Ffk, Major General Muhammadu Buhari(Retd)

Ffk, Major General Muhammadu Buhari(Retd)

Hosting FFK at Aso Villa evidence of Buhari's capacity to forgive -Femi Adesina - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

9/24/2021 8:01:00 PM

Hosting FFK at Aso Villa evidence of Buhari's capacity to forgive -Femi Adesina - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

That was what Buhari did to FFK. He showed him mercy, dropping like gentle rain from heaven, when he could have otherwise spat into the sky, collecting the spittle with his own face. Was that not what me and you would have done? Confess. We would have told FFK to go to hell, and stay there. But Buhari didn’t. He displayed an attribute of God: forgiveness.

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One of the lies that had been serially told against the President was his alleged unforgiving spirit, a falsehood sold to Nigerians by anti-Buhari forces since the days of military rule. The lie traveled for so long, till it was eventually overtaken by the truth in one day. Nigerians saw through the facade, and elected Buhari as President in 2015. Re-elected him with wider margin in 2019.

I have worked with the President for over six years. And I have seen amazing things in terms of accommodation and capacity to forgive. I have visited him at home many times in the evenings, only to find at dinner table with him people who had been abusing his forefathers on television earlier in the day. This President has a capacity to forgive, and forget. And make peace. That was what he displayed in the case of FFK. Nothing short of divine attribute, which me and you should covet and seek to approximate. headtopics.com

True, the brother of the prodigal son in the Good Book was unhappy, after his sibling had engaged in riotous living, squandered his inheritance, and came back home in penury. And the father received him with glee, and slaughtered the fatted calf in celebration.

The brother was indignant. He accused the father of bad faith, saying he had remained faithful and loyal, and not once did the father give him a goat to kill, and make merry with his friends.That is the case of the APC members who have been unhappy at the reception given FFK. He did not deserve it, they claim. True. But how many things don’t we deserve, but which eventually come our way? That is the inscrutable nature of God, and we should not begrudge ourselves, or anybody else. How many things have come your way, which you really don’t deserve? But God gave those things to you, nevertheless. Same with FFK.

I think those screaming blue murder and lamenting the injustice and unfairness of it all should hold their peace. They have made their points, and should let things be. Enough! FFK is back, let sleeping dogs lie. He may stay this time round, as he claims to have had a Damascus road experience, which turned Saul to Paul.

Many times, FFK has used unprintable words against me. He has deployed phrases from the nether region against me. But after writing those things, and we met in public places, he would embrace me, calling me his “friend and brother.” I agree, we are brothers, though I should hold giant sized grudges against him. President Buhari has shown us the way . To err is human, to forgive, divine. headtopics.com

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And come to think of it. Is it pleasant to swallow one’s vomit? Nah. But that was what FFK did. All those foul words against the President, the APC, the government, many people in government. He has swallowed them. Delicious? By no means. Pueh! You would feel like retching. So, let’s salute the courage of his conviction. It is rare, and not many people would do it.

I welcome FFK back to APC. And I pray it is for an enduring time. I thank President Buhari for showing an astounding large heart. That’s how to be a father. He has confounded all those who peddle lies about him, and the balderdash about not forgiving.

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This FFL has sold his conscience to the devil. BC he want to contest for the up coming election. Nigerians should Neva vote for him. He has no shame FFK inconsistencies is his big mistake that will hunt him in Nigeria society . Those people who he called his brother and friend will come for him by the time he mess up with them and I know he will when the table is clear and no more wine to wine ....

I strongly believe that Femi Adeshina also has children and wife. My concern is what should be their perspective towards thier father. Cos I didn't understand So daft Does that change Nigeria situation? FFK is just fighting for his interest only. Pure weakness! What did he do that warrant his forgiveness and what has he done that people under your political appointment that have not done worst?

Haha…Femi is practically calling FFK a small boy niyen o. 😁😁 Crazy people To put this claims to test, Bubu capacity to forgive should be extended to kanu and Sunday

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Point of correction,Buhari only agreed to pose with FFK in a pix. Agreed dat FFK is useless, but Aso rock belongs to all Nigerians. Ur boss can't restrict any Nigerians from entering, just that there is a limit to where we can access! Forgive who really Tui_kiwala Alaranolatunbo1 Others needed forgiveness more than that mole. El zakzaky for instance

Forgive everyone else but not IPOB, Don’t even give them chance to speak what their agitation is. The rate of military check points in the SE is worrisome. Adesina.... BuBu, FFK needs food please Balderdash! 😂 all na cruise Fools

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FFK will soon end up a dinner in Aso Villa. Dining with the devil with bear hands. Did he also stopped by at the office of the VP after calling him all despicable names to say hello?

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