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Family, Toddler

Handling a toddler’s temper tantrums - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

4/12/2021 12:33:00 AM

Handling a toddler’s temper tantrums - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

12:18 amRaising children is a tough task especially at the formative stage when kids require much attention. The task can be particularly sapping when a child exhibits temper tantrums. This can make a parent overstretch their parenting techniques. As daunting as managing a toddler who does nasty things in a fit of anger can be, such behaviour is considered a normal stage of toddlerhood.

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Parents address children’s tantrums differently. While some parents use spanking as corrective measures, others might try to pacify them or simply look away.For Mrs Bose Olayemi, a mother of three, patience is the best means to deal with children with such temperament.

She said “The parents should study that child and understand how they behave. In most cases, it is not by beating or being angry with them that will correct such a child. It won’t work.”The Executive Director of a Lagos-based non-governmental organisation, Child Rights Awareness Creation Organisation, Joseph Igwe, maintained that every parent should understand their children and figure out the reason they throw a tantrum.

Igwe noted that temper tantrums were usually triggered by an action which the parents needed to unravel. He, however, said most parents reacted to it aggressively resulting in child abuse in most cases.He said, “You don’t correct children or discipline them by violence. You discipline by being closer to them and try to understand whatever they are doing. It is expected that the parents of a child throwing a tantrum will calm such a child and find out what the problem is. By doing so, the child will open up and if he doesn’t, there are other siblings or other persons at home who may know the reason.

“The parents can then talk to the child why he should not behave in that manner. They should tell him how much they love him. If the child threw a tantrum because he was denied something, the parent should tell him why he was not given that thing. Next time, such a child will behave better.”

Igwe observed that most times when parents beat children over temper tantrums, they (the kids) don’t realise they have done any wrong.He added, “So, parents should start by talking to their children and establishing friendship with them. Let them know what is wrong and what is right and the consequences of their action. If the child after knowing those things still didn’t change, there are different ways of disciplining that child without violence. Being violent doesn’t solve the problem. It will only worsen it.’’

An educationist and founder of Educom Africa, Mrs. Fateemah Ibraheem, noted that temper tantrums were a pointer children use to react to something done to them or an experience not comforting with their desire.Ibraheem said that there was the need for the parents to trace the source of the tantrum by asking questions around the validity or otherwise of such behaviour.

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She stated, “Temper tantrums are not just something on the surface. They are reactions that have their roots. First of all, we should go back to what exactly the child is reacting to. Many times, they can be obvious especially when the tantrums are violent. We just need to trace it back to the source if we want to correct the tantrums without proffering soft solutions.

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