Endsars, #Endsars Protest, Governor Nyesom Wike, Inspector General Of Police, Mohammed Adamu

Endsars, #Endsars Protest

IGP says #EndSARS protesters wanted Buhari removed from office -- Official

IGP says #EndSARS protesters wanted Buhari removed from office — Official

11/25/2020 12:24:00 AM

IGP says EndSARS protesters wanted Buhari removed from office — Official

'One of the primary objectives of the protest was to effect a regime change,” the statement said.

They called for the regulation of social media in Nigeria.However, other regions in Nigeria, going by the previous remarks made by their leaders, appeared opposed to the notion that the protesters wanted to oust Mr Buhari from office.Uche Achi-Okpaga, the spokesperson for Ohaneze Ndigbo, said the protest was “the icing on the cake” as far as the issue of restructuring of the Nigerian federation is concerned, according to a

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report published by Punch newspaper.“The wave of restructuring will be tempestuous and all who stand on its way will be consumed. We just cannot thrive on a structure that has continued to move backwards,” Mr Achi-Okpaga said.Punch newspaper reported how the Middle Belt Forum rejected the position of the northern governors on the protest.

Also, a leading group in the South-south, the Pan-Niger Delta Forum, had also rejected the claim of the northern governors that the protest was aimed at removing the nation’s president, same with the Afenifere in the South-west.“#EndSARS was a revolt and not for regime change. It is only those fixated only on their ruling of Nigeria at all costs without a thought for its health that would only be talking of a regime in the midst of all we are going through,” the spokesperson for the Afenifere, Yinka Odumakin, said, according to the Punch report. headtopics.com

Meanwhile, Mr Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Ibrahim Gambari, said the meeting with the South-south leaders was called at the instance of the president for the purpose of discussing the #EndSARS protest.The leaders of the region demanded, among other things, the restructuring of the federation to pave the way for true federalism which they said would bring peace, security, and stability to the nation.

ADVERTISEMENT“We are all aware of the huge endowment of this country. As such, it is imperative to stress that with a little bit of efforts, imagination, hard work, sacrifice and leadership, every state of the Federation as of today, has the ability and capability to contribute to the national purse,” Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State, who is the chairman of the South-South Governors forum, is quoted to have said at the meeting, details of which

were publishedby PREMIUM TIMES earlier.Among those present at the meeting were: Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State; Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State; Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State; Governor Douye Diri of Bayelsa State; and Godwin Obaseki of Edo State.

Others were Godswill Akpabio, Minister of Niger Delta; Timipre Sylva, Minister of State for Petroleum; Goddy Agba, Minister of State, Power; Festus Keyamo, Minister of State, for Labour and Employment; Osagie Ehanire, Minister of Health; Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information. headtopics.com

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Hate speech! If e get mind ,make MBuhari visit daura na! IGP visit ur village too if u no collect beating.. yeye And the Buhari they wanted to remove accepted the Demands.... Stupid talk. Imagine what's coming from IGP. Not surprised anyways,man must justify his lineage. And the truth of the military carnage at LekkiMassaccre is gradually unfolding.

IGP’s position is funny indeed. That’s funny because his claims is far from the truth and I wonder why the police wants to murder the truth. What the young generation wants is not a change in Presidency but government reforms, change in policies for a better a Nigeria. EndSARS useless zombie PoliceNG the something big is coming, you will wish to have EndSARS than what will come

Must every meaningful action be reduced to polical particles in this country, youths want an end to police brutality but all these clowns can see is a looming end to their looting and partying at the expense of the masses Don't you worry it will surely end and soon Which is 'wanted'? We still want the buffoon out

So? when did that become a crime? This man is a clown What about that? So if the EndSARS protesters want him out is it wrong? What is MBuhari doing as the president of the Federal republic of Nigeria. Werey B4 nko? We want an End to bad Governance! Is that why you are arresting Us and framing us for what we did not do? TickTock EndSARS

EndSARS With what are they using to remove Buhari from leadership. When the head of the nation sanctions for the death of her future, their blood will continue to seek for vengeance from the hands of every collaborator of the lekki gate genocide Buhari must go 💪🏿 That's misinformation Is Buhari still in aso rock before? Shift jare

EndSARS wants you removed because you're incompetent Everyone in office Well the Government is worse than SARS endsars EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA N so? Ma him birth rite? This northern mentality is the reason why they r not doesn't matter if the president is an invalid,or he isn't performing.Provided he's a northerner,let him die there.'our own na our own'.How do a people progress that way?

Why do Northerners keep thinking this way, so everything is all about MBuhari to leave office . So what😳. Is Buhari some God that will not be challenged even when he is defacating on the alter? IGP should know that his loyalty should be with the nation and not Buhari. Stop your men from being brutal beasts on the people they are paid to protect. That's what EndSARS is.

