Foreign Education, Repentant Boko Haram Terrorists, Senate Bill

Foreign Education, Repentant Boko Haram Terrorists

ICYMI: Repentant terrorists to enjoy foreign education – Senate bill


ICYMI: Repentant terrorists to enjoy foreign education – Senate bill

The proposed National Agency for the Education, Rehabilitation, De-radicalisation and Integration of Repentant Insurgents in Nigeria’ will get its funding from the Universal Basic Education Commission and the Tertiary Education Trust Fund,Other sources of funding include- donations, grants, annual subventions from the government and counterpart funding from the six North-East states of Borno, Bauchi, Yobe, Adamawa, Taraba and Gombe.

Also, the #BringBackOurGirls movement, which has been calling for the release of schoolgirls abducted from Chibok in 2014 by the insurgents, said the plan to set up the agency should be done concurrently with the rehabilitation of thousands of internally displaced persons.

A copy of the bill on the agency for Boko Haram repentant terrorists, obtained by our correspondent, states that one per cent of TETFund and UBEC fund will be used in funding the agency for rehabilitating the terrorists.reports that TETFund obtains its funding from a compulsory two per cent profit tax that is paid by all registered companies to the Federal Government.

The bill states that the proposed agency shall have a governing board which shall consist of the chairman who is to be appointed by the President in consultation with the National Assembly.As regards the powers of the proposed agency, the bill gives repentant terrorists the opportunity of receiving foreign education.

It will also coordinate efforts of relevant agencies, organisations and institutions towards the attainment of set objectives as regards job placement, internship and sustainable reintegration.He said, “I will say straightaway that it is not right and it will be criminal if anyone dips his hands into education funds of whatever description to fund the rehabilitation of the Boko Haram.”

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D kind thunder wey go strike u guys in d Senate and national assembly still dey 4 China make e collect coronavirus join body Se all of us no go join Boko Haram so? Animal kingdom Godyour family Boko Haram. ..means ... (Book) Western education is evil..Are you sure this normal?. This is a contradiction to their beliefs and ethics.. Secondly, are they Nigerians?. 3points. Can you sponsor Ghost to School?

So, the children of those killed will go to where for their education, I need answer o Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now are you being serious oga senator? 🙆‍♀🙆‍♀🙆‍♀. I don't think it pays laidat, to be a good girl in Naija sha...haaa.. See me that is not a terrorist, nothing nothing... Hmmm

We're fucked in this country it's now quite obvious dat BH has sponsors in d senate R u guys for real?Wao ooo Nigeria my beloved country. Shame shame shame... Shameeeeeeeeee

Bill to amend law regulating Nigerian companies scales second readingBill that seeks to amend the Companies and Allied Matters Act 2004, scaled second reading at the Senate on Thursday.The bill sponsored by Abdullahi Yahaya,

Can't wait to Jin terrorist oo Speechless, still speechless Mmmmm this country is a joke These senators are the worst that I have seen. Are they going for foreign education as patriotic citizens or a reward for killing innocent Nigerians. But if there is any hidden agenda behind this, it will only befall your families. We were once told they are not Nigerians. Hmmmmm

Senseless, reckless, thoughtless proposition, how can we make foreign education the next step for an illiterate with no basic education. A confirmation that the worst heads rule in Africa. Absolutely nonsensical. It's getting clearer how we got here after all terrorism is their opportunity of getting even as per Niger delta militancy

U people are coming out clear now but God will destroy u and ur plan cause religion is a choice that people make and u cant do anything to change it. They are their boys so we ain't surprise... a terrorist enjoys all goodies while the nigerian citizens cry for food Sponsor or sponsors of this bill should be probed for a possible link with the terrorists!

