Insecurity: Buhari Asks Local Leaders To Warn Youths Against Acts Of Violence

Insecurity: Buhari Asks Local Leaders To Warn Youths Against Acts Of Violence

5/9/2021 11:19:00 PM

Insecurity: Buhari Asks Local Leaders To Warn Youths Against Acts Of Violence

President Muhammadu Buhari has called on local leaders to advise the youths in their various domains against acts that can harm the country in any way. Reacting to the attacks on communities and government facilities in parts of the country, he asked the leaders to warn the young Nigerians against being used to incite … Continue reading Insecurity: Buhari Asks Local Leaders To Warn Youths Against Acts Of Violence

 President Muhammadu Buhari has called on local leaders to advise the youths in their various domains against acts that can harm the country in any way.Reacting to the attacks on communities and government facilities in parts of the country, he asked the leaders to warn the young Nigerians against being used to incite violence.

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“If we attack institutions guarding us, who will protect us in future emergencies?” the President queried in a statement on Sunday by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu.He also condoled with all those who have lost family members due to what he described as the ‘madness’ going on in parts of the country.

As Muslims in Nigeria join their fellow worshippers across the world in preparation for the Eid-el-Fitr, President Buhari directed that celebrations should be limited due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.In the statement, Shehu noted that the President would not be travelling to his country home in Daura, Katsina State for Eid-el-Fitr – a day that is celebrated to mark the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting.

According to him, President Buhari, his family, personal aides, members of the cabinet, and service chiefs who choose to remain in Abuja will congregate in full compliance with COVID-19 protocols at the forecourt of the Presidential Villa to observe the Eid prayers.

The presidential aide added that the celebration would be held low-key, stressing that there would be no traditional Sallah homage to the President by religious, community, and political leaders.“As was the case last year, the President encourages such leaders to be content with modest celebrations at home in view of the pandemic,” the statement said.

President Buhari thanked the Ulama – also known as Islamic clerics – and all other religious (Muslim and Christian) leaders who have continued to pray for the wellbeing of the nation and its people. Read more: Channels Television »

#June12Protest: Live updates from Nigerian streets

The protest is billed to hold simultaneously in different cities across the various states of the federation, and Abuja on Saturday.

When enabling environment is provided for the youths, they would cease to be violent and violence would be drastically reduced. BUHARI YOU ARE THE VIOLENT, NOT UNTILL YOU STOP PUTTING ONLY YOUR PEOPLE FROM THE FULANI RACE INTO ALL POSITIONS .NOTHING WILL WORK IN NIGERIA. Fake news! I want to see video evidence of this. Nigerians don't be deceived. Probably one man somewhere issued a press conference saying that's what your president said.

Terrible regime ever Una even get time to dey reply this old fool, 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Photo president Mr. President. What is youth employment figures in Nigeria? When a generation steals and mismanages the wealth of the nation, the next generation will be destitute. The people cooking stories for this man are constantly at work. Why cant he speak up foe himself.

Just like that? Local leaders should warn and the youths should just obey? You say you will make Nigeria ungovernable if u don't become president, now that you're president you still shield terrorist you created.....fear God oo

Buhari Mourns Victims of Insecurity, Condemns Nationwide Bloodletting•Bandits kill 11, injure three in Kaduna, Katsina Deji Elumoye in Abuja, John Shiklam in Kaduna, Emmanuel Ugwu-Nwogo in Umuahia and Dike Onwuamaeze in Lagos President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday bem… Stuuuuupid Thunder fire Buhari in his grave and also fire those using his name to rain down fire insecurity on indigenous people who were unfortunately packed in that hell hole called Nigeria, THISDAY LIVE , did Buhari make this statement from his grave ? MBuhari MBuhari na wetin u promise Jonathan you dey do to Nigerians even after you sit on the seat of the President. Nation is still ungovernable to you. As a man thinketh so he is.

Just as Gumi is warning your youths by helping them to demand ransome Where is he? Hmmmmm Mr incompetent go n talk to ur fulani people to stop d insecurities in d North. Mumu man Is you we know as their killer master Where do you always stay to warn, congratulate, condole, speak and react. Pls Buhari I need answers to these few questions of mind.

