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IPOB: Igbos brainwashed with Biafra agitation - Ngige - Daily Post Nigeria

IPOB: Igbos brainwashed with Biafra agitation - Ngige - Daily Post Nigeria

6/14/2021 10:36:00 AM

IPOB : Igbos brainwashed with Biafra agitation - Ngige - Daily Post Nigeria

Chris Ngige , the Minister of Labour and Employment has reacted to the agitation of the Indigenous People of Biafra , IPOB , in the Southeast. Ngige said the

Chris Ngige, the Minister of Labour and Employment has reacted to the agitation of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, in the Southeast.Ngige said the separatist group had brainwashed people of the Southeast into believing that Biafra would bring an end to unemployment and economic challenges in the region.

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He, however, cautioned against such a notion, stressing that the Nigerian government was working towards resolving those challenges.The minister spoke at a stakeholders’ meeting of the Association of Eze Ndigbo in the 19 Northern States and Abuja yesterday.

Minimum wage: Ngige threatens governors not paying N30, 000Ngige said: “People have been brainwashed and the separatists humped on that foundation to now shout from the rooftops that we will give you Biafra and when we give you Biafra, all these things will disappear.

“There is no country that does not have its own problems. We have economic problems here, which is why we have unemployment and of course, we have a youth bulge in our population.“About 60 per cent of them are youths and a lot of them are unemployed.“So, the government is devising ways to tackle that. It is a work in progress.”

IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu has been at the forefront of the agitation for Biafra.The Kanu-led IPOB has anchored its agitation on the Nigerian government’s failure to improve the Southeast’s economic well-being. Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

With all due respect you are mad 😡 Igbos are not brain washed it is you that is a sabotage to the progress in the south east region SenChrisNgige is a disgrace to ndi Igbo, a disappointment. Wasted sperm is talking Thief as a Governor, thief as minister and Buharis lapdog GooglePlay Thank you for Removing the crowwe app owned by adamugarba one the major sponsor of terrorism in Nigeria!! The app gathers contact info of people and sends signals to Kidnappers. The app is a major rise of insecurity in Nigeria!!

Does Ngige understand the meaning of Freedom? Biafra stands for freedom and self determination. Unfortunately Ngige loves slave status. We pity him. This man should go an sit down. They are canceling every who is not brainwashed like them Ngige is brainwashed with ministerial position. Ngige bu akpa amu!

Nigeria’s Terror On Igbos: Comments on the NINAS “Cease And Desist” Caution to Buhari and ESN/IPOB By Ndidi Uwechue | Sahara ReportersHaving now provided the Reader with some insights into the two main protagonists of the heavy-handed Military operation in the East, the most sensible solution is the NINAS leadership solution: a “Cease and Desist” caution to all sides, ie, to both Kanu and Buhari. In 2018 Nnamdi Kanu will receive national and international disgrace ~Apostle Johnson Suleiman In 2021 IPOB have a God ~Apostle Johnson Suleiman Onu ahu koro ogiri onu, emesi ruru ogiri racha. MNK keep elevating. MaziNnamdiKanu All videos of police shooting,brutalizing, and dehumanization from all protest grounds,in the link below I can't post on Twitter its too long so go watch,share and make sure you subscribe.Lets let the world know it's too much,we are tired June12thProtest Retweet this please, this is all the videos compiled from all the protest ground where peaceful protesters are being brutalized, like criminals Please Retweet let the world watch and see what is being done to us. We are tired June12thProtest KeepitOn

another igbo betrayal This man is an illusionary criminal. janjaweed A fool at 40 is a fool forever The zoo has failed Does Ngige has sense? I don't think so.. What did you brainwashed us with...... Fulani Janjaweed herdsmen jihad. Nomadic people, Malam Just as your brain and body hv been brainwash too. I used to like you Ngige but now you are nothing

Nnamdi kanu is our Leader and no one else MaziNnamdiKanu renoomokri Last last we go know who is being brainwashed.

Secession: Ngige breaks silence, says elite causing chaos in South EastWe know they are behind all these Can't government go after them ? Do tell Senator Chris that presently he's nothing other than noise in the Eastern political affairs. We do not know or hold him in any regard.

