Hijab controversy: Expect me in court with my full Juju attire - Rivers lawyer, Abakpa

24/06/2022 7:59:00 AM

Hijab controversy: Expect me in court with my full Juju attire - Rivers lawyer, Abakpa

Hijab controversy: Expect me in court with my full Juju attire - Rivers lawyer, Abakpa

Following the recent approval by the Supreme Court to allow female Muslim students to wear hijab in public schools, a Rivers State-based lawyer, Barrister

Mathew A.EXTRA: Lawyer appears in supreme court dressed as ‘juju priest’ — after hijab verdict Author: June 23, 2022 2:07 PM Malcolm Omirhobo, a Lagos -based human rights lawyer, on Thursday appeared before the supreme court dressed as a traditionalist.The students, who gave the ultimatum during a press conference on Wednesday, urged the government to caution its officials against harassing Muslim females wearing the hijab The Amir (president) MSSNLagos, Miftahudeen Thanni, explained that issuing the circular would curb “overzealous” teachers and principals from contempt of court.PHOTO: BBC The Supreme Court erroneously held that wearing the hijab was an Islamic injunction and an act of worship required of Muslims and consequently, the banning of female Muslim students from wearing Hijab to school is a violation of their fundamental rights to freedom of thought, conscience, religion, dignity of human persons and freedom from discrimination.

Abakpa has vowed to storm the Federal High Court, Port Harcourt next week in his complete Juju attire.Recall that the Supreme Court of Nigeria on June 18, granted the use of hijab by female Muslim students in Lagos State Government-owned schools.The Delta state-born lawyer caused stares and disrupted proceedings when he walked into the court dressed as “half lawyer and half traditionalist”.The apex court affirmed the July 21, 2016, judgment of the Court of Appeal, Lagos, which set aside the October 17, 2014, judgment by Justice Grace Onyeabo of the High Court of Lagos State.During this period, we consulted, collaborated, protested, held rallies and sensitised government officials on why a willing Muslim female should be allowed to put on the hijab.DAILY POST also recalls that many schools were shut down in Kwara State in 2021 following demand by Muslims students to wear hijab in Christian-owned schools.Advertisement Although dressed in a white shirt with a jabot as lawyers should, Omirhobo placed a charm around his neck hanging on a red cloth.On February 21, the Muslim Ummah in the State warned the government not to deny the people of the State their fundamental human rights of wearing hijab, particularly in public schools in the State.The Supreme Court’s decision, I respectfully submit, is tantamount to it encouraging the adoption of Islam as State religion and this I humbly submit is an error.

Recall also that the Inspector-General of Police, Usman Baba had on March 4, introduced Islamic hijab headdress for female police officers, a development which triggered backlash from concerned Nigerians, especially the Christian faithful.But he wrapped red cloth over his waist, hiding the pants.Displeased with the judgement, the Lagos State Government attempted to obtain a stay of execution of the Court of Appeal’s decision but failed.The IGP, in a statement by the Force’s spokesman, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, claimed that the dress code was approved “for optimum output and professionalism”.Following the developments, a Lagos State-based lawyer, Malcom Omoirhobo stormed the Supreme court in Abuja on Thursday wearing a traditional attire, appearing like ‘Olokun priest’.In October 2014, a Lagos high court ruled against the wearing of hijab in schools, a decision that was overturned by an appellate court in July 2016.He told journalists that his choice of dress was fueled by the Supreme Court ruling, which according to him, allows Nigerians to appear in public places with their traditional wears.They are interested in ultimately jeopardising law and order.He vowed that since the apex court allows hijab for female students, his children would also appear at school in their traditional wears..I want to specially thank the justice that dissented in this case for his courage, independent mind and level of intelligence to apply the law to serve its purpose.

Similarly, Barrister Abakpa, a fiery human rights lawyer, in Port Harcourt said the Supreme Court’s decision should be extended to other religions in the country, stressing that “what is good for the goose is good for the gander also”.Speaking with DAILY POST on Thursday, Abakpa accused the Federal Government of plotting to Islamize Nigeria by making Islam an official religion.We do not want this to recur.According to him, section 10 of the Nigerian Constitution forbids the government from making such moves.He said, “I will appear in my full juju attire in the Federal High Court next week.The Supreme Court of Nigeria has held that it is the fundamental right of Nigerians to appear in their religious attire to schools and other public places in Nigeria, irrespective of the dress code prescribed or approved by the authority.Both are her rights.

