I never knew Nigeria's healthcare infrastructure was in such bad state - SGF

I never knew Nigeria’s healthcare infrastructure was in such bad state – SGF

4/10/2020 9:55:00 AM

I never knew Nigeria’s healthcare infrastructure was in such bad state – SGF

The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, has decried the poor state of Nigeria's healthcare infrastructure.

Related NewsSecretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, has decried the poor state of Nigeria’s healthcare infrastructure.Mr Mustapha, who is also the chairman of the Presidential Taskforce (PTF) on COVID-19, said he realised how bad it was, after he was appointed to head the team. He made this known during a meeting with the leadership of the national assembly on Thursday.

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“I can tell you for sure, I never knew that our entire healthcare infrastructure was in the state in which it is. Until I was appointed to do this work,” he said.While he noted that the pandemic has provided the opportunity to examine the state of the national health care systems which is in dire need of reforms and funding, he said the weaknesses in Nigeria’s health systems became more glaring given the way more established health systems in Europe and America collapsed under pressure.

He, however, assured that there are plans to lay a legacy foundation for the immediate, medium and long-term development of the health system in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic across the country.To this end, he said, the taskforce has proposed to utilise the resources being mobilised in a “strategic manner.” This includes:

Direct development and delivery of critical infrastructure to states by donors; direct procurement and delivery of personal protective equipment and other critical equipment by donors; deployment of rapid response teams to states for capacity building and support; and expansion of the testing capacity in the country.

Mr Mustapha added that for transparency and accountability, the taskforce will not be directly involved in the collection and disbursement of the cash donations for COVID-19.“The Accountant General of the Federation has already published the account details for collection through some commercial banks and also provided the modalities for its utilisation. All the main COVID-19 accounts shall be domiciled in the Central Bank of Nigeria.

“However, all non-cash donations shall be duly received by the PTF, acknowledged, documented and appropriately deployed,” he said.Tasks for national assemblyMr Mustapha further explained that Nigeria, like the rest of the world, is at war against a dangerous enemy and all hands must be on deck to successfully prosecute the war.

To this end, he charged the national assembly to:• Develop a legislative framework to prepare Nigeria for any future pandemic;• Develop a legislative framework for reforming and transforming Nigeria’s healthcare systems;• Strengthen the legislative framework for economic growth through domestic manufacturing;

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• Deepen the legislative oversight during this pandemic and beyond;• Pass legislations that will further ease the ability of the executive to cushion the impact of the economic decline and• Be part of community mobilization and enlightenment efforts.While applauding the taskforce for the work done so far, the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan, advised the team to have a better coordination of the donations received from public-spirited individuals, corporate bodies and Institutions to avoid duplications or the relevant bodies working at cross purposes.

Ahmad Lawan, President of the Senate“First of all, you are supposed to be the custodian of all the challenges that we face as far as COVID-19 is concerned. If any state has a challenge, I am sure there is a proper structure and route for reporting, so that you take down the situation and take the necessary steps.

“I believe that we face one critical challenge today in our fight against COVID-19. We have donations made by various organisations, corporate bodies and so on but it is my candid opinion that there is no coordination.“The Corporate Nigera, as I was told as at yesterday (Wednesday), has gathered N22 billion; the

n (NNPC), I was told had 28 million dollars; CBN and the banks, I don’t know how much they have. The National Assembly, the ministers and so many individuals and Institutions have also made donations,” he said.NNPC Towers: P&ID and the Petroleum ministry signed the contract here

He also suggested that donations should go to just one common platform as against multiple accounts.“I believe we must have a central body and not the PTF nor the corporate groups should receive and manage the funds but based on what the constitution provides for.

“Where everybody is just collecting and spending, I think it will lead us in a very bad shape. When people contribute their funds, they want to see such funds properly utilised. They want to see efficiency. They want to see transparency. They want to see accountability and of course, probity in what the funds are used for.

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“There could be duplication, working across purposes. At the end of the day, there will certainly be inefficiency in the application of such resources. But this meeting is going to give us opportunity to discuss this and the way forward.”The meeting, he said, is aimed at ensuring that performance is improved and service delivery is effective and efficient.

President Muhammadu BuhariPresident Muhammadu Buhari had approved the distribution of stimulus package to the most vulnerable during the lockdown. He had also ordered that impounded rice be distributed across the 36 states to cushion the effect of the pandemic.

The ministry of humanitarian affairs has since announced the distribution of the first tranche of five billion naira. Read more: Premium Times »

chinedu0925 You never knew because you NEVER used it....😒😒😒😒 Saddam_dabai The problem of Nigeria is not about party, it's rather because we don't have the right attitude towards humanity. I don't envisage any pain towards my kids, I won't Imagine pain on fellow human. It takes truly remorseful people to genuinely change their ways.

Hi my name is s datu 🥰 Now he know, sebi una oga don die? Shame U can't never know since most of our leaders are not using Nigeria hospital. Pls let use period to restructure our health sector bcs we will all die one day You are not alone with the unaware syndrome. It is Institutionalized already due to the fact that the Elites in the 3Tiers of government prefer foreign medical tour to treat Malaria. This can only happen in an UNREPENTANT Naija.

'Certificate of Credence'. How does one apply? DoubleEph So, what difference will this make? After covid-19 to your tent oh Isreal. You will not know now, when you do everything abroad. How will you know? You(our political elites)should know that directly or indirectly it will catch up with you ezycliq All these pple are mad

It means someone has not been using Nigerian hospitals. Can this be eye opener for all of us?. I doubt it......well if will learn nothing from this COVID-19 pandemic, only God can save 9ja........these leaders are heartless, wicked. We need to educate illiterate and also educated illiterates if not these yeye leaders will finish 9ja.

You are a fool. For saying that... How many times have you treated yourself here thief. Where was Boss Mustapha before he became SGF? I am sure even if he doesn't visit Nigeria before he became the SGF, if he is a true Nigerian, he can never say he doesn't know the condition of Nigerian health sector. I know of power drunken. May God help Nigeria

Thank god you know. OGA Mr. Secretary sir, where have you been treating yourself before you came into power? Oh, sorry sir, is oversea sir goodluck we're all together now. Satan will punish you people. See wh is talking hmm Then you are a liar. I'm not surprised! Minister of health also said he is not aware that doctors are not being paid well in Nigeria. A whole Minister of health! Okuuuurrrrr

How would you know, when ur entire family don't used Nigeria hospital. Joker of the year. No wahala. Wherever one goes to treat their self, there's only one constant. DEATH. Maybe you don't leave in the country, or you do ur medical abroad Sir Of a sudden, you all dont know anything... Sometimes I just wonder how I even came to know there is a country called nigeria. I thought by now it should have been clear that it's a joke!

Bunch of rascals claiming to be leaders Because you don't patronize the Nigerian Healthcare😏 BIkimberly We are all stock here. Please who is this person? MBuhari NCDCgov nassnigeria isn’t this man and his statement sound ridiculous? What country does this man live? O distinguished Nigerians, what do they ever know in this country? I guess nothing. And would never know till we’ll all be dead. Shame on us!!!

This people go soon make Nolywood run out of work. Pls, ask Him the Passport he entered NIGERIA 🇳🇬 with & when he entered. This man must be a foreigner and need to go back to where ever he came from! MakeUnaKill9jamakeeverybodyrest. 'You never knew!😇' It’s only in Nigeria a leader can open his mouth & utter this nonsense.He knows Nigerians are so stupid, and can/will never question their leaders for bad governance.thats why he has d gut to say this. He knows they’ll just make mouth and end it there.

You say wetin ? Abeg resigns xjmaine read this article. I weep for NG Samuel4Olufemi We wey we where were you? U will never know until u visit Many a people did not even read the article before commenting. If you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book or article. Boss was just made head of the task force. This man barely sees his family and friends. He works from 7am to 1am to serve Nigeria.

How do you know while u don't care.......shameful!! How will know you when your dumb principal is a high ranking medical tourist Oloriburuku set of leaders. I sorry for who no sorry for you, old p nuts expired goods for human consumption. This is not good enough, why would someone with adequate knowledge about the state of development of Nigeria decry he is not aware of the ill medical facilities in the country...We need prayers.

That's an insight into how the leadership is removed from the led in this Country, it aptly captures the gulf. You're not even Ashamed of yourself This guy is a joker Because you elites don't use these hospitals that have turned to mutuaries. I hope after knowing now you ensure FGN take action in reversing the trend.

Ehya I guess he has been living outside the country ....and suddenly came back to take up the SGF job.... They know nothing but to lie....... I would have sacked the minister for health immediately after his session at the nass. That man is probably feeding the presidency wrong figures and covering up the true situation of the healthcare system

Stop deceiving your self God will judge you all. SGF now that you know that we don't have good health facilities in this country. Please advice MBuhari and the Hon. Minister of health to uplift all public hospital in this country to the standard of those one you people patronise at overseas. How can say so, why were they traveling abroad for is it not because of the failure of the health care system?

I ain't surprise to hear that coming from Someone that has never bought paracetamol in a local hospital What an embarrassing shameless statement. Nigeria animal kingdom It's obvious that APC runs a government of I am NOT aware . Bubu was and still NOT aware and you just follow suit Since you never knew, now you have known what's the remedy

How would you know? Fucking wicked leaders. Your time is coming to an end... Liar There is nothing our leaders ever know You said you don't know, did you buy ordinary panadol for our hospitals? Yet you claim you're a leader. These are hospitals that the masses has been using for years. God will punish anyone that is or has been in the position and failed to help alleviate the sorrow of Nigerian!

SGF or Barrister or wat ever is called is a typical example of a Nigerian problem. Continue there is God ooo All your children are abroad, you re barely in the country makes your position to have lots of question-mark (?) This is hypothetical, you guys knew all this years Emmm he denied saying this... He was quoted out if context he said.... And to think I respected the man, am disappointed in myself.

These people are so stupid. Now that you know, what will you do? How can you know How would we have known while patronizing abroad for healthcare......God save us. Damn!!!!!! This is appalling, I hate this country 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 I just wish this covid-19 can just kill all of you those useless politicians first. Bunch of liars,cheats and vagabonds

Sir, you are saying the truth, How will you know, have ever got to use or visit them since ur appointments O sorry! They didnt tell you? Eyah... This is how shallow minded our leaders can be. So he is blind all this while and now he waking up from slumber after the chairman appointment.was he in solitary confinement in Aso villa and he does not associate with the people they govern

I totally agree with you, after all you get your medical attention abroad, Thank God for this realization. Sir, now that you know what are your plans towards upgrading it? Are you from this planet? A narrative told again and again. We can't even dear to dream of better...a president and his SGF sharing the mutual 'unaware' intersection of our comatose healthcare Venn diagram. Who knew? Custodians of a product they NEVER believed in, smh.

NGRSenate NigeriaGov because all the top govt functionaries travels abroad to treat ordinary common cold and headache. Now that there is nowhere to run to and they are made to use the health care facilities they left in moribund situation, reality has dawn on them. What exactly is this administration aware of?

They don’t use Nigeria hospital, so how do you expect him to know? Arrant nonsense God will punish you for this! In the last five years of your administration, what's the percentage of your cabinet that has visited Nigerian govt hospitals? Yes, you inclusive! Why will u no,re u a Nigeria, do u go to hospital here in Nigeria.

Do they know anything. This government need to be scraped . U don't know Sir because you like other elites prefer going abroad for medical attention and neglect our own health care system...d President ,d vice etc seeks medical care abroad There is no way yo will know since you and family members don't use public facilities in this country. If the COVD-19 continues, you will have more revelations to make. Where were you when it was reported that ASO Rock medical Centre was just a mere structure without facilities

Mr. boss mustpha how would know the state at which our healthcare infrastructure is..! Dignitaries like you are only treated abroad that’s why our healthcare facilities has been in a dilemma. Even the doctors here prefer to work abroad because of the condition. Ta lo ni oku aye? Has he been dead for long ?

Who is this? Who is this one talking? Is he drunk or he is on cocaine? Anyway he has stolen enough money not to know what's happening in Nigeria. Is somebody leaving in heaven? Sorry U can't know, when u dont use them. You can only have the knowledge of what I use. This statement of urs is a show of shame... it will be goodbur cover ur face in shame. Is a s simple as u dont visit any hospital in Nigeria to treat common headache. U are not a true Nigerian.

What?!!!! Are you leaving in Heaven? This is the worst, lazy, greedy, selfish, unaware government Nigeria has ever had. History wi never forget these people. How much will you know, after for a very long time we have been suffering in you people hand. Because he is not a Nigerian..Make all of una dey confess..

How will you know Epele now you know CLASSIC MUMU 🤡 🤡 You never knew or you never heard? This one is just disturbed Shame!!! Then honestly you aren't fit to be there. Truth is that you are not connected with the people's reality and the systemic vulnerability is far from your world. It's only an irresponsible government that will keep you as the head of what you know nothing about.

Is he from Mars, the rest of the world seem to know that our healthcare system is a structural disaster. Why has the president been travelling for health check and treatment in UK. Now that u know what are u doing about it? Now you know... ResignNow SGF Na scam o Thia_Sparks Heya...sorry Sir. It further confirms that you and your family members have not been using our hospitals before now. Now that you cannot travel to check, it is now glaring to you, that our health system is bad. Except if you have never been sick. hypocrites Fmohnigeria

Then resign Liarrrrrr Some people still won't VOTE wisely. I can believe what this man is saying! Am happy you now realized it. What do intend doing to urgently fix it as SGF Where has he been? Welcome back home, Sir. I respect his honesty anyway. Others would have lied. How will you know 🙁🙁 Congratulations!!!

Fool Men like this should be flogged with pankere on a market day You too is not aware Iwu idiot Abeg meet uncle Lai to teach you how to lie. Plus why do our dailies give such interviews sef. That means you a not a good leader who's conscious of about the situation of his people. What's the meaning of this kantan kantan? Even a day old Nigerian knows our healthcare infrastructure never exist, bad state is an understatement.

Una nvr see anything, Just visit a primary school in ur community... and see d worse. Now you know Who are you deceiving? When there is no where to travel to! health tourism, Irresponsible leadership! 👎👎👎👎 I Me, I don know sey you be among dumb people in the power Liars Buh you still dey remember your 🏧 pin Thief ole

He never knew because never cared to know. See his mouth,when your parosident too no dey use 9ja hospital...any headache like this Uk straight.. Good morning SaroWiwa Reaallyyy😂💔 Seriously some of our leaders need to be in brain correction centres. How would you say you dont know? The whole SGF!! Then what do you know about this country apart from eating our money?

Nigerians should pray that one day calamity should befall education worldwide so that our leaders will also know the real situation in our education sector This country is a sham Now that you know go and tell your boss smsnruth it is not your fault in anyway instead it is the fault of millions of Nigerians who voted for an incompetent fellow into power at the 2015 presidential election simply because of tribal hatred and ethnicity,as someone like you Boss Mustapha wouldn't have been at ASO rock by now

Thanks to covid-19 virus Really? Hmmn! Why don't I believe you? 😀😀 I don enter wrong country and he has gon abroad twice dis year or medical checkup Are sure you're a Nigerian? See talk, as if im no b Nigerian I weep for my country Nigeria it's only God that will judge you for this statement Whenever u wake up na him day break!