Another one! Just the way APC led Fulani government has brainwashed him with the notion of one Nigeria. SenChrisNgige should not be economical with the truth. In all fairness, are Igbos being treated well under this present contraption called Nigeria. This people are not speaking for us. Why should all this useless and evil news platforms going after them

Kai kai & Tombo is speaking You can utter whatever rubbish you wish but our collective resolve is to get Biafra. Brainwashed completely Dem brainwash us or not Oga we dey go abeg Oga go and sit down,,,aturuocha Who doesn't know about it They won't spare you when it comes

Ndigbo have enjoyed key FG appointments, they're not marginalized - Ngige defends Buhari - Daily Post NigeriaChris Ngige , the Minister of Labour and Employment, has dismissed claims of the Federal Government marginalizing the Southeast. Ngige insisted that the Akpa Amu. If he is not in the government, he will say they're marginalized Go to heal you BIG FOOL with empty brain

And who brainwashed you on looting and criminal activities? Fulani, your slave masters. Ewu. Is true that foolish people also grow old you can't fool us we know what is good for us. It is better they get brainwashed with agitation than you cowards in government that enrich your self's and put citizens in cancer poverty.

Oh sorry o Mr man, keep crying . Idiot Ngige are you not stupid? That a fellow who was born the same way you were born is controlling you like a pawn in Chase board and you are happy, are not responsible enough to be on your own and lead your people to greater heights? To be a president of a nation ósò gi nsô

Common sense no dey this idiot brain. What do you expect from someone that is benefiting from a failed Nigeria? He is saying and doing what he is paid for This man is afraid of losing his position his over pressure from his fulain master, They have tell him to speak up or lose his position. What do you expect from him before

Elites Fueling Crisis in South-east, Ngige Alleges* Insists zone not marginalised by Buhari Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja The Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige , has blamed the elites in the South-east region of allegedly orchestra… This ngige should be asked to go and calm things in south east of he is truly a patriot. So, it's no longer IPOB? Please tell your president and c-in-c to wake up the slumber of sentiments and natural hate for the igbos

And what have you done for igbos? old fool He is probably feeding and cruzing from the federal pocket so🤷‍♂️ I'm not surprised. Those that deny their identity to gain favour from their enemies will one day need support from home. Agbáhárichaa must come back. He's a confused man who's only vision is his stomach and Pocket

Another midget In a country where a politician can mismanage and loot billions of naira without being questioned. Don't expect them to be in support of anything they'll spoil their business for them Members of apc thief and fulani slave is talking ingige You will not see anything wrong with the agitation because you are part this evil government.

Sorry sir we don't know you as an igbo man even though you bear a name a that sounds like an igbo name.... But we still don't know you.... Naija doesn't hv anything to brainwash anyone with... Ngige needs beating.... Short brain.

A’Ibom community alleges extrajudicial killings over IPOB link - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria The army and police are terrorists. Fulani terrorist In Zamfara and all over the north massacring people but these terrorists are in BiafraLand killing our brothers. A call for BiafraReferendum is not a call for war.. It's civil..ohafiaunderattack BiafraNationNow OduduwaNationNow Ọ ga eru Everybody.

In the next two years , you'll come down and obviously visit Anambra so you can explain this better . It's better to keep quiet most time s than talk something you'll regret at last. Ngige no go die well!! Maka Chukwu! 🙏🏽 Fulani herdsman... U are one of them... Never you call this people igbo leaders because we don't recognize them as leaders...they can say anything they like how many of them ?

Who is brain washed here ? The man that has been doing one thing for 60years without results and a man that said there's a solution by going our separate ways who is brain washed here ? The issue is that people are hell bent of liking the ass of fulanis Gettat abeg All these Fulani slaves This is the type of leaders Igbo people are blessed with, i don't blame him, i blame those stupid Ungun men known or what they call themselves, they don't do the needful

He is still eating, you don't talk when you are eating (ezi) This one who no know you?

IPOB Lawyer Seeks UK Intervention Over Assassination Attempt on His Life By Nigerian Army, Police | Sahara ReportersIn a letter dated June 10, 2021, addressed to the High Commissioner, British High Commission, and obtained by SaharaReporters, the lawyer asked the British Government to prevail on the Nigerian Government to set up an independent investigative panel to probe the killing of his personal assistant, Samuel Okoro and an assassination attempt on his life on June 6, 2021. No different between Nigeria army and boko haram terrorists They all bomb and burn civilians house Kidnap too UK will not help you bros Uk that is in support of their genocide

This one na fulani blood Ngige is brainwashed with oil money. Eshii Short have no place in the Dot nation..prepare to live with herdsmen