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Speak up on insecurity, Gani Adams tells BuhariMondayMotivation drawn from quotes of Steven Cyros -- 'Remember: When disaster strikes, the time to prepare has passed.' If you live in Nigeria, Download kwikam 👇🏽 You missed it Gani, which Buhari? The dead one or the masked man? Thats why the Cabal takes all of you for granted. Time to talk is gone. Buhari has declared war on Igbos begining from Imo State and all South West Press are blanking this out! Is it Not Crazy? Nonsense all this once always talk without action. Una don sell conscience. God punish una. These old fools think we’re not smart. This Generation nor be our fathers time oh.

Do they really say these things?🤔🤔..abi na media dey present am like this.😲😳... Cos, what is this cluelessness 🤷🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂ Pastors own no work again 😂 😂 'I will lead from the front ' by speaking 🗣️ to Nigerians via a bunch extremely arrogant media aides... Both u and this man are out of touch with realities.

This is what you people voted for. Are you all not ashamed of your choice? First he was appealing to the terrorist now he is warning the youths. Wahala dey for who no get plan B oh! Wetin this one dey talk sef. The president and the presidency should keep quiet of they cannot act to bring am end to all this insecurity.

The onions is in your hands Mr President This man be saying rubbish Terrorist you no warn them Na youth you dey warn All fake!

Insecurity: God‘ll not forgive Buhari if Nigeria goes to war - Gani Adams - Daily Post NigeriaThe Aare Onakakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani Adams, has warned President Muhammadu Buhari against allowing what would trigger another war in Nigeria. Defend yoruba people and yoruba land Oduduwanow Buhari is already dead and buried

The is the weakest General I have ever seen In this our community called Nigeria, every aboki to your kettle, you’re your own security that’s all. Baba, the youths aren’t the problem of this country y’all should put heads together and end this shits . 🤬 This is 2013 so why complaining Continue warning ... Cluelessness na wetting dey worry you

Wey be say Fulani dey kill us for Benue... Baba behave yourself oh😡😡😠😠 Where is this buhari from ? Question: “If we attack institutions guarding us, who will protect us in future emergencies?” Answer: “The NGRPresident as ably lead by Sheik GarShehu and Journalist FemAdesina will protect us in future emergencies.”

2)..& religious bigotry. U lack the mental & physical ability to govern this great country. And because u are not a man of honor to just resign u have perpetually apportion blame on everything & everybody for ur inability to pilot the affairs of this nation to the promise land. Asks, appeal, begs, pleads, encourages... This is all he does.

You never see anything Buhari, since una wan frustrate the youths

Insecurity: El-Rufai one of those misleading Buhari - Benue Govt - Daily Post NigeriaThe Benue State Government has accused the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai of misleading President Muhammadu Buhari on issues of security in Fact oloriburuku ni werey just they disguise They birds of the same feather Anytime I see this guys face, Judas Iscariot just pops in my mind...

it sounds very funny, warning youths... The government should do something now before it's too late, what are you warning youths for What have you done about bandits, kidnap, unemployment etc idiot 👌 Lol cruise daddy As if every LGA has a radio or tv station where local leaders can communicate with area youths!

The youths are not the problem, please 🙄🙄. He should face bandits, unknown gunmen, Fulani herdsmen or whoever they are. Warn your Fulani brothers to stop killing Nigerian people But he encourages violence from his quarters. What a president and what a country!!! So buhari can talkweeeeey Warn Northern youths or Southern? When ever he peaks people thought he mean Nigeria as whole no he means Southerners, shot aside is for southerns not Northerners

Insecurity: US won’t relocate Africa Command to Nigeria, others, Pentagon replies Buhari - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Everyone was being conservative to mention the chief among all the factors, CORRUPTION AND POLITICAL ROMANCE WITH THE MILITARY! We will now consider the plea of Terrorist government, look how they arrest and release their terrorist in Biden's voice. For headline readers let me help you shorten the scope

The local leaders who you ve shown us have no values, charisma or say are the ones you suddenly felt could and therefore should talk to youth yet you have an agenda. SMH Joker!!! He is afraid that the leaders of tomorrow will demand for the tomorrow now. Ekwensu! MBuhari RESIGN! You are very irresponsible, always passing the buck! RESIGN or be impeached!