Can you imagine😕 Imagine Silly I never knew he's the SGF till today 😒😒 So now you know nigga Welcome to Nigeria If it were to be in a civilized country, you will not only be sacked but also jailed. 🤣🤣🤣🤣thanks to Coronavirus if not you won’t and never be aware of the bad state 🙄🙄👎🏿 Now that you know, what next?

Ola_modem Follow Atanfo_Maametw3 ifb all They're not always aware. Abeg make I go sleep. How will you know when all your medical files are abroad🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨 How will you know after small illness you will leave the country now that the whole world will not accept you. You know how the common man feel.bunch of wick people.

Wat a shame,Covid done enter na,na broom una go Dey use flight out now The way those who hold sensitive positions in Nigeria are not aware of the challenges they are suppose to be tackling is worrisome. Is a case of having wrong, unprepared and lazy leadership? This is rather becoming embarrassing! Masha Allah with coronavirus you have testified the standard of heath sector

I know y'all want to make some money from home especially during a time like this. Am presenting you an opportunity of a life time, JUICEBOX. Heard of it U only need 3,000 and refer 2 persons to earn 20,000. Yeah, easy right Click on this link to It's such a shame to hear this from our SGF, they don't care about anything that concerns the mass...if the health sector is in this shape what will our educational system look like...

Do u people care Feeding people during the Iockdown is scam Now that the overseas is not safe for your patronage. Is he kidding? I bet he didn't know 1 dollar is worth 400 naira😂😂😂😂 Hypocrite, how would u know when its only the poor and less privileged that utilize the hospitals? Too bad! Pls can anybody here assist me with 2k or even 1K at least to buy Foodstuff at home during this Corona period ,pls don’t let hunger finish me pls,I don’t mind any amount at all sef even if it’s to buy a Carton Of Noodles . Account number - 0265057091 gtb

How will you know How will you know, when you don't care about the poor people in your country How can a minister vomit such word. It seems you don't know ur job When you have useless leader's this is what happen. At least before December this useless govt can still mandate each state to build a Teaching standard hospital in a local area to safe the health challenges and create more work

This is the SGF talking. We are in trouble with APC. What exactly do they do in Aso Rock. Stupid ass😏 How can you know Stupid people I want to curse you so bad sir Then u ain't in this country Who be this one Biko? Whr in Nigeria is he living?🙈 This man is coronally mad and stoopeed NGR_Facts How will you know when you guys are heartless and and emotionally wicked

How will you guys know Did this man go to school. Wat is his f** job description? Before nko, if u people really cared about us u will know na. Thank God for Covid 19 is NT selectful Sometimes Nigerians leaders will make you speechless.....is ok you will reap what you sow very soon This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Its a shame. Please now that you have know what will you do Oga.

That's because you never used or seen one 😏😏 subomioo Sigh zero sense of accountability Oloriburuku no1 Kodeni dafun gbogboyin Now you know, what's the way forward? You dey craze Uselessly stupid. .. You never knew! And you're proud to say it at your age? SGF that never knew. Because apparently all you and your family medical needs are being met in the abroad hospitals.

E good Oga u will never know We knew tbh. Liar Now that you know, what is your immediate move? One of the buffoons in government. He's been SFG for 3 years oe more, coordinating the ministries of government, but he doesn't have a clue of the dilapidated health infrastructure. What a shame!!! How would he know? Nonsense. And to think they can even talk

If he really said that, then he never knew as he flies to UK to be treated in a Private Clinic when even British Prime Minister gets treated in a Public Hospital by medical staff that treat other British citizens. Can you imagine how satisfying it is to treat your Prime Minister? The ineptitude and cluelessness, how convenient!

Welcome to Nigeria where leaders don't know the state of their Health Care System We are just as surprised The only reason I opened this article was to read the meaning of SGF and then know his name so I can understand the degree of his uselessness We cant be surprised now 🤡🤡 Why are these our leaders disgracing themselve ?

It will all end up in world,, they should continue deciving us When you were always traveling to obodo oyinbo for a slight headache or cough. How would you know Please disregard this shameful statement Thunder where are you pls... I want to send you on an errand I don't blame you. Nigerian If I talk as e Dey sound inside my head and belle e no go good so let me just hail you Wehdon sir

Covid-19 is an eye opener to SGF...welvome back to reality SGF 🙄😜😂😂😂😂🤭😂😂😂😂 Like this Tweet if you think Nigeria is a Comedy Series I want to check something Too bad we don't have leaders in this country. What we have are rulers. They don't care about the average Nigerian. This is really sad, we should think of our future. This is the best time to apply for jobs, scholarships & grants & be dnext stage of our career after the pandemic to make life better. Chat me up for your unique & professional CVs at affordable prices. WhatsApp:- +2348107397624

ICHEOKU says how would he when he doesn’t use it but gets his medical care overseas. So sad 9ja which way? God help us ......because you and your family get medical treatments abroad! Shamelessly Bold Statment! What will change? You must have dropped from the sky This country is really a mess. Imagine what came out from the mouth of the whole secretary general of the federation, the record keeper. What a joker nation

Oh..... shatap! Your principal always traveled for medical care because of that. The same way the president never knew Nigerians were hungry and angry Na this kind of talk dey make mouth swell This man is mad, mad man In cloth collecting salary for what he doesn't even know about. What a shame Ewu!! Me lo za

Glad😁😁😁 Lai Finally our leaders are bunch of fools🤦🤦🤦 Very very Big Shame 😂😂😂😂😂😂 How are you supposed to know when you guys buy common panadol overseas? Ignorance is not an excuse. Mumu wetin una wan do now? This is a disgrace sir, with due respect. Where were you when the masses were crying? Hw will you knw,?

What do you make of this news. What actually do you believe he's doing/saying? Do you think he's totally disconnected from the people or he's not telling us the truth...? 😂 ninu aye Abeg oga boss were you in the moon before you were given the appointment of SGF? Am trying to control bridle my tongue from sayn nasty things to this man, so when Aisha Buhari was shoutn on top of voice no panadol for Aso rock hospital where you dey Chai Naija see yr life outside

Shameful comment from SGF Oh really? What exactly do you know about Nigeria ? Won't be surprised if he doesn't know the way to his office tomorrow!😄 How did you get this job You shouldn’t be in that position if you don’t know anything. I doubt it I he is aware of the insecurities and BH threats in the North.. so if he didn't know, what has he been doing in FEC meetings? Did he ever read reports presented during FEC meetings? We can do better coming next election. As for me, I know what I would do.

When you and your principal go on medical tourism spree every time. How can you know when you guys patronize foreign hospitals So he meant he has been drinking tea with our money since he's been appointed bah..... He should resign abeg.... Irresponsibility! I'm not surprised he is just knowing it cos they can no longer travel to other countries for treatments. Yeye country with yeye leaders.

Now you know, so where do we start from? Simply, he doesn't use them. So he can't be aware Govt of know nothing, do nothing. Joker! Big one and too big to fit in any pack!!! Now that u know , what next. OfficialAPCNg SPNigeria DrJoeAbah NCDCgov Okay Sir See talk. E gbagun rara When you earn here and spend abroad. You can never know.

At least U knw now sir, what is d way forward Sir the masses are dieing of poor health care Pls brief Mr president for urgent intervention in health care... God bless FRN.. Who should know? This is a case of charity begins at home the way you lay ur bed is the way you will lay on it,inadequate provision of medical facilities has always been a great constraint in this country it’s has been overlooked by our leaders becos u pipo always flies abroad for a health issue

You must be at of your sense for saying that rubbish Because he has never used it. I am embarrassed by the SGF comment. 😅 phew Because you never used it... That’s what is called “privilege”. But now you know na,there’s no UK or Germany to run to. Let’s see if as a nation,our leaders learn anything from this.

subomioo Now he knows abii? Useless people Nigerians do not like the plain truth... Boss Mustapha, you don recruit enemies for yourself so oo Dobre ultram!!! Liar liar! Is that Jim Carey talking. God will pay all the people that put us in this predicament. Amen This bros normal so? U never knew,if u taught it was good why did you go abroad to receive treatments? Ekpa

How I wish something could happen to make all of them in govt whether directly or indirectly compulsorily go back to our govt owned tertiary institutions to study one course or the other for at least three months. This will enable them witness/experience the rot in this area too. WONDERFUL!!!!!! You wouldn’t know you r as dumb as fu*k when funds to be used for building hospitals are used to buy government cars and pay personal advisers and aids

And he will remain an idiot for this statement. I taya for this government say things that touches the hear without remorse Another joke of the century. I laff in spanish Hmm now you know it, you better do something if you're serious!! He will know if only he patronize Nigerian hospitals 🤦 I have had a truth effect, or reiteration effect for the past several years. I keep on hearing such statements like 'I am not aware that the IG didnt go to XYZ', the government is not aware that people are killed in Zamfara or Fulani are killing farmers' etc.

Sir stop lying if not God will punish u. Now that you know, let’s hope you do something about it. EJovi1025 You are not a Nigerian naa? Yau gamu ga su ga corona covid19 Thank God u know now, what next? How would you? When you don't even use them How will he know.when he takes his family abroad for treatment

Lies from the pit of hell. Welcome the SGF, he is now the new President of Nigeria. People without shame and without brain. DivideNigeriaNow FreeBiafra SupportBiafraFreedom SupportBiafraReferendum DivideNigeriaNow FreeBiafra How would you know if you've never been there? So now that you know what do poor Nigerians expect from you people

Nobody is ever aware. Even the the president is not aware. Bad structure When have the SGF taken over the responsibilities of the President of Nigeria. Do the report the state of the nation's infrastructures to the President or hto the SGF? Do Nigerian elect SGF or the President? Why is the President not talking? DivideNigeriaNow BiafraFreedom

I never knew geng! Scam How will you know Mtchew The very reason I question my nationality. Says the man who has never fallen sick his entire life. If that mistakenly happens, he's off to one private hospital in Nigeria or abroad. How would u know when u don’t use it Now you do In a system that works, you just sacked yourself Sir.

This is a very disturbing revelation and very embarrassing one too. Another strong evident while our institutions are in a terrible state. Such a shame! How will you know about dat wen all u do is fly ur family friends and in-laws out of the country for proper medications while we are being treated in unfavorable hospital. Thank you so much olohun oba afi iya je yin and ur team

Why did you think President Buhari do medical tourism on the regular? Allah ya isa Hmmmmm You don’t know! Now you know! Real or imaginary, thanks to Covid-19! And how are the administration you serve rectify this pandemic caused by successive governments due to corruption present APC regime inclusive These guys are just useless, Nigeria is running on vibes

It is not your fault.Nigeria health facilities are for the poor as the rich always go abroad for medical treatment, what a shame Thy all keep saying am not aware , then what are thy doing ? What is their job and what have thy been doing , 9jer matter tire me oooooo, na small hope I just get for them now, but I still thy pray for them

How will you know, when You go abroad for treatment of ordinary headache? These people are a joke. This is what you have brought this nation down to. But the question is Sir, are you trying to make an excuse for your boss? These people at the helms of affairs are useless people. The fact that he has the mouth to say this is despicable, to say the least!

We need a legislation that prohibit any form of foreign medical trip for all political office holders in Nigeria. If you can't stand it, stay clear. Before now, we thought it was impossible, Covid-19 has proved a lot of us wrong. Build your country. My Gad,, did he really just said that 😮😮😮😮😮 With your big Tommy how will you know, You are telling us so we can applaud you? Oga pack well jare, We know your type

God punish una there😈 Crisp_Lord This man is stupid You would know Sir,you barely use them. Well done Sir!! Abi eri Olorun bi...how u wan know? Na coro kuku let una know, if na before oke okun ya😏 Evil MBuhari NigeriaGov of terrorist servants of colonialists Britain. Will a Sudanese as a Nigeria president do anything good for Nigerians? No. Colonisation is coronavirus

Foolish man How will you know? Tell Nigerians the last time you consulted a doctor in a hospital in Nigeria - at least to check your BP. Covid-19 will expose you and your cohorts. Nigeria we hail thee! ChuksMultiP Akpaniko Away match always. No home match. he might not be a Nigerian. You are all useless people! You can even come out to say this? Shame on you!

We were never in the same Nigeria How you go know? Won't you have ran abroad if this virus started here Nonsense! How will you when you don't even talk to your village people... God is watching..... mtchewwwwwwww He should be fired Lol sane way you all will be shocked about Civil servants pay aside the NNPC

Now that you’re in the know now, what is going to happen?. Let them release funds meant for Aso clinic and the rest of funds meant for health care. Covid 19 is a serious eye opener. Let privatize our health care When u don't ever use the facilities in the country how do u know Make thunder strike his mouth there, old fool

Eeyah..... Because you have not been in this country Wtf is going on in this country Where was he then? Was he not in this country before appointed as SGF Make God punish all of una, nonsense leaders🙁 How could you know since u are not familiar with it DrCOmole It's like he just came back traveling after many years.

How will he know when we are all having the same taste of healthcare in which they claim is good. Shame on him. How can he know when he and his kind receive treatment abroad How will he know...they are so disconnected from the masses Ta da! Surprise! Surprise! Mad man! How do they all have this thing in common? Nobody seem to know or understand anything.

Bcos all you ppl are after is money, how will you then know They are never aware of anything, gbogbo won sun kari si be kan NOW you know better: Do something pls I love men who're honest. Boss Mustapha is a honest man. Now that he's aware, he should strive to ensure a turn around in our health system Please Mr SGF just shut the F.up..sometimes silence is golden.stop being silly and we don't have to take this insult from you.

Hmmm So clearly he’s not been using our hospitals, his children and family members inclusive. And he’s suppose to be a leader! This people don’t know an ordinary mans pain! I doubt they ever will.After covid-19 is over, I’m sure they’d have forgotten and gone back to their old ways! Just imagine! We thank God for the Corona virus.

How will you know when you are busy flying abroad for treatment. They'll soon fire this guy. 😷 How will u people even know?😡😡😡 Daddy, u have started your own. COVIK 1-9 will expose, shame, maim & disgrace some politician...u can see dishonourable minister messing around with hazard allowance question? We pray for more disgrace for all of u that are pretending not to kno the shambles u are presiding over.

How will you know when all you do is to fly abroad for medical. OMO ALE JATIJATI I saw when this man said this on the news yesterday, I wasn't even surprised. Our leaders don't know anything about the country they're supposedly leading. Just embezzling the money. Shoro niyen lenu bird How can he say this

Liar!,liar!!,liar!!!. Ooin And you begged to lead? How do you become a leader without the knowledge of the people, their comfort and challenges? This is to show you don't even have an indept idea about your beloved country. An administrator of a household does not know where the kitchen knife is. Ewoo God will punish you for saying this

I think we need to kill all these old fools in our government they are very very insensitive and wicked just imagine for 5yrs in office you never knew about the poor state of our health care system You disappointed me Sir! You guys are bunch of nonents. It's not your fault nah May be they have lying to Mr President.