Is he in office? How does one remove something that seems to be there but not there? 🤷‍♂️ His removal from his post should have been part of the 5 for 5 requests. Even mbuhari himself knows he has failed the nation woefully. But for removing him is for him to either resign honourably which is not in the character of African politicians; or be impeached by the house whom we gave our mandates but then again they are compromised too.

We have the right to remove the clueless govt That's their agenda of Doom, which will ended in their grave of horror. EndSARS CRIMINALS Contractors agents of DESTRUCTION What's the big deal has he quietly resigned. He has done us more harm than good. What do you expect from a puppet The highest ranking police officer can’t even have a simple understanding of the situation this is gross incompetence

Hell is the destination for all liars Before nko Where did buhari get all these uneducated and unwise clowns working for him? What figure Of speech is this Probably because he's failing in his responsibilities That is were you got it all wrong we want EndSARS EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeraNOW EndBadGoveranceInNigeria NewNigeria and even if we want him out of office we have the right to call that shot we can’t have a sleeping man as our president

Bandits are taking over in our are and doing all kind of devilish acts And he sit idle watching HQNigerianArmy playing games with our lives What's is wrong if he's remove, let you sure mr President we also want you to be remove NGRPresident MBuhari We actually wanted you the IGP to be removed first and then Buhari after that. FYI we stil want both of you removed, don't think it's over yet, fool

Removing Buhari from office is a noble objective. And if they wanted buhari removed nko? Somebody is not performing, just occupying space for the sake of occupying space and people want him to give way so we can move forward, whats wrong with that? What if this people really told Buhari that the youth wants to overthrown him and that was the reason he gave the order to the military? Remember Buhari is not aware of what is going on around him talk more of what is going on in the country.justmethinking

Am not surprised No Wonder u guys killed dem Security agents are now branch of APC and a spokesman for the president, their only duty is to protect the interests of the cabals and not the people of Nigeria. It's a shame we still call and reffer Nigeria as a Democratic country We didn’t vote the police we voted the cso’s and president, so if they can’t control the police and secure lives. The should get the fuhk out of office. Same thing they used against GEJ

Nothing good comes out of this one mouth, everything isn't political, all the youth ever wanted was a reform in the police sector, but as Nigerians that we are we choose to use the same police and military to kill innocent citizen. This was the message of EndSARS . 'We are not here to fight'. Sure that what's over due, if the 9th assembly can get it done then let the world hear us. He has proven his incompetency with new records.

Of course that is what every protest has become for u since u swore an oath to watch buhari's back while he secures your appointment ignoring all forms of your incompetence. We have a pathetic IGP who does not know one day he will be brought to book. Buhari wont save him then So na that one b ur worry what about d police men and stations wey Dem kill and burn what about d innocent people wey die this IGP make I no talk say him no get sense

You're damn right Liar Before nko... we wanted to EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA This was EndSARS protest. I know, I was in it. And who would have replaced him? Let the person be arrested and tried for planning a failed coup Igp clueless E sabi 😁 Is it wrong to remove Buhari? When a president is not working the best thing is to change him, let Osibanjo take over and move the nation forward.

This is illiteracy. And the most pain part proves djswitch point 'nigeria has no democracy' but demon crazy leaders U no suppose resign for the role u play? So? Is he just finding out? CNN cnnbrk we need a segment on this demented fellow. He's the head of the Extortion, Corrupt, Nefarious and Murderous Syndicate known as the Nigerian police force.

....is this a bad idea ? So…? Any proof that that was what EndSars wanted? This government is surrounded by those who want to keep their jobs by all means. The almajir erranders. After your tenure or retirement, what else? Kposhi Kposhi. IGP: What does it have to do with the insecurity in Nigeria. The security of Nigeria should be your main concern' Buhari or whoever' is a politician one day he will go. Nonsense....

So u know He should because his not a good leader. What is bad in removing a senile, old illiterate who's lost touch with reality of 21st cent. Can Buhari do a PowerPoint of where Nig will be in 5yrs, standing? Can he address Nig on a live programme? No nation can endure a xter like Buhari as president. The pple can remove him.

Visa ban for him and his family ... Why does Nigeria have uncultured and unintelligent fools in offices? Am sure IGP was convinced by Adamu Garba video released on his twitter page. God will remove all of you at once. It is within the power it the Omnipotent. Vigilante IG Na you talk am And since your job was to protect buhari and not Nigerians

😂 the vegetable is not in control of Aso rock. So the police have concluded their investigations, yet if we request for who ordered the shooting, they would refer us to the panel. exactly. Same buhari that told Jonathan to resign. Smh When you are not performing your duty you resign or the will remove you.Its our vote that put Mr president there...Peru's president resigned when people protested. IGP should keep quiet.

