Hundreds sleep on Maiduguri street for fear of Boko Haram

Boko Haram, Maiduguri

Boko Haram, Maiduguri


Hundreds sleep on Maiduguri street for fear of Boko Haram

Women and children in the Maiduguri camp Kayode Idowu, Maiduguri Fear of Boko Haram attack has made women and children flee their village and take to lodging in the open in Maiduguri. People from over 300 households in Kayamla, in the Konduga Local Government Area of Borno State, said they had to flee into Maiduguri when the villages around them were attacked and they felt they might be raided by Boko Haram. Speaking to our correspondent on Monday morning, the women said their husband sent them into Maiduguri to seek refuge while they stay back in Kayamla. One of the women, Yagana Mele, on the street beside the NYSC orientation camp in Maiduguri which has been converted to IDPs camp, said, “We have been staying here for about two weeks now, we have no choice but to sleep on the street since we were turned back from the camps.” She narrated that they decided to flee into Maiduguri when it was becoming apparent that their village might be attacked as others around them had been attacked. READ ALSO: Reps order 400 exotic cars, reject Nigerian brands The people had, however, been taken off the streets to the Stadium IDPs camp by the Borno State Emergency Management Agency on Monday afternoon. The Chairperson of BOSEMA, Hajiya Yabawa Kolo, said as soon as the state government got to know of their predicaments it arranged accommodation for them at the Stadium IDPs camp. She revealed that they were about 300 households and numbered over 1,000. Copyright PUNCH. All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. Contact: DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Look at dem self, not different from bokoharam. A life with no proper guide& vision, always looking ugly and odd, damn trembled and dreadful. I cant just imagine how people will nurture their family in this discipline...short of word And BOKO HARAM don't kill PEOPLE on the road or in the Street? We move!

They are right where they deserve to be, next time go and vote another COW as your trusted leader. Let them call buhari on phone, to save them including those who voted for him in South South, South West and East will soon sleep on the street 😂😂😂😂😂😂😜 After voting Buhari, they are free to be a little pissed sleeping on the streets. I hear that place is a furnace this time of the year so it's heat making them sleep outside

Na dem with it It's not even up to a yr in office for the second tenure .. I weep for Nigeria 😢😢😢 , Dear lord please we need strength to bear these, pls They are safer on the streets? And we have technically defeated bokoharam abi insurgents 😒😒😒 This is what Buhari loves to see

NAF denies killing 250 Boko Haram fighters in MaiduguriWhat u see under the incompetent and useless Buhari Mad people everywhere. God will punish everyone playing with people's lives. God's judgement await them I'm curious, that dog is fighting what in the air?

ossaime2 It's the will if Allah! ossaime2 Where is the Army? They'll still call this another fake news The mad dog north bought is destroying the north. North wanted to destroy Biafra, but ended up in destroying themselves. Thank you MBuhari for everything you’ve done for this our great country. History will never forgive and forget you

aishambuhari MBuhari do you call this governance? There should call on the one who promise to defeat boko haram. I don't like what i hate The should enjoy their votes Lai Mohamed will tell you that Jonathan is behind it Question to the presidency: will all this pple be happy with the president and applaud him if he visit borno

Nigerian Air Force did not kill 250 insurgents – OfficialThe Nigerian Air Force says a ‘Breaking News Flash’ with the headline “Nigerian Air Force Kills Over 250 Boko Haram Fighters In Maiduguri ” is totally fake. Is it the killings in Kaduna? Its Nigerian police that did it We didn't hear Nigeria airforce what you foolish bloggers said is Nigerian police

OOmohow Sanusi just told us today that the North is its own problem. What is the North?The stakeholders.Who are the stakeholders?The people and their leaders.The major stakeholder?The people who willingly relinquish their power to their leaders who should provide security for their lives Majority in borno will rather prefer this than to hit the street n protest against their mini god. Everything ends at d Bamazo chant

North? Is finished, and they are spreading propaganda everywhere, saying the north is safe, insurgents have been defeated. “THOSE THAT LIVE BY PROPAGANDA SHALL DIE BY PROPAGANDA “ - Eyinaya Abaribe No one sleep outside in Maiduguri. Quote me anywhere. Their container don land. Sai Baba, Next Level, 700000 votes for Baba gaskiya. I don't pity them😤

Buhari promise 2014 to end boko haram once he become president Na? It wasn't this bad under GEJ government. MBuhari led APC govt has destroyed this country. 08166965520 Travel and work or Study in Canada, Australia, USA, UK, QATAR and Schengen country with our 80% guarantee package Call now on this number 08166965520 or WhatsApp. This is a very rare opportunity to move to 🇨🇦Canada for work, study or business.

