Cbn, Gowon, Uk

Cbn, Gowon

Gowon took half of CBN to UK, Nigerian officials have loot here - MP Tugendhat - Daily Post Nigeria

Gowon took half of CBN to UK, Nigerian officials have loot here - MP Tugendhat - Daily Post Nigeria

11/24/2020 4:01:00 PM

Gowon took half of CBN to UK, Nigerian officials have loot here - MP Tugendhat - Daily Post Nigeria

A member of the United Kingdom Parliament, Tom Tugendhat (Tonbridge and Malling) took a swipe at retired General Yakubu Gowon on Monday. Gowon was

Gowon was Nigeria’s Head of State from 1966 to 1975.During the debate on a petition on End SARS, Tugendhat accused him and the country’s leaders of corruption.Decrying the situation in Nigeria, the lawmaker said: “One of the great countries is, sadly, being racked by violence, and violence against young people.

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“The greatest book in the English Language is Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, the great Nigerian writer. The beauty of that book is the way it explains the challenge of changing generations to live together.“The way it speaks about values falling away and community being eroded by outside pressure. What we’re seeing in Nigeria today is part of that story.

“It’s a tragedy that we are watching, it’s a tragedy that we are all witnessing. The pressure this time is not foreign colonialism, the pressure instead is corruption and violence.“We need to call out the corruption, we need to use the powers that we have in this country to stop those profiting from the wealth of that great nation and hiding it here.

“Some people will remember when General Gowon left Nigeria with half the Central Bank and moved to London.“We know that today, even now, in this great city of ours, there are, sadly, some people who have taken from the Nigerian people and hidden their ill-gotten gains here.

“We know that our banks, sadly, have been used for that profit and for that illegal transfer of assets.“And that means the UK is in enormous unique position in being able to doactually something to really exert pressure on those who have robbed the Nigerian people.”

MPs including Theresa Villiers (Chipping Barnet), Kate Osamor (Edmonton), Lyn Carol Brown (West Ham), Taiwo Owatemi (Coventry North West) made contributions.The lawmakers urged the Minister for Africa, James Duddridge, and the UK Foreign Office to engage Nigerian authorities and brief parliament subsequently.

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Open the can of worms they have been trying to hide bro. Nigeria nnttooorrr, its a shame that we are still where we are since 1960. Nigeria has never made any meaningful progress since independence. In 1960, we were at par with China, Brazil etc, but today? Judge for yourselves. The issue is that Uk allowed thieves to hide their stolen wealth in their country. What does that make them? Because you cant put money into any European bank account without declaring where it comes from. So Uk sponsor The thieves because they are one

It appears Gowon loot senior Abacha loot, I have said it before that all the former heads of state looted even more than Abacha, just that Abacha wasn't fortunate enough to leave office alive It means UK is an official Accomplice to such gross corruption in Nigeria/Africa regardless of their underdevelopment & poverty. To address the challenges of illegal suicide migration to UK/Europe, the UKParliament & E.U should probe such corrupt allegation to end illicit funds

To the gullible they are happy UK will remove Nigeria form world map I think? Why haven't they repartraite Daziani even after we request her to return and give account of looted funds? Only thise who dint know international politics will be rejoicing. Fol0w me&ama folow bck imidi8ly m onlin. D UK Parliament as decided 2 sanction Nigerian GVT& d ARMY wu participated in d EndSARS human rites violatn. UK Parliament Memba as jst exposd d stealin by our leaders. Dy sed Gowon left with HALF of the CBN &ran 2 London(back in d 70s).

okoliosita1 He is a living Abacha What do you have to say? KIA Mohammed Listen to him carefully Confiscate their I'll gotten wealth and assets in your country and ban them for life from entering your nation. Freeze their accounts And where is Diezani that looted the money and still ran as a fugitive there, and u kept mum about the looted funds.Awo were gbogbo.

Please help us call tbemour Can you beat that? I wish UK was not far... We for enter carry the money lik palliative o🤣🤣🤣 Crazy soul. May the Almighty God in Heaven give His children the Grace to overcome corruption by the Power of the Holy Crucifix of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and by the sweet Fellowship of the Holy Spirit so that we can become Saints in His Kingdom of Heaven till eternity. AMEN!

Hmmm They may even be talking abt wasteful spendg by Gowon while he ws head of state on visit to the UK back then. I won't forget d most foolish words ever heard 4m leader, Nigeria's problm is nt money, it's hw2 spend it. Oil ws boomng & we lacked leadership to take us into the future Confirming the obvious, however since the said loots are in ur country, please repatriate such back to Nigeria

Hmmmm Pls returned it All the Corrupt Nigerian Politicians that have loot in UK,will be shivering by now. Lies Fake News! Gowon saw future recessions and decided to save up What an ignorant thing to say. Prove it, MP Tugendhat. We know sir but what can we do about It? If u seize and give to the present it will be relooted and send back in another name. We blessed with dis cursed men sir. But thank u for the information. Now we know why Baba Gowon is praying for Nigeria and did not get answer.

Please They should not repatriate that money under this administration oo because even the recovered ones have not been accounted for. 😅😅 Lie Mohammed I'm waiting for you to tag this as fake news God bless u sir for having us in mind