I Wonder How Boko Haram Survived Up Till This Time – Buhari

I Wonder How Boko Haram Survived Up Till This Time – Buhari

2/13/2020 4:20:00 PM

I Wonder How Boko Haram Survived Up Till This Time – Buhari

I Wonder How Boko Haram Survived Up Till This Time – Buhari

Updated February 13, 2020 President Muhammadu Buhari says he is surprised that Boko Hara has continued to launch attacks on communities despite the huge budgets expended on the counter-insurgency operations in the North-East.The President stated this when he paid a condolence visit to the Shehu of Borno, Alhaji Abubakar El-Kanemi, in Maiduguri following recent attacks by Boko Haram which claimed many lives at Auno in Konduga Local Government Area of Borno State.

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He stated thatthe fight against insurgency could not be executedwithout good intelligence and support of the people.According to the President, operations against the insurgents will not be successful if the people do not cooperate with the military and other security agencies.

“Boko Haram, or whatever they are, cannot come up to Maiduguri or its environs without the local leadership knowing; traditionally, the local leadership is in charge of security in their own respective areas.“With my understanding of our culture, I wonder how Boko Haram survives up to this end.

“As the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, I campaigned in 2015 and last year on three fundamental issues which include security – you cannot preside over an institution or a country if it is not secured.“This is just common sense, everybody knows this, even those that have not gone to school know this. As Commander-in-Chief, I am dealing with the security institutions and I believe there is an improvement in security.

“I urge the people of the state to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies; let us deny Boko Haram access to our loyal citizens and encourage displaced people to go back to their land,”the President stated.the efforts of the military so far.He asked the military to borrow from their successes, especially between 2015 – 2017 and take the battle to the insurgents and push them to the fringes of Lake Chad.

The governor also urged the security agencies to be patient with the civilian populace and give opportunities to the Internally Displaced Persons to access their communities.On Sunday, the terrorists attacked Auno community, killed dozens of stranded passengers, destroying houses and 18 vehicles as well as other valuables.

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يمكنك الاستمتاع بالفيديوهات والموسيقى التي تحبها وتحميل المحتوى الأصلي ومشاركته بكامله مع أصدقائك وأفراد عائلتك والعالم أجمع على YouTube.

Try and ask them Osino gini? Let him ask his brothers living in the North first. This means... A lot to those that can understand I wonder how people believed you I don't just know what these people take us for in this country........these old men Fasting and prayers oh my brother. They serve a living God who has been putting their enemies to shame oh!

Poor service chiefs I guess. We need intelligent, vibrant, combatant to face the shit affecting us. We are tired. Iys beginning to look more political motivated. God bless federal republic of Nigeria 🇳🇬 Coming from the man who calls the shots! I need to be Nigerian President for a week. Just one week abeg 😁😁

Clueless Clown of a president, Mr wonderer Nigerians are the cause of all this .if he don't speak you complain 🤦I would prefer him to keep mute while we find solution to our problem which he can't profer even if given his whole life time..his comments and that of his cabals disgusts and provokes me with 300 others

🙄🙄 I now know that the president actually lost his memory for some time.. Truely,he was a sick man last 2years..thank God you recovered your senses.. Osibanjo will brief you of the past happenings.. Welcome back Seriously! This is the response of someone who needs help. Wawu....wonder something Because you pay and feed them, recruit them back to police and army , pay them salary and they pay their dues to acquire more arms, you provide arms and information for them Stop you are too psychophantic Mr. President

What! He actually said that? And he's still President? That comment alone is enough to impeachBuhari,a vote of no Confidence should be passed,the guy just literally admitted to his incompetence Keep wondering Mr. President. You re a big disappointment. Retweet mine that npower_ng hasn’t paid us yet till February 14.. no reasons no information ℹ️ are we slaves

Is the president asking the media? Or from whom does he expect an answer? I thought it was the ultimate responsibility of the president to guarantee the safety of Nigerians, at least in Nigeria first? Who de release them? Incompetence, terrible economy and the absence of leadership Loool May be because he traveled to wonderland

Mr President are you asking us? Are you not the Commander - In - Chief? Una see say dem don tire for the Boko Haram Matter. Fellow Nigerians if you don’t have a passport now go get one. The leader of your nation as just started wondering. BE WARNED!!!!! Question?!!! Clueless for ever... The Stakeholders are in the right position to answer your question Your Excellency.

