Internal Collaborators, Miyetti-Allah, Ondo State, Operation Amotekun

Internal Collaborators, Miyetti-Allah

Internal collaborators aiding Miyetti Allah to oppose Amotekun – Akeredolu


Internal collaborators aiding Miyetti Allah to oppose Amotekun – Akeredolu

Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu Peter Dada, Akure The Governor of Ondo State, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, on Tuesday, alleged that some Yoruba leaders in the South-West were behind the Miyetti Allah in opposing the newly launched Operation Amotekun in the region. The Secretary of the Miyetti Allah, Saleh Alhassan, had on Channels Television, on Tuesday, criticised the South-West governors on the creation of Operation Amotekun. Akeredolu, who is the Chairman of the South-West Governors’ Forum, said he would not blame the Miyetti Allah’s secretary but the people in the region, who were allegedly colluding with the Miyetti Allah to fight against the South-West security outfit. The governor spoke through his Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Mr Ojo Oyewamide. READ ALSO: Oxford dictionary adds Danfo, Okada, Tokunbo, K-leg, 25 others in latest update He said, “Rather than throwing same stones the arrogant miscreant threw at the governors, we will rather put the blame on those internal collaborators whose parochial political pursuits have beclouded their sense of tomorrow. “Yes, the possibility of an outburst as such can only be seen when a serving senator (from South West), because of his political ambition, would rather demonize Amotekun than support the scheme. “Is it not curious that it was shortly after a supposed senator whose immediate environment is the most affected by insecurity pummeled Amotekun that the federal Attorney-General came out that same evening to issue a statement? “These are the internal collaborators whose vested interest is to sell the South-West out. However, we must emphasise that our unity and cohesion as a nation are two cherished features that we can’t afford to undermine.” Akeredolu reiterated that Operation Amotekun had come to stay and “all legal means will be deployed to achieve same without necessarily affecting our oneness as a nation. Like others elsewhere, Amotekun remains complimentary, it is not a regional force”. DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

We have betrayal among us, but God will strengthen all the supporters, Amotekun has come to stay Abi ko fe da fun won ti ran ti ran ni. They will all learn in 2023 because we are not coming out to vote for any stupid asshole if our AMOTEKUN can not stay..... Discas2001 TopeEdward ..use the 'Ase awon Alale s'epe fun awon oloriburuku t'onfe gbabode fun ile Yoruba! ki aye won t'ada nu ni were were ti omode nti oko eshishi bo

Dey have failed altogether...betrayers & selfish lots Yorubas can betray their own, it is in their blood. That is why killer headsmen are finding inroads to the region Pls give us the names of the saboteurs ki ara sango lo san pawon tiletile. SOME APC Governors/members still have CONSCIENCE. We know them. We are watching ooo😀😀😀.

But where are those idiots always saying Igbos don't love themselves? Politicking and selfishness is everywhere. But just how can people prefer that their people be killed and enslaved just for political power? This is the height of selfishness and wickedness God will expose them all. Oduduwa should cry they own cry. They help create a monster call pmb

They collude

‘We Are Afraid’, Miyetti Allah Reacts To Creation Of ‘Operation Amotekun’‘We Are Afraid’, Miyetti Allah Reacts To Creation Of ‘ Operation Amotekun ’. You should be afraid bcs you are committing those crimes Same way other people are afraid of KILLER HERDSMEN being your kits & kin. The most reason government should have reassured ALL Amotekun has come to stayed, its now left for the Eastern governors and South South to take another bold step to secure their region.

Is it by force to eat cattle? Why bully the rest if the country just because you want to sell your cattle? Amotekun has come to stay. Let them get used to it My question is, why are they worried about the Amotekun? Baba you dey fear Jagaban Tinubu and his dogs should take their sub. If there's anything I've loved from this gov is his firm stance on crucial matters, he is so blunt and I commend him for that. Tho I didn't support him at first but since I saw stances of some key issues I began to like him. Keep up the good work Mr gov, God bless u!

Tinubu on my mind. 'Internal collaborators'. You dey fear to say 'Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his collaborators?' Why can't you see it like you know it. Push your courage more Noooooo! Fulani presidency is opposing Amotekun. Tinubu WHY?

Support for Amotekun shows how primitive Yoruba people are – Miyetti AllahOri okpe You are a ram I love this guy.