Am not in any way supporting violence, but why should the government loot the masses and expect calm... No jobs No good social amenities, it's difficult for businesses to strive and all we keep hearing is looted funds up and down. Fix the country and see wat bad governance caused If the NATIONAL LEADERS can't handle it, how do they expect ordinary, LOCAL LEADERS to do it?

🚶‍♂️...................................... When did he make this broadcast I want to know Antony general cleared the air by saying that FG have knowledge of those who are responsible of terrorism,so no need for this speech sir. Pls warn fulani herdsmen for us Clown

The first step Mr president, is to warn the herdsmen and all their entourage. That will yield peace. Buhari is telling villagers not to fight back, but sit and watch Fulani bandits and terrorist slaughter them and take over their land, this man na terrorist Just as u have been warning bandits to stop killing and kidnapping innocent people and they have listening to u

The fulani herdsmen re going around, killing people...u didn't ask the fulani leaders to warn the herdsmen. And now u think we're gonna take u serious? Gera ra hia! More of GARBA SHEHU warns youths against violence..... because Buhari never says anything biko.. enough of this washing His warning have fell in deaf ears. Now it's the Traditional Rulers that have no Constitutional role that will warn dissidents youths. It is clear now that we are in failed State.

😂🤣😂🤣 What a social media president. Idiots they warns people that voted them into power , Which way Nigeria, Which way Nigeria, Which way to go, I love my father's land, I want to know oh, Which way Nigeria, Is heading to? Give them jobs and don't disengage them

Warn your Fulani members first then peace will be restored Give them jobs and don't disengage them MBuhari Audio ..!!! This one just dey give sermon everyday like a Priest. Nigeria is crashing right under his nose. Tueh!!! This man de jones. First warn your Fulani killer herdsmen Whoever the handler of your twitter page is, we are warning you not to warn us. Warn yourself first to do your job.

Is like this man is mad's almost as if he just woke up and drank petrol But u warn ur own Fulani pple first. Ewu! Which Buhari ?

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Irresponsible fools parading themselves as presidency and president. When a father fails in immediate family responsibilities,he relies on the community to raise his children. Presidency Yapping rubbish everyday with images of a dead man. Worst leader in Nigeria's history... His 2 times record as Nigeria's worst leader can never b equalled. Apealing to terrorists/bandits/kidnappers to release d kidnapped. Now asking local leaders to warn the outlaws. If Nig. survive Buhari, nothing will ever happen t her again.

Can the Dead talk? Who will warn you against your own act of violence? fulani MBuhari is asking leaders to warn youths against violence, while he watches his fulani bandits kidnap and custody Nigerians until all ransoms are collected. Shey dis man correct so..! They need to act violently ohh can't just sit and one animal will kill me for nothing

Is this all the presidency can do? Please let the learn from the Ghana experience Always president garba shehu, he should warn his kinsmen wrecking havoc in all part of the country, no wonder he can't even go to his home town, mk them rubbish am Which one of Them? Abi nah presidency talk? Your excellency kindly focus on the matter at hand and leave the youths they need to protect themselves since you have failed to provide security in the country.

He should first warn fulani Terrorist to stay clear off farm lands. Local leaders that hids palliative ba? Garba Shehu will not just keep quiet. He should lead by example by calling his kinsmen to order When you confused and wicked people you will know... ...and wait for his Fulani boys to kill them in sheepish obedience to a betrayal that he is

Where is he even speaking from?