I never see this kind thing oo, wonder wonder! Wonder Wonder! 🎶🎶 Wonderer ! even baba Sabi crack joke pass akpororo 🤣🤣 If the GCFR Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Federal Republic of Nigeria is wondering, what should I do🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The same way I wonder how u r still in office up till this time

Lmaooo... This guy na dodoyo. I'm wondering too mr president Rubbish talk How will you Know when you're busy touring the world and showing concern and pity to another country when yours is capsizing. Even buhari sef is shocked checkmatecastle 😂 Haha shey this one is whyning me ni🙂🙂🙂 Their survival is due to the fact that the federal government have refuse to do the needful.

Very nice music.. Your men are deceiving you with pleasant lies. Nothing is on ground. All you saw in Borno when you were there would disappear immediately you leave the scene. There will be no security for the poor citizens. It's a show of shame and wickedness. 🤷‍♂️ This man is indeed the greatest MISTAKE Nigeria has....

How will Boko Haram not survived till this time? when Nigerian government released over 1000 captured Boko haram members What is the government doing to ensure they didn't go back to being Boko haram again? Ogun dey kih this man 🙄🙄❓ I wonder small Such a shameful comment from number one citizen of a country ... Such a clown !

Thought u went for military intelligence courses abroad? Wondering means u're not fit to had even occupied those strategic positions you had attained in ur military career. U needed to be probed If you have no plans for anything u will always be in wonders 🙄 Because they are amidst us undisturbed. From the military to the civilians, market men to oil booming business. Walking free. No intimidation whatsoever. Do wait until God tries us with an unnamed disease sha. As a punishment for our attitude. Nigeria. Repent

Shame President Wonder man... just continue wondering oo, Oops! 😂😂😂😂 Says the zoo keeper. NGRPresident MBuhari Ask you COAS to explain to you what he meant by '...defeated insurgency but facing Terrorism...' The government is a failed one and as such the country is a failed one too. Mr President should resign as a matter of urgency..

Asking the people to perform your constitutional responsibility of securing their lives & fighting all forms of aggression is an obvious sign the government lost bearing long ago.. This man again🙄 This is self indictment by president himself on this same issue of security.Those calling for the head of senator Abaribe should bury their empty heads and shamless faces in the mud..

They are not surviving ,they are thriving !🙄 Do you ever know anything, at first you are shocked now you don’t know, when you keep releasing their comrades what do you expect? Nonsense Make changes to obtain the results. Changes,and keep changing. Maybe, there is infiltration of Boco Haram into to the main stream of the army. Change the coach and the players to score goals.

Keep faith God is with you Must he talk. disgusting We are in a Wonder country with a wonder President!!!! Aboki is wondering while he wanders his time outside the country. Idiat. incompetent in the highest level,dis man nor know work i swear we wonder too Because you have taken the issue so soft. Thinking that winning the war technically as it is claimed, is enough! And that is wrong for both you and the security personnel.

Keep wondering. Mr west life Chai chai there is God ooo, we wonder how many you become Nigeria president By the support they get from northern elites like you sir. The truth is.. Nigeria deserves Buhari Seriously, this man doesn't have shame.. so they are no longer technically defeated.. SMH I wonder how you remained clueless till this time

Wonder no more Mr President The president has just woken up from slumber. If you are still wondering it means you are a fool president, You paid resome other countries also paid resome why wondering.... Heiiii.....chukwuna🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 can you imagine You keep funding them...... We need help in this country o, shhe no be one chance we done enter so!

Yeah, Sir, its the same way corruption has survive no matter the claim and noise. Not just BH, everything, the good, bad and ugly we just find a way to survive especially when leaders only pay lip service to governance. Wonder no more sir Oh the same way am wondering how you made it in last year election

Someone needs to be updating MBuhari on the true situation on the fight against Boko Haram .. Cc: lagbenjo BashirAhmaad Chai! When you are sitting and doing nothing! So shameless c question. Whoever is helping the federal government to write these statements in recent days is HIGH on something I'm yet to figure out... Sir, with all the intelligence reports on your table on daily basis and you claim to WONDER? Wonder is the last thing on my mind! This is CRIME!!!

This surprising would eventually bring out the beast in the masses. Keep wondering. They survived by releasing them under the guise of being repentant after capture over and over again. Buhari or Sanwo-Olu.....iono, very hard to decide who is more outdated in thoughts , utterances and actions🤔 His government has always been a joke and will never cease to be.