God will punish u I detect no lies. He probably checks his vital signs from UK Now you know Pathetic! When y'all won't use the local hospital instead you jet out to the UK and the likes. What a foolish statement Then you don't deserve your position sir, as simple as ABCD I can’t believe SGF said this I really don't know what this man was or where he lived 30yrs ago but I don't think he was so rich that his family and extended family all attended only private hospitals. If not our public hospitals have been in very poor state for close to 40yrs.

We thank God that you now know the bad state. We are looking forward to seeing what this administration will do to ameliorate the situation before 2023. Because you and your kids and family never have to use Nigeria health infrastructures. Shame in my boss 😔 How he knows what next. That means this man just held the post without doing anything

You’re mad sir... very mad That was what his headmaster said about the dollar governor. A do nothing government whose favorite cop-out phrase is “I don’t know!” God willing, we’ll be here when they leave. I hope the people never forget! Hey Shynomite1. Your brother You would not know,becourse must of you who occupied the public office mean for upheaving the life standerd of people, are enjoying the foreign medications in expense of Downthrodden Nigerians..that is not your case.

What do these people actually know? When I say, Nigeria is entertaining, people will star arguing. 😂😂😂 He couldn't have known since he never patronized the nigerian health institution covidisaleveller covidisaneyeopener How will you know when all you guys do is to travel aboard for treatment.. mwcheeee.🥴🥴

No be abroad Dem for dey treat u, u no ask why your oga dey go London go buy Penicillin? ovoFlaminghot3 Hw wud u know?Nobody knws anytin anymore in dis 'contry'.Mins of health is nt aware.SGF's nt aware dt d health sector is in deplorabl state.He's nt even aware dt his oga MBuhari hs spent more days 4rin hospitals dan his own office.Thnx 2 covid19 he don dey sitdown 1 place

How will you know when you normally send your family to overseas for medical treatment. Your father 🖐🏾 U don’t know but u go out of the country for treatment..thieves How many things are they aware of that s happening around them? Sorry sir its my fault i forgot to let you know about the situation affecting the healthcare system because i was bussy listening to your lies.

Now that you knew, make it better. Health-care providers have been crying for the health sectors to be fixed but you guys refused to do the needful. Hope your government won't allow our educational system to rotten before fixing it ovoFlaminghot3 Jesu! I couldn't hold back my laughter. Clowns everywhere.

Deshysmalls In short, you too, You are Not Aware! Now that you have known, use your good office for a change I wonder what he knows about educational sector mr secretary know your job its not just about the contract documents. Even the minister is not aware whether medical perssonel fighting coronavirus are paid hazard allowance

How can boss moustapha say this it only shows he doesn't care about the remaining Nigerians we provide for him so he can assist to help us build, improve and he says he doesn't know of all sector, Thunder strike that your mouth. Sooooo bad! How can he know since he doest step into any Hospital here for any treatment whatsoever. Overseas treatment galore!

The guy nor well oh. Admit him in 10 Nigerian General Hospitals simultaneously, please somebody And this are our leaders , this COVID is exposing all sort of people and leaders in us. Forget about how bad government are, they are also shameless. Why would a government official boldly say this rubbish So all these our talk and tweets since just dey fall for ground. Chai!

Idk, ink, I wasn't aware, is all they keep saying. Kuku take what you want so we can get back to our daily lives. Because you never been there!!! Thanks God for covid 19; It let this people know there’s God... Goat! How will you know when you don’t use it.bastard,he’s not even ashamed of saying it This is the dumbest statement

You know before now but you only confirm today because you and your likes couldn't travel abroad to treat yourselves. Welcome back from the moon! Weldone Sir!! You can never know sir when even if it’s common headache you you all are off to Uk US for care. If we are perishing we are all going to perish together

Na lie ohh. On or before this time you were much aware That was a honest admission, others will play around the question and walk away. You guys should try and fix it before your tenure expires. Since 1960 health care was not better than it was today. So oga is this what you have in mind as cover for your story?. So pathetic

Really? As y’ll cannot travel abroad for treatment, the health care situation is getting clear! This comment is enough for this gentle man to be relieved of his service. So how is he expected advise on the country if he knows nothing about the country? Someone dad saying this.. Hmmm thank God for Corona woooo at least our leaders begin to know the state of our healthcare.

If you claim not to know how deplorable Nigerian Health infrastructure is: (1) How come PMB and most of his aids including you have been going abroad for medical treatment? (2) How come Buhari’s wife cried out after visiting Aso Rock clinic? Pathetic lair!!! Let this be an awareness for the reformation of the health sectors as well as improving doctors payroll in the country

Omojuwa must read this. This is really a true case of reality exposing APC propaganda. Time will surely catch up with all of you. Not true sir, you know. There are things you don't say even if you want to be truthful Ignorance at this level is not something to be proud of Just imagine those that are ruling us.

Hmmm. Really? Oga try another line... Just resign now. God will punish this one o and those who voted this dead government into power. Gbogbo yin ma ku l'eyo kan kan/all of una go die one after the other. Eyin werey Is this one just coming back from psychiatric hospital 🤣 Ok. Now that you know, do the needful

sadeeqhallah This guy should honorably resign, when VIP’s in Nigeria fly out to seek medical assistance. Yet claims ignorance! Mtsw He cannot know because they don't patronize the hospitals. Since you're a public service person, can you post where you have been visiting for medical treatment? K_lloys All these things dey make me to laugh. I don't even know if anyone knows what's going on anymore

Really? Welcome to Nigeria! Mtchewwww! Fools.😡 Ko ni yee SGF wa. He's a big liar. He's once a comon man & am sure will blame the govt in power then 4 not putting things in place. Now as the SGF, he was suddenly in d dark wit d state of our health care. If it's ordinary to urinate, they will go abroad to urinate.

He is is talking in the Nonsense and in the Rubbish Ok. Now you knew .what 're you gonna do about it How would u knw How would you know? Coz whenever u are having ordinary headache you will travel to london How will he know while his mind is in the UK,USA and more places in the world Don't he has village or local government? He must be a joker he don't knw what he is saying.Thank God this pandemic has exposed everything now,let see what government will do or himself

U re busy flying to abroad for ur treatment and leaving the masses to die. U dont care just to loot money thats wat all of u are there fore If you do bot take care of your things, who will If ur oga never know anything is it u that will know; if the head is sick the whole body is very sick. SpeakerShinjini Kehinde Andrews surely

You never used one! How will you know? We sing daily of the deplorable nature of our health sector to deaf ears. You see? We live at the mercy of careless leaders. This our leaders are supose to be stoned Rubbish You didn't know because you and your family use the ones outside the country He has never used it. Abi! I typed something I had to delete in this reply. 😭 I shouldn’t have seen this post, it’s just one year yesterday 😭😭😭 May God reward all of you accordingly.

Thought the job's in the hands of the best managers! Never wondered why sane climes mixed Professionals groups in same System. This is one plague! May we not experience the remaining 9. Thank God we've not been dying as is in Italy, going by where it almost started in Nigeria! Fsiix Ok. Now you know.what 're you gonna do about it

Because you are a ignorant. How would you know when you travel abroad for simple Panadol for your headaches? God will punish you for saying 6 Learned Liar You can imagine this nuisance? BashirAhmaad MBuhari ProfOsinbajo fkeyamo femigbaja Either you care about nobody but yourself and don't interact with the rest of the country including your family, or you are a thief of humongous proportions to fund everyone around you'd health are or you are a liar!!!

Alexa, play me get out of here I don't know. (second name) Pls, what doe he know? Really oga am not surprised your ears have gone deaf because of too much money. Since covid 19 is around we are in it together. And now that you are aware we are waiting for your next action either for or against the health sector

How will you know, with small headache you run to hospitals in the U.K or Dubai. Good that we have this pandemic here so people like you will learn a thing or two. Cali weed is legal now. now imagine how every other abandoned sector is. Even a non indigenous would know its in a dilapidated state. What nonsense! He should be sacked for not knowing, given his esteemed position, and the salary and allowances he’s collecting

Tastes like hypocrisy. Yet some cursed MBuhari supporters will still defend this! Awon Omo ale. This country is ruined. This is embarrassing. Which means you guy's only care for yourself by going abroad for treatments. SGF how would you know, neither you or members of your family patronise Nigerian hospitals - always to Europe or America even for slight headache. Now that COVID19 has deprived you the 'fortunate ones ' from going abroad you are being to feel the pulse of the down trodden.

Now that abroad is not available, u know Is he freaking kidding us! Awon werey gbogbo If not for good home training i would have insulted this man😡😡😡😡 COVID 19 is way of God showing our leader the realities on ground. JuniorEbong How would you know when you visit the UK for each headache you get? Mad fellow..how will you know when Ur boss is busy visiting UK health care as if he is going to toilet..

When last did he receive medical treatment in Nigeria? 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Use to think this dude is smart and intelligent. Nigeria ntoor I think this man is under the influence of COVID 19.. or OGOGORO is shacking him. Even if you don't attend our our hospital for treatment, Don't you read newspaper? people have been complaining of this for decades.If you don't know about Nigerian healthcare,it means you don't even know people are hungry.May God help the less privilege.

Òdùmàrè áa fọ̀ràn kọ́ ọ lọ́rùn ìwọ àwé yìí. Ọ̀bọ̀kún láa gbé ọ mì. Ẹyẹ ṣàmù ṣàmù láa yojú ẹ jẹ. mrhorppy come o. MarkTheKing3676 Good you now know, no thanks to the corvid 19 pandemic. Hope you do something this time to ameliorate the challenges in the health sector. Thanks. Too bad coming from the ppl THEY entrusted the country to

Nigeria govt bodies are callous. They're selfish Now you know Themidayorr Funny being For real I don't expect you to know because you are always abroad, even for ordinary headache. All thanks to coronavirus. The more you look, the more you see.🙃 Jonathan said: Nig is not a poor country because we have the elite that own private jets Buhari: The IG is working perfectly well because he's losing weight. Fr. Min of Health: Doctors should go to farm. Nigeria is poorly led by liabilities!

Why has MBuhari turned into a medical tourist? Everything about the government in Nigeria is a joke... Just look at the way the SGF of a country is describing his level of ignorance on its health sector. I feel sorry for the poor masses of my Country, God will see us through all this rubbish!!! How would he know when he doesn’t use Nigerian hospitals but travel abroad for minor ailments like headache?

..... Who is this idiot You will never know anything How you go know when you and your family don't use it? Nonsense... capital thief Wow! Thank God for Covid-19. Now you know. With your position, please do something to change the story. Thanks What a ludicrous statement from a ludicrous man who has been part of the rotten and bad system for over 40 years! ☹️

Removal Of The Nigerian Minister Of Health- Dr Osagie Ehanire Can you add your signature? ✍️ Why are they all Feigning ignorance now😡 Are these things not supposed to be Checked on regularly?Not only are they Feigning ignorance they are also telling the world how Negligent and Careless they have been...They should Stop it pls🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Hah! Ogun lo ma pa bobo yii ooo. Before he became SGF nko? Where the fuck does Buhari get these people from? The unaware geng He never new because he is used to travel abroad for treatment. Because u don't treat yourself in Nigeria before corona. Thanks God for coronavirus who make our leaders to know what ordering citizens pass through over a decade

Na cos u dey always run go anoda country for headache na Very true...when they not even use Aso Rock clinic ... Now coro started overseas, let me see how they go for check up now 😀😀😀😀 Irresponsibility at its peak They and their family have always used the top class hospitals abroad. Thank God for the leveler. Evil monsters 😈

Who is this animal You need not!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The only time the leave their glass house is during election campaign for another tenure. So how will he know if healthcare infrastructure is in bad shape? Perhaps, he just arrived planet earth from Mars couple of weeks ago. The bane of our lives.

What do you people really know? Spending is not aware, you are not aware, minister of Health is not aware!!! Y'all were just power thirsty with no awareness what leadership entails. Some people ehnn, shaaa how will he know Just imagine. And some people hail this ones as big man,men of honor...mtchew, ANTS ARE BETTER THAN THIS ONES O...all of them in this present administration. Can you imagine how much of ignorance and insensitivity that they all are displaying? And U regard them as Leaders? Leaders my foot.

Hear rubbish talk 😡😡 Am sure there will always be some flamboyant excuse for this position. And as usual it would be reported that the Nigerian public miscued his meaning. But either way you look at this... U would agree it's a 'bloody hell' esque kind of thing. Bcs you and your relatives always go abroad for health care. Lie kill u there

How will u know when you go abroad for treatment. BiotechSweden Chloroquine Lie kill u there thief Unfortunately, Nigeria is being led by people who are not aware of many things! Biafra my only hope U and ur boss MBuhari apparently don't know anything about this country na. Hmmmmm Shame on you 😠 Why have people been going to India?

How would you know? When you go for health tourism in abroad. Shame to Nigeria Government leaders, very unreasonably, irresponsibly wicked and heartless. Is it that you don't hear people cry on health conditions? How can you tell us you don't know? In this information age? It's this bad because none of you ever used those facilities until now. Very wicked and heartless leaders

chiefagbabiaka God punish am Allah yasani ai, awajan shi muke nema, if u like kaci gaba da har kokin ka kaima bama buqata Mtcheeew! How could you have known when you don't use it?British Prime Minister,Boris Johnson is being treated in a public hospital, inspite of the numerous private hospitals available in the UK, and which you politicians use! He made it good enough for us and himself. Shame on you lot!

It is because you have never use one Shamelessness You knew. stop lying It is a pity. How can people who don't know perform? And one wonders why the country moves in a retrogressive way.🤨🤨 Sir with all due respect You're talking in the rubbish 🤨🤨 Thunder are you sleeping!🤔🤔 Because he has never used them. They fly out for medical treatment at the slightest sickness

It isn't a surprise that you don't know. Afterall, You only know things about people you care about.... Either because you don't fall sick or because you never visited the mediocre? All thanks to corona for making you realise this , when Rich leaders always run out of the country when they have the slightest symptoms now we all are been tramatixe on the heath system all thanks to Covid 19

Coming from the SGF? I rest my case. If SaharaReporters had written on same, the FG would have unleashed its security apparatus against Sowore and deployed d Social Media Act to muzzle him. Thank God for Covid-19. All things sure work together for good. SGF denying the health sector : who you? how do you form? Who you kolo😂😂😂

Please read the article before you comment biko ...Elder (Oga Boss Mustapha), fear God small have. Apc regime don't know anything happening in Nigeria, president - i don't know, VP - i don't have, SGF - i don't know, Apc regime accept your responsibility & failure for once. When y'all are always travelling out for medicare

Because you have been patronizing abroad I never Knew and I wasnt aware Government🤣😅😂 You will never know. God will judge all of you one by one. ChuksMultiP After 5yrs, blame it on PDP still. I agreed with him because he no dey use it in the first place 🙅🙅🙅 Kai! Haba dai! Hmmmmmm! Ruwa bata tsami banza.

TheEnike I don't know how to feel Also where r a d billions customs claims they get as revenues? Total dilapidation of d health sector n other sectors of d economy is as result of bad governance n decades of neglect. A man with so little knowledge of his country and who has no interest in current affairs by not knowing that our healthcare system is dilapidated,was made secretary to the federal government.What was the basis of the appointment. Until our best minds are in charge we are doomed.