Our next president should act like Ghana president when he enter...God help us in this country

EXPLAINER: Inside details of bill seeking to create state police across NigeriaA senator has proposed the State Police Bill for consideration and passage by the Senate.The bill, sponsored by Ike Ekweremadu

And those they have made homeless and orphans to remain so! NGRSenate nassnigeria SPNigeria since I need to become a terrorist before I could enjoy free foreign education in my country .. Which one should I join abeg? 😏 Aren't also repentant? What a country. pathetic Opposite People , Opposite Senators , Opposite Government , Opposite Laws , Anti Humane leadership'

E no go better 4 anybody wey get hands in this terrorist bill...waaka🖐shege🖐🖐barao🖐🖐🖐 One chance So where are they going to start from? Primary 1? Very funny and confused decision makers Hmmm For real..? That is ehn...

Army Hands over 25 Repentant Boko Haram to Borno Govt for Rehabilitation - THISDAYLIVECorporal kills four soldiers, shoots self Michael Olugbode in Maiduguri and Kingsley Nwezeh in Abuja The Nigerian Army wednesday handed over to the Borno State Government 25 members of the terrorist group, Boko Haram, who denounced the organisation and surrendered to the Nigerien government. The army gave them to the state government in order for … GOD GO PUNISH BORNO GOVT IF DEM NO KILL DEM ALL... AWON OLOFO... This is RIDICULOUS... WHY THESE EVIL MURDERERS DON'T DESERVE SUCH GESTURE... See job

NOTE Devil punish Una there! Hmmm may God help this country They should have special apartments in Aso Rock Hahahahahahaha this Nigerian government is a scam blackonyxgold Are they trying to reveal something to us? Naija is doomed 🙆🏽‍♂️ Nigeria is the only country that celebrates evil doers. Same on our so called leaders in this present administration

When victims never enjoyed that, think now

Senate moves to legalize electronic transactions, criminalize online fraud - Daily Post NigeriaThe Senate, on Thursday considered a bill to provide enabling framework that would legalize all forms of electronic transactions undertaken in Nigeria.

CALL FOR YOUR THREE YEARS WORK PERMIT VISA TO CANADA✈✈✈,USA AND OTHER COUNTRIES LIKE FRANC, DUBAI AND AUSTRALIA✈✈✈ WE ARE HERE TO GIVE YOU THE BEST ATTENTION. CONTACT Mrs BANCY TOLUWANIYIN FOR MORE DETAILS AND INQUIRIES ON +2348026792689 SAME ON WHATSAPP That's what u suppose to do Who else is in support that our leaders are already old they can't think straight any more please let's send them to old people's home for rest. Let the young people carry on. You are sick in the brain sir!

Romancing the situation cannot make the terrorist drop their weapons. Stop fooling yourselves. NigerianSenate Nigeria could end up like old Yugoslavia. Is it better for the youth to join in order to enjoy foreign education too All us should kuku turn to terrorist To go and bomb other countries by then we know we’re terrorist producing nation of the world Nigeria 🤦🏾‍♂️

It's not just about ranting here, it's high time every reasonable citizens should rise up and call these barbarians in the house of power to order. It's only in nigeria this kind of unimaginable thing can be accepted. killers rapists kidnappers will enjoy foreign education ? foreign eduction for those that have no elementary school or high school certificate. this things na another dimension to steal money na corona virus go kill all of them all

Gas flaring: Nigeria suffers N200 billion loss annually - Senate - Daily Post NigeriaThe Nigerian Senate on Thursday pushed harder to end 'gas flaring' in the country after a bill for an Act seeking to prohibit the activity scaled second

I can't believe am in this shit hole country, how can we treat confirm terrorist this way, the future is black for this country o! Which one foreign education? Which country will take them in? They assume every country is like Naija. We have boko haram senators. Until we are no more, we wouldn't stop seeing drama in this great Nation.

Are we still looking for their sponsors? I hope it's not Western education, because they said it's Haram NigeriaSenate pls answer me Are u going to listen to this bill and even deliberate on it? Doesn't this sounds to you guys like the sponsorer of the bill is the same person who is sponsoring boko haram? ohaneze_ndigbo ain't u going to say anything about this?