Who are the leaders of this said state? We waiting for uncle lai lai

Boko Haram: Nigerian Air Force refutes 'killing of 250 terrorists - Daily Post NigeriaThe Nigerian Air Force has dissociated the 'Breaking News’ which claimed NAF killed over 250 Boko Haram fighters in Maiduguri , the Borno capital. The

If these are the targets of BH, it’s just an act of cowardice as, these ones are already terrorized by their supposed leaders who failed them in infrastructure and right to decent living They are just starting olusogaowoeye what say ye ? Can one say BH is defeated? UNA DON COME AGAIN!!!🤷🏽‍♂️ White people call it Camping 🙄 The northerners are okay, stop spreading FAKE NEWS 😡

Like God is punishing nigeria for killing Biafrans, nig should let Biafra go to experience peace n progress OfficialPDPNig have hired them again buchionyegbule disheartening ! What kind of life are these people subjected to by the inept Nigerian government? Insecurity has always been a problem but never as bad as this? It is indirectly created by politicians in the North. It is time to investigate the political ties to terrorism in Nigeria.

They will say the opposition Party told them to sleep on the street. And they will still be protecting Buhari at all cost. Foolishness

Army Foils Attempted Boko Haram Attack In YobeArmy Foils Attempted Boko Haram Attack In Yobe. Israel offered to help Nigeria to end this menace but our clueless government rejected the over,which is to say the government has a hand in all this shits happening in Nigeria

Their only crime is being a Nigerian citizen They are a little pissed And Buhari still surprised Northern Nigeria is a cursed land And Una Person get Mind dey go on trip? Sai Babaoooo Fake news Please let us regulate social media North suffering from its own sin...repercussion of Sharia that gave rise to Boko Haram.

The presidentcy will soon called it fake news , why are you so hell-bent on publishing stories that embarrass buhari? This is fake news and you know it. Security is perfect in Nigeria. We're thinking of how to help Libya out of their own insecurity. Stop hating buhari.

Boko Haram: Coalition charges Nigerians to defend Service Chiefs, military – Daily TrustThe Coalition for Democracy and Development (CDD) has charged Nigerians to support the country’s Service Chiefs in the fight against terrorism amidst what it termed conspiracy by disgruntled politicians. The Coalition made this known at a press conference on Sunday in Abuja, raising an alarm over alleged plot by some individuals and groups to disintegrate … they are not winning the war on insurgency, the changes are necessary for now,Commanders on the war front can be fatigue &weary politics will not win this war but facing reality and making adjustments. My allegiance is to Nigeria and no service chief. When they are adjudged as nonperforming, why should they continue in office? Are we saying out of 200million people, these are the only ones that have capacity? Abegi

Fake news IamtheOGee Can oga Garba confirm if this is fake too? where was this Boko haram during election? obviously means this Northerners know exactly what they are doing and they are been underestimated by the Southerners. We are back to a state of nature I think it's high time these people protects themselves. Self defence should not be a crime.

The most protected capital city is gradually falling into the hands of BH. Now, people sleep on the streets for fear of BH. Buhari is really working! Lies. These persons were paid by PDP. Or maybe the 16 years of PDP misrule caused these. Anyway Sai baba Behold the new Nigeria! After all the grand standing and lies, here we are!

Come 2023 u will still vote for ur people... enjoy this while it lasts We have defited the BH Nah Bandit remaining

Boko Haram attacks Yobe community, targets Damaturu, destroys phone...Suspected members of the Boko Haram on Sunday evening attacked Babangida community, the headquarters of Tarmuwa Local Government Area of Yobe State. Gaining more ground after the release of the so called repentant ones. Feb 16 verse 20 ''Nigerians weap`'' Interesting.. 😂😂😂😂

From sleeping at home to sleeping on streets, now that's NEXT LEVEL Lies....Nothing like this is happening... In some reasonable country the president would have resigned by now, but in this so call do or die country Where terrorist are having field day They will rather let them destroy 35 out of 36states for them to Sha cling to power SICK LEADERSHIP

What are the government doing.. at least they should provide a shelters for this innocent ones.. instead of sleep on the street I thought they’ve conquered boko Haram Pls is this isis? Cause I don’t understand this government again This is Fake news there is peace in Maiduguri, Boko Haram have been decimated. These are just normal people that came out in Support of the President when he came to visit last week.