It's simple it's either u never used it or u r just lying. Of course, u guys travel overseas for common headache on taxpayers money. Covid 19 has exposed every level of government in this country, it has even shown how broke we r as a country. Because you have no link with the people you are said to be serving!

Same thing his principal would say. So what are you leading for and who are you leading when you're ignorant of the state of your constituents, you deserved to be sacked and be put under intensive Community service to know how the people are faring. Amazing!!At least you know now our Honourable SGF and chairman of the PTF on Covid19....It isn't too late to fix the bad and do the right.

Off course SGF you weren't aware because you don't use it. NDI ARA Abeg since u don’t know I think u should step aside let competent hands manage what we have I'm not stunned by the SGF admission because I know our leaders are detached from the realities in Nigeria....they don't get to experience the mess occasioned by their bad leadership.

A whole SFG fa! You're talking in the nonsense sir. I don't like what I hate pls! Idiot, u didn't know even after your bosses and their family always travel abroad everytime for medical issue. Wicked people Oh well, that’s how big boys roll innit. DrCOmole He knew. They all knew. That was why they go abroad for their health care.

We always knew you guys were dumb 🤷🏿‍♀️ Because you and your boss never find out Whaaaaat? Let me try as much possible as I can to hold my cool on this thing now. You didn't know but you guys always skip them all to go and treat yourselves in the UK. Ndi Ara How will you when u fly abroad to receive treatment

I hope minister of health has read this. I don't get it?how did he become the SGF in the first place? What a beautiful reason,I weep for Nigeria. Tacha fans and People that are still defending these government have the same thing in common !! whe they travel abroad how will they know. Boss Mustapha, haba you are suppose to be the boss after your bosses na? This is why we condemning your boss visit to London hospital any time he and his co-conspirators are sick. This should be a lesson to all those in position of authority. Fix Nigeria now

This kind of statement is enough to get him sacked but hey, this is Nigeria.🤬 Hehehe... Joke of a country, and her leaders You won't know. When you all carry yourself abroad when you have ordinary headache.😏 How would you know? When you all develop slight headache, you travel abroad to treat it. Same man that said he doesn’t know if Nigeria health workers receive hazard allowance and gbaja was shocked and said you ought to know how could you said you don’t know... incompetence

You Just affirm how far our leaders are from the masses. They don't know the plights of the people they govern. Wetin dey worry Boss or wetin him smoke sef? How would he know the state of the nation's health facilities? When all they do is to jet abroad for just fever ? Mistcheeew What a slap on the whole cabinet, I think only those that doesn't have money think right in this country. Saying you don't know our infrastructures are like this is like saying you ain't do your work as the SGF. Mr President MBuhari come and see another unqualified candidate

Because you have the luxury to go where you want n treat yourself Fire Fire you here When we were shouting it right from the days of John the Baptist That’s incompetence Is there anything you ever know? These guys are all empty... Useless to our country Nigeria Why would you guys know when your medical records dey UK hospital

I dont think it is all that surprising El_PrisciTO Why do they keep lying.....aren’t we in this country together. Oh I forgot 🤔 they are bunch of health tourists. Shame on you all Do they ever know anything? Are they Nigerians? SGF for just keep mute than to alter dis from his mouth. They knew nothing cause abroad is always their home! Now nothing like home, they should know...

Liar How can people who spend time in the air and on foreign soil know what is happening on their own soil? So oga, your cluelessness as to what what's going on in our Healthcare system is nothing new. See talk... Shame shame and shame unto you guys. I don't blame you, It is from the sky that you suddenly appear and become SGF now.

This is the type of lie that makes Lai Mohammed look like a learner Why must you talk, en... You would have kept quiet jeje. It's really pathetic. Quite pathetic. In saner climes this man ought to have tendered his resignation and apology for admitting the gross incompetence, aloofness and ignorance of both himself and the government he represents. But he will still sit tight...

😂 😂 😂 Tf. You don't deserve the post May God forgive u... You can't know sir when you live in space If I read this article and this headline is sensational, I will swear for premium times because an SGF cannot be saying something sooo stupid Useless 😠 Resign! Shoro niyen 🤦 How does one political party produce so many rectums? How does OfficialAPCNg pull it off?

It's true cuz you don't go there for treatment For 5yrs, he doesn't know. When they care less to utilise it when they are sick but instead zoom off to UK. Radarada oshi Please stop saying this trash No more medical tourism. Now you know..MBuhari ProfOsinbajo NGRPresident Just deliver on healthcare, build hospitals, train the healthcare workers and attractive salary. Way to go...

Not surprised at all. Buhari never knew too and don't even know that he is the President of this nation. Imbecile! Shame to u, u are a disgrace to humanity When u call them irresponsible govt they will be shouting yen! yen! yen! yen! yen! yen yen! yen! yen! How will you know when you all are busy flying from one UK hospital to another... Uchu

Who know no go know...SGF on this one e he KruzDaniel Aaah Are you for real or just playing pranks? U won't because u fled abroad when u have headache Dear Uncle Boss Mustapha, the SGF Sir, Now that you know. What happens next? Devil... Happy New Year 🌜 How would he know? When all his family and children travel about for small headache. Mumu SGF

But a member of your cabinent once said dat we hv enough doctors in Nig, and if any Doctor want to leave d country he is free to do so. Very stupid man, because your entire family based out the country that's y O si no? FoooooooooooooooL!!!!!!!! We have allowed for this rubbish for too long!!!!!!!! Nigerians! just like the legend bob marley once sang, its time to chase these crazy bald heads out of the town!!

What have you ever known? Were you also imported into our economy You cant know because you and your family get treated overseas Always unaware What's the name of this idiot again crazy But why do you guys keep promising better health care during campaigns if you know they were not in a bad state ? Sir you are just lying.

How would he know, when it's abroad him and his family seek medical attention. SHAME This is a disturbing statement coming from the SGF. If you were not aware of the bad state of our health care system, why then do the president visit the UK for his health check? The audacity of your submission is baffling. Haba!

Imagine what Boss Mustapha is saying....well thanks to Covid 19. This one na Giant style jareooo Shameless set of people. I don't blame him. That's the truth because the man no dey use naija hospitals Is that one talk.... How you go know, when you always go to the UK for treatment For a Nigerian who holds a prominent position in Nigeria and lives in Nigeria to shamelessly say this, says a lot about how nonchalant this government is to the needs of people they govern! But the good news is, we're in this together!😏🙄

Is this Guy for real!!! u neva knew we had porous hospitals!! he obviously has never been to any hospital in Nigeria Laracroft4real Obviously. Since he and his bosses have been going abroad for treatment😞 How'll you know... when you fly abroad for health care You are mad Ok no problem next year’s budget is not far from us. We are watching 😎

Lies,lies lies and more lies you know You deserve to be slapped These particular government 'occupants' are just 'ignorant' of the state of Nigeria. Where have they been? At least he's being Honest. I'm sure Buhari doesn't know jack about anything at all First off, the minister for health should be fired. Consolidate all the donations in one account, don't hire any consultant or lawyers, they should donate their services and please! please! please! don't involve Malami in any aspect of this.

ogun state,and d landlords and tenants have turn them sefs to watch guards since the police have refused to answer them,please sir/ma do something it is getting out of hands already PoliceNG ElkanaBala AcpIshaku frankmbablog KemiOlunloyo segalink citizen_gavel ifounrest Now you know reasons why doctors are fleeing Nigeria

MOkwocheTVC Let him show us pix of the one in his village.... When we said Nigeria was running on an autopilot, many failed to agree earlier people dey oo 🙄 We are not surprised by your admission. Please ask your principal to declare a state of emergency on our healthcare. Bill Gate proposed the need to invest in education and healthcare some years back. Those who eat crumbs from the table of politicians abused him and everyone.

A premium fool Just like your oga, you people are never aware of anything Now that you know SGF hope the health sector will receive face lift and that wicked mission been pushed by some Ignoramus will be thrown into the dust bin Fmohnigeria MBuhari aishambuhari AishaYesufu When all these officials keep saying “i don't know such a thing is happening' under your watch; I wonder why they are in such positions.

How will you know when likes of you travel outside for medical treatment.. QuotedReplies How will you know? anu This is disconnection at the highest....better put I don't care because it doesn't concern me.....so sad How will you know,keep deceiving urself We’ve come to reality of life One of the key benefits of COVID19, is the exposure of the rot in Nigeria’s healthcare system. I am glad to hear his confession as there’s no more overseas travel for medical tourism. We are all stocked here looking at the dilapidated hospitals.

May God punish you politicians. Nurses and doctors have cried out a million times concerning these but nothing was done. Letters where written to minister of health but it was neglected. Wby do he travel outside Nigeria for treatment if you didnt know about these? Can you see this bastard, this guy wey come from state that has a dead town square called Specialist hospital. The only thing you see in that hospital is goats roaming about, yet he’ll say he never knew. Guy your hell is specially prepared. Hypocrite

Seriously, I have no anger left in me. Idiocy!! You never wanted to know. Are you for real? no you are not saying this and am not reading this It's shows dat our govt officials are living in a world totally different from d ordinary citizens.whatapitty Many of this people in Buhari government will never see heaven. Pls Nigerians let’s watch this Boss Mustapher closely. This is another Anineh in disguise. Abah Kayari is a saint to this evil man. We have a bunch of rebels holding the country leadership. Nigeria will be gone soon.

We don't blame you.. As if you are not part of the problem. Come go treat headache in UK again! How would have known, when you guys go abroad for ordinary headache? Coronavirus pandemic, definitely 'll change our ways Cappo! Good morning! And ignorance of the man that appoints him Just another Joker Your father !

A fool for saying this like you don't live in Nigeria? He's saying the truth being 'a blind and deaf' leader in government Imagine those in leadership saying this How can he know? He can't now. When the UK and Germany are still very much in existence. Ori yin lo daru sir How do u expect him to knw when he and his family wasn’t using one! He his been honest and the almighty Allah mad him say it out

Wow, really? God save us... God is wonderful! Now that you have knew what have you done. You know only U.K That's bad How will he knw when Nigeria is an annex to him and his colleagues....... Now that they all know we are watching to see what they will do about it. Audio democracy. Nonsense Very lame & stupid excuse🚶

Are you kidding me? I don't need an appointment to know that Nigeria's healthcare infrastructure is in a bad state. It’s obvious you guys are shameless🤦🏾‍♂️ Sack Em Talking in the rubbish Please his Twitter handle MBuhari ShehuSani GarShehu abikedabiri ProfOsinbajo Na today!!! JuniorEbong Ogun go kee u... Fuuuuu

What a calamity! We don't expect better from you. Remmzor_YBNL Sometimes I do pray this covid19 should just pack all our useless leaders away so that we can start afresh. Awon oloribu somebodi You never knew because you were always flying abroad, and you wouldn't have know if those foreign countries didn't close their borders

fweshclint Is that the best you gat SGF? C'mon you can do better or better still take cues from Lai...he got so many tricks under his sleeves.... Why can't Nigeria leaders stop telling lies for God sake, do they think Nigerians are fools. SGF do not know about Nigeria poor health sector Lord have Mercy

Haba SGF!;! Now that you do I hope next year’s budget will get the “agreed” 15% for health coverage as agreed. Abuja declaration CHAOS= CHANGE(We hope for better in our situation). Jegrayy Buhari succeeded in surrounding himself with incompetence from top to bottom. Gadamn! No 1 in this govt is aware of anything.buhari is not aware, SFG is not, Fashola is not aware of bad roads,ngige not aware that workers are being layed of.Little wonder they lie and blaim others for their failure.This evil govt was reelected bcoz most electorates are unreasonable

Then resign You are from heaven thats why you don't know bastard !!! How will you know when you only visit the one out the country.. ? Thank God you now know This is the reason why Nigeria never makes any progress. Those in power are so far removed from the reality that it takes a Pandemic to open their eyes to the daily suffering of the masses. It also shows they have NEVER had any interest in the welfare of the people. Shamefully!

Remmzor_YBNL Well I don't blame you shaa.... Foolish man. All this while Quite honestly our SGF dropped the ball here Because you travel abroad to treat yourself You dont mean it Oga? Sorry of a man....tuwaa The way some people lie. Devil dey learn work Just imagine. well how will you know when you seldomly use it

OKOTO MEOW MEOW Now you know What planet did u originate from? This shouldn't be coming from a top official of the FG. U see why they say this regime is full of people who are 'Not Aware' of anything? How can a government that's not aware of anything make anything better. U are a shame and should resign.

El stupido! your hosts are sending efcc on lesser criminals, here you are all wicked souls. Shame on you. What's he saying, is he not in this country? So he hasn't been hearing the outcry of the masses over the dilapidated state of health care infrastructure? Thief When they don't use it😀 Vibes. 😂😂😂😂 failed govt since 1960

What A Jungle Naiyoopumpey Are these people normal Tf?! Tjis man and the government is a joke. Even a new born know the terrible state of the hospital. Where are APC E diots? Or they have not seen this one to come and defend it. I will drink whatever that guy is drinking... The same way Speaker Gbaja, never knew about power issues until madam Ameh cries out in a video that went viral....Worst set of Nigeria leaders

How can you know after all you and your family are always on the run for medical check up.. Okoto meow meow...smelling talk😷 What a shame! I hope when this pandemic is over, it’s won’t be business as usual for these people. This is what you get when those who have no business in leadership are put in position. Nigerians be wise.

You can't know now. How would you? How will you know, when you all runs to abroad at any little headache God will judge all of you. These are the set of jokes some demented buharists are supporting, o MA gaa ooo This is total rubbish APCUKingdom OfficialAPCNg OfficialPDPNig DrAhmadLawan NGRSenate HouseNGR BashirAhmaad DrEOEhanire EUinNigeria femigbaja ProfOsinbajo YeleSowore aishambuhari TrackaNG KadariaAhmed AishaYesufu seunkuti nmanigeria

The same way u will never know u are dying until ur dealth MF Does he live in mass, was he brought from abroad? Is he truly a nigerian? Is he joking? Is he mocking nigerians? Where has he been visiting for medical check up? Is he not part of the decay? What does he represent really? Lots of jokes in our political space. Oga shut up there.

Oga Secretary well done sir🤝🤝🤝🤝👏👏👏👊,now u hv knw,,oya tell us d part two🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴 May God not punish this man for this statement. May God punish the SGF for such a stupid statement. You just lied. Who is swallowing the funds? Oga park well, just padle your canoe oga LauryyMama Oga how would you know when you don't use? This is an insult to Nigerians sef. COVID19

Really. We are not surprised, because the likes of you are enjoying overseas treatment at the expensive of our health facilities. Judgement day is coming for all of you in this government. And you are the home secretary of the federal government? So sir, what do you exactly know about Nigeria? Some people would not make heaven 🙄 What Rubbish

Jesus Christ...dis man should just cover his mouth...why won't he say dat, whn they don't patronize our health care . Mr Boss Mustapha's response is quite pathetic. He has been SGF for almost 5yrs. He is a very, very senior member of this government. Every approval for projects are embellished, presented and documentation done by his office. What a fool!

