2023, Atiku, Pdp

2023, Atiku

Give PDP another chance in 2023 - Atiku begs Nigerians

Give PDP another chance in 2023 - Atiku begs Nigerians

7/29/2021 10:07:00 PM

Give PDP another chance in 2023 - Atiku begs Nigerians

Former presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP , Atiku Abubakar, has said insecurity under the President Muhammadu Buhari-led

Atiku made the remark while lamenting over the state of insecurity and economic hardship in the country under the current government.Addressing reporters in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Atiku said the PDP has plans to correct such errors.The former Vice President said PDP would implement policies that would correct the insecurity, economic, and unemployment challenges in the country.

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He urged Nigerians to give PDP another chance in 2023.According to Atiku: “I have never seen insecurity this bad. I am 70 years plus, I have never seen it this bad in terms of security challenges, in terms of economy, in terms of unemployment. This is the worst.

“Why can’t you give us time. We will come up with our policies. We will present them to Nigerians when the time comes.“We have done that before. Under PDP, we recorded the highest economic growth, the best foreign reserves, we reduced unemployment. You know that we can do it?” headtopics.com

Banditry, kidnapping, and terrorism have gotten to an alarming rate under the Buhari’s administration.Schools and religious centres have been the target of bandits in the North. Several students and religious leaders and worshippers have been abducted and killed in the Northern part of the country.

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But not you fools , is better they divide that zoo Nonsense... Nigerians should be tired Haba, by now Nigerians should be wise enough and tired of PDP and APC fables... criminals No way for PDP. No way for APC. Nigerians Must Move Forward! Pdp? Apc? Tuuuueeeeh! Lol second chance for what abeg.... Certainly not with Atiku as the Presidential candidate

When PDP has terribly failed at offering any opposition to this disastrous govt. Neither has atiku spoken openly against the very many evils of the MBuhari and OfficialAPCNg govt. Atiku’s silence over time clearly shows his side in this impasse. Shame! Give someone a chance is to amend from it's past mistake, I will support ✔️pdp 2023.

Na them

Atiku Visits Wike, Says Nigerians Waiting For PDP In 2023A former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, said Nigerians are waiting eagerly for the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ) to take over power at the federal level This Atiku is a scam. The man is lobbying for PDP ticket and some hopeless politicians would get his dollar and do his bidding. I weep for party politics in Nigeria. Ok, so that a northerner can continue being the president to continue your northern dominance, ruin and ethnic cleansing abi.

But you didn't give pdp chance before running down to apc. Because you were spurned by buhari, you now decided to return. So, how do i trust that you are not another version of buhari? clap for yourself better put yourself in order Only when PDP subject themselves to total clean up n purification through the crucible, mortification. They must return stolen n ill-gotten wealth.

I swear any idiot that comes around to tell about this bastards or tell me anything about one Nigeria. To be sincere na hammer I go use break your head that day . Ndi Eri Eri . Even if there will still be Nigeria in 2023 it can never be a northerner not even to think of evil Fulani PDP, APC, AC is not the way forward, despite the faith of people, what was our gain, we only experienced suffering and smiling :EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives

The chances are there but OfficialAPCNg won’t let that happen Athiefku wan come thief wetin im thief remain.. useless criminal. APC & PDP = 5&6 ... 2023 NO ELECTION PERIOD! Disintegrate Nigeria now and save Lives.. PDP that cannot even be a solid opposition in a regime full of opportunities to oppose, na im we go give chance? Oga park well atiku Even PDP hates PDP why should Nigerians choose them. August5th RevolutionNow BuhariMustGo

Nigeria must end B4 2023.. Look at another fulani terrorist.. Atiku tell your brothers to free MNK.. Or the British mud edifice will go up in flames.. U will see our actions.. Evil Atiku

Nigerians React As Atiku Bread Hits Kano, Distributed To Residents | Sahara ReportersNigerians React As Atiku Bread Hits Kano, Distributed To Residents | Sahara Reporters atiku His ( Atiku)desperation is second to known. It reminds me of Buhari crying, begging Nigerians to vote for him, he would have given us bread or 1k each if he had the means and it was as if Nigerians were hindering 'the messiah of Nigeria.'Today he is our biggest regret. God forbid atiku Do not sell your vote because of a 100 Agege bread oh. Enough of all this trash, development and infastructure is worth more than a bread that won't satisfy you for a day. Vote wisely atiku They knw they can only do this rubbish in the north and that's why they weaponise poverty and illiteracy down the north... I pity the northerners bcus no matter how southerners face bad leadership the northerners are the one to suffer more