Rally against insurgency... NO! Speak against Insurgency... NO! We have left u to ur faith.. Then where is the decimation much touted? NGRSenate HouseNGR Sai baba is going on vacation , pls you are on your own.. Tomorrow these same people will still go out and vote with regional sentiment.

Send to FemAdesina. Nothing new. Its their life style. 1million+ votes.. That's why we're where were where! Nonsense! 🚶 Those foolish Arewa uneducated youth will never come out to talk about this Hopefully one day, the downtrodden northerners would realize how cheated and mistreated they have been by their leaders and they will rise and fight back. If there's ever going to be any meaningful revolution in Nigeria, it has to start from the North.

They asked for it. Sai Baba! Their governor should take them inside.... president will not do everything for them... allocations were given to them. let them use it and stop making Nigeria look like hell Northern Nigeria is a funny place. Create a pooling booth in this emergency refugee camp tomorrow, they will still vote for their tormentors.nothing can safe a man who has sworn to die. The behavior of an average northerner shld be properly studied by philosophers

But I taught we have technically defeated boko haram? MBuhari is working.

....who know nothing about governance. We won't have Buhari forever. Femi Adeshina & GarShehu will tell you that the OfficialPDPNig or opposition told them to sleep in Maiduguri. Propaganda from 2015 till date. One day,they will blame Abacha or Nnamdi Azikiwe or an unborn child for their failure. However,I pray God to help the poor masses who

And the people that setup Boko Haram are living in the comfort of their palatial homes.... Nawaoo! While they are given presidential treatment to some of the people that displaced them una well done o. They voted MBuhari he should go and rescue them... Rubbish! They never see anything. As you laid your bed (in 2015 & 2019 General elections), so shall you lie (with insecurity on all fronts). Sai baba!!Shalom.

Lia Mohammed we still come out saying is a fake News Fake news by the PDP to belittle the achievements of this govt in terms of security. Boko Haram have been technically decimated. Lia Muhammed Safety First I sympathize with them even there is not also that secure I advice they go to their Government house that's somewhat ok

While MBuhari Mr integrity spends 9billion on servicing and maintenance of generators so he can sleep in ask rock, it shall not be well with the wicked. When Maiduguri, the state capital is not safe, where is now safe in Borno state? Maybe na the opposition party hire them. ....just assuming ooo. Maybe sleeping outside is normal for them.. What about sleeping at the entrance of government house that one might be more protective than .........let me go...

hired by PDP ..🤣🤣🤣 Refugees in their own country.... Why hasn't state of emergency been declared in this state? While repentant Boko Haram are there enjoying life. And when we call out Buhari, they attack us. Stockholm syndrome is very real. Too sad but our leaders sees purchasing of cars more paramount than my fellow displeased people in Maiduguri.

Una never see anything, y’all voted for buhari right?😂

What a shame Sai baba But I am in Maiduguri and nothing like that, Please punch stop misleading people FemAdesina BashirAhmaad cbngov_akin1 are they hired by PDP? It will soon be your turn May God have mercy Nigeria A country's citizens were stranded on China waterways because of CoronaVirus, despite the risk, they were evacuated to their own nation. But here we are..... Just another sign of a failed State

What do boko harams backup gain from these evil deeds, this heartbreaking 😭 God pls restore peace in this country, people are dying 🙏 Street or house, which is more dangerous? That's beautiful....shebi they want sharia they want Islamic government! Enjoy it while it last. Good news to our president and services chief 👍👍

Ya Allah restore peace for us in this country... Na normal thing for north, sleeping outside We LOVE our President. Wailers should go and sit down. Said Baba The so called 'street' doesn't even qualify as street! Pathetic Let's have a deep look and thought. I think they were hired by the opposition to pull down this government — APC 2020

I thought bokoharam has been defeated... This is the pay back for your millions of votes..o ma se oo Allah yakawo sauki God look at the people u created in ur own can people in power be toying with other people's life like this. Buhari’s ear infection would never make him see this... What a pathetic soul!

May God protects them. And all the lost souls r on buhari neck. Kai! All this things no good oo Those who use boko haram, banditry, and other evil movements against peace in Nigeria; na beg we dey beg una. Abeg, free us now! These killings is getting too much. We don't have another country to run to. This is our country! Abeg now... People are dying... Please, Free Us!

this is not enough, they shd go and sleep by the government house gate and feed from there. Seems like they were hired by PDP.

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