Then you are not on top your job..... How would he know? When was the last time he got treated in Nigerian hospitals? That is being hypocritical in front of camera. How much have you been investing in the sector for the last 10 years? If you have not been investing and upgrading the system, how else could it be? When last did you get treated in a hospital in Nigeria? How then would you know?

He is an idiots Honestly let me pretend I didn't here or see that statement by that so called SGF.....‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ Na lie Thunder fire your mouth You are not alone sir, me too I never know, lie lie people Listen to the SGF of Nigeria. Smh Clear evidence that you also do not use the facilities. How will you know. When y’all fly abroad for everything.

tolulopeab SGF... E be so Una never go know anything untill the whole country collapse..if I insult you sef I dey waste my precious insult 😂😂😂 Bad man. This Regime never knows anything! Just a bunch of Jon snows! Knowing nothing! Your fada!!! Lol. Nobody knows, all of them don't know. Unserious elements.

I don't know how to reply to this comment and it's painful 🤦. How will he since he gets treated for headache in London? Such a hypocrite A clear indication that our leaders are not tune with the current realities of Nigeria, how then do you profer solutions to what you don't know about. See life....so if coro no come up, you won't know health care is not good....ok so help u God

This man, just keep quiet. Are you not in Nigeria. It is because you ruling class will always travel abroad for treatment. Hahaha....Nigerians are just living and not existing How would you know when prior to this time you had all your medical checkups done abroad for yourself and your loved ones? Really how would you know Nonsense and ingredients!!!!

This is a shame that you tell the whole nation you never knew Are you for real? I'm very sure the minister of Power will be shocked to find out that Nigeria has no steady power supply too. Lmao...... Nigerians we never see anything yet oo. 3 more years to go. 🤔😥 How wld he knw when they never bothered to get medical care in their country! Awon mashaanfaani oshi! May choke on that ur statement..ochicha!

When you guy are busy flying up and down DrCOmole That's how an asteroid will hit Akure and our president will not know. Trying to imagine what else our leaders don't know about the country they're leading. 😖 You can't just imagine such a statement Where have u been sir? Were u brought in from abroad?

You're not Serious Thunder fire that ur mouth Allow me to swear for This Man please.... Saying what? God! So you guys have been running this govt on assumption? This fuelless generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is Top notch. This generator, unlike every other generator doesn't have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise. You can contact us on (09053597845)

You and the person that put u there ehn ! Na God go judge all of una Fools tramadol on point He must be very stupid for saying that. Look at a patriotic Nigerian saying such a ridiculous statement. They are just pretending.. It's not their fault oh, taxpayers monies are in abudance for them to squander abroad. Let them go to the abroad now make we see..

That's more reason we pray for your deaths. You must be mad , do you think you are talking to babies Toh dan uwar su tunda baza su gyara ba yanzu ai suna ciki. 🤣🤣🤣 How can you know? You'v been living in space Lies is forbidden We have a big problem on our hand in Nigeria,if the SGF, one of Buhari's 'innermost' inner circle of appointees & advisers does not not the extent of rot in our healthcare system,what is the quality of advice available to Buhari on security,Power & education?

We're not surprised really. When a country's supposed leaders feed fat on easy wealth and close themselves off from the people's reality, safe in their little bubble, this happens. Shame on you all. How will you know? When all of you take treatment outside Nigeria Imagine, thank God coronavirus brought the awareness to you!

Shame on SGF, Mustapha Boss. You claim you never knew the National Health System is in such a dilapidated state. You've been SGF for at least 6 months and have been reading the news. Its either you have ears and eyes laced with wax or you're just hearing impaired. Crap! How would they know when they always travel to UK to treat headache. Shameless

Well done o uncle Phillcollins02 How would you know when you always travel to abroad for your medical treatment. You are so stupid by saying this nonsense. Hypocrisy! How will u know when u guys jerks to london even for comon cstarrh. So far, this Novel Virus has been the biggest blessing to this country since 2015

Please oga, where were you when Aisha Buhari was lamenting about the poor state of Aso Rock Clinic? That they don't even have common panadol there. In another planet I guess. Pluto I guess Idiot!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ModeleOlowo You never knew? What an incompetent lot. Even the President travels to the UK for medical check up isn't this enough reason for you to know our health sector is really bad, well I'm happy ya'll now have to eat the seed you failed to plant.

Function_Gully You won't know because you've been going abroad for all your medical problems. Now we are stucked together in this pandemic. Dear Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria, with all due respect sir, it is your job to know about the state of infrastructure across the board. If you don’t know who in government knows? Have considered resigning your position?

When his children fall sick where does he take them to? Even the president doesn't know! Bunch of jokers in govt! Now that he knows we are looking forward to an improved system. But wait so they don't track the progress of budget implementation? Too bad On another note, if a highly placed government official like the SGF is so oblivious of the state of deficit in the healthcare sector, I wonder the kind of feedback all the presidential aides will be feeding to the president. Really, I hope we fix this deficit asap.

Now that the govt knows how bad the healthcare infrastructure is, what sacrifices should Nigerians be expecting? SPNigeria femigbaja NGRPresident Sir , you need to visit all FGN general hospital to see the truth . It’s bad . We take God for the positive side of corona , all is in the open now They’re not aware of a lot of things. If you don’t know where you’re coming from, how do you do you know where you’re going?They don’t know what’s happening here. They’re more or less alien to the suffering and yearnings of Nigerians. It’s not their business.

We have wrong people managing d affairs of Nigeria. You and ur family using our money to receive treatment in abroad. Stupid people. So what do they discuss in those cabinet meetings? What kind of leadership is in charge of Nigeria? Thank god for His grace ... If this Covid19 is a Nigeria thing, I believe all our leader and their family would have left us in this country. LetNigeriabegreatagain ! StaySafeNigeria Nigeria NGRPresident NGRSenate HouseNGR

Why would you know because you and your family sake for treatment abroad. Now you know, you can go and report to the president so that he can also come out and tell Nigerians that he didn't know the state of our healthcare was this bad before, he can then go back to sleep or whatever he has been doing.

How will he know when he travels abroad for his health needs. Ogbuefiakunede Because you lived in Pluto Thunder please were are you? Dear SGF, Not knowing is an act of irresponsibility. 😐 Look at yourself at this age with so much experience...and integrity ..you still lies This is the right time for REVOLUTION had it been we are ready and serious people.

You never knew cos you don’t use it. You always fly abroad for treatment, you and your colleagues Boris Johnson is was treated in a public hospital..... If he wants to go private he must resign.... Same must apply before they will understand what they need to do. Foolish old men! I pity my generation 😭😭😭

And you're SGF. Anyways na una way. You guys never know nothing. Then why is he in government? Including the health ministers, they should all resign Thunder! Thunder!! Thunder!!! Please hasten your work in Sudan. Your attention is needed now. You’re not even ashamed to say that e no go better for you and your boss

Weyrey!🤔. how on earth do these people sleep after these monuments of lies? Now that you know, and being the highest ranking officer of the federation, please do something positive. God bless you Ahhhh Goddd plss catapult me to my country😭😭😭😭 Ahhh Goddd plss I'm crying,I'm pleading🥺🥺 I've been patient enough 🤲🏼🤲🏼🤲🏼

Where are the Buhari BMC paid Bots SGF... You were living in a fool's paradise, just like every Nigerian politician oblivious to the reality of the Nigerian health care system. May God forgive you shaa.. Just like we don't know a fool like you exist among our leaders The full results of employing a foreigner in the country service.

Now you know What a shame, to say you are not aware of the dilapidated healthcare system in Nigeria is to say you are not in torch. My question is now that you know what is the way forward? With this set of leaders, does Nigeria have hope of becoming a better nation? SMH🤦‍♂️ Allah ya tsinewa mai karya?

How wud u know when u don't patronise them. Little headache you fly abroad. So Buhari just enjoys traveling in PJ's to London as a tourist , when he falls sick he is treated at the state house clinic You think Nigerians voted Buhari for what 6 yes later he failed U travel? How would know? When all they do is travel overseas for barely EVERYTHING. I'm sure our leaders are ready to travel even for AIR GOD gives freely. MBuhari GarShehu femigbaja DrAhmadLawan fkeyamo realFFK come and see your people oooo

Idiot Thunder ⚡🔥 Fire Ya Mouth Really 🙄. How nice☹️. QuotedReplies All living organisms always produce after their kinds -like father, like son. Imagine the nonsense speech. Now that u know, what are u doing about it Can someone please slap this fool When you or your family members don't visit this hospitals for any reason....

A man innocently showcases his ignorance and you guys want to crucify him? Take a chilled bottle of coke or whatever your favourites are and drink 🍻 🍺 🍷because the Next Level some of you preached for is here! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂flexdada I hope you and crooners as well all the APC e-rats and their Southwest Baba Pastor Osibajo will no longer say this is as a result of 16yrs misrule of PDP after 5years in Government

You been travel abi? Oya welcome back, get your ass to work. You are a very shameless man to say such. 4 Bedroom Detached Duplex for sale Price: N56m Location:📍2nd Toll Gate Lekki, Lagos🇳🇬 For more Pictures,details & Inspection, Drop a Dm or ☎️09085275381. Now that you know, advice and pressurise government to improve on the medical infrastructure. We hope to see good development in the next 6 months.

My mummy said your head is not correct Liar Mohammed. We know you don't know because you always fly abroad to get Healthcare services, and you all should cover your faces in shame! Thank you NGRSenate nassnigeria femigbaja DrAhmadLawan COVIDー19 for this. How will you know? But will know the condition of that of abroad's own! Hope the memory of the status will not fail after corona virus?

Now you know, what's next? Height of irresponsibility Abi this one life want to spoil ni!? 😠😠😠 How would you know oga? Theres no way you will know nah... foolish and greedy bunch of buffoons who forced themselves on us yet, as clueless and wicked at the words themselves. God will judge you all! Mallam karka rena mana hankali ..sakarai kawai🙄🙄

Ur a mumu man Ha bah! Old men these days have reduced themselves to boys. How can this 'old' man tell a lie that's worst the that of my neighbour's 2yrs old kid?! Wetin tire me be say e come talk am for media. No shame! Imagine this? kvtchi__ You never knew? Were you practicing divine healing sir? How will know when don't listen to the truth

Oga, is not your fault! How will you guys know when you have not been using it 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♀️ The dumbest man ever to be in govt. What a shame. How would you know! You had no business knowing, because you were all on your high horses! Thank God Mother Nature has humbled you all! Go to your London hospital na. God will judge you all accordingly

He will never know in Jesus name Amen 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Mr SGF and PTF please now that you know, please do something Where are all the laughter emojis combined? Welcome back from moon World!!! As y'all can't fly from Nigeria 🙄🙄 How would know when treat yourself abroad. Hypocrite Do u people ever know anything?

Because you obviously don't use them Because you're going abroad for medical checkup How dare you came into media and tell us all this nonsense? His principal is never aware of anything, so blame him less. When the head is rotten? Dear SGF Boss, a visit to any government hospital should have convinced you that our healthcare infrastructure are somehow below standard. I am hugely baffled that you've not discovered since 2017. There is still time for change. Stay safe. COVIDー19 CoronaVirusNigeria

Come on, Mister! If this is true it's a shame I'm very suprise with this hypocricy of SGF because you people always your treatment is in abroad that is why, but surely you will understand the health care situation. Capitalist Because you steal to receive medical in abroad. Thief Yeah! Because you haven't been using them as you enjoy going abroad for medical services. This Coronavirus has exposed so many things and we thanks God for that.

How can you claim not to know water exist in an OCEAN....clown in government Because u don't care to know Thank God for OGA coro So you live in the moon? What nonsense sir! Because you are not attending to the local hospitals. You are more or less concerned with attending foreign hospitals. It didn't surprised he is not aware of the status of our health infrastructure. This only reechoed the calibre of leaders we have

Eyen!? When you are not receiving treatment here in Nigeria,why on earth will you know😂😂.. How would you know when at the slightest headache you're abroad for treatment? Who really cares about the masses for God's sake? Who cares? How could you know? When u travel to UK, USA for treatment.. That means you're not living in Nigeria since welcome back

People like this guy shouldn’t have any business with governance. So now you know please do something How will you know ? When you all go to overs to treat headache , you should be ashamed of yourself Lmao! Someone that God will punish?! All because you have aides that won't tell you the truth You see the kind of people we have as leaders!

Is this man on twitter, we would like to remind him of how the Healthcare System is. This is a dumb statement and if he truly made this statement, the Almighty will punish him. Is better that you have seen it by yourself. Our hospitals is almost like cemetery were people are waiting to be buried. Oga who's your plug.

Oya do the needful now. Sir you are purging in the brain, sorry your brain is leaking🙄🙄🚶 What a shame! Job men dem! What else do you know then? Such a shameful and disrespectful comment to the entire citizens 🤔 Shen gboro! If truly SGF made this statements! I am more than disappointed! Is he a stranger in Israel!?

Coz u never used or needed it till now. Oga shame on you!! Ur same they shame me haba.. Make Una pity us na. God Day OOOOOO 😋 How will u know!!, Y all u guys d top always go for medical tourism Its funny how they can't blame the previous government again. Now that you're the previous Government, blame the ancestors. COVID19 is the indirect way of saying 'we all die here' Travel abroad for treatment and let's see nau. Nonsense!

But you all claim to be grassroot politicians. Nigeria will become great some day I keep getting angry at this country So what have you been doing for 3 years? How much less is the knowledge of the President on the state of the health care in the country? Smh! How will you know when all of you guys seeking medical attention abroad? You people's rewards await you in HELL with devil your master.

Hmmm... quite surprising. I could almost boast that the average Nigerian knows. It's public and easily verifiable knowledge. What !? You may not know,since your not from Nigeria. How could some one from a village say he don't know the status of Nigeria Health care system. Now you You knew sir stop lying Oh this man is not aware so cotton wool dey this man ear abi let this man tell this story to children in the nursery school so he does not know that our doctors need this care make no body make me vex this period

Hana, your are the SGF, who then knows what's going on in this Government ? Because you were dead before Haba He just arrived from the moon. Dear SGF Boss, a visit to any government hospital should have convinced you that our healthcare infrastructure is far below standard. I am hugely baffled that you've not discovered since 2015. There is still time for change. Stay safe. COVIDー19 CoronaVirusNigeria

To summarize this further, SGF; Please forgive our negligence of the last 20 years. Forgive me, I didn't know your hospitals were shit and your Doctors were treated badly while I flew my family abroad for checkups. Forgive me as I attempt to ruin your lives some more. Shalom That means you are not on ground and fit for SGF sir

What is funny is realizing this after COVID19 forced you to taste the terrible pudding you prepared You never cared to know bc you flew abroad to patronize theirs and never cared about the poor that patronized them in your community, Sir. Everybody knows what is going on on this country except the leaders they don't know shit. Our top government officials are imbeciles and morons. That's the only way to describe people in position of power who seem not to know anything

These same guys wanted to lead by all means necessary some years back but the job is overwhelming them. Big fat lies How can you know when you travel abroad for medical treatment hypocrite. Lols, now you know Nonsense people E ni kure Where you de stay? Germany or Nigeria? You say Of course you won't know, how can you know when you get treatment abroad. 🤔🤔

Why will you know. When y'all be running out everytime you have a headache. Boss Mustapha, you intentionally fell our hands with these statements. I guess it's now you understand the dilapidated situation of our healthcare system. Covid-19 is truly a leveler! Shame on you What a disgrace Was he living in the Mars before?