We de warn them Invisible president Which kin president be dis self, this man just dey rule Nigeria like nursing and primary school na wa oo Please who asked this man to talk. Garba shehu we heard you Man is obviously not understanding. But Fulani terrorist are killing innocent people,so they should looking Fulani terrorist to come kill them with out defend themselves,aah evil government, truth this government are terrorist government

I wonder why there is no laughing post reaction on Twitter.... This os really funny🤣🤣🤣 Hmmm

Do the president sign any statement at all? Because GarShehu never stops dragging us back, he wanted to respond to all issues but each response shows a disconnect with people. Are we in the stage of warning? Oga Buhari stop ur people from killing Nigerians. Which local leaders are you talking to? Fulani herdsmen bokoharam, bandits have killed them all. I guess they didn't tell you.

This set of people claiming presidency will be disgraced out of that place, I see it coming very soon U way no fit address youths who are dey to address youths,, Foolish talk The youths are hungry o Firstly how do you know the youths are the once causing violent in Nigeria 🇳🇬 Why can't you adress the youth in public.

Lol! Most irresponsible So that u can kill them more

Buhari speaking from the comfort of Aso leadership, no direction,very unfortunate. You're a disaster to your foolanis peoples If Baba dey cry wahala dey forget. We all need to move up! Funny man Mad president The youths are to blame for everything abi ? In fact it’s the Nigerian youths that has made the coin no have light smh ... shameless and irresponsible people

We're following your lead 😂😂😂 This man is a joke Failed Buhari Photoshop president

Oga we nor dey respect local leader again becos them dey follow us d drink beer for the same bar . U better know shut up! you were begging terrorists yesterday, see finish... This man is not serious. So the youth shout be quiet and be clapping for you abi? Is the youth your problem? Why not face your work and crush Bokoharam, herders and bandits?

The number hoodlum! Is that the best solution or way forward? What are the measures put in place to stop this violence? Youths are now your problem? Sorry sir, they have now warned them all. They will warn more of them hence tomorrow The only thing PMB can do is to send the military to arrest and kill us.. BLOOD SUCKERS 🩸

When push comes to shove... Said this,asked that, urges this.....we no dey ever see am ...the Nigerian Masquerade.

Noted, but you can't address the Nation you begged to rule? Instead you choose to betrayed Us and letting Nigerians dying in their cold blood? God knows your thought than yourself, Lia&Ghaba ministers. One chance President Who said this exactly? Is it the president or the presidency? You are grossly incompetent. God will not allow to destroy this country. I know soon and very soon God will do something drastic with you.

What do you expect from a confused man? We will just keep managing🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️ Lol what a president 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Warn your brothers Man! Does this old man smoke weed? Taleleyi?

Commedian This man na fool allah U mean the presidency. So what if the violence comes to them what should they do? We want to hear him say it on live TV Na wa yet he can't declear state of emergency nor even address and sure the nation na wa it's clear that's dis government don't care about the insecurity, kidnapping and constant killing of innocent nigerians chai what a shame

🤣🤣It seems these media houses are beginning to make jokes from purported statements from the President with their funny headlines. Be like this one dey mad, Wait, is Buhari aware of this? When did buhari said this.. U are a mumu man

Photoshoot.... Oga RESIGN NOW! Your failure stinks! Warner bros Compromised Local leaders have lost their voicesThey can't speak anymore. Start from the North It should have been directed to herdsmen bandits President Garba Shehu we've heard you I don’t even know what to call you.... sitting there and giving directives and warning criminals through ur aides to media houses. What stops you from addressing the nation? Nothing. Because you are not...

Govt should do the right thing, thats good governance, transparency and equity. This will go a long way to minimise violence. People dey hungry, dia businesses don crash no money.. Mr Buhari make you try do good, not sending soldiers to kill her citizen. you tell Nigeria u are going to uk for rest,on ur way back from uk ,Did tell Nigeria where did u Branch I mean where did u transit ✈️on ur way back from uk ,for a screat meeting.before land in abuja

Capital letter failure. Where is this Buhari sef? Well shaa na ur kinsmen u go talk to And I challenge you MBuhari telling the youths of all communities to keep defending themselves with whatever you can use in doing that......MBuhari what security structure have you put in place?...None so allow the youths to protect and defend themselves from Fulani terrorists

Tell them they are on their own Shey this man normal sha? God go punish baba werey Buhari or Garba?😂