Asari Dokubo, Bandits, Niger Delta Militants, Sheikh Gumi

Asari Dokubo, Bandits

It’s annoying Gumi comparing Niger Delta militants with bandits – Asari Dokubo - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

10/17/2021 4:10:00 AM

It’s annoying Gumi comparing Niger Delta militants with bandits – Asari Dokubo - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

17 October 2021A Niger Delta activist, Asari Dokubo, speaks on the state of the nation in this interview withChukwudi AkasikeA lot is happening in the country, but you have been quiet. Why is this so?When I was talking, they said I was making noise. Now that I am quiet, why are people bothered about my quietness? When we were warning them, they said we were noisemakers looking for relevance. Now, we are no longer talking, people are complaining that we are no longer talking.

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The recent Petroleum Industry Act is generating controversies as some Niger Delta elders are not pleased with the three per cent derivation for the region. What is your take on this?It is one of the greatest insults that have ever befallen the region. I am not surprised with the character of the (President Muhammadu) Buhari regime. Even the three per cent earmarked for the region, I am sure Buhari is not satisfied with that. If he had his way, he would have wanted us to have zero per cent. That is his antecedent. That is the way he behaves. I am not surprised. Anybody can read him perfectly. The so-called political elites are totally captured. They are so afraid and lily-livered that they cannot say anything.

What would you suggest in this regard?He (Buhari) has sent it back for an amendment, (admitting) that it doesn’t have geographical spread. Do his appointments have geographical spread or respect Federal Character? So, in the midst of these things, one does not want to talk any longer, because the people you are talking to do not even appreciate what you are saying. The analysts will come and call you all sorts of names. I am now part of the

‘siddon look’group.The North appears interested to hold onto power beyond 2023. Do you think power should remain in the North or shift to the South?I am not contesting for the presidency. For the sake of justice, the people who want to benefit are not fighting; their children are not fighting. Why should I be the one to fight for them?

The Niger-Delta region has now known peace following the amnesty programme by the late President Umaru Yar’Adua in 2010. Would it be correct to say that what the Niger-Delta militants were agitating for then have been fully addressed?I am not a militant, and I don’t know what they were agitating for. I am not part of the amnesty programme; so, that is not meant for me to answer. I really don’t know what they were agitating for. If they were agitating for anything, they would not accept to be criminalised. It is only a criminal that can be pardoned.

There have been endless calls for restructuring in the country. Do you think Buhari would be willing to restructure the country before he leaves?Why would you put all of us under one frail-looking old man called Buhari? Buhari restructure? If this is a country that practises democracy, no journalist would have asked that kind of question. Buhari does not have any power to restructure anything. It is in the hands of the people to agitate for what they want. Nobody wants war; everybody wants peace, but Buhari and his fellows want the peace of the graveyard where everybody will keep quiet with cool tempers and ‘

siddon look’. So, that is the sort of peace he wants. There are agitations for restructuring. What is restructuring? Nigeria in 1960 was created as a federation. There is nothing like restructuring or anything else. All these other constitutions are from the military and they are illegal. They do not emanate from the people. Imagine the 1963 Constitution, which emanated from the people. If we go back to this constitution, it would be very clear. But people do not want justice. They want oppression. When you push people to the extent that they cannot pass through the wall, they will turn against you and fight. So, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When we reach that point, nobody will talk. For me to say Buhari should restructure…Buhari does not have the capacity to restructure, because it is not in his hands, and I will not even be where Buhari is restructuring anything. If he restructures, he would restructure us to one dollar to N600. Go to Lagos-Benin Expressway and see the restructuring that Buhari is doing there. Is it in our educational system, where people score as low as 80 points in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations and they are admitted into the university? That is the sort of restructuring that Buhari can do. We had legal documents that were available. Let us go back to the 1963 Constitution. That is the constitution that can lead us, and we can use that as a starting point.

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Abegi make Asari go sitdon. U they find attention Are you done fighting KANU?

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Military expects more Tucano jets Oct 28, says bandits fleeing North-West - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Everyday bandits are fleeing... Yet things still happen You will think the HQNigerianArmy is expecting this jets to fight a war with another country. Noo! They want to use it to fight their citizens who are tired of the statusquo and demand self determination. Over $1b have been spent on security but BokoHaram terrorists are there.. See NigeriaGov celebrating WWII twin-prop aircraft like say na better thing🙆🏾‍♂️ Meanwhile, the fleeing bandits are heading where o?

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Your highness it's quite unfortunate gumi is a terrifying terrorist,I don't expect to hear anything truthful from him. Na 2day you just wake up Good for you. joejossy_12 demonstration of Craze 70 years old man.🤣😀😂😃 Why are you annoyed? they've been comparing IPOB with terrorists and you were enjoying the comparison, now you're annoyed that they're rightly comparing you with bandits? Are you insane?

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