I’m ashamed: Pastor Ashimolowo counters Chris Oyakhilome (Video)

I’m ashamed: Pastor Ashimolowo counters Chris Oyakhilome (Video)

4/9/2020 9:52:00 AM

I’m ashamed: Pastor Ashimolowo counters Chris Oyakhilome (Video)

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on April 8, 2020 at 5:41pmPastor Matthew Ashimolowo, the Founder of Kingsway International Christian Centre has disagreed with Pastor Chris Oyakilome over claims of a link between the 5G network, Coronavirus, and anti-Christ.Ashimolowo described the teachings linking the 5G network to coronavirus and anti-Christ as “foolish theories.”

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For the past few days, popular pastors and politicians have found a way to link the 5G network with spiritual things and the Coronavirus epidemic.These theories have, however, led to confusion and fear worldwide.There have also been reports of 5G masts set ablaze in the United Kingdom and other countries.

One of the pastors who have further raised the theory of 5G network, coronavirus, and anti-christ include Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.He told his members in a sermon that the 5G was part of the new world order where some figures of authority in the world were trying to build a religion, economy, and government for the entire universe.

Quoting Revelation Chapter 13, he said there is no need for a vaccine, adding that these are part of the Antichrist’s plan for new world order.However, Ashimolowo countered Oyakilome’s statement, He explained that there was no correlation between 5G and end-time signs.

He warned Christians that this is a pandemic as recorded in the bible and must be dealt with as such.He said: “If coronavirus is caused by 5G, why is it in his village that does not have a 5G?“It has always been the nature of Christian leaders to plant fear in their members whenever there was going to be a major world occurrence.

“The church should be more concerned about preparing their members for the Second Coming of the Lord instead of condemning a major technological breakthrough.“It’s fake news to associate 5G to coronavirus.”The pastor added that he was ashamed of pastors who are ill-informed and misleading the public.

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iStandWithPastorchris Let people talk , every body has a voice Just imagine them, this too is kingdom work abi? Attacking one another abi. It's shameful. He spoke his mind about 5g simple, and if you don't have anything to say u should ..... Pastor Ashimolowo should be ashamed of himself for asking members to pay tithes online during this period of Covid 19.

Ashamed of what, but wait o, y are people misinterpreting ds 5g thing. Me what i heard from these theories is that Corona virus is merely a created diversion from the main 'killer', radiation caused by 5g. Nt 5g caused d virus. Abi na me no hear well? All the men of God who are Illuminati is showing themselves

You can be ashamed, still doesn't change anything. All these are pointers to one world, one government. Read your Bible preacher. Pastor Chris like and use TECH daily more than any man I have com across, this 5G would have been an advantage to him becos he would have make use of it more than even d maker but if pastor Chris is saying NO to it then u should know it harmful to human,iStandWithPastorchris

Is that what he should be talking about right now Mtcheeew So pastors don't do research or confide in the experts in his chiuy before making remarks. Pastor Ashimolowo is “ashamed” of a man that simply expressed his views in a civil manner but he is not ashamed of his friend, Pastor Fatoyinbo, who was accused of sexual assault by numerous women. This is foolishness on rampage

Pastor Ashimolowo is “ashamed” of a man that simply expressed his views in a civil manner but he wasn’t ashamed of his friend, Pastor Fatoyinbo, who was accused of sexual assault by numerous women. This is foolishness on rampage Today is going to be interesting, I can see that already Chris is entitled to his opinion, make we face our own log in our eyes.

Is that what pastor Ashimolowo should be talking about now? Pray for the nation and stop brooding over what pastor Oyakhilome said Don’t be ashamed u too get ur own

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has made history50k give away only for 5 fans follow and retweet and drop your account number How?.....he healed a Covid19 victim? Follow me i follow back

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