Kaduna Kidnap Suspect

Kaduna Kidnap Suspect

I arranged my brother’s killing because dad trusted him more than me – Kaduna kidnap suspect

5/23/2020 8:54:00 AM

I arranged my brother’s killing because dad trusted him more than me – Kaduna kidnap suspect

Jesusegun AlagbeIf someone had told Kadade Abdullahi that his blood brother would be the mastermind of his death, he wouldn’t believe.But that was exactly what happened to him around 11.30pm on March 21 when his younger brother, Ibrahim, hired some assassins to murder him.

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According to Ibrahim, who is currently cooling off his heels in police custody, the only offence Kadade ‘committed’ is that their father trusted him (Kadade) more than him (Ibrahim).The suspect, 20, was recently arrested by operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team attached to

Operation Puff Adderat Kateri Annex in Kaduna State.Ibrahim and his late brother were said to be indigenes of Amana maiKasuwa village in the Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State.It was in the village that the police operatives, upon intelligence gathering, arrested the suspect and one Hassan Amadu, 22, with the support of local vigilantes.

Speaking withCity Roundduring the week, Ibrahim said he belonged to a gang which specialised in armed robbery, kidnapping and cattle rustling.He stated that he hired assassins, with the help of his gang members, to kill Kadade because their father trusted his late brother more than him.

He cited that recently when their father sold cows worth N1.7m, the money was kept in Kadade’s custody.He said this angered him, so he approached Amadu, a native of Rinji village in the Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State and explained to him of his intention to kill his elder brother.

Ibrahim said Amadu helped him to hire four assassins, identified as Kiri Jumare, Auwalu, Nakaduwa and Yellow.The suspect said after the arrangement was concluded, the assassins invaded his late brother’s residence, where they killed him.READ ALSO:Kyari, another late official, others still listed as Buhari’s aides

Ibrahim said, “My brother sold some cows for my father and made N1.7m. He came back and started making a noise about it. My father was happy about it and asked him (Kadade) to keep the money. I expected him to share the money between us but he asked my brother to take it to the bank the next day.

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“I was so broke that day and asked my father for money. He started insulting me and asked me to learn to be responsible like Kadade. I was bitter and immediately called Haruna (Amadu) and told him about the money in our house.“I told them (Amadu and the hired assassins) to come that night and kill my brother. I thought that his death would make my father allow me to control some of his businesses. That night, around 12 midnight, about five of them came. They knocked on my window as a sign to let me know that they were around. They searched everywhere for my brother and when they found him, they killed him as I instructed. My father was devastated but I consoled him that it was Allah’s wish.”

The suspect narrated that when the day broke, he went to the bush to meet the gang who told him that they only found N300,000 on Kadade.He said, “I collected N100,000 as my share of the money since I was the one who brought the job. It was later that we learnt that my brother kept part of the money in a safe in the market.

“The police came to our residence and arrested our neighbours because they all knew about the money Kadade made from selling father’s cows. They were later released and my brother was buried and I thought the matter was over.“I was surprised when the police came back with Hassan (Amadu) and arrested me. I am terribly sorry and hope that my family will forgive me. I now regret my action.”

Further narrating why he was embittered towards Kadade, Ibrahim said among his father’s children, his late brother always got special attention.He said, “My father is married to four wives and has many children. I don’t know what is special about Kadade. I was never sent to a regular school but Arabic school in Kaduna. It was only Kadade that attended primary and secondary schools. My father said it was not necessary for the rest of us to go to school and that he wanted all of us to become farmers. Yet he kept calling us illiterates who could not speak English.”

Also speaking withCity Round,Ibrahim’s accomplice, Amadu, said his father sent him out of the house when he was 15 years old to learn how to rear cows from one Alhaji Sani because his father had many sons and unable to train them all to rear cows.YOU MAY ALSO LIKE:

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He said, “I knew Kadade well as a hard-working and generous man. I never wished him dead. We found only N300,000 in the house and my share was N40,000.”Meanwhile, the police said they had launched a manhunt for fleeing members of the gang, adding that the suspects confessed to have committed armed robbery and kidnapping in Kaduna State.

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This isn't about trust, its about love. Its so obvious the father loved the other brother that is why he developed hatred for his own brother. This happen in most families globally. The only leson we can learn from this is to love our children equally no matter the odd. New version of Cain and able,but the fact remains parents should keep the love to them selfs when you love one than the other this can be the result.