I wonder too, I wonder.... You mustn't say something General bubu just got wind of femikutimusic I wonder wonder wonder... A president that wonders in the midst of jeopardy needs to be fixed immediately. A stich in time saves all or leave it to loose all. Just imagine this man using Nigerians to play bet Naija everyday

With your support they are surviving, this is what you promised. It’s money making venture for our service chiefs.... they prefer the war should go on rather it be won. 😂😂😂 I wonder why he still wondering,what a wonderful wonder NGRPresident You May need to address this one now since protesters were sponsored agent. “Shekau has warned President Buhari not to return to Borno as his members are fully on ground in the north-east and would attack the president if he ever returns to Borno”.

Me too wonder how u survive till ds time 🤣🤣🤣🤣 comedian u better step down and start doing comedy😎😎😎😎😎😆😆😆😆😆 Alice in wonder land Oga this your wonder dey wonder me too o. U Re mumu man Because there was lack of commitment and fighting terrorism wholistically Is this man buhari? At we paying you to wonder?...Ogbeni!

See talk..... This statement shouldn't be credited to a local government chairman that is supposed to be at the top of affairs talkless of a whole President of a country with over 180 million lives in his care. What a shame....! Finally u are aware that Boko Haram exist right.... One slap from me ur brain will restore to it factory settings 😥

Wonderful statement by a wonder-man Smh hu, papa buhari you ard wondering why they are still surving,what do you want the victims to do baba mbuhari Ask your service chief's Oga Nah wao. This one pass me You keep wondering why boko haram are still in existence till now and yet,you just released a thousand and five hundreds of boko haram said repented member.. please stop fooling yourself my friend,we are no more sleeping.

this man is a joker to the last order😳🤔😭🤐 Becos of you old wizard 🧙‍♂️ But of course a man that goes around the world at every opportunity can only be a 'wonderer' You are correct sir Of course you wonder sir but my prayer is that this wonder should not outlive you. Keep wondering Mr wonder, I wonder too.

Please u guys should leave Mr. President alone, I think he is entitled for his opinion. Don't anger me 😱🤣 Bros dem dey hibernate! If you go school you for know d meaning of Hibernation 😌😌😌 Is ur incapable lack of Qualities of leadership Your wonder wonders my wonder. They were surviving on your 150 cows ! Dumbo

I'm still wondering why you are wonder😔 bunchocomedians whenyouhavelifelessinpower You are busy travelling up and down, how will you know. I consider this statement by General MBuhari as an insult and mockery on the lives of those innocent Nigerians killed due to his support and loyalty to boko haram

🤣🤣🤣🤣 😀😂😂😂😂 I WONDER how you do NOT know, Sir. TheAngelDami We're a joke yo these people. Smh Maybe your government needs to pay attention to this report. There might be a link. 🤷‍♀️ Try to Move Nigeria forward please Baba wonder shall never end . Nigeria we hail thee Still trying as hard as possible to figure out what Nigeria did to deserve this

,,,🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣This jubril is very funny 'Wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder, wonder till you turn to wonderer' in the famous song of Femiakuti. This ur wondering wonder me too Buhari should just resign. Instead of u to act, u're wondering keep it up Jogo_5 🤣 A president with no idea or values what a shame rather should be wondering how you became president

Mibayo Is this not crazy? I blame NASS for not initiating impeachment procedure....this president has failed Sir, no Nigerian expects you, Buhari, to know anything about Nigeria. If you talk about knowing what's happening in London, we will understand. Ask google Wonder Man president. Wonders, u re still wondering

Because army will capture boko harams and you will free the captured boko haram. The blame games continues... U've indeed really failed us... And, National Security supersede all of the politriks Ur kinsmen u appointed as ur special adviser's is killing National Unity... If Nigeria brakes up, u & Ur kinsmen is d cause!!!

Yeepa! Our president na Wonderman😭 We know that wonders shall never end. Clueless mallam henryshield realFFK 🤡 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 for me I will just be laughing. We really have president. He's still wondering. What a NGRPresident leading the famous black nation. The last time on Gandujedollar he's wondering on the kind of technology used in the video evidence. A 'General' in the Military

Bubu is asking us? We have a new comic in town I wonder how you become president Baba you are so funny Must this baba talk? Na waooooo Is he asking me. Sir if you ask me na who I go ask I wonder if this man has life at all. But truly, does Mr President know how he sounds Apparently, he has not been in touch with the realities on ground...listening to those liars he calls advisers. They have and will continue to ruin him if he doesn't change all of them soonest!!! FailedGovernment BuhariOut