The one we gave to Goodluck Jonathan you messed it up Only a nincompoop would consider his candidature come 2023 You say PDP kó ACN ñí If god dey, god punish you atiku Janjaweed Smh I don't think you will ever smell that seat man.... Nigeria will Cease to exist come 2023.. Looter dey beg again anyway naija dey under punishment I no surprise

PDP moves to dump Uba for Ozigbo, denies use of new structureThe Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ) may have settled for the former President of Transcorp Plc, Valentine Ozigbo, as its flag-bearer Ozigbo remains the man

Never again Sir Baba stop begging us here, do the needful and move on. Either u decamp or anything u think might get u to that post Am seeing you as the next president in 2023,if Nigeria did not divide,but it will not still suff Nigeria problem Chance kee you people there. Criminals. Anything not disintegration of nigeria is counterfeit

Anyone who means good for Nigerians should start at home by putting his community in order. Why would we NIGERIANS think Pdp is the only party capable of disrupting the carnage done by this regime. There are other persons who can take the reins of the country & steer us to a less turbulent sea. APCDP... 'The difference is the Same' Mtcheew!!

They are not doing enough as opposition. With you as a flag bearer it's finished for them I will not vote for PDP in 2023. We tired of both of you

APC defectors set brooms ablaze, join PDP in Delta100 members of the All Progressives Congress, on Wednesday defected to the Peoples Democratic Party, in Oshimili South Local Government Area of Delta State. Why them burn am 😂 Shey wahala no too much like this Loan transfer like football parties

Alaye pack well. And PDP and APC we don't need any of you. We don't have to give any political party a chance in 2023 but we looking for that credible individual who can change the current state of the nation Thunder fire your mouth there...shameless criminal Una na the same Hmmm! Nigerians can vote for PDP political party in 2023, the big question will their votes count as Buhari FG have help NIGERIA voting system HOSTAGE.

Is it really about the party system? Its really not about apc and pdp. It’s one down to who can really govern the people. One chance So you will continue where Buhari stopped? Well done bro Na ment?

Lagos PDP loses secretary, says death may slow party’s repairThe Peoples Democratic Party in Lagos State on Wednesday said that the death of its Secretary, Prince Muiz Shodipe, might slow down FreeNnamdiKanuNow StateDept

Referendum is the only solution We want give PDP chance but no be you, go and rest 2023, I am coming out. YDP I don't want any of you PDP or APC. Na birds of the same feathers No sir.. we are tired of chosing between the devil and the deep blue sea..you guys should also pity us and give us another chance to make other choices..

Abeg mk una go siddon! We no wan see PDP or APC come 2023, u guys are no different. So they will complete the work they started for distroying the country. There will be no election come 2023, disintegration of Liejiria is the only solution for now. EndNigeriaNow GiveUsBiafra BiafraExit DotNation Referendum FreeNnamdiKanuNow OduduwaNation YorubaNationNow BiafraBoys

So they will kill us kpatakpata.... PDP or any other party should look for vibrant & energetic well informed young man or woman, ready to work & progress minded, duty oriented & peaceful as well as loving, these are the qualities we need in someone that can rescue this country from final damnation. ReacueNaija

Buhari’s UK trip for virtual summit deceptive, appalling – PDPThe Peoples Democratic Party has described as appalling, the decision by the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), to deploy Nigeria’s resources to travel to London You people that are not serious 🧐 Just realizing it? When African and French summit was cancelled due to covid-19, Buhari was in France. What was his mission. To receive clearance to kill the Igbos. Owing teacher up to six months salaries, while sending teachers to Tanzania at Nigeria payroll. Biafra issue.

I’m 2015 ApC wasn’t just begging Nigerians, they did their assignment, they were proactive, they were everywhere and doing everything, using the media and making sure the government of the day didn’t breathe… OfficialPDPNig is a weak and confused opposition. Akord Generators We buy used diesel generators

You chose regionalism and bad faith in 2015. It’s already over for your Presidential Ambitions. Sad but thats what it is. Use the time you have left to nurture and mentor the next generation. 💗🍰 MOMMYCAKE IS FEEDING HER KIDS 🍰💗 MommyCake has been working all day to bring the Bsc kids some tasty cake! Come and grab your slice! 🍰 Hold $MCAKE to earn CAKE 🍰🍰 🟩Tokenomics: 9% Rewards 3%Marketibg Wallet 3% LP TG : Twitter: MommyyCake