Miyetti Allah are now the presidents, rulers, god fathers, leaders and dictators of Nigeria and to Nigerians.. We better rise up before the giant gets reduced to grasshopper. Tinibu Yorubas are destroyers. Easy guess. No price for guessing. Lol, that Yoruba adage that says ' kokoro ton je efo ....... 🤔😂

Only strong men take opposite side on issues like this If we talk am say some Yoruba people na wolves, slaves and betrayals them go say we be tribal bigot. The truth is bitter. I think I'm feeling & liking Gov RotimiAkeredolu 's Frank responses and assertions on Amotekun lately. No wonder they say; ' You can't bend an Ondo Man, cos they don't 'kowtow'. 🙌

The main problem of Amotekun is Mr. Tinubu and his Yoruba political cabal who will finally regret teaming up with the north. I can't imagine Miyetti Allah a terror group dictating for Southwest and men like Tinubu and Obasanjo are quiet. Oficialfemzy Amotekun has to stand Enemies within.

Amotekun: Why we 'fear' Yoruba security outfit - Miyetti Allah - Daily Post NigeriaThe Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore group, has revealed why its members are afraid of the Southwest security outfit, Amotekun. National Secretary of the group, Na fear go kill you, 😈 devil Is this Amotekun security outfit in the northern Nigeria? Is not wat u people think to use 'Amotekun' against d Fulani herds man in S-west but the hallmark of it is to curb insecurity in southwest in addition wit FG own and as well as kidnapping, robbery e.t.c.

Just mention Tinubu and his minions with your chest Mr. Man! We all know them, and they will experience the wrath of God, no matter who they are, God is greater than all of them put together I wonder why so called Miyetti Allah are afraid of this operation Amotekun.... May be there's hidden agenda on their part...... I think Southwestern Governors shouldn't back down because security of all persons is paramount irrespective of ethnic background.

Who's Miyetti Allah? We know but they will fail. I blame the media institutions bringing his dead brain to national TV. When he gets such cheap attentions what do you expect? If Miyetti Allah could have a voice. Amotekun and any other organization or association should have a voice. Why and how on earth would Miyetti Allah have an opinion on security if there are no purposeful hidden agendas

iykimo O set yea o set! They oppoosed the anti-open grazing law of the Benue State Govt but the law survived their opposition. The same thing will happen to Amotekun. Nigeria belongs to all of us and herders are no more Nigerian than farmers.

Amotekun: Yoruba people most primitive in terms of political culture - Miyetti Allah - Daily Post NigeriaThe Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore group has insisted that people of the Southwest are the most primitive when it comes to politics. National Secretary of the Ah!!!! Can someone tell this goat to shut his mouth up. U can't protect ur territories u r angry someone is protecting his. If the government can't defend us the best option is for us to defend ourselves Channels self Dey fuck up, wetin concern government issue will a cow 🐄 organizer..? This is just something else ...

This man has seen the took you so long though. GOD BLESS U AKETI...ODUA AGBE E SIR...LOVE U LOVE LOVE U It would have been better had it named these evil collaborators.. Aere ni n re yin oloko, Bi won pe ogun, pe ogbo awa lama rehin won RotimiAkeredolu is making sense. All of them including those collaborators should go and HANG themselves. Better still, they can move out of SW or Nigerian.

BAT USU Who's miyeti Allah to oppose a scheme to protect the electorate in your states? Go on, execute your plans, please. MrEdegbe This guy is very courageous. Who be miyetti

Amotekun not regional army or ethnic agenda, says Akeredolu | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsHe said that Amotekun was neither a regional army nor an ethnic agenda aimed at obliterating and undermining national cohesion. Amotekun SouthWest Akeredolu Nigeria For now it does not. 🇳🇬, 🇳🇬ns and their politicians being who they are will soon turn it into political tool of thuggery, oppression and dean of kidnappers and assassins. This is the fear of the sane! There is nothing wrong with the parallel security outfit is 🇳🇬 was not such a Hmnn...lovers of IPOB and believers in BSS are already painting it as such


But why would miyetti whatever be dictating what we want for us? they will all fail This fight go sweet oo

Amotekun: Divisive utterances won't help – AkeredoluThe governor of Ondo State and chairman, South West Governors’ Forum, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, has said that the South-west security initiative, Amotekun ... Yes oooo, my governor, we will be united and strong to defend ourselves, no going back on Amotekun When actions are influenced by hatred, deceit and lack of focus inconsistencies is the end results. When institutions are built without legal foundation the end result is illegalities and ultimately a failure

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