Ippıs Asuu, Ngige

Ippıs Asuu, Ngige

IPPIS: FG lost N800bn paying ASUU, says Ngige

6/1/2020 9:50:00 AM

IPPIS: FG lost N800bn paying ASUU, says Ngige

and Tony OkaforThe Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige, has said there will be no going back in paying university lecturers with the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System.He said the FG had lost N800bn to the old system of paying lecturers.

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Ngige stated this in an interview with reporters in his Alor home in the Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State.He said, “What ASUU is saying is laughable. Your employers will dictate how they will pay you. They can decide to pay you with a cheque which you sign in your regional office every month and you take your salary and go. They can decide to do electronic transfer. You bring your account number and they do a transfer electronically to you.

“But for some strange reasons, this has become an issue with the Academic Staff Union of Universities. They claimed they were being migrated from the Government Integrated Financial Management Information System platform into the IPPIS. The Federal Government pays their salaries and the Federal Government says ‘we are losing a lot of money paying you from the GIFMIS platform because the GIFMIS platform only transmits money for your salaries to the university system, bursar’s office and from there they pay you.”

Ngige said there were anomalies with GIFMIS, including cases of ghost workers and people receiving more than their due.He said in the old payment order, taxes deducted by “bursars and vice-chancellors were not reflective of the taxes of Pay as You Earn.”

“They are not and because they are not, the shortfall in the taxes they deducted, the various state governments were those universities are domiciled have petitioned the Joint Tax Board to demand for this shortfall to be paid by the Federal Government, which is the principal employer of these university teachers.

“And over sometime, that has accumulated into about N800bn which the Joint Tax Board has billed the Federal Government as money that have not been paid to those sub-national governments, the state governments,” he stated.He said the IPPIS would take care of all the shortcomings.

But the Academic Staff Union of Universities has said the allegations of N800bn by the Minister of Labour and Employment were baseless and the union had not refused any invitation from the government for negotiation during its ongoing strike action.The ASUU National President, Prof Biodun Ogunyemi, stated these on Sunday in a reply to an enquiry by our correspondent.

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He said, “ASUU has never declined invitation to negotiation meeting with government. What we asked government representatives to do was to send us their response to the last letter we sent to them.“ASUU leadership has been holding Zoom meetings with their members. We need to be sure of what is coming from government before accepting to attend any meeting. How can they claim to have invited us to a meeting without clear agenda or any letter of invitation?

“On the N800bn, this is pure mischief. We are thoroughly embarrassed that such reckless and baseless allegation could be credited to the Minister of Labour and Employment.”Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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How So? How much did Nigeria lost paying you security vote? So after the 30-50% cuts from the salaries of the Lecturers when they where forced to the IPPIS, now the FG is claiming 800 billion naira recoveries. 🤔 Prove it abi It's not bad, at least we know where the lose is coming from. How much have you guys stollen?

Really Minister? its just because your children's doesn't school in nigeria,that is why you can proudly make such remarks Has this man ever known what it means to be unemployed? No job no food no shelter. Does he know what wants is? Ngige and the other people responsible for the lose of peoples job God will definitely take his own pound of flesh the very day y'all leave this life continue!

Stories Honourable Minister ASUU =thieves and corruption If say,abule ado was lekki or banana island,you would have repaired our poles,wires and transformer and supply us light.come and settle this matter Sanwo olu and give abule ado light.protests2020,WeAreTired,Anonymous,AllLivesMatter,Tacha, Whosoever that cannot comply with IPPIS regulations can resign.Nigeria cannot afford to keep robbers and bandits as lecturers.A lot of corrupt practices are traced to their doorsteps.

Is like you and your entire generation want to be unfortunate Sir, but we didn't ask you tell us you lost N800bn to ASUU 🙃🤨😏😒 TRADE YOUR DEAD,CONDEMNED SOLAR INVERTER BATTERY FOR COOL CASH FOR ENQUIRY CALL📞08107105177.. 09090839033.PLS HELP US RETWEET🙏 Lost kwa? How? Debtors should pay up! Make I just dey observe the clueless people from this corner.

APC is now fighting to work with a clueless, incompetent platform created by looting GEJ administration. Agbluchaa ngene, ekulu ngene ñua. IPPIS like other wonderful innovations of that administration stands the test of time. How much is education budget? Una never still settle una matter with ASUU Sheyb it was 100bn Asuu members were fighting for Which one is 800bn again

When you say lost, can you explain it better...I mean, in what way was a merited salary a wasteful venture? Tell them to bring evidence now, e go enter voicemail. Lies lies lies!!!! why should be lost Mad man Pls sir, tell the world what you, FG and IPPIS programmers did with the money. IPPIS underpaid lecturers and you want to hang this looting on their necks. No way...