Am not sure you guys are ok Jonsing and lazy senators Why are we like this in this country? There was a time the govt claimed Boko Haram are foreigners, why will foreigners now enjoy our resources when the family of the the soldiers who paid the supreme price are left uncatered for.

Senate discharges INEC Over N786 Million unspent personnel cost - Daily Post NigeriaThe Senate Committee on Public Accounts, on Wednesday gave the Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC) a clean bill of health over allegations

Funny Senators, Rubber stamp senators , Fraud Government , Stupid set of People, Its Clear they all have hands in creating Bokoharam Allah ya isa Rubbish. This bill will destroy Nigeria Madness What happened to the victims? Have they being looked after? Handwriting in the wall It shall not be well with the member of the house that passes this bill.

We are doomed So that they can go and learn more skills in making explosives. This govt is mad ooo. How do they measure repentance? If just by verbal pronouncements, they are considered repented, then government should release all the criminals in our our prisons. Mumu, wat abt non terrorist This senate is a complete joke

We have to let the international community know of your plans to send terrorist into their countries using school are a means so they can continue their terrorism realDonaldTrump UN amnesty While the families of those they murdered and soldiers suffering PTSD are left to their suffering. Once again this nassnigeria continues to show just how pathetic it is. Probably the worst bunch of 'legislators 'Nigeria has ever had.

Somebody somewhere is really cashing in on this bokoharam saga.. why should a bill pampering terrorist even get to the Chambers? Should we turned to terrorist so that we can enjoyed FG plan? If you are looking to send “repentant” terrorists to study abroad, where are you going to send the soldiers whose livelihood and families have suffered because they helped to defend the country? Soldiers who are suffering from the outcomes of PTSD from being at the war?

Awon Eleribu people With this more crime and is loading Boko Haram means anti education. That was what they stand for. These only proved this government has been supportive to killers and terriorist organization Rubber Sorry to ask o! Did Boko Haram put that as a condition for their disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and reintegration into the normal society? These foreign education is what they have always kicked against so why are we trying to force it on them?

Rubber stamp Senate President DrAhmadLawan. This is the only initiative you can bring,it’s a pity we have been lowered to this level under your watch. This is wrong I wish I had opportunity to join Boko Haram so as to benefit from this bill Now I know Boko Haram are of APC So, I should start killing and afterwards I repent to enjoy foreign education. Useless government

You guys are deceiving us why are you bringing this nonsense bill If this bill get passed, that means the bad guys won. So what will happen to their victims? The widows, widowers and orphans? Are they indirectly saying that Nigerian education don't worth it? God will punish you guys and you're sending yahoo boys to prison yard

This govt is a joke. And what happens to law abiding citizens? Which foreign destination will knowingly allow your 'repentant terrorists' anyway? Chad? And what happened to our soldiers facing the fire from these notorious elements? Some lost their lives, limbs, arms, and permanently disabled. But you'd rather plans for the criminals to be rehabilitated and send abroad for foreign education. Dat bill is suspect.

And nobody is doing anything about this God My country Nigeria, repentant terrorists to enjoy foreign education 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🤗 so u r encouraging d youth to b terrorists so they too can enjoy foreign education. Who no like beta thing This senator from Yobe is totally sick in the head. You just couldn't make this up.

They can even be given Nigeria as a whole.. biko don't disturb us with repentant boko haram. 🤭 Wouldn't u guys appease the Victims before u think of the aggressors These actions makes us doubt the integrity and involvement of govt in the terror biz On the basis of what now?