You just proof your dad right by increasing in your mumuness. Why not kill your father that offened you ? Any way is Boko haram children N HarunLeader Kill them for saying this nonsense Men killing men. How typical!!! You can now see why you were not trusted What a wicked world The story of Yusuf and his brothers, this one no wan do the mistake of his return, them kuku kill am. U are indeed not to be trusted

Like in Day's of Joseph and his brother's,you try keep it up The reason he trusted him more than u. U can go to any length for your selfish intentions. Now u wont get what u want. U will be sentenced to life or death. Just the innocent life u took cause of jealously You just proof your dad Modern day Cain and Abel. This is just jealousy and anyone who sides with the suspect is mad.

End time Stupidity The message didn't say the dad loved the other more.The killer must have consistently made the dad not to trust him.If you know that you are bad change so that people will trust you.Envy won't liberate you.May God grant the soul of the poor lad peace. And you proved your dad right Sholy9ja Aboki mentality

Parents should take this thing seriously. Don’t show favoritism when it comes to loving your children. It can happen but don’t make it obvious cos it divides the family. Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob is still happening. God help us Same reason he never trusted you ab initio His father sent him to Arabic school but sent his brother to regular School. That's speaks volume.

So now waitin you gain Both(Father and Son) should have learnt from the story of Cain(Qabil) and Abel(Habil), Recorded in the Bible and Quran. Cain attitude. Envy U just proved your dad right I thought we only see this crap on Evil Kin on ID...this is madness! 😥🤬 Men 🤝hating each other Nigeria is evil Forrest

Men being each other’s worst enemies. As usual. Why can’t y’all ever live in peace with one another 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Greed Cain and Abel reloaded Cain is that you?🥺🥺🥺 Haba!!!! Cain and Abel of our time Mumu person Your father was right.. You cannot be trusted! Jail is the result of wickedness Born fool Its not a new thing, started with Cain and Abel... One thing is sure, there will be punishment.

And isn't your father very right for not trusting you? Even animal dont eat their own but u just ate ur blood. Allah ya cika da barinku acikin wallah mai tsanani azzalumai Cane and Abel.....The Bible can never lie! Just imagine Confession from pit of hell. Before you give birth know that character differ, even in children of same parents. The best you can do it study the characters and know how to follow each of them up.

His father got married to four wives...sent his elder brother to a private school, while himself was in a public school. Loved his elder brother more than him. I’m sorry but your father is responsible for your actions. I hope the judge would take it easy with you Oga minister of Arrangements 🙄 You will learn how to trust you new brothers in jail. Werey

They are not brothers..Blood is very powerful...Ask your mother who is your father.... Wake up call to all fathers and father to be. 😈 used that as instrument to plot evil in you....you will blame ur father and ur father will blame the devil for not trusting you too Dis is where most parents fail no parent should show love to one child than d other u gave birth to all of them so treat them equally don't ever say in their presence dat one is better than d other don't bcoz it will live in d heart of d other forever please oo stop it now please

Almajiri mind set. New age Cain and Abel Reminds me of Cain and Abel. That is too bad parent should not love one child than the other Imagine the pains the parents will go through losing a child to death and Mr Justice sending one other to jail. Parents train your children in the Lord and love them equally. So help me Lord!

So, why not work hard to earn that trust from your father instead of killing your brother whom he trusted? Sheer wickedness! Imagine the level of wickedness cos jealous and lack of self belief cos if he had believed is his ability as a man possibly he could had become a better person than his brother Parents don't compare children... it brings hatred. If you like one more than the other, keep it to your self. All humans have suicidal tendencies, you can't tell the next thing he or she will do.

blood runs thick same way cain had made the blood run sorry cause you got rung not because you’d done wrong See ur life,, what hav u gained wasting ur own blood faultlessly.. Now you will reap what you hav sown This person must have a chicken Brain , Does this make him trust you now C rubbish reason!...instead of you to go husle make money. ..na trust you dey find....awon trustee

And you couldn’t build up to secure Daddy’s trust? Hope some parents would see this danger and stop displaying huge favoritisms on some children above the rest? Cain and Abel... Now his Dad was right all along 🤕😕 this is Era of brother killing brother, sister killing sister, mother killing child, children killing father .... hnnmmmmm

U shd. b jail 4 life wicked man Cain and Abel You've now seen reason he trusted him more than you. Go and spend the rest of your life in jail. cain and abel....e don happen before ..una no dey read bible You just proof your dad's right

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