When has paying ones debt become a loss Abeg make we hear better thing Let's gain together here. Follow me Queen_loveth_ Ngige Ngige Ngige how many times did I call u How much FG has lost paying our senators Wait ooooo! The strike was because FG has been owing ! Pls when was the 800billion paid Propagandas up and down. The regime is dangerous to the continue existence of Nigeria. 800 billiin. Getting close to trillion. How much is the total wage bill of ASUU. With all these taking loan upon loans

How much is the overall wage bill of ASUU. This government just like lying. Ask them to produce the 800 billion. They saved . You will hear another story How much did FG loose paying you and other ministers that have not perform including the president and others? ASUUNGR I need you here. Pls come with your bursars and VCs

Lost..yet some are yet to be paid and those paid kuma their money cut off..lie lie govt This dude is just a pathologic liar, did he even do the math before spewing this crap. SenChrisNgige That 800billion should have been stolen by you and there would have been no problem. Meanwhile, where is the server for IPPIS located, in Nigeria or America? Your judgement awaits you.

I dont understand,how can you lose money,paying people you are supposed to pay,i mean u pay for services and xxyet complain,that you lost money paying for the services FG ....... GOVERNMENT OF LOOTING I thought only basic salary was taxable, but now you people tax everything. Now you're talking! No condition is permanent. Kwantinue!

Embracing evolving changes that comes with time, just the only way to go which requires effective Mgt, don’t abhor claim of bogus criticisms, what paramount here’s our schools must reopen and resume lectures, now otherwise the outcome could be too disastrous for the country. Another matter Fake news This Capping too much na una no go take am easy ASUU way una never settle finish abi na for dream

If you have been to a Nigerian university, and you want to be sincere to yourself , you will agree that universities are the most corrupt institutions we have. This govt is a lie Dwarfs lie too? Yahoo yahoo fathers in govt Clueless regime Sinzu Bunch of liars and irresponsible lots!! That's what happens when a country doesn't have data

adeyanjudeji ShehuSani thecableng ngige u have no shame cos ur shameless n ur being surrounded by shameless leaders like urself,the level of stealing, looting and embezzling our monies n resources will end soon cos all u all end near,heartless greedy leaders! Salary or bribe Ngige wants to politicize the issue. I have overheard several Academicians in a top Northern University who said they had been underpaid and mispaid by FG IPPIS. Some had over 140k deductions illegally from their salaries even before receipt and VAT payment.

My sadness is upon all this amount you just mentioned sir, we arent seeing no effect in the educational system. Private universities fastely taking lead over federal universities ,useless statement.. How do u mean lost? Just cos ur not organized Bad people everywhere this one again With all the salary deduction federal government still lost N800bn? I still don't understand how this IPPIS function.

Chai, what kind of news is this na, Shouldn't they have payed Asuu? What is the Loss their. Lost , paying Why’s this man talking in the rubbish Is that True 🤡 Continue dey lie eheen, very soon angel go slap you... So I Would Be Giving a Free Lecture On mini importation from China, Turkey and how you can source for goods 10 different site with cheap products yourself. This webinar is coming up on 6th of June 2020 Paid class inclusive. Click here to join the class

Paying ASUU and you call that a lost? Na wa oh Did you say lost? Is it not Ngige that said this? He has no integrity at all. All he does and says is to cause problems everywhere he is. Lies unlimited So strike don finish abi NNPC lost this NPA lost this FIRS lost that Now you are losing 800b to ASUU This government is a loser.

You FG nd ASUU, u better comebck for Negotiation table I will maintain that this union should have been long proscribed because it has failed to show any relevance to our immediate or future educational aspirations as a nation We have a President who is very educated in mediocrity an a labour minister who have been schooled in lies. The way further is oblivion, less just abolish education since some set of people don't want some to go to school.

All this relegated campaign managers are still trying to defend anonymous that can hold water. Since there is no money to squander, they begin to look for excuses. Yantumakii ni dai na san ASUU hasn't received any notice na zoom meeting, kuma ita ce ma ta aika govt letter to that effect, govt Bata yi responding ba

Another lie! Who go check? How ? What do you mean If this money were paid to ASUU why are they on strike because of bad funding The artist and his art. Oil on canvas To any one who is dragging God should just stop it right now. Pls retweet if you like it🙏 I dont get?FG lost paying ASUU how ? So paying ASUU is a lost. That's a good way of putting it I guess

N800 billion? The way you people bandy figures sha! You embezzle more than this. Those illiterates they will be fooling with literates Is it the same IPPIS that deducted May salary of teachers in the federal ministry of education we are talking about. God punish them The gates of even hell will reject this man! How much is the whole budget for education in Nigeria? These characters think Nigerians are fools! Or maybe many of us are because we have allowed them to go on unhindered!