Before nko ? Even you adamu Wanted No we still want him outta that office. And to be honest, what is wrong if he deserves to be removed from office? The constitution allowed it. Nigerians wont be discussing that if this administration is up and doing at all front. You can pass the IELTS exam in flying colours and get a permanent residency to Canada. DM for details on the high score formula for passing the IELTS exam

We know And they were aided by the media, especially Even you IG, we wanted you out The police needs to know their loyalty is first to the Nigeria people, not to the president, not to the govt and definitely not to the rulers! was Jonathan not removed for the same mad man? didn't Buhari lead protests against Jonathan? was it not the same youth he used to secure is wins again and a gain? name one thing this man promised during the campaign that he fulfilled?! oloriburku somebody! now he kills to stay!

Yes!!! That's the idea. endsars end bad governance. End bandits, end boko haram, end endemic corruption, end kidnapping, end poverty capital of the world, end recession. End bad leadership. End all that's bad. End clueless ...So he sent you to kill them right? He sent you to introduce political tugs called hoodlums amongst them so you can criminalize the noble act of a wise youth who refuse a government of lies and lies and lies and failures and lies!! so you killed the youth to save your job! unnm

Does Nigeria resolves around Buhari? They should wait 4 2023, use their votes not destroying public and private properties The north actually says. The IG is trying to Dodge from the reality by pushing it this way the endsars protest is about the IG incompetence to handle his killer squad SARS before now and he should have resign and on whose table the bulk stops too so its about using 1 stone to kill 3birds

And is that illegal? Has the appetite to remove MBuhari been satiated? EVERYBODY in Nigeria wants Buhari out including the miscreants that were used to disrupt a lawful and peaceful protest. They were only blinded by their leaders via religion. He will leave at the right time. Yes BBuhari can be impeached and can also RESIGN So it's not big deal

Is Buhari a saint Is Buhari bigger than those other elected presidents that resigned from office? So what rubbish Did they carry guns to force him? He has failed and the people have the right to ask for his resignation. PoliceNG it's not a crime. We still want him to resign. He’s of no use to us. Oga He doesn't look bright and its obvious he is not bright

What is wrong with the desire? He deserves to retire. What more can he do at his age? This IGP is an OLODO This statement is largely irresponsible....... the IGP would have lost his job already if Nigeria was a country. But as per jungle wey e be na....wemove endsars Even as they all know that no buhari, these our governors can Jones sha

And taking cognizance of how outrageously atrocious you fiends have been in office, you & the president, (indeed the lot of you in this thoroughly failed Buhari govt), ought to have resigned, if you had any honour/conscience/soul! 🚨 Oga WE DON'T WANT THE FULL GOVERNMENT AGIAN..... ABI UNA DEAF ?😡 The only way to remove a President is via impeachment or polls. EndSARS is none of these with their demands. It was about Stop Police brutality Stop Police ExtraJudicial murder. Reform the Nigeria Police to stop treating Citizens as their Enemies. Their spontaneous acts says👆🏿

The patriotic EndSARS protesters wanted, & still want, an end to SARS, police brutality, impunity, depraved governance, etc., This Adamu needs to be stopped. He's so out of touch and tune with modern day trends in Nigeria. I bet he knows no Jack about policing. And who re u Adamu to determine what Nigerians want? Are u for MBuhari or Nigerians? Werey soro soke

Absolute nonsense, from an unprofessional, incompetent, grovelling lickspitle of an IGP! The performance of a president, or anyone for that matter, determines whether or not, they remain in office, not protesters, DAFT IGP! Before now, we wanted justice but now we still want justice and jidesanwoolu impeached

'wanted'? as in past tense? Buhari at several ocassion wanted GEJ removed from the office. Was he prosecuted. My problem is that you all have lost conscience and taken refuge in lying. Yes, we want y’all to FUCK OFF if we’re being truthful. You can say that again Mr IGP. What were you thinking Mr IGP? He has failed and needs to get out of the office.

dondekojo this is insulting to Nigerian youths..... it shows that these old fossils won't EndPoliceBrutality Before nko😏🙄 Yes we want him out..... Not competent to rule us.... Tinubu just came to package him for us And is that illegal? If he is doing well in term of good governance, nobody will want him MBuhari removed

Yes!! And we still demand that BuhariResign !!! This is a democracy and he's a tyrant and corrupt leader EndSARS And what's wrong with that? The demands of the Endsars movement was clear from Day 1. If Buhari thinks he can't handle his position, maybe he should resign, but EndSARS protest has a clear demand.

