Imo Govt motivates each judge with N22m car gifts

Imo Govt motivates each judge with N22m car gifts

5/21/2020 1:25:00 PM

Imo Govt motivates each judge with N22m car gifts

The Executive Council of Imo State has commended the Governor Senator Hope Uzodinma for motivating the state’s judges with car gifts...

 The Executive Council of Imo State has commended the Governor Senator Hope Uzodinma for motivating the state’s judges with car gifts.Rising from their Wednesday State Executive Council (EXCO) meeting, the members said Governor Uzodinma has demonstrated the humanity in him and willingness to provide leadership.

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The EXCO, therefore, gave their nod to the purchase and donation of 23 Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) for the judges and another one for the newly elected Deputy Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly.Briefing newsmen on the outcome of the meeting, the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Declan Emelumba reiterated that the purpose of the car gifts was to basically motivate the judges and facilitate their job.

The commissioner said what was instructive was the ingenuity of Governor Uzodinma to source funds for the purchase of the vehicles from Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) base of the State.Read Also:Imo Senate seat: Onyirimba gets Okigwe groups’ endorsement

Emelumba further informed that the vehicles were procured at the cost of N22million per vehicle as against the budgeted N37million per vehicle by the sacked government, and as such saved nearly ₦500 million from the cost of the 23 vehicles, adding that the Governor saved the state from unnecessary and frivolous financial waste.

According to him, the Council also discovered with dismay that some Permanent Secretaries have not put the official vehicles given to them by the State Government for day to day running of their official duties to use, hence portraying the State in bad light and denying the magnanimity of the present administration to civil servants.

He said the Council reminded those affected that the cars are not their retirement benefits and, therefore, should not be domiciled in their homes as fancy, noting that such would deny them the dignity of their job and position. Read more: The Nation Nigeria »

It's a buy-over. Politicians!!! Bad governance..... While people are suffering, your foolishly spending millions on each judge who are still wealth. That's an high rate of in competency in carry out uour duty to those who voted you..... Nigeria can't stand but divide Only in Nigeria will u hear this kind rubbish.....

Gift on what merit? This is how they bribe their way into corruption, how can the judges be honest in their judgment after taking so much bribe? Corruption everywhere with cruel strategy. Sorry for this country motivation indeed Hope is a well known scammer in Lagos, he made his money through scam so whatever you see in his administration don't get surprised.

Bribery in this recession. Selfish leaders everywhere you go Tired of hearing this kind of trash An them vote am in power now The IMO state governor don buy all the judgements to his Favour be that, sorry to ihedioha and all PDP members in imo state. Corruption mastery by APC👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 I comment my reserves. The total indepedence of judiciary is at stake. Separation of powers threatened.

Quite unfortunate that the state government could afford gift worth22m to judges that are being paid from consolidated account and not owed a dime, and the judges accepted the offer. Where is their conscience.Their family members may be part of the state civil service The right thing needs to be done at the right time .

Stimulus or palliatives post Covid-19? When you have clowns and touts as governor this is what you get. Is this the right time? Poor people are dying from effect of Covid-19 and no help. Shame! As a Supreme Court governor he is Motivated indeed A car gift at this time when world economy is threatened. You don't know your responsibility as a leader. Shame

And yet you refuse to pay workers salaries. If it were to be in a PDP state we no go hear word. Foolishness in power Misplacement of priorities Motivate abi bribe What else do you expect from made in Abuja governor. Why is this man pursuing judges with expensive gifts? Is anyone planning to still take him to court? Stop misusing IMO state funds my opportunistic governor.

Another name for it is bribe And they can't provide face masks, PPE and give palliatives. Nigeria is a Joke🤦 This is a pure act of wickedness. This man orders for indefinite suspension of a civil servant in his state , who complained of lack of salary since February this year. And now, he is giving out car worth 22m naira to each judge in the state. God will judge all this wicked Poli**

Why won't he buy them 22m naira worth of car each after they rigged him into the governorship seat without credibility. Myopic governor with no good intentions for the people of Imo State. Even in the midst of pandemic, he never hid his stupidity. How can this wasteful spending be a motivation Na dem ooooooo, I repeat. NA DEM

Criminals But gave an unpaid worker query for asking for her salary. Supreme court governor must do all he can to sustain himself In the face of poverty and hopelessness, a government makes such an irrational decision? Politicians are nothing else but incompetent & should not have business with governance.

Supreme Court Governor Of Imo State Hope Uzodinjo Bribes Judges With Cars... That state has no gov Where's the sense of our leaders, pensioners and salaries are been owed yet millions are spent directly or indirectly to bribe judges. I trust Imo judges that doesn't stop them from found the right thing when the need arises.

N22m car gift as for what? What happened to their private and official cars? Looming future corruption in progress How unlucky are Imo people? Is a social bribe considering where we are today Wow, N22m car gifts for what and the poor masses are going to bed hungry. Which motivation Na bribe!!! Car gift KO car gift ni.

I hope their salary is fat enough to maintain it. Yet el rufai and buhari are the problems of Nigeria 😂😂 Motivate or bribe them to subvert the law Congrats imo State Government Wrong priority, people are hungry no palliatives & you are buying N22M worth of SUV's for each Judges just to corrupt them into agreeing to your fraudulent activities where by people you said that elected you as you claimed despite Supreme Court Mandate. Imolites are hungry ooo!

So the question is, what is the people of Imo going to do about it? Whether you like it or not you must recharge. Why not earn from it when you do,Click on this link for more info Bribery and corruption Greek gift. Why can't pensioners be motivated with their duly deserved pension? Just way of saying thank you for giving me back door victory. Salaries and pensions are owed.

Na so. See motivation. Nonsense Bribery and corruption I can’t believe this...this should be before this pandemic. I pity poor good citizens of Imo State for having a greedy insensitive buffon for a governor . When a fraudster becomes the governor The worst that has happened to any state govt is to have a person of uzodinma as their gov.

The supreme Court governor at it again 🚶 N22m car gifts ni period yi haaaaaa. Won ti ba Nigeria je Better caption: Imo Govt corrupt judges with N22m car gifts You see these yeye people? And people are suffering in the state without salaries. This is why IPOB can never pull through, selfishness. No empathy at all.

You are giving Judges N22m but owing poor civil servants months of the peanuts they r enduring with. Wicked regime.. This shows how myopic & brain dead the govt of Imo is! At this trying period the only thing they could think of is car gifts to judges while millions of Imo indigenes are groaning in hardship! Imo people don enter one chance😜

Such Handsome Motivation 😂🤩 It’s called official bribe or Shut-up fee.. APC Ndiewo Is only God that can and will save this country Supreme Court governor Should the executive and Judiciary share gifts among themselves? Workers and pensioners are being own in the same state. Which way Nigeria Or bribes each judge with N22m car gifts......

What kind of a country is this self Nigeria my country

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