Del_Ramzie Sigh... ur matter don taya us Sannu ,, wonder man Ok sir, now that you have gotten over the shock and wonder, what plans does the General have for tackling this? I wonder how you wonderfully became the president without a certificate self. BOko Haram will never end until the NA end this business of give and take with the insurgency.. It's obvious that there is a business of selling intelligent information of the NA to the insurgency.. Some soldiers makes income from this mismanagement of intelligent information

Ah! Hmm. What is Boko Haram 😀 Your men are not seriously handling the matter and the man at top need retirement. Ah... We don't have a president. Sir you know the answer This man is a clown 🤡 Haba baba presi Wia is ur partner liar Mohammad I wonda why u guys in position upstill nw My man stp dis ur broadcast joor let us hear word

Wonderful is our country. Every time this dullardeen call buhari speak, I keep believing Nnamdi KANU that buhari is dead, this is an impostor from Sudan by name Jibrin Al-Sudani Fela had said it already....... “ you go dey wonder wonder wonder wonder till you turn to wonder man” 🇺🇸 Liar u speaking now cause they after u.u think we the civillians are fools u failed this country oga

Baba go and sit down Biko, can you tell us how you survive till now...na Duracell be una battery lifespan You make me Wonder BABA..I WONDER....!!!!🏃🏃🏃🏃... Nigeria’s MAn crush Thursday😂😂. We are finished Mr Wonderer! Keep wondering!! People actually spend time defending this man. Smh With all the intelligence available to our C-in-C, there is no need for guess work how Boko Haram has survived up till now.

Can you imagine Hmmm! Our presido😁😁😀😁😀 Mr u didn't say this, no u didn't pls I never see ! I never see !! Wonder wonder wonder wonder!! MBuhari please learn from realDonaldTrump who wasn't a military officers. You will understand that you are doing absolutely nothing about security Lmao Because you are the real boko haram and no one else

Keep wondering I wonder how you are the president. Them don scam presido oo..Mafo Which kind of a ruler is this. He totally don't know what is happening in the country he said he is ruling. God have Mercy Wonder man Dey there the wonder Shame on you baba Are you not the president? Why are you wondering again 😂😂

Baba is confused 😐 goodluck_oluchi Hahaha clueless cow MBuhari Sir? 😕 Those that accuse you for sponsoring Boko haram,are just saying what they heard,...for the level of anti corruption you’ve applied....really is a wonder to see boko haram. Just hear ,listen and see him ask us to give him answer yes they strive simply because you support them reintegrate them into the army people who are driven by religious inclinations and brainwashed killers

Continue wondering ode. We are all wondering. Becoz ppl around u ain't telling u d truth What is BOKOHARAM Is that one talk... Lol Say waht now We now have WONDER MAN & he's Nigerian Seriously.. Mr president ? Is this man truly the president? He talks like a Visitor from a distant land just visiting the place he rules and wondering what is going on and asking why a problem has not been resolved in his absence!? Hahaha. What a joke.

MBuhari ProfOsinbajo NGRSenate NGRPresident Wonder Men Even though they were technically defeated Because you be Baba go slow Are u asking me sir? Ask your generals. This question is not meant for Nigerians So they told him BH has been defeated long ago and he just believed it hook-line and sinker,Nigeria whi bewitched thee!

We cannot but wonder why and what we did wrong to deserve you. Unfortunately, wondering won't solve the problem. We'll just become wanderers Keep on wondering Mr Ajala Wonderland ! This man is a big 🤡 🤡 They have not only survived, they are now stronger than they used to be. They have the capacity to make multiple attacks simultaneously, they boast of vehicle fleets with 3 antiaircraft gun carriers, more than 10 machine guns mounted vehicles, numerous motorcycles & man power.

We also wonder how u keep saying that they have been defeated when u have not done anything different in the warfront instead u dedicate urself to uprooting IPOP and always flying abroad like witch 😁😁😁, comedy show A wondering commander in chief? What kind of talk is this mr President? I wonder how I wonder why I wonder where they are The days we had The songs we sang together

This man talks before he thinks. MBuhari wonder wonder Mr wonderer keep on Wondering there NoPeaceForTheWicked Clueless as usual And he just figured that out, brilliant You make me wonder o, I wonder🤪🤪👍. Carry Go Presido, by their affidavits we shall know them. It has been such a wonderful escapade in Nigeria 🇳🇬. You that want to help Sudan solve her problem is wondering?. “Aruwo ko ni Music o”: Adekunle Gold would come and play for u

Today you're in shocked, tomorrow you wonder. You're a confused man! Please, how come he is always not aware of anything? Lol😁 We all know that extreme Islamic ideology plus the barbaric and inhumane thing you call Sharia in the north are the two ungodly elements that breed Boko Haram. Destroy these two and the country will have relative peace.