If the SG is unaware of the state of health sector, Nigeria is done for. Just go to the primary health care facility in your ward, you will know better. When u always receive treatment abroad, how will you know. President Buhari, I am not aware Boss Mustapha, I never knew. God help Nigeria. Well not too late, Now you know fix it up!

How will you know 😂😂 Now you know, let's see what is going to be done about it Karyan banza you know Statements like this, from the people in leadership is irresponsible and should lead to their being asked to resign. It shows he never cared to know what the people faced. How do you govern and influence things you have no clue about? May God 4giv us for our insensitive ways

A clear admission that the ruling class is oblivious of the realities of people they rule. The health system frequently used by your subordinates at work, domestic staff, and distant relatives We are an amazing set. Even if it was in a good state, can't they make it better like in the developed world What else don't you know bro? I bet you don't know too that the country in which you're SGF is the poverty capital of the world?

So what have you been doing since your appointment? Abi globetrotting with side chick? Bad administration, lifeless set of people. Ko ni da fun yin, sir😵😵😵 This man is a clown... Forever_Rayyan This man is an idiot If the SGF is this ignorant of how bad things are in Nigeria (not just the health sector), imagine how ignorant his oga MBuhari will be. Good morning to the SGF. Welcome to the REAL Nigeria. Nonsense!!

What a nation! Jegrayy Is it crack? E shock am Like I said, the best thing about Covid 19 is that the rich can’t go out of Nigeria for treatment. Shameless pple 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Hardly for you to know because can't know something that you don't care about. Shame 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣 Well, now MBuhari knows. Next question should be what else does the administration not know? More generally, what problems did Buhari come to solve, since healthcare isn't one of them? NigeriaGov

This 16 years of PDP really spoilt this beautiful country we are in Most especially, the GEJ regime. We'll surely get pass this Unaware like MBuhari the number Nigeria scammer. How would he know?! When at the slightest sign of an impending headache, they jump on an international flight!!!! May God punish you for all the undeserved suffering you are inflicting on Nigerians

They should slice ur tongue out Then what have u been paid for them . Or don't get what is happening ooooooo Which king Mumu be all these ones like this . Vidic should come and do his job Fie! Fie! Why would you know with your total absentmindedness from your primary responsibilities. Nonsense man infact let me look for his direct account,premium time no go give am the message

How would you know when that was never part of your problem? We have been tested by God to have the type of leaders we are having in Nigeria. I pray we pass, may be God can provide good ones. But I think we are so very unfortunate. What has he been doing all this while sitting down busy eating Government resources with doing what is useful to community.

How will he know, when they are always patronizing foreign hospitals.... We have really suffered in this country Boris Johnson(UK prime minister) is in open ward in one of the UK hospital happily staying there because the fixed them. Idiot u wl never know. You aren't even ashamed to say this? I think you should resign.

How would you have known?When you'd rather go abroad for health care service. Rubbish talk. So disappointed in you. There’s a simple way to make our institutions work. Compel all public officials to use our public institutions and send their children to public institutions. Happy new year You knew. *OKOTO * YOU ALL KNEW BUT JUST DECIDED TO TURN A BLIND EYE BECAUSE ASSUMING THE BORDER THEY OPEN UNA FOR DON JAPA.......BUT AS GOD DEY DO HIM THINGS.. COVID 19 NO ESCAPE ROUTE FOR ALL OF YOU........ YOU WILL ALL ENJOY THAT MODERN FACILITIES YOU PROVIDED IN YOUR VILLAGE.......

How will you know when all your family members are abroad lavishing stolen money and you periodically go for medical trip abroad. You not ashamed of your self to open you dirty mouth wide and talk bulshit. SGF my foot Now you know! Do the needful Irresponsible people how would you know This tweet is underrated

Nonsense How could you and your likes knows that the healthcare infrastructure is bad?.... Allah yana kallon Ku... How will you know? When you were appointed as the minister what was the first step you are suppose to take? Shameless politians. Because you don't patronise it They NEVER know anything! That's the problem with everyone or should I say everything around MBuhari.They are never aware. So intellectually lazy to probe the easiest of things.Even stuffs simply questionnaires can unravel. Unprecedented, the worst assemblage of incompetent men

How will you know? I'm not aware COVID-419 is real in Nigeria 🇳🇬 You never new okponu,nothing is in good shape in this country,you better no now Nigerians please read the article first before concluding now haba. He didn’t know it was that bad till he assumed office and was surprised at how bad it was. Well he promises to work on it and has pushed a couple to the senate. Let’s wait and see what this results to

Now that you know we are looking forward to seeing how you will try to improve it. Medical trip abroad while the masses were dying helplessly. Corovid19 thanks for coming to re write the wrong. We are all in it. Wen u neva visited it before So u hv never bee to the hospital since u were given birth abi? Mstwwwww abeg nxt story

This statement has confirm Nigeria is a zoo. 😭😥 What kind of stupidity is this one? Please, who knows this idiot's twitter handle!!! Pass😒 Sh'órò nìyen Look at this thing talking This is terribly very unfortunate,most especially for the common man. It shows how disconnected our leaders are from the people. With a situation like this,I think the development hopes and aspirations of Nigerians seem doomed!

How will you know London today Us tomorrow ajala always travel Is this man worthy to be called SGF of Nigeria with this blatant statement......Rubbish.. There is no difference between him and his Boss They are always not aware about things happening in the country This man is a joke, what is he saying RealOlaudah This confirms the cohort *ruling* Nigeria live in a separate world from the rest of us

Speaking about the disconnect between leadership and citizens. How will you know ? Ordinary headache you are already in London. You people should not provoke me today that is Good Friday o😧😧😧 Dust! Haba SGF...... Did he really say that? He must have being at gun point to say such. Hian? At least they are getting to know how bad the health system is, we look forward to measures, policies and incentives they'll put in place to improve primary healthcare services in 🇳🇬! Let's walk the talk. YSMANG COVIDー19

These folks level of irresponsibility & ineptitude are really amazing. One wonders the kind of brief they always feed the 'Presidebt'. They're the worst in the history of Nigeria. So unfortunate. Imagine the whole SGF don't know what is happening in his yard... This is mad ooo. Please can someone tell him his work discription?

Mad man How will you know when you govern Nigeria state, leave and spend Naira abroad. Shame. No Nonsense we no go hear from all this people mouth sha, las las na yahoo yahoo regimenwe dey Thunder ⚡ fire your mouth 👄 idiot. This Buhari regime na one chance we enter I doubt it if these people at the corridor of power ponder on words before saying them out..

I'm looking at the arewa twitter What do you people ever know sef? Says a man who flies himself & families abroad for healthcare needs. You lots enjoy too much privileges. An elephant is powerless to think in terms of the ant - Mohandas Gandhi You can only know when you care or your boss cares to know. See SGF

Make me President and frst thing is to ban any foreign health plan ...no more going out to treat yourself as a politician ..if u die u die..maybe we will have sense Olagospel discas2001 petalsfm activism dies in Nigeria the day Gani Faweyinmi dies may his soul continue to rest in peace Can you just imagine!

Shame When non of hisfamily has ever been there.. Look at people that promised change. To change what? Another lie again. You know and that's why you fly abroad for medicals. Nigerians, sey una see una life now? Sai Baba, sai Baba... Some idiots will still come defend this statement... Àwọn John Terry ayé

MBuhari OfficialAPCNg how can the SGF know when he doesn't use them. But thank God he knows now. We are waiting to see the legacy this government will leave behind in our health sector. After Dr. Olikoye Ransome-Kuti's era, no tangible development in the health sector. Too bad. Someone's father will just come on open air and speak like a mentally deranged man. Imagine what his children are learning? Just be a gangstar and lie to make money....

How will you know when you don't visit there How would you know when you go abroad for your as little as headache. Mtcheeew Now that you know what are you doing about it? Not suppressed at this comment, we heard about most of them not having mediçal records in Nigeria. Oh no, I didn't just see such. 🤦 When all you care about is looting looting and going abroad for medical treatments. You guys don't know shit about anything going on in Nigeria because you just don't care.

Shame to you, this man, you can actually open your mouth that you never knew Nigeria's healthcare infrastructure is as bad as it is now, Haaa, with tears on my face this morning all of you putting us in pain in this nation will die a painful death soon. Same old story - all Nigerian politicians do not have any idea of the prevailing circumstances of our country as they all have castles in the air that keeps their heads in the Clouds.

No, you cant say that Mr SGF!!! S.....G....F!!! Secretary to the Government of the Federation, No you cant say that. And if for any unreasonable and insane reason you did say so, NO COMMENT. How will you know when you are using public fund to treat you and your family in foreign hospital. Shame on you!

We need every local government to fumigate all market and streets every 3months for cure of malaria and other health issues that links with environments. I think this is a lesson for all. No where like home. Mad people everywhere Animalkindom nigeriastate Seems the president import this boss to be SGF for him not to know the deplorable state of our health sector .Alawada ni man yii....

And you have been collecting salary for not knowing what problems to solve? What process brought this PLAGUE of a man to leadership?nassnigeria It's about time the masses start a civil action against these IDIOTS... Dear SGF, our schools (universities) are even in worst state. In your capacity as the SGF, quickly send an executive bill to NASS banning public official from overseas medical tourism and their kids must also study here in Nigeria. Happy COVID has opened your eyes now act.

How would you know when all of you go to abroad for treatment Let’s just thank covid then. Jokers Hmmm! You said you didn't know? Because you never go to one of them if you are sick, always abroad. This means two things: First, he is a 'foreigner' despite being a nigerian Secondly, a confession that he's never aware like his employer, buhari, of the realities in nigeria.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dondekojo They are always not aware How will you know when ur second home is abroad Can there be a COVID for the justice sector, economic sector, power sector etc. It's like that is the only thing that will grab our leaders attention🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. This is gross irresponsibility Imarging he is And SGF.

This man needs physical and spiritual deliverance. He is laying he knows everything, he is from Adamawa state one of the most backwards state in Nigeria disappointed in you and ur generation.. How would you know when your pay master MBuhari seeks medical care abroad and other ministers like yourself. Your kids are also privilege go travel abroad for ordinary headache. You should be ashamed of yourself to come out here to tell us trash

You are such a great liar...not even the one in Aso rock is functioning and yet you do not know Why is it that northerners always dropping a balls in the area of leadership in this country, I need an honest answer please How will u know when u go to UK to treat malaria and cough. Because of this covid-19 u all are forced to stay here and enjoy the healthcare all other Nigerian are enjoying. Big shame on u and urs

How you go know? You dey use am? MZ_ILLUMINATI You’re mad.. when u people travel overseas with your families for treatment Goes to show how much they don't care about nigerians in the first place. Most are never in the country and never bothered about the plight of Nigerians. Audio corrupted leaders What’s he saying?

Did MBuhari knew How would you know? Ordinary sneeze you might run to the UK for medical checkup. Can you imagine... Is this a statement or hypocrasy? Despite all the complaints by NMA since all these years? He wants more fund for PTF Covid-19 that's what it means.. Fear this people Nonsense! You're talking in the rubbish sir!!!

You won't find ther supporters here now, but let them post Buhari picture doing fashion parade inside Aso rock. They will start hailing him like a Yahoo that just cash out. This people don’t even rate the citizens. Can say anything on the media and get away with it. Look at the level they have brought Nigeria to! It will never end well for the people that brought these evil upon this nation! Shame

Its obvious u and ur family members are always abroad for treatment Sir, do something to make it better. Now you do They don't seem to know or be aware of anything When you are busy treating headache in the US / UK. Shame on you. Shh don't talk again 😣 Shmmm Nigerians keep electing the wrong leaders 😰😰 CORONAVIRUS DON HOLD EVERYONE BACK NOW AND ITS EVEN TRYING TO RESET YOUR BRAINS 😏😏

Clean your mouth sir. No!! No know because you never care to know!! Sir, u r welcome back to reality ɦօա օռ ɛaʀtɦ աɨʟʟ ʏօʊ ҡռօա It would have been better for you not to talk about Nigeria health sector because you are talking sh***t. How would you know when you and your YAHOO Senates goons don't care to know .

Imagine! How would the SGF know how bad Nigeria infrastructure is when him, his family and friends patronize hospitals abroad. Cos him no dey use am na🤣🤣🤣 How u go take know (yeye) Nobody is aware of anything in this country. The current crop of leaders are a curse on us Clownery at its peak... Nigeria's Bastard....

Happy new year All I can say is welcome to the infrastructure repairs you all have been lying to the world about. Now all the leaders in Nigeria have to taste from the grass they've been watering. You see! I never knew... fixingthecountry ... Fool Everybody never knew in dz country , even sef i never knew there will b a country without a president

Madness is hovering around. You dey whine us ni?🙄 If you never knew, why do you and your cohorts fly out, to other countries when you have headache?😑 We are not surprised bcos u & ur family go overseas for medication. How will he know? Has he ever embarked on a monitirng visit to see things first hand for himself. Of course, that is a waste of time since he can always fly abroad for treatment.

Stupid This is an act of indiscipline. How can you being in the helm of affairs of the country and always not aware of the state of the country. Which work then are you people doing there?😠 How una go take know Talking in the nonsense N nw u knw, wot will u do or say now to d public. Chai... What a pathetic story...

Jokers How will u know, you are living in the moon not Nigeria so you won't know I do not believe this man... How will you know when your family and you treat headache.. abroad.. BossMustapha ToyinAbraham Sinzumoney ministerforhealth You. Social Distancing. Brain iamAbiodunAA One of the greatest mistake of my great nation, people who have no business being in public office, clueless sets of people in position that don't know it's worth, value and importance ,what do u expect

Uncle boss why this ? This man is as idiotic as his mouth is walahi....u don't know and ur oga keep traveling to other countries for medical care. A whole SGF opening his mouth to say this. Shame on u SGF They will never know anything... Like oga like omo ise. Just look at my dear country 😭 It's only a pandemic that can open the eyes and the brains of our leaders, shall we pray for another

Just negodu He knows and only claimed ignorance 'cos he's from a remote part of the north that has been ravaged by the dreaded boko haram Clowns🙄🤔 Will you keep kwayet 😏 Is this a joke or what, it’s better u r sacked then..Nonsense.. How will you know, when ur treatment is always abroad Thank God for corona

Lol! Imaging that, you just comeback from the moon. You are worse than a useless clown🤡 then.. Most Nigerian leaders and their wards don't use the public hospitals the citizens use so are totally oblivious to the level of decay that exists....sad reality Can you hear what is coming out of his mouth. Is this government?

