If They Want To Kill You With A Stick, Look For A Stick — Ebonyi Governor Charges Youths To Face Killer Fulani Herdsmen | Sahara Reporters

Umahi stated this on Thursday during an enlarged security council meeting targeted at resolving the ravaging insecurity in the state.

6/11/2021 2:06:00 PM

If They Want To Kill You With A Stick, Look For A Stick — Ebonyi Governor Charges Youths To Face Killer Fulani Herdsmen | Sahara Reporters

Umahi stated this on Thursday during an enlarged security council meeting targeted at resolving the ravaging insecurity in the state.

Jun 11, 2021Governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi, has urged youths in the state to defend themselves against herdsmen attacks.  The governor acknowledged that herders armed with AK-47s had sent several threat messages informing that they would launch attacks in the state.

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 The governor therefore urged the people of the state to always be ready to confront them. “We note that there have been threats from herders with AK-47 sending text messages to Ebonyi State that they are coming to attack us. “We have resolved as a people to confront anybody, whether he is a herder or criminal that will come into the state with any gun to kill, or anyone that enters the state with the intention to commit assault.

 “Protect yourself in all the nooks and crannies of the state; confront anybody that wants to kill our people. If the people want to kill with a stick, look for a stick. Don’t look for security people to come, no sleeping day and night protect yourself. headtopics.com

 “Form your vigilante. At the local government, Ebubeagu must do everything to protect the people. “No more need to be afraid. If they write you that they are coming, tell them to come, this is our position. “The traditional rulers, our leaders where the ring roads will pass, have assured us of adequate security.

 “And all local government chairmen are to form joint security with the traditional rulers. “Traditional rulers and their representatives where there is no one alive, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) leadership, councillors and leaders should form a very united committee to resolve all communal crises and maintain peace in their areas.”

 Umahi also noted that the state has granted amnesty to armed youths in the state. He called on them to leverage on the new opportunity carved by the state to employ about 5,000 persons into the state civil service including the empowerment of 3,000. 

 “We have also resolved that they should drop whatsoever arms they have; the state government will give them amnesty and stop further confrontation with security agencies and the good people of the state. “Again, Ebonyi State is not against any alleged agitation for any injustice whether it is at the family level, state, region and national. headtopics.com

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 “But as a state we have resolved not to allow any form of violent agitation in the state or attack on security agencies, people or restriction of movement, freedom of people or attack in any of our infrastructure.   Read more: Sahara Reporters »

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Now they come with machine guns and you banned us from hold our own gun please what should we do? But unfortunately this is not stick fight, provide them gun because fulani has gun You are making sense now The Abuja/fulani errand boy has woken up from his sleep. He will soon have a taste of what he's put his people through

Do these men have sense at all. They are so timid , do herdsmen use stick or AK 47 And if they want to kill u with an Ak47? And since they use guns we can get guns through any means and we would never be picked up What if they want to kill you with AK-47? Where will you get one? With all pleasure. ⚔️🗡️🛡️

Small children are not able to decode what he said

Don't Sit Idle Expecting Me To Stop Killer Fulani Herdsmen In Your States, Buhari Tells Governors | Sahara ReportersMany states have been experiencing deadly attacks on agrarian communities by Fulani herdsmen, putting pressure on the President as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces with the power to control the country's centralised security system. Tell them Mr president you also voted into office just like them so everyone is responsible to tackle insecurity in his state, don't expected buhari to do so but with his supporting you can be successful Then , why are you killing ESN ? Wow 😳

Most people comment here are dummy Do you expect him to mention a gun! Common use your brain before you tweet. Mumu ... haven't you seen them with their AKs... What he's trying to say is this, whatever they come with to fight u, use same to fight them. But the issue is this what if they come with guns, how do we get guns to fight them back?

This man is MF He is just naturally wicked and clueless Umahi has started with this APC madness. I have said it before, once an individual join APC his thinking faculty will be taken from him. Which terrorist group uses stick in terrorizing people in this earth bikonu? Do fulani uses stick to kill people? Umahi you have sold your soul

Clown! Loose talk If is gun nko If is a gun nko Mumu do they use to carry stick you can't talk boldly as a man

Fulani Herdsmen With AK-47s, Killing In Nigeria Are From Mauritania, Central African Republic— Buhari | Sahara ReportersThe President disclosed that Fulani people look identical and have similar culture, which makes it difficult for people to differentiate them. MBuhari ...and they came in through the Southern borders, right? 😂🤣😂🤣🤣 MBuhari He won't mention that they re from his country Chad or Niger Republic...This dude knows what he's doing , ndi ara ndi ara MBuhari Yet you want to forcefully build ruga for them. You insist on destroying communities and farms to maintain the grazing routes of these 'Mauritanians'. You said that Nigerians should give up their lands to these foreigners and welcome them if they want to stay alive. Horrible man

I wonder what the role of government is anymore, since citizens are now charged with securing themselves, hence no need for government. If we can secure ourselves I'm sure we can pay our salaries, provide infrastructure etc. We don't need this morons anymore. Mumu people always to thinking they're wise. Why not give your security guard sticks to protect you.idiot.

d_suitor Woro si woro This governor started very well, but now that he has sold him self to the fulani masters, he behaves and talk like them. He can as well tell his security guards not to carry gun. Dave Umahi you’re a big fool Only the smart dudes would understand...ion to ion This man is a bandit ungun known men dey carry stick. 🤷🏾‍♂️

And if they want to kill you with AK47 Call ESN Are we truly cursed?!!!😭😭😭

Turn your minds from senseless agitation - Umahi tells S-East youths - Daily Post NigeriaThe chairman of the South-East Governors' Forum and Ebonyi State Governor, Chief David Umahi yesterday tasked youths of the region to turn away their You have never condemned the Fulani terrorist killings in our land Useless man we go shock you just watch Umahi turn your mind from the senseless APC

And if it's a Gun? And with AK47, I hope he is ready to give them guns Ak 49 is what they carry sir Amaka_Ekwo ...and if they come with a gun, look for a gun, that’s what Governor Umahi is telling the people of Ebonyi...now he’s beginning to see the reason ESN was formed. MNK is a whole year ahead of you lot.

This man has failed his people. It is his job to protect his people and we don't want the military to come to our land and start killing our young men and women calling them UGM Well said let me go and look for my own stick(Gun).rugged We code sir, we code! In other words, the governor just did what MBuhari said on TV yesterday, he said governors should protect their state and how else if not to tell us to return the favor of the killers. Isorite.

In this case, they attack with Aks so go look for Aks. Self defense is necessary at all cost With a stick? Does Fulani use stick? Don't face the reality, keep saving your governorship seat while your people are being killed.

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AK-47 What if na with Kala? Baskat!!! And if they comes with AK47 assault rifles? A grown up man like UMAHI circling words in order to please some pay masters. Mr governor the fulanis are they holding sticks apart from the AK-47? You guys will seat down in your office and be vomiting rubbish and allow few individuals in cabar to be damaging your generations. God have mercy on innocent youths

If the killer herders come with AK-47 what should we do? Pls tell the army to allow ESN to operate without interference. It is the wish of the federal government for the indegenious population to be killed. You need a therapy ,how can heples people defend themselves with marchet again someone that is carrying AK47 ?if you want people to defend themselves acquire AK47 rifle to people .

Those that have ears should hear So ur eyes has clear now correct man. If they come with a stick get a knife. If they come with AK 47 get 2.

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Provide them with a stick Dis man! Herdsmen come with AK-47s not sticks. Are you telling them to confront heavy artillery with sticks? Are u okay? Idiot! What if they want to kill you with AK 47? Government now handover their duties to citizens

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