Are you sure this Man is Ok...Because I am smelling Kwale Ìgbo as he speak When they killed the youth that wanted the betterment of the country allyou did was to keep mute and now be telling us to bring in another beast to finish us off APC and PDP are same 2023 will be funny 😄 Why is he begging..am curious🤔🤔 i believe if he and so called PDP have good intention for poor masses of Nigeria i don't he should be begging. Anyways i don't think poor masses of Nigeria need someone like him or PDP neither APC too because this parties have pull us down alot

Why beg? PDP are APC. APC are PDP. There is no difference, very unpatriotic fellows occupying the seat of power looting, and killing citizens. And Now breeding TERRORIST? We say NeverAgain Nigeriadisintegration BiafraRestoration OduduwaNation MiddleBeltNaton ArewaNation Laila capital NO. All of una na rubbish

Criminals 🤗

As long as it’s not u Give youths a chance you mean. OfficialPDPNig publicity is poor this time towards their opponents If PDP give ATIKU ticket will know that Prince Uche Secondus is a coward. No Igbo man will vote will vote for PDP. We all can’t wait for the 2023 to come for a better change. Oga go to hell

😂 Please don’t ! Ogbeni Gwan rest Buhari super pack. Wéérè You and PDP dey craze

We cannot give you the same chance we have to buhari your brother. All this while you keep mute now you want a chance Never! Nigeria needs to be restructured into Regions. It is the only way forward. But you will not contest Who una dey beg ? Bros d first marriage no favor us we no fit put leg for one trouser again. Go b president for ur parlour

Na chances dem go give u, awon werey political parties I don’t understand this man problem. E be like say these man too get hidden agenda, awon werey jati jati. Are you begging us to whip us or what? I don’t get. A very corrupt man . There will be no Nigeria and elections 2023.go home.Nigeria has no constitution criminals

Givers never lack... Beggars always ask Abeg make d country separate I don tire 4 una matter, I swear na another suffer you Dey plan 4 Nigerians like make everybody go vote 4 change again😒 No chance for both of you come 2023, we are tired of cross carpet, wicked politicians. Nigerians need overhaul democracy.

We will support PDP again but the candidate must not be a Fulani man. Crazy evil fulani again God forbid You were two term vice president and nothing to show except selling govt properties to cronies, you not the only one in Nigeria, power at all cost from u not good for Nigeria.if you are pdp candidate for 2023,they will loose gallantly even against a goat opposition.

No way Atiku Nigerian Politicians don't ve shame at all. Despite their atrocities, they will still ve the mind to say give us chance or time. Really, people get mind!!! Your papa another Fulani from another party, Niger 🇳🇪Republic criminal Buhari do him own, you from Cameron one do your own, it will not work. APC and PDP are fantastic criminals.

And the PDP is you ? If I slap you ehh

Give them to do what? Atiku will never smell that power he's so desperate to get at cost. Na so Buhari cry finish, we come think say na human being. Meanwhile, has that Atiku bread reached South yet? We will eat that bread & still won't vote for you since no SE is good enough as president. Ole! Do he talk other important issues except vote?

No Southerner should vote a fulani or northerner as president of Nigeria in 2023 presidential elections Give the youth a chance in 2023- Nigerians beg Atiku😎 At this stage, leaving the Country seems only option. 🤦🏽‍♂️ Nigeria's real challenges are not the APC so the issue of giving the PDP another chance does not arise! The problem of our country is the entire political class, greedy and clueless as you all are with the administration of public resources.

Peter Obi/ Seyi Makinde then we can have a conversation if not, forget it. Desperation to rule Nigeria by all means is just too conspicuous! Not with you anymore the country needs serious overhauling and we are scrutinizing seriously not just anyhow people Nigeria name has been soiled beyond anything and the agitators will is what will make everyone feel better so we can be called by a new name

And the candidate? Go back to Cameroon. No more Nigeria in 2023. What u take is what u have, stop begging Whats the difference between APC & PDP as in regards to the infrastructural developments in the south/Eastern Region? No more election in the zoo country Kneel down and beg,if you're serious. atiku what happened to the CCTV contract given to you during your time as VP?

P what? No election 2023, everyone to his region. Atiku's selfishness and quest for president is just the same with Buhari. Remember he is an ex paramilitary personnel. Have u ever bin Dir for Nigerians why is it now cos of Ur selfish reason u don turn begger We're tired of recircled leaders. We need something entirely different

Certainly not PDP, and definitely not APC, the people of Nigeria want something different. Oga go and sit down ...u can't be our president Never again! Would you give armed robber another chance to come and rob you ? 😂😂 Emi kigbe oole oo PDP maybe, Atiku capital NO See Old men association.🚶‍♂️