I didn’t collect salary for eight years as Osun governor – Aregbesola

I didn’t collect salary for eight years as Osun governor – Aregbesola

2/28/2021 6:43:00 PM

I didn’t collect salary for eight years as Osun governor – Aregbesola

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on February 28, 2021 at 4:43pmThe immediate Governor of Osun State and the current Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola at the weekend dismissed reports that he received 96-month salary arrears in secret when he served as the governor of Osun state.

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He described the report as a fiction written by elements bent on casting “aspersion on the integrity of Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola”A statement from Aregbesola’s media aide, Sola Fasure, noted that the report carried by an online medium falls short of all known ethics of journalism.

According to the statement, the author of the report “falsely claims that the Minister of Interior and immediate past governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, towards the end of his tenure, secretly received the backlog of his full salary for the entire period he was governor, contrary to his asserting that he never did. headtopics.com

“The report is entirely a piece of fiction, a good exemplar of fake news and disreputable journalism.”The media aide said:“Let me state categorically again, that Ogbeni Aregbesola did not receive any salary in the entire duration of his eight-year stint as governor in Osun.

“His reason being that the state government provided accommodation, security, transportation, food and other conveniences for him and would not need to pay for these from his pocket.“He also explained that all his children are grown up and have graduated and he would not need to pay school fees again. He therefore donated his salaries to the state government.

“The author of the report claims to have got the information from some anonymous government officials. He provides no evidence.“The report fails basic journalistic ethical requirement that only truth and verifiable fact should be reported as news. Reading through it, one is not in doubt that the evil intention behind the piece was to smear and cast aspersion on the integrity of Ogbeni Aregbesola.”

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Well we were not there nor are we the accountant general of Osun,what you say is true but the salary is a fragment compared to other allowances that makes ur total take home . LORI RO Some things should be thought through before being spoken. If you didn't collect salary but your emoluments and allowances which far outweigh your salaries what do you need the salary for? We should be more tact with our statements.

How did you survive..? Sir how are you survive? He’s high as usual. Shakabula Minister Lori Iro! Lori iron ogbeni. Anyway, u carry past wetin ur salary go accumulate for 8years what did u collect for 8 years tell the truth See mumu Within ear no go hear.. Lori Iro. Sir, you were using your money from your personal pocket to sustain and feed your family throughout that time? How much is the so-called “salary” that Nigeria RMAFR is giving the general public sef? Sir, how much was your total allowances and security vote? Mention

But you collected allowances and PTA But had security votes that was more than your salary. Ogbeni,stop lying....these clowns think Nigerians are fools. But you fraud government before you leave L’ori iro 😂😂🤣, you and Lai(Lie)Mohammed should live in the same estate! I am an Hairstylist in Ibadan Bodija Retweet this for me My Client might be on your TL Follow me i will Follow ASAP

But you run up 'em racks 😂😂 Lori iro Lori iro.,.,, 😂 So you just focused on stealing? We hear you, but una award contract na and received security vote Lolzzz....lori iro Story Well done sir ...... you’re doing well . Do you remember as well that you owe civil servant there salaries as well? Iro pooooo, o por repete o por

Why are you politicians treating us this way, what have we done to deserve all this lies. If you folks don't lie to Nigerians in a week does it have effect on you folks.... mikiya82 I believed you sir And what help or progress as that brought to Osun State during your time sir? Except your government being so religious and fanatics.

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Lori iro Lori iro all na lie lie Rubbish Salary na 'peanut' where kickbacks dey Bribe n security votes pass salary na Wia is the lie🤷🏿‍♂️💔 For heaven sake! How much is Governors salary? Compare with what they got as security vote and from quarters. Nonsense! Security vote Nko? Lori iro Clap for yourself, you saved it and collected it in bulk before leaving...

Oh my friend! Why did you go close to this cap? That’s why you’re a thief We don hear you na, issorite. Tankiu 🤕 Clap for yourself. We hear How did you do it? Or you just got the salary by trick? This man is so sincere . He is not lying. I belive him even if he just made me understand he deserves a PHD in Lori iro.

No Nigerian politician go make Heaven....dia lie lie too Much Isn’t this rather scary? Make we fry beans? Another nonsensical talk from a greedy thief Of course you didn't collect salary. You took it from the funds meant for several Elephant projects across the state in your 8 years of thievery. One of such is the 'MKO Abiola Airport'.