Why am I not surprised? Our leaders travel abroad for medical care with immense public funds they are exposed to. Now that there's pandemic, they have to make use of what they've abandoned for decades. It's shameful. That the SGF could say it this way is even dreadful. It's a shame on you and this Buhari lead administration......

What do you know?, nonsense Oga Boss, now that you know, inform your principal accordingly & do the needful. We're not surprised at your discovery because you do not patronize our healthcare system anyway. How will u know when u are too selfish for ur own good These People thinks that Nigerians are insensitive. Gobbledygook! 🤦

When you're always going overseas for treatment IamOchejaOkala Empathy is found wanting Smh!🤦‍♂️ An god go punish you. Now you know tell your boss and fix it. How would you know? When you hardly use any health facility here in Nigeria. Big shame🙄 'We can't all be specialists. Some will be farmers, some will be politicians... the man who sews my gowns is a doctor. He makes the best gowns.' - Isaac Adewole, Minister of Health 2015-2019

Senator Chris Ngige: A trained medical doctor and former deputy director at the FMoH. Current Minister of Labour and Productivity. Posterity will not forget. Thank God, you know it now. Results are expected. Imagine , Eyes dey pain you ni? dondekojo You've realized Nigeria's healthcare infrastructure is in such bad state. It's good start.

Just imagine... what are your special adviser or personal assistant doing SGF It is pity when u people never bordered about the masses because u politician can seek for health care out side the country, we are in a deep mess together now.please all the test kits that was brought in by the Chinese should be tested in our laboratory before use faa.

Because he has never been treated in Nigeria. Any small sickness, they are outside the country for treatment. Now tell me, what will they say about dilapidated university education system. How will they objectively honoured FGN-ASUU agreement since 2009 to revitalize education? How would you know? When you hop on the next flight abroad for medical tourism. If this Covid-19 pandemic didn't affect the high & mighty, they wouldn't have been interested in inspecting or fixing the health system.

Wait do we even listen 2 ourselves when we speak.wait how did we get here in d first place? And this one has not been sacked by now Can you imagine.Hmmm DrCOmole Really? Thunder please,Locate the Idiot SGF Why will you know, when you enmeshed your self in COVID-419 even before the arrival of COVID-19 I never knew there was 12:00am in a clock

Make I no insult you oooooh. Oriyin ti buru sir And this is someone's dad lying in broad daylight? Please can we keep this? SGF must be taken round Nigeria by road to visit all government infrastructures after the lockdown. This is why there's no improvement Look at this...... This Buhari government and his clueless ministers are jokers

DrCOmole Sometimes silence or deflecting from responding is more honourable. This is preposterous! Wow. Sorry dude you won't.. you always travel out for med. Care.... Karma will catch up with you all.. How will he know, when they always flew abroad for medical check up? 😭😭😭😭😭 It's a shame. how will you know when you always travel abroad for medical treatment?

Lakotan, Eto ilera wa mehe, o si senilaanu wipe alaimokan ni awon olori wa to poju ...the jokes are writing themselves now....just imagine..... You can't know because your hospital is in UK our politicians just keep disappointing us Animal Farm Is he not better than the minister of health who says he doesn't know health workers earn 5k hazard allowance?

How would you know? When you all you need from Nigeria is the money and then you spend it all in foreign countries.. SGF? Who is this guy. Maybe you are one of those Nigerians who don't stay in this country of ours. Only come around when there is something juicy. Welcome therefore to the real Naija Your mumu too much

Such provocative statement, just imagine what a leader is saying😥 Is this guy serious at all What’s this? I wish i could control lightening Awon werey DrCOmole This man is a dunce. What I know is that We will all die one day.... How u go know? Sule Chaiii what a disgrace Yes now because they never use it Thunder fire you. You came from the blues. How will you know when you use our taxpayers money to treat yourself abroad? Now that you know, what are you doing about it. APC no get shame

Now that you have known, at least 3 years is enough time to fix it. So get it done! No one knows anything in this govt... what a shame This is someone father, if you don't have shame don't you have fear of God, you guy's will just come out side and vomit rubbish out of your mouth and think Nigerians are fools, if you have been using it you will not vomit that trash from your mouth

Now yu know Sir. Punish those who needs to be punished. And start with full effect, fixing the rotten health care system. GodBlessNigeria Do something How would you have known when you and your family members are card carrying of a UK Hospital. Shameless people talking trash. If he doesn't know this as SGF, what will he know Smh

Story for d gods How would know, when you and other elites make London and US hospitals your priority at the slightest sign of any sickness. This is a joke I believe. But the SGF has a point. Considering the amount of money been allocated to the health care sector.. it beats every reasonable person imagination

So what do you people discuss in your federal executive meetings? It's the truth, they don't know. You should said you never knew the country exist How will you know,when you don't use them. Lol this man dey whyne us Senseless talk! Occasion by over feeding on corrupt system. See your life Buharists will be like 'let's praise him, he is sincere enough to say the truth'

Nigeria leaders are shit just look at what this one is saying again oh God almighty have mercy How would you know😂 You're mad! This people need good PR... Why say such thing in public. Happy knowing How wld u know sir, when 4every little sneeze u pple run abroad 4 treatment, shame on all of u without exemptions. Shame.

Fulani government will never accept their failure and madness, they must find someone or something to blame. Imagine SGF of a country telling people that he never knew his country healthcare infrastructure was in a state. God please help Biafra out from that mess called Nigeria I bet that is not the only thing you don't know about the rot in the country.

Dear SGF, I appreciate your honesty. A problem identified is half solved. Your Administration can still make a huge difference before its time is up in the Healthcare system. The only positive in this pandemic. I hope there will be an aggressive policy to upgrade the health sector. Apc Zombie followers should have to you .... Clown!!!!! 🤡

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Are you Nigerian it's unfortunate those given leadership don't know anything about their country He can't know because all of are not using it, it built for the poor not the rich. Cos they all go for medical tourism Oh God! It's time for you to work 🙏 Let all the wicked politicians in Nigeria sleep and never wake up 🙏🙏🙏

Why will you know? when you and members of your family can happily subscribe to better facility abroad. Just pray make brother Corona no catch you, then you will testify to our health care here. JJscatter You deliberately turned a deaf ear to it so spare us this sermon please! When all they do is go abroad when they have headache..

i mean, they all go on medical tourism. useless people. When you get medical care aboard how would you know. This is one plus to COVID19 in Nigeria. Now the SGF knows the state health care in the federation E shock you abi lol Are you okay This SGF no well It is understandable. You are used to the good things of life. Now that you know, what will you do about it?

Yet it was part of Buhari's campaign promises When you are not using it Perhaps if you are closer to us sir, you would have known sir. As is it is now sir , you now know the reality of what is obtainable. We hope you will act swiftly to resuscitate the infrastructures sir. God Help you achieve it sir. Confession time

WTF! U cannot know,coz u and ur family used to go to abroad for medical treatment... God is watching u bunch of wicked politicians You never knew,so what have being all this while I disagree with you sir, a man of your status should have never made such comment on global system about the health care infrastructure, because you are part of the system.

Then why do you travel abroad for medical check up or use some special hospital ? I never knew NIGERIA'S Power sector was in such epileptic state Why is he lying Mumu man You are lying. Then, covid19 has exposed so many lapses in our health system All of you don't know of course, small illness you don fly to UK

😂 😂 😂 Who did we offend? Oga Boss, you mean you've never visited a Primary healthcare centre in your Local Government before? How will you know? Wait what I don’t understand the level of disconnection you people have with reality. Living in alternate universe Oloriburuku when your intentions is just to loot bastards

Nigeria is a land of genocidal policies. Our government are out to kill us all.... Shameless lots. Covid 19 is a blessing in disguise after all You can't be serious because you fly out to treat you self, may be your sense organs are not working. Such statement credited to a higher placed individual like the SGF is partetic. That shows how insincere they are to us.

You never knew? May Allah delivered all of you. Hypocracy of the highest level. Wow... God please are you seeing what is happening? How would he when Aso villa healthcare infrastructure is in St John's wood, London. Chai the people deserve the government they want shame on all those that in 2015 thought that school certificate is better than PHD

General Buhari will also tell Nigerians that he never known too. What a country You wouldn't know because many elites don't patronize local hospital. Yes.... This is what you people put in place, shame on all of you😭😭😭 Imagine this talk yet they're proposing cut in health budget Can u imagine what this man is saying.....he never knew Nigerian healthcare was this bad.... Even the president doesn't know the current situation of his country... Useless fifo

When leaders are not emotionally intelligent and empathetic to the realities of those they are governing, they won’t understand the gravity of a situation until they are directly affected and have no choice but to use the same service that they’ve always ignored. A Reality check. Government of I don't know

You won't know that, because you don't use them. Little headaches you travel to London to receive treatment. Thank God for Corona. At least you have the opportunity to know now. Eh yaaa, but u people are helms of affair, y dd u failed to overhaul budget implementation to ascertain which is done and left undone. When last did U use Nigeria health facility despite inundated cries by Nigerians on poor facilities,but U wl never listen. Can U do d needful

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 I would have been so so surprised if you knew. If I tell you the implication of what you have said, you will definitely not be happy all the days of your life. I will leave it after 2023 when the whole story of Nigeria will be fully told. Till then, ENJOY. 🤔 Hmm 🤔 may God have mercy on us talaka bawan Allah, Imagine that's means Sir you never ever visit hospital.

Stupid You see that our leaders are disconnected from the realities of the people they govern. Shame! Such person doesn't deserved to be in power Okay....now you are forced to know sir 🙄 Fool. How would you know when you always got treatment abroad. Ndi ala🙄 How u want take know....when last wre u treated in Nigeria. Abi u don 4get say una don thief our money finish

This Buhari govt and his cabinets member. One is studying a system for 8 months and another don't know the state of health sector after years in govt.we don suffered Chisos! 😵 How long has this man been SGF? 😵 How would you know when common cough u take the next available flight for medication abroad and u claim that your administration is working! Then where is the work Now

Lobatan It shows how incompetent NigerianLeaders are. How can you not know?! It means the leaders are just sitting doing nothing as long as they can travel out for treatment, developing other countries. Shame! Now that you know, tell your colleagues and start working NGRPresident Can you imagine wetin him vomit for mouth? This is so shameful..! All ya wicked won't go unpunished.

O'Lord... Now that you know please do the needful Lmao you would only know it's state if you used it but hey you looters don't. You only know now because y'all have nowhere to run to and are all forced to use it now Sorry, but shame on you sir for not knowing.. All we are asking is don’t just see how dilapidated our medical system is, please act and reform it. We can also have the best if resources are utilized well.

You must be a BIG FOOL if you really made that statement! Tell us where you have been going for you medicals in the last 20 years if it's not reddington or 'the abroad' king_feezu It is sad to hear the SGF say he is not aware it only goes to confirm the disconnect between the followers and their leaders. 1.Where has he and his family as well as those around him been receiving treatment? 2. We know better they should do the needful.

But you are aware that your boss flies to UK for ordinary persistent headache. Now that you are aware and still have 3 yrs to change things start now. It won't be bad if a good news comes out from these regime. End to impunity We have heard so now that all of you have known what are you going to do? You see why the country is in a vicious circle? The leaders are so disconnected from the reality on ground, probably because they watch foreign tv stations, get treated in foreign hospitals, have vacation in foreign countries, etc. Worsening it, their aids hide truth from them.

See y'all oo, why u go know, wey na London hospital una dey use.. oya mk una go London na Lost souls Calabar Thunder 🔥 u Story for The God's 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 How would he have known when he and his cohorts don't patronize it NGRPresident How would u know when na abroad be una hospital😙 How can they know when they always fly out like birds for medical tourism.

Since u people fly abroad for even headache... Thank God for Covid-19 but it should please leave us now that it has completed its assignment by revealing the demeaning state of our health sectors to our rich men that never entered our local hospitals before but UK and America's Lol😂😂😂😂 Imagine ooo see what is coming out of SGF mouth... This pple thinks we are dumb

The man is right cos we didn't voted right leader.if we votes right leadership the man wouldn't be in that post... Why will u no when u and ur family are busy traveling abroad for treatment Are you for real? The reality is that we are ruled by the elites that have nothing at stake in the country. They get their money from the govt and doend everything outside. While they go to foreign hospitals for treatment their children school abroad. Covid 19 has its own benefit

Shamelessness on display How will you know....... Bad Mouth People. Thank God for the pandemic for it's forcefully exposing the ineptitudes, cruelty & insensitive of leaders at the helm of affairs as it affects the govern as well as the overall interest of the Nigerian people. So if not for this pandamic you won't still know?

Hide ur face God will do best thing deserve for u in life and after Can U guys stop posting this people n their stupid says... Now you knew, act! and stop talking. Dogo All 4 One... Because everyone of your kind travels abroad when ever they felt headache. At least he is Honest and Sincere. But he is not he president. Channel your anger to the President who is the highest benefactor of medical tourism but didn't deem it wise to fix our health sector back home. Any small headache Oga will jet out to UK on tax payers money.

How will you know when you and other ruling elites jets out of the country for ordinary ear infection. Covid-19 has a way of resetting people's senses. Now that you know, and mind you is not only health sector, other sectors are dying, please this is your country, make it good like Dubai and London, remember God will judge all of you.

This is unbelievable Ko ni da fun yin sir Aso Rock is located at UK Ahhhh why are u lying sgf 😌? When your health file case is in abroad. Joker Undisputed fool How would you know, when you have a common headache you will go to other countries for treatment. Shame on you! How would you know? Where all you do is seek medical help outside Nigeria. So Sad 😢 more sad that even after this pandemic that exposed everything, you all will continue to live in blames and leaves us suffer in poverty

Ignoramus Holy Cow!!! Lol How will he know. He doesnt read Nigerian newspapers and doesnt know that politicians travel abroad for treatment. Ohk ooo. Medical tourist. How can you say that?shame on you when you have headache you travel abroad. Dis statement reminds me of dis video How could you know when you are always going to abroad for treatment?

How will you knw when you go to Uk to buy common Paracetamol and to do Urine test I Visited UNTH Abagana and I prayed dat non of our Leaders and Family will make heaven. N100bn you guys looting&sharing,can upgrade 36 teaching Hospitals in Nigeria to save more life’s.wicked souls You're not the ONLY fool. Even the precedency is blind to the health system. Simple reasons. 1. You're all enriching UK and other foreign countries 2. You never had interest in Nigeria 3. COVID-19 exposed your evils and what you've turned the country to

Irresponsible minister A big shame Not surprised at your.... So you were unaware just like your boss? Smh Let's leave that aside, everyone is just quiet about the biggest robbery that the National Assembly and Buhari carry out by burning the Acc Gen. Office to cover past crimes and future crimes So you claim not to know the bad state of our healthcare infrastructure? That means the government has been ruling blindly. Were you born and raised outside Nigeria? You should be ashamed of yourself.

How could you ever know? When many of you big men don't visit any of the local hospitals but decide to go to international hospitals to get yourself and your families treated. This is really not an excuse. This is just bad governance. Sad. How would you know since you and members of your households don't make use of it?