“Nigeria is a circular State.What is good for the goose is good for the gander also.“It appears that the decision of the Supreme Court is likely to make Islam an official religion contrary to section 10 of the constitution which forbids the government of Nigeria from adopting any religion.“By the time all religious faithful, including pagans and Christians begin to showcase their religion by appearing in their religious attires in public institutions like courts and schools, even in the military and the police, the government, especially the Supreme Court will then realize that they have erred in their decision to allow hijab in schools, including the Nigerian law school”.Related Topics:.

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Let any idiot dare it in the presence of a judge. The irritant who was at the Supreme Court didn't enter until the court had a break and before the Justices resumed sitting, he ran out. Every institution has a dress code. Religion out fits should be used in the worship centers. It is only lawless country that does other wise.

You are free to go nakeo Why are we not obedient to our Holy Books? If we do, I believe we gonna be in peace. I think he do not understand his Holy Bible well but if he do maybe, he's not mentally alright. Qur'an and Bible teaches us every rightful guidance. I'll advice his family to take him to PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL.

HijabMustStay The court will have no option but to reverse itself on this issue chaos loading everywhere...…. E soak NigBarAssoc with all the level of learned colleagues with prowess of reasoning and logic, how can such a confusion arise. This is a case of Right or wrong but with the peace of a nation as the first consideration.

Where it all started. They guy that discovered Obi in 2021. Listen if you love the black race, shun tribe and religious sentiments, vote Mr. Peter Obi. God will not come down physically but he uses men. How can a right thinking person canvass for Atiku& Thiefnubu?

EXTRA: Lawyer appears in supreme court dressed as 'juju priest' -- after hijab verdictMalcolm Omirhobo, a Lagos-based human rights lawyer, on Thursday appeared before the supreme court dressed as a traditionalist... Lol Naija na maximum cruise, Vote Peter Obi to save lives Shame to the judiciary sector for there influenced judgement which resulted to this let's see if he goes to court everyday in this ... mumu man ...

Hijab: Lagos gets 30-day ultimatum to issue circular on Supreme Court verdictThe Lagos State Government has been given a 30-day ultimatum by the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria to issue a circular on the recently delivered judgement by the Supreme Court approving the use of hijab in Lagos schools. If them like issue circular reach heaven, we no dey fight over religion in SW. This religion kite for election patronage won't work....we go use the PVC wella against these Grandpas. The North clearly has Islamic schools except federal universities but the south went to represent one Nigeria so they will suffer for it. Islamic State of Nigeria

Hijab: Why the Supreme Court erred | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsIn a majority decision of six in favour and one dissent, the apex court of Nigeria on Friday in Abuja affirmed the rights of Muslims Female Students in Lagos state public primary and secondary schools to wear Hijab. The CJN as a Sharia court judge only qualified is being used as a willing tool in an attempt to Islamize the country!

Hijab: Muslim students ask Lagos to issue circular on Supreme Court rulingMuslim students under the aegis of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Lagos Area Unit have appealed to the State Government to urgently issue a circular on last Friday’s verdict of the Supreme Court approving the use of hijab in public schools. khaleedusman3 Masha Allah.✍️🙏

Hijab: Lawyer attends Supreme Court in traditional worshipper’s attire (PHOTOS) - Premium Times NigeriaMr Omirhobo, who described himself as a traditionalist, said he was motivated to appear in court in the unusual attire by last week’s judgement of the Supreme Court affirming the rights of Muslim female pupils to attend school in hijab in Lagos public schools. Sorry Mr lawyer let us think very well Allah is great That is your choice nobody care. Very lovely. This is Tanko's only achievement as CJN. If you know another, kindly inform me.

Hijab ruling: Drama as lawyer wears native doctor's attire to Supreme CourtThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Lol Hnmm! Na wa o,this one weak me o 😂 E just dey start, na show Ur side be d next