Shoro ni yen? That's how you think and talk when you stay more abroad The exact statement of the President 'With my understanding of our culture, I wonder how Boko Haram survives up to this end'. Wonderful magnificent God by din moen The ones you claim to be repentant and set free should answer that question for you. A real dunce!

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Your wondering is wondering my wonder 🎵wonder wonder wonder (2x)🎶 🎶till you turn to wanderer🎵🎶 You dey wonder, you buhari ba? Wonderful, wonderful, wonderfulllll, wonderful story of love ❤️. Keep wondering 😃😃😃✌️ I'm sure Buhari doesn't knw d ppl he gave d job of securing d country. He refuses t listen t d voice of d ppl. Most of Buhari's service chiefs n other top security brass hats r saboteurs. They're making fortune out of d fight against insurgency n banditry. So, they want it t cont

The wonder is wondering me too Audio Commander-in-Chief, WonderBubu Eku wondering o, accidental president Continue wondering Wonder man Keep wondering You gave them life bro 😈 This man just keeps setting himself up for attacks with his statements lol We also wonder how you survived up to this time kenweezy419 Shoro niyen?

How you wan take know when you don pop excess codiene and better arizona. You will only wonder when you wake up. If a president is wondering then what do the masses do ? mtcheww I will tell you how it happened😂😂😂 Keep Wondering. That ur dark goggle dey block ur eye. President in wonderland Season 2. Always wondering.

Why won't they survive? when u say 'there are some repentant Boko Haram that need rehabilitation'. Of course, they are being attended to by your physiotherapists anywhere they are. I never see country that is crazy as the zoo called Nigeria!! Who supply weapons to them if I may ask sir ? I wonder how we ended up with you

Oh, What a country!!! What other evidence do Nigerians need to believe that this man is NOT the RIGHT man for the job. Our prayers now should be for 2023 to come as FAST as possible, since the man won't resign. There was a country!!! The other time, Baba was 'surprised' This time na 'wonder' This country is a joke 😂

This is why we didn't want him to come down to Maiduguri. Things are worst than it was before his coming. At least our Governor is empathetic with us and working with his limited options. You have been supplying them weapons on a stead....that’s how! Osheyyy 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾 wonderer Continue to wonder around and keep carrying a fabricated integrity across the globe.

This is why we believed that you are not in charge. Listen to yourself Mr president. Why are you like this Make dem check, his gradually getting high on his supply (kwale weed with concentrated seed) Continue wondering NGRPresident MBuhari NigerianNavy HQNigerianArmy DefenceInfoNG Sir, that's why we crave our security chiefs be 'meritoriously' sacked. Not bcos they can't perform but they've tried their best. Rejig the military settings, then you'll see a lot of revelations & improvements.

Keep wondering old man! Waiting patiently for your time to be up. You are as useless as d letter P in psychology. I wonder too oooo Mr president. Its like he is not even aware of the security situation in Nigeria. 8th wonder of the world! This man is not real Happy wondering sir.... See this one abeg!!! 😂

Your wonder dey wonder me. mk him go brng wonder woman na Wonderful bubu Oga on top is acting confused🤔😂😂 Mr .president you are a comedian 😅 If you ask me na who I go ask ⁉️ Lol funny president Wonder Wonder, Wonder Wonder. This man should stop talking 🤦🏻‍♂️ MBuhari What a stupid and senseless question. Imagine what we call president, he doesn't know anything, lil wonder you don't even have a waec certificate.

R u sure of what u r saying? They aren't surviving alone but thriving due to your administration's policies of releasing arrested suspects without trials.. Clueless! I wonder how he wonder that they are still surviving 🤭 🤣🤣this man is a 🤡 And you released 1400 repentaned Boko haram aboki Wen they are darring you in the country you swore to defend and protect

Is because you are not using your number 6 Na juju All u need is genuine informants from the localities but u created huge gap we only see when going abroad. 😂😂😂😆him dey ask us or wetin? mogbe.... u are wondering. we av enter one chance in this country Statement of a General who is not well informed. Dumb statement.

Uve been in the UK for nearly 5 years now so we understand your statement. The president of a wonder land I blame the individuals that brought in 2015. Excuse. Propaganda. Deceit. Pampering. Rehabilitation. Ransom. Surprise. Wondering. These are the weapons the Nigerian Govt has deployed against Shekau and his ragtag squad of belial.