This will only motivate them and encourage youth participation in the scenario!! You are making mockery of the people whose loved ones were beheaded or maimed in cold blood by the same terrorists you are offering foreign education. Did President Trump offer same to ISIS? You give repentant boko harams foreign education while you bury slain soldiers bodies without family's consent. You have failed to pay settlements, failed to send children and wards of the slain to better schools let alone send them abroad for quality education. INGRATES

its so obvious they are competing with Niger Delta Militant. The question is what has the north really given to the nation except killing, almajiri, corruption and selfish governance. Its high time we went out separate ways. No wonder there was uproar against AMOTEKUN. hysteria Our leaders are cursed Bokoharam kills because they forbid western education and after killing millions of innocent people you send them abroad to have western education. Continue

It ll encourage more youths to joint boko haram bcus there is more opportunities in this tero org, than any.they are treated with VIP, free foreign education, automatic appointment into any security agency in the land God save us. Just imagine While peace loving youths nvr enjoyed any free education not even a foreign one, what a BH senators we have today in the House. Hmmmm

They can even take your sit as well and preside over the senate It shows that boko haram is part of agenda of present government, I only pity the families of slained soldiers that were wasted in fighting unimaginary battles. This is why war on this terrorist is never won and will never be won in this country. Does the children of our slain soldiers get this kind of treatment? Does those displaced and children of those killed get half of that treatment? Do we still need to ask who are their sponsors?

Only in Nigeria you would see this, where law abiding and hardworking citizens are not well carted for by the government but a confirmed terrorist can enjoy foreign education at the expense of tax payers, well as they say, 'repentant terrorist'..... Since BH terrorists are to enjoy foreign education,IPOB people are also terrorists they should also enjoy the same

Which means our own education system is rubbish right ? They've started coming out little by little. All the politicians that sponsored Boko Haram are now pushing for juicy amnesty for them. Kworuption Is Nigeria a country Sha? If your family member were victims of this terrorists, you won’t sit there and talk this nonsense that came out of your mouth.

In 2020 the Nigeria constitution state that you are free to kill destroy intact if you have the ability just deal with the pip line if u re caught ask for forgiveness that's the new constitution please wise my point of view and individual must be forgiving else Where would the children of the killed citizens be sent to? Madness everywhere in Nigeria

Nawa for this backward thinking senators, imagine terrorists will now enjoy foreign education... na wa to them oo Sick in the head senators. Cold blooded killers of citizens and uniform men to get foreign training at whose expenses. Niger delta ppl were killed and land destroyed. If terrorists were ibos or Yoruba, they'd be slaughtered. Nigeria must divide. Madness

U guys are so mad...wat kind of Senators is dis Who are those that voted for the Senator that sponsored the bill, he should be given jungle justice... So are you guys encouraging everyone else to become a terrorist and repent to enjoy national cake..? Smh 9th Assembly is a joke🙄 smh 🤦‍♂️ All this bastards will always look for a way to loot

The next level agenda unfolding gradually...very shameful indeed. It will not be well for all those supporting this evil regime.

So make we go join terrorists so that we go still get all this benefits too? All of you are mad in this country, and some senators and reps from the south will say aye 🙋‍♂️ to this. I think this is not the right way to end insurgency across the nation. House should rewind their brain again. It's a shame...this senators children are abroad,not facing the terrors of this wicked extremist nd's not that unexpected,.we knw Boko Haram is a propaganda!!!...God will definitely expose those leaders responsible for spilling bloods of the Innocents

I swear we youth failed this generation... This senators don't even know y they r there. After killing people they will enjoy such benefits? So the abiding citizens will now enjoy wat? Jesus Christ...I forbid this government.what a shame... So it is legal now to commit hideous crimes and be compensated by the govt? What signals r u sending to other criminals around the nation? This is insanity

This level of madness Been dan boko haram is legal

Oya boko haram zindha bhat zindha baht Kace zamu koma yan bh kenan Cursed Leaders....This country is so cursed....I wonder who cursed Nigeria with this kind of Leaders....we need to go beg that person with 2 Kegs of palm wine and one white fowl. Chai how did we get here GOD 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 That means it pays to be boko haram


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