What is wrong with wanting Buhari removed from office as long as it is done lawfully? Is there a law prohibiting the open expression of a desire that an office holder should be removed from office? Haven’t there been calls for Buhari to be impeached? Tired of sycophants mkg laws! Yes and him stupid sef . Can u imagine? It shows they don't even understand anything we've been telling them. Ahhhhhhh 🤦 problem dey ☹️😤

I knew it, that was what they told those Hoodlums that attacked peaceful protesters. Since they only understand go! Buhari and buratai must go Yes! He is a monumental failure. Buhari, Buratai and all terrorist at the helms of Nigerian leadership must go wakajugbe FROM YOUR HEART DO YOU REALLY WANT BUHARI AND HIS CABINETS TO RESIGN

We can see the govt officials who wants to set the country on fire. PoliceNG, HQNigerianArmy, NGRPresident, NigeriaGov, e.t.c...These are the kind of leadership that are bent on destabilising the country, together with their fake news rhetoric. The best president Nigeria's gotten in long time This is what you see when you have a Police force that is partial and partisan politics. That man is a politician, an active OfficialAPCNg member. So his words is just like that of lie lie Mohammed

He’s a failed man he can resign or step down I know that will never in Nigeria resignation only in the Nigeria of our dreams he’s let us down Bifor nko? The bottom line na EndBadGovernanceinNIGERIA So? Were they not the one that brought him , they also have the power to remove him And Is it no longer democracy?

Shameless What is wrong in wanting incompetent Buhari removed from office? ....and this man continues to be a complete dunce. A demand to remove buhari from office is holistic & legitimate. A bad wheel cannot make a safe drive. Yes the youths want him removed not because they hate him or as a result of sentiments but because Nigeria is not working under him. Remember, the same youths voted for him in 2015.

realjuwon Ode and how is that an offence? PoliceNG your IG is a big fool It is you we want out of office sir Oga IGP I swear u de fuck up! This Nation is screwed! Can you see Buhari in him? So idiotic! Don't worry we will clearly ask for his resignation on the next protest. Is that an offence, to want an inept government out of office.

That's the fact.. So is that a crime? Did they stage a coup or what? This igp is just too unintelligent for my liking... Even his look is somehow Clueless Sir, please come off it. There request was purposeful. How can we tolerate a police force set again those that pays their salaries. Even you sir. Do you realized that a no of prominent people have had to deal with police brutality a case in question is the current Governor at ek

It's not true but if it was true, why is that a bad thing? Can we assume that Buhari and his cohorts wanted GEJ removed when they protested during his tenure? What is the useless man doing there if not removed... We practice democracy in this country mehnnn We voted him in, we can also remove him Whats bad in that?

And that is a bad thing? So that is why they deserved to be murdered? When will GMB sack this guy? He is too dull Lol It is not too much to ask for. dondekojo This is not true nau. It is the whole Nigeria that wants Buhari out! IGP is a very pathetic police officer that has lost touch of the essence of policing

dondekojo And so fuk what And so ...what's wrong with that ...buhari is a dead men working...sleepy buhari 😴. IGP opinions about the EndSARS was myopic and narrow from all angles. Foolish comment I must say.🚶‍♂️ Haba! This is certainly to please PMB to retain you after retirement Very untrue; EndSARS protesters were clear about their demands & expectations ~ simply requesting that government end policebrutality, improve police service welfare, provide security & live up to it's statutory responsibility, which is taken for granted in a normal society.

Is the idiot loyal to Nigeria or to Buhari. After you have failed in your duty, you cant secure the country And now you say people can't protest? Posterity will not be nice 2 u guys 😒😒😒 Asking for his resignation is no crime. Nigeria won't be the first country to see a president resign from office. Before unkor

Wise man , am happy you know now. So do him a favor , go and tell MBuhari what you just know about EndSARS A very useless IGP Nothing wrong with that No be lie...... Is an open secret. Before nko! The people elected him and they still want him out cos his sleepy EndSARs EndPoliceBrutality EndBadGovernance then EndBuhari That was the objective of the protest in that order. I come in peace

Is it a crime to call on the presidency to resign? Cattle head! RTEndSars Before nko Coming From Insanity Is anything wrong with that, when Buhari underperform as president Because his a failure we voted him in so we can also the remove him We continue to demand justice for peaceful EndSARS victims of LekkiGenocide who were massacred on 20.10.2020 by MBuhari & jidesanwoolu May their patriotic memories of a just 🇳🇬bless us.May d 🇳🇬Anthem they chanted & d flag they held inspire patriotism. JusticeforSARSvictims

Lies upon lies And so what? Is he not a democratically elected president by the people? If they want him out, its their right... They pay y'all f*cking office holders. You just they know ni... That was their aim on a lowkey. His a clown ........the same buhari that is owning police salary ......... And so he will.