Mr President is always wondering. Everything is a wonder! You never aware of everything happening in this country because you have been on the space for the last 5 years hopefully you will return someday He's always suprised at everything... Twinkle, twinkle little 🌟, how I wonder what you are🤷🤷🤷 Pathetic 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Wonderland of Nigeria that is full of surprises Lol😂😂. And you go to international media telling them how you have defeated BH. Hahahahaha.😂😂😂 S'oro niyen?🙄😏 Wonder wonder wonder, hw many times do u seat in ur office, keep traveling Mr Puhari They were refrigerated. I taught boko haram is no longer existing

🙈🙈🙈 I still wonder how you are a president up till this time.... Everyday, I also wonder how you managed to get into power again in 2019! Wonders shall never end 😂 Ahahahaha This man must drunk on something So his blind all this while Don't know while Boko Haram didn't attack his convoy yesterday If only you can actually start taking action after your wonder and stop wandering.

Have you refused to blame GEJ? You are a disgrace to the rank of military Major General Because say...u dey AID abbeting them naaa If you ask mee na who I go ask 🎼🎼 Wonder wonder wonder wonder, till you turn to wonderer🎶 Baba Wonderer you've always wondered sir .. I wonder wonder oo I wonder for nigeria... Femi kuti!

'Any insurgency that last more than 24 hours, the government is involved'. That's how they've survived. U think boko haram is a small things? Smh Can you imagine what our was saying. Just resign honourably because with this your statement it shows that you are not capable to curb the insecurity in our country.

Wonder shall never end with Buhari, but God will put an end to Boko Haram Keeping wondering sir. Just go on and wonder. me too am wondering bro. wonderer! You need to visit your Doctor Imagine such word from a president Abi na cabal the run the affairs of the country 🤪 Will u keep quiet I wonder how incompetence has survived this long. Naija, e ku u suuru; E ku amumora.

🤣🤣🤣 This country is comedy. Wonderer that is what you are... When you would not seat down one place small na pilot you decide to turn Can this man just look for a way forward and stop wondering. We wonder too I wonder too Easy, it's all politics. mr. President u to act fast to ur peoples life's Wonder man 🙄🤷‍♂️

And this wonder shall never end!!! Have you been asleep as a president all this while? See this man oo Are you seriously asking us?like seriously Can this man stop talking already

‘I wonder how Boko Haram still survives’ - Buhari tells Shehu of Borno - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari has lamented over the continued operation of Boko Haram insurgents in Borno State despite military onslaughts. The president This is serious he wonder y ? How will u knw ? When u are always on air moving up and down Je won't knw cuz he don't knw the value of humanity

‘I wonder how Boko Haram still survives’ - Buhari tells Shehu of Borno - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari has lamented over the continued operation of Boko Haram insurgents in Borno State despite military onslaughts. The president This is serious he wonder y ? How will u knw ? When u are always on air moving up and down Je won't knw cuz he don't knw the value of humanity

BREAKING: Boko Haram strikes again in Borno after Buhari's visit [VIDEO] - Daily Post NigeriaA number of Borno State residents fled their homes Wednesday evening. This followed an attack by Boko Haram at Jiddari-Polo area, near Maiduguri, the PMB disaster Again? 😭 They won't have allow the president to leave the state, they would have done open combat so that Buhari can see the bokoharm that was technically defeated!

Boko Haram attacks Maiduguri hours after Buhari's visitAt about 7 p.m., residents of Jiddari Polo, on the outskirts of Maiduguri, began to flee into the city centre. Buhari their master called them to attack the city bcos they Booed him Wanda baiji bariba, zaya ji hoho..... Fake News

Boko Haram Attacks Maiduguri Hours After Buhari's Visit - THISDAYLIVEMichael Olugbode, Maiduguri Few hours after President Muhammadu Buhari’s condolence visit to Maiduguri Wednesday over the killing on Sunday of 30 persons on Maiduguri-Damaturu Highway, Boko Haram made a push for the troubled town. The insurgents at about 7pm attacked Jiddari Polo, on the outskirts of Maiduguri, causing many residents to flee into town. The … What is going on ? Chiefs step down Lies.

Residents boo Buhari, Boko Haram attacks Borno capitalWe’re tired of failure They should stone him with shit... Worlds Most clueless... Same monkeys and baboons that produced million votes for same Buhari ? They can boo from now till next year what's my own useless cows