Governor Seyi Makinde Tests Negative For COVID-19

Governor Seyi Makinde Tests Negative For COVID-19

4/6/2020 2:48:00 AM

Governor Seyi Makinde Tests Negative For COVID-19

Governor Seyi Makinde Tests Negative For COVID-19

 Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has tested negative for the Coronavirus.This is coming six days after the governor tested positive for the COVID-19 and wasin self-isolation.The governor had on March 30th, announced via social media that he had tested positive for the virus, stating that though he is asymptomatic, he will continue to self-isolate.

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READ ALSO:SERAP Asks FG, CBN To Provide Spending Details On COVID-19 Relief FundsHowever, in a statement via his official Twitter handle, Governor Makinde in the late hours of April 5th, announced that he had received his second negative test result for COVID-19.

He thanked everyone who had prayed and supported him within the course of his isolation, with a special appreciation of Professor Temitope Alonge who stood in for him as head of Oyo State COVID-19 Task Force. Read more: Channels Television »

To God be the glory💃🏾 Congrats sir Good news. Cute abdulazeeztuyo Sometimes it’s good to show evidence .IJS Maybe he cc will soon turn zoombie Congratulations Sir We are happy with this and celebrate with the people of Ogun state Congratulations to our good leader Welcome our incumbent governor , ogun totise koni gberi mo o, u will live long to enjoy d fruits of yr labour sir

Congratulations, we bless God for his healing Thank God Scammer olathrives Not sure he's fine He has been on the front line fighting this Corona virus. I pray he recovers fast Ope o Somebody shout hallelujah Am so happy. Thank God Hah, congrats sir, I'm happy for you, u are such a good man and a leader that cares for his people, may God continue to protect u

To be sincere we need Revolution in this country They think we be mumu like them, I hate this country with passion Congrats SEYI seyiamakinde Thank God, how about Abba Khari please? Scam of the year.... Seyi Omo makinde will not kill me.... Then positive,......Now negative,..... God will help us in this country.

Congrats to him, Oyo people and Nigeria Congratulation to him, but this seem to me as waisting of testing kit where thousand of samples re on que to be tested and one single undergoes the same test two times in less than 2weeks Mofo halleluja!we thank God for his recovery thats if he had it in the first less than a week he had it and its all gone now.indeed God is wonderful

Welcome back Bro. WE LOVE U MORE $$$ Woow. Cheer. But if seyi makinde can turn negative in less than a week, it means people with active cases that have spent more than 3 weeks ncdc are not well taken care of or seyi makinde earlier test was false dirosky Good new What of Abba Kyari? Has he tested negative too? or still positive.

Congratulations to him. Now go and make better decisions... 🤔 then something is wrong somewhere Scammers 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃, Thank God... Don't know why I'm finding it hard to believe that all those tested positive are not really positive jare May God perfect your healing! You are preserved in Jesus name, Amen!

Ope oooooo , quickest recovery baba I think other states are really taking this Covid-19 serious ...we can see the response and recovery state...but FCT they think is a play round..we haven't heard any recovery not even from the index case....May God help us oh Hallelujah Congratulations Thanks be to God

I'm happy for you 😂 😂 Nigeria is a joke aswear We're happy for him . I pray for others too. StaySafeNigeria If he spends one billion Naira already for corona prevention kits and he doesn’t test negative Shortly after then the joke is on him. There is something that seems hidden about this covid-19... Thank GOD

Finally some good news Thanks to God Praise the Lord! This is really a great news! Thank God for you seyiamakinde. You've been a good leader. One, whose breed is rare in Nigeria polities. The recovery process is so quick, and I'm so glad for that. Once again, congrats best governor ever! We give God the glory

Praise God We knew from the beginning. Intervention fund will suffer. Who cares To God be all the glory Thank you Jesus Good news. Another good news Thank God, what the Lord has done for you, shall be pamernet. How come they did his own so fast ...I think this people are just fooling us trying to make us more scared

Never texted positive to anything in the first place CONGRATULATIONS To God be the GLORY Thanks to God my man is free That's means na malaria e be get before now Or high fever Congrats my governor 🙌 Did you use the same test kits to conduct the second test? So fast! The people admitted weeks ago before him are still -ve?

Good 🙏🏾🙏🏾 I wonder how coronavirus victims are getting recovered in Nigeria, is the cure drugs been found?If yes,what's the name of the drug or vaccine used for the cure?Nigeria leaders should stop playing politics with the expense of the masses lives on the deadly virus. Very likely he was not even positive.

Some of us that have trust issues are thinking twice....can we trust this tribunal? I swear, Nigeria is a joke 😆😆😆 I think they also need to test all the previous positive result maybe our Gods are performing miracles 😆 Shame on you all...Corrupt leaders Alleluia Doesn't add up He ought to be awarded the fastest COVID19 patient to ever recover

Hmm I smell foul play is that the Supreme Court verdict? Good one your excellency No case of coronavirus in Nigeria, FG should not playing politics with COVID-19 Great news for the holy week. Congratulations seyiamakinde boss. Our choice These one will just be lying to us any how UncleWillo That's good news. What of Mallam Kyari?

my Governor 👌 Did he appeal the first result? Thanks be to God Congratulations sir A shame really. A damn shame Thank God Ope ooooo🙏🙏🙏✌️✌️✌️ Thank you, JESUS. More will recover But how did they do it and they don't do other's own Asap We're confused 🤦 SirLeoBDasilva Good news!!! I hope he does not make costly jokes about serious issues like this in the future. seyiamakinde

Baba thank God for your life Congrats E ti lo e ti de. Congrats Glory to God Praise God, personally have been sending healing energy, frequency and vibrations to him.. Welcome sire Someone is asking oh, that they hope it’s not those Test Kits from China, that have been known to give Error Test Results Negative does not actually meant “Negative” oh..., Ehen 🙄🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

Congratulations All glory belongs 2 god....our able governor we thanks god 4 ur quick recovery 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😭 We no Wan know Another good news! Good news Incredible! Our very own, we pray everyone recover and reunite with their families soon. Thank God Thank God. I trust m UCH and UI. Clouts Thank God Our ALMIGHTY GOD is a Great HEALER HALLELUYAH!!!

Good to know the Gov has recovered from Covid19. Kudos to our health workers and Glory to God Congratulations

BREAKING: Makinde tests negative for COVID-19Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State on Sunday night announced that he has tested negative for COVID-19.He disclosed this on his Twitter page on Sunday. Stop plying with us! Dey fool una sef Congratulations your excellence sir.

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