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhgggggghhhh......N800bn lost and you did not lost with the money.......... The next president of Nigeria will be a pastor ..... Enough is Enough.... N700bn got burnt the other day . N800bn lost again... Who can truly rule Nigeria with truthfulness.?. Una say una pay them 800bn, Make asuu no see this nonsense oo,if not,the strike go continue because you lied against paying them,whereas you haven't. Na here we go sti dey when ASUU go go strike for non payment of salaries and arrears.

I don't know what to believe anymore Lost to who and they are still owed salary 🙆 We are still taking orders for the new week.. There is no reasons to consider this huge amount as wasteful if there progress. You can't be bigger than your employer. Thief Lost? How is paying ASUU now a 'lost'. What a Government!😪

800bn?wow thats a whole lot of money right there,imagine how much a citizen will get from that money,there won't be a poor person in Nigeria if that money goes round,which begs the question,why do lecturers still complain about not paid,looks like a group pocketed all that money Liar!!! “They lost 800bn paying ASUU” 😂😂😂

Yes, many irregularities were discovered. Some lecturers were receiving higher pay than their level, salaries were still being paid into accounts of some dead and retired lecturers (not pension), cases of double salary payments were also discovered. Also Ghost lecturers This Ngige is funny. Na today dem dey pay ASUU?!

They have stolen and now ASSU will be the cover. We pay sch fees to fg, y finding it difficult to settle lectures U guys are devils, How can FG lose money for paying part of ASUU's withheld salaries? It is the height of sycophancy and idiocracy if paying salaries can be lauded as an achievements. These accidental leaders na wa for them

This government has really made it hard to believe anything they put out.. I feel less Nigerian already Fulani herd men ambush Igede's Itakpa community in Obi local govt area of Benue State,and killed over 12 innocent people,fighting is ongiong as I speak now,I want journalists to covey this message to the appropriate authorities for legal actions.

ahhh ahhh mr minister fear God nh if you won lie make people no know say u embezzle money must you lie on outrageous things like this politiciansFearGod This man lie always And some are yet to get paid, even the ones that got, where short paid WeAreTired thieves I don’t get lost or stole? But why won’t want to pay asuu And how is it a lost?

What does this foolish Man mean by he lost, is it not their swear and entitlements you people have held as a govt? Are you nuts?or is English language use a problem?ngige You people are a big joke..mad people Which of the ASUU ACADEMIC Union or ASHAWO union ? WeAreTired of hearing lies, deceit and propaganda everyday. Ngige have no shame. WeAreTired of Ngige

APC couldn't even hide their corruption's anymore , it has become normal and daily activities. The youths are scared to ask questions because they have been divided through tribalism and religion.. So much hate But dey can buy car na Hw the money take lost....unah Don start..... I know want hear say whale swallow the money

Lost? I don’t understand I hope Assu isn't on strike.. I follow back instantly Liars!!!

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IPPIS: Ngige’s allegations baseless, we’re ready for negotiation – ASUUMinister of Labour Ngige is a Puppet. He's not for the workers welfarism at all. Just acting the cabal scripts. Is ASUU is still on strike? 😂 😂 😂 Covid-19 has rendered their strike useless Gbass gbos everywhere

Return to negotiation table or face consequences, FG warns ASUUMinister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige says there will be consequences if the striking Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) refuse government’s overture to return to the negotiation … Thunder fire ASUU and FG u guys will never prosper by the grace of Almighty God TheMATTER 😂 Dem never settle this matter? who born Asuu? Who be Asuu? Who dem be? Scrap dem off

ASUU Strike: FG calls for talks with lecturersThe minister said that the ASUU strike was all about the disagreement on the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS). Anzo wajan aradu.

Judiciary’s independence: FG to gazette Executive Order 10 this weekWe have been battling the Anambra State Governor WillieMObiano in Court since 2018 for his refusal to grant financial autonomy to the State Judiciary. The matter,A/462/2018 is fixed on June 30 for ruling at the High Court,Awka. There is need for a judicial pronouncement herein. I dey come settle the matter oh

Send relief items to Sokoto, FG orders agenciesHope NigeriaGov and MBuhari would have responded with such swiftness in terms of relief material when other sections of the country are affected with crimes and displacement. NationalUnity To settle the matter Will relief items bring back the wasted lives? Well 🇳🇬 is on auto pilot!