🤦😂😂😂. Kai! How will u know when u people to associate with d grassroot after u come to power. see this dude How do you expect people like this to do anything meaningful in the health sector when they are not aware? See what health tourism causes The worst set of people to have ever been handed over power in the country,you travel abroad to treat earache and headache,how will you know?

Interesting!! So what else don't you know? Is this guy on cracks? Let's leave that aside, everyone is just quiet about the biggest robbery that the National Assembly and Buhari carry out by burning the Acc Gen. Office to cover past crime and future crime Ds old men are jst sending Naijah to hell where they belong. Is he leaving outside Nigeria or Leaving in Singapore Nigeria

Can you imagine zubichild I hear.. 😏 Story for d gods These people are animals in human skin, imagine exposing his stupidity for the whole world to see This one was born and is living abroad in his head. Smh!! Of all the ridiculous things this administration has said, this has to be number 1 Leave the Nigerian health care (General hospitals and all that), you still didn't know that the villa hospital which has more budget than all the General hospital in Nigeria was still in a bad state abi? Yahoo yahoo government. Rubbish..

What nonsense! So, boss Mustapha hasn't been living among us before he was elevated to the position of SGF? Buhari doesn't know our security situation is that bad, so you also can claim not to know our health infrastructure are in humiliating shambles. How would you know when all yo keep traveling abroad for treatments including headaches

Mr SGF, your are as brainless as your principal Of course u won't know naw... When oyinbo still hv hospitals🙄🙄 Na God go punish am for that talk. Ignorant human He is the SFG of another country. I just hate this country Hmmm, indeed! thunder see free customer, all of u will die in pain.... Uncle it’s because u don’t stay in Nigeria na

Do you ever know anything aside filling your pockets with funds meant to improve our healthcare system? Coronavirus is a blessing to Nigerians. Since it's bridging the gap between the rich and poor may it finish it purpose in this nation Thanks to coronavirus, Government people can't travel abroad for treatment and now they can have first hand experience of our health care system. It's well...

You lied. You know! Tell us the truth My friend go and sleep u need it Where do dey import dis man? Is like he is not a Nigerian or he is just pretending? God punish u Sir. I know its good Friday and all but... God punish you sir... Very unfortunate, these guys are hypocrites. We have been telling successive governments how fragile & weak Nigeria's health systems are for d past 30yrs Fmohnigeria NphcdaNG NhisNg DFID_UK USAID UNICEF MamaYeNigeria gatesfoundation UHC2030 WHO HealthForAll COVIDー19 huwegov theGFF NGRPresident nassnigeria

Hmmmmm. How will u know when u guys travel abroad for ordinary headache,nonsence entities... How will you know when all you too is to travel for check up all the time Nonsense It’s a pity Mr. SGF, that despite the years u have been part of this govt. it’s nw u know d true states of our health sector One will only wonder if u jst got ur appointment yesterday... Hweva, dts to tell you hw much fraud of a govt u are part of...

Lol How would you know when you’ve always depended on foreign hospitals for medical care? I’m sure you don’t know how bad the educational system is. So he don't use Nigeria hospital May God punish for this white lie Very shameless set of fools. Can you imagine, I were you I would buried my head in shame for even voicing sure rubbish

Sometimes this people make statement without thinking How'd you have know when at the slightest headache you ll fly to Europe or America 🙈🙈🤣🤣🤣 You are not alone, even the BMC too We the citizens did. How can you not know, you have to be almost completely sensory deprived for that. We have comedians as politians in Nigeria, funny man

Linus aburo Lai Mohammed Now you know Interesting Mr. SGF! Imagine these people are our leaders! May almighty come to our aid Thunder, Akurukeke of Benin, Amadioha of Igboland, Songo of Yorubaland, Dagon of philistine, does it mean these deity still don't know their work? Boss Mustapha, people have so much respect for u, so please stop this trash.Why saying you're not aware that Nigeria Healthcare service is as worse as this. Have u ever been treated in Nigeria Or as any politician being treated or admitted to any hospital in Nigeria? COVIDー19

How would you know ? When all the money for medicals are taken for medical tourism abroad. Or have you not collected at all? How you go know? U de use am? How will he know when him and his family don't even get to use the school not to talk of hospitals. I just pray Turnder kill all of them there NGRPresident

No one in this government never knew anything. How would you know when you and your boss run abroad for a minor headache. All these so-called political leaders have lost all credibility with Nigerians at home and abroad Mugu FC He was never sick abi? Mumu talk How would u know when u dont use them........if there was existing law that no govt official should use private hospital or no going abroad for any kinda ailment..... except the country's own public hospitals....u would hv known about the healthcare infrastructure

I pray this Covid-19 teaches them all lessons. No more bigmanity in Nigeria now. Imagine what the SSGF is saying Give us a name of any Nigerian hospital that you are registered as a patient! How will you know when none of your leaders go to our hospital for check up.........ordinary headache, you all fly to abroad for a check-up. Story for the gods

Imagine. Shame Story After 5yrs in power The truth is coming out and you have a minister of health that could not revive it. Good morning That's an indictment on you government. Clueless and lacking vital information. Priority number 1 -- health Check up every first weekend in the month.. Venue- British best hospital London.. Scam of SGF

it simply means you are not in Nigeria. In a saner society, this is enough to step down but Nigeria is not normal. Anyway thanks to Covid-19, you guys can't do medical tourism at least for now. You won't. Cos you part of the system. You guys elope any time you want healthcare.. It's either UK India or USA

Pathetic as always. Smh.... With all due respect, Sir this is about the most infantile and irresponsible statement from someone who calls himself a leader. How would you know when you guys were busy junketing all around the world at the slightest headache?.Now you've known,let's see what you can do about it

.GarShehu do you believe him or is he lying? What a big lie, 'you never knew' well how will you know when you and your boss MBuhari always in UK for treatment. What a failed Government Satanic leaders of Nigeria with Corona virus, Diabetes, hypertension and Cancer in their body. unless you people's do the right things to Nigerian's.

Thunder, Please Come O... Another Cow Is Spotted Here na me build am! Me laughing at the SGF. Now you know, what next This is an unpardonable lies damolaade heywhy04 they don't patronise local hospital, they engage in medical tourism in Germany, UK etc, how would have known how bad they are? All of sudden they could not travel for medical treatment, they have perfect health now courtesy Corona Virus.

Chaii Naija my country and it's nollywood leaders Just negodi Lies How can you know when you have been busy flying to UK, China and rest for Treatment😏😏 This mam must be a comedian Ibadan weed in action Government of I am not aware, we were not aware and I never knew. Smart guy but not clever you never knew welcome home Togolese corona virus has catch up with you all heartless leaders business men always have some nasty things to say when faith catch you

You now know...what next? Thunder fire this man.. does it mean you're from another planet that you need a prophet to tell you? So na the reason why una brought covid-19 doctors to corona us Wake up SGF Its ur duty to fix it Awon agba yahoo He's joking, right? You never knew because, you had never have causes to use any, nor see them on the news. spirit man..

And people like toluogunlesi will be blaming us for fake news and misinformation Is this one not misinformation from the SGF? When the leaders are far removed from the realities of its people, this should come as no surprise. Dung Hypocrisy What🙄 Is he living in Mecca? Until the chicken came home to roost

Which kind of human disasters do we have ruling this country and we want things to get better...shaking my head for this country she! How will he know? When he gets medical treatment from oversea countries. Shameful_people You won't know because you don't visit there. Any slight illness you're flown overseas for treatment

How will you know,when it is not your style Why will u know.When all the politicians and rich people always fly abroad for treatments. This Covid19 will surely teach y'all a big lesson. Shameless pple everywhere Wow! Bloody warthhog 🤡🤡🤡🤡 akpokwaye See your friend at it again Because all of you received medical treatment in abroad

Is this man OK sha? I'm not sure because if he's ok he won't say that. If our Healthcare is not in bad state why MBuhari and all nassnigeria officers are going to abroad for treatment? There is no different between this people and goat when it comes to having shame How will you know? Do you use it. Rie nsi there

How will you know when its not directly affecting you or your family mudafucka imagine the rubbish this one is skewing.. oh, you didn't know that the office you had that interview is plush.. or that the cars you drive are foreign and not assembled in Nigeria.. you that you fly out to other countries to enjoy better infrastructures like hospitals.. 🙄

Ogun kill you there. How will you know? Kai, God, what did we really do to deserve these leaders ? I_amtolu1 Do you guys know anything? How would you knew? He just came from Mars? Quite unfortunate Can you imagine this guy Now you know. Father Lord please deliver us from these people. How will you know? Not surprised at all! We are in a country where the Minister of Health hasn't tour Nigerian hospitals since he was appointed into office (his predecessor too). They only go to hospitals to commission half-baked projects. FYI, Hospitals are in shambles. Shame!

There we are, who a hell is this man. What has he been doing before he was appointed to this post. His statement stinks, to me he just acting or playing a role in a Chinese film. Stupid 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Another lies Thank God you have known that now. You people should use this Covid_19 outbreak as an opportunity to address the health care infrastructural deficit in the country.

Because you're never in the country to use it. All the UK medical trips and all that. It'll be hard for you to know. You are mad Abeg bros leave that matter Jare. That is just political talk, have you not been in this country? lol..pathetic How will you know when you a medical tourist at the expenses of taxpayers.

May God help you How would you know? I never knew you were Nigerian SGF🤷 It means you don't live in nigeria and you don't listen to voice of the masses . Many have die due to your negligence . awwww! bless your incompetent little ignorant heart Useless things Because whenever u are sick, u & ur household travel abroad to get treatment.A huge numba of Nigerians have die as a result of our poor healthcare facilities even b4 d emergence of coronavirus.But thank God u knw now,so that u and those in power can fix our healthcare facilities

Hmm can you imagine! Where did this one come from❓ He is saying rubbish, has he been living on the moon? Hypocrites everywhere. Abeg who have noticed that the cost of sms has gone back to 5 Naira from 4 Naira at this critical moment Abi am I hat knowing Thunder fire u there Meanwhile, in SA Lmao. Would you ever know anything? Rubbish

Ogun kee you there 😠 Nonsense... Even a 10 year child of yesterday knows that the healthcare infrastructure is worst. Shut up please. SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME SHAME! How could you? When you go to UK hospital to take drugs for your headache issue. Convid-19 How will you know when you don't go there for treatment only what you guys know is to steal our money to foreign banks oleni

Am sure this guy is not a Nigerian. Maybe we have to start questioning his origin. Wonders without end Hmmm thanks to covid 19 but no thanks though. At least everyone is been treated in Nigeria now you know the punishment you people have melted on the poor masses. Shame on you Moreso, you have not seeing anything! Try and visit every LG across Nigeria!

Imagine, SGF he never knew healthcare was in this bad State despite the huge amount of money budgeted every year. Tales by moonlight... Now that you've declared that you're in the know, am certain you'd be inducted into the league of those who know but pretend they don't. And you didn’t also bother to ask why your Oga has been traveling to London to treat common cold and headaches

A servant has to learn from the master i am not surprised at all because buhari never agrees he knows anything in this country U don knw waris goin on... You say what.. Oga, if I hear you say that again ehn! Haba! Odidi SGF faaa... How will you know sir? Eeya Satan punish all of u, my people don't u think we need to pray more for coro to catch all our leaders so they know what d masses are going through, they can not know bc before they have headache they are in US or UK how can they know that we don't have hospitals

How could he ever know? At the slightest onset of headache our Nigerian leaders are on the next flight out of Nigeria. For the first time since the civil war our leaders are having a taste of our decrepit healthcare infrastructure. Welcome to the life of every day Nigerians How can you know? Since you all go to abroad, even to treat headache. Covid 19 has exposed the state of our health sector.

He wouldn't know because he hasn't been receiving treatment in Nigeria all this while. Nonsense! This man is mad and thunder from Good Friday will fire him How will you know sir, when all our leaders inclusive care only about themselves, and their immediate family!? Your generation is killing Nigeria! Another fraud!Why then is Buhari travelling abroad all the time to seek medical treatment?

May God punish you and your generation in 100 folds Thunder how far, we don't have time anymore to complete this assignment and one target is identified already 🖕 Shame on you How will you know? If u never knew, y didn't you ask ur boss MBuhari y he like travelling abroad, Oga they need to flog u in public

Abi 🤡🤡🤡 Never knew, but you frequently take Bubu to the UK for same reason. How would he know, when they don't use it. Indictment on the minister of health Just as is the education system Gentlemen shall we. 😩 Story from the moon. He no fit know when all they do is share money within themselves not minding the citizens shiorkèlèbé

With comment from all these Dullards, you would find out that Nigeria got no President 😩😩 He will never know, because it was never a priority for them to put it in good shape If you’re tired of dropping account number under every giveaway tweet and doing babiamla for naira Marley and his Heartless Colleagues to broke shame us.😩😩 lemme tell you how to make cool cash as I just discovered. DM, If it's not worth it report and block me 🙏🙏

For ur mind na u be leader!!! never know is the name of the GAME APCNigeria yahoo government Imagine what this one is saying...... Yahoo politicians menaloneng ... is this reputable enough for you Mr ? Or you waiting for CNN to carry it ? Is this moron serious? Statement's like this makes sad How will you know? corrupt government

Chai, thank God dat u have realized... Give me his handle... Thunder scatter you SGF How will the know, when you treat even headache outside Nigeria Imagine a Statement coming from the SGF Bashir why make mockery of these Man, Uganda president showed us photo on AJEnglish yesterday. When he was doing exercise.. Here you are showing us photo, as if we are Mourning... Is it true he no longer exist? Other president are seeing live on video here is just mere Picture

Thunder are you still busy in North Korea? The New sheriff in town. The old one don kaput.. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂. You can imagine what the SFG is saying No shame at all How will you know.. rubbish This people should stop saying things like this...have they no shame? Don't they know what is called a leader or responsibilities of a leader.

Can you imagine? How will you know when you and your family are treated abroad or in a private hospital I hope you know that today is Friday. Your oga's lack of self awareness has obviously spread around the villa. Bad energy is so contagious! Shame on you Undisputed clown 🤡 Hmmm Can u imagine ? 🙄😏 this clowns are lying to nigerians everyday what do they take us for ? If you didn't know why do u keep traveling abroad for treatment ? Thieves

He must be speaking sarcastically. Just Imagine... Now you know it How will you know when you don't use one.😉 So bad Bcos he doesn't use the hospital.. nonsense 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

Nigeria’s Unhealthy Healthcare In the Eye of Coronavirus, By Runcie C.W. Chidebe - Premium Times OpinionIf we survive COVID-19, we need to consider a law to restrict all public officials from seeking medical care abroad.

COVID-19: Edo Government responsible for rising cases - NMA alleges - Daily Post NigeriaThe Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Edo State branch has called on the state Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki to immediately close all borders in the State Morning Edo Govt also responsible for one case discovered in Delta State

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Funke Akindele: Gov. Sanwo-Olu asked to grant Nollywood actress state pardon - Daily Post NigeriaA Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Mr Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, has appealed to the Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwoolu, to grant state pardon to popular Nice one 💕💕💕 Abi o, omo wa noni Will the same treatment be applicable to other offenders