown School Feeding Rubbish!! Always taking the slightest advantage to steal. Allah kasaka mana Sinzu Mama, Deziani needs to take refresher course from you 🙌

Buhari’s minister, Farouq reacts as Nigerians declare feeding programme a scamThe President Muhammadu Buhari administration has stated that its plan to feed school children at home is not a scam. Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouq, spoke on Thursday. Many Nigerians on and off social media have been condemning the policy, insisting that it was not transparent. On Wednesday, the Nigerian Scam Ole!!!!

337,589 Lagos pupils to benefit from school feedingHow many times Punch? You want us to remember this grand lie for the whole of today? 😒😒 Madness💯 Fraud

337,589 to benefit from home feeding in Lagos – MinisterFoolish Woman doing foolish job. SCAM! ideas4naija So much ruckus has been occasioned the home feeding strategy, but the question remains whether officialEFCC can investigate and prosecute the Hon. Minister if found wanting? I think that officialEFCC must prove to Nigerians that the fight against corruption is not selective.

Fed Govt declares May 25, 26 public holidays - The Nation NigeriaThe Federal Government has declared Monday, May 25 and Tuesday, May 26, 2020 as public holidays to mark this year’s Eid-el-Fitr celebration. EidMubarak EidUlFitr RamadanMubarak When moon still dey on isolation🙄🙄..... Marking a celebration while a pandemic is running amok? That rather defeats logic. You should have declare the days as lockdown free days.