Foreign İnvestors

Foreign İnvestors

Foreign investors’ interest in Nigeria plunges by 80%

Foreign investors’ interest in Nigeria plunges by 80%

7/24/2021 4:10:00 AM

Foreign investors’ interest in Nigeria plunges by 80%

Investment announcements in Nigeria fell to $1.69bn in the second quarter of this year from $8.41bn in Q1, indicating a decline of about 80 per cent

The report said the total value of investments interests in the first half of this year fell by $1.57bn to $10.11bn, compared to the second half of last year. The figure is, however, $5.05bn higher than that of the same period of last year.An analysis of investment announcements by sectors revealed that the manufacturing sector attracted the highest investments with $5.9bn or 58 per cent.

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It was followed by construction, $2.9bn (29 per cent); electricity (including gas, steam and air conditioning supply), $680m (seven per cent); information and communication, $410m (four per cent); while others recorded $210m or two per cent.By destination, Bayelsa and Delta states attracted the most investments out of the 14 states that were listed, with $3.60bn (36 per cent) and $2.94bn (29 per cent), respectively.

They were followed by Akwa Ibom with $1.40bn (14 per cent); Lagos received $0.70bn (seven per cent) while a total of $1.45bn (15 per cent) went to the other 10 states.The report also showed that domestic investors made the highest contribution of $3.29bn or 33 per cent of the total investment announcements; $1.40bn (14 per cent) emanated from Morocco; $950m (nine per cent) from China; $640m (six per cent) from UK; and other sources accounting for $3.82bn or 38 per cent.

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Who wants to invest in an unsafe environment. Koko91676040 The country is not secured I am in the country for awhile now but I am very sure u are not, so u can sit in the confines of your room & be defending the failure of a president, the worst in our history & his never do well praise singers.I will continue to criticise

Invest in what ? Even a local farmer ensures that a farmland is fertile and can support crops before he embarks on planting. Nigeria is not fertile for any foreign investment. Just the beginning lol! Failed state No reasonable investors will venture into Nigeria. The governance is managed by people with no right critical thinking

I am sure it'll dive further. We keeping receipts for them come 2023 Na craze dey worry una. This report is not collect, It should be around 20% base on what is happening on the ground now. Zoo media can never be trusted. They are part of the Fulani terrorist. Story story story

Investors highlight measures to improve market stability | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsTo achieve stock market stability, investors have urged the government to promote national savings culture through incentives that would ensure improved patronage in the retail segment...

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Fail state

The Yoruba have won their agitation, by Fredrick Nwabufo | Sahara ReportersA united Nigeria remains the most operational means of preserving and protecting the variegated interests of those within the territory. Ok Ezi ohia Twitter is back in Nigeria 🔥

Oluwakneeyi_ Well am not suprised Na endsars protesters cause am oo Som of a traitor geofreyOnyeama The condition is just too simple. You must have 500k for your flight ticket . 450k for your invitation You must hold atleast $500/1000 as your bta If you can get all that , you will travel in three weeks from now

I remembered a goat calling me unpatriotic when I made 👇🏿... na all of go chop this breakfast... Àwón wèréy Èníkùré KeepitOn OfficialAPCNg, MBuhari and his Ministers have destroyed Nigeria beyond repair. I pity the next president of Nigeria. Home owner sets rules that drives his family members deeper into poverty each day and restricts their right to express themselves. Then complains that nobody likes to visit him anymore.

Who will come n invest under killer govt OfficialAPCNg If na you? Are u going to throw away ur money inside a SHIT HOLE and call it investment.? Even local investors sef wan liquidate to Canada.

An MBuhari NigeriaGov that deploys its best military hardware against unarmed civilian agitators separatists and dissenters whilst bromancing Boko Haram & Terrorist bandits should have the POTUS USinNigeria worried on their use of the SuperTucano to massacre civilians? will be used by jihadíst fuianis to mass murder innocent defenseless christians & southerners… while boko haram beheàds the wounded who weren’t finished off by the usa weapon of mass destruction by the grace of GOD the wicked will be brought to shame & utter destruction TERRORIST'S - FOR ( KIDNAPPING & KILLING'S ) ONLY - NIGERIA IS A ( TERRORIST' ) COUNTRY ,

Ease of doing business 🤡 No sane investors will invest in a lawless country where Terrorist, Jihadists, Extremists, Bokoharam, Bandits and Fulani's herdsmen are the ones calling the shot. Una they deceive una self lie lie Administration APC Oh wow , past administrations must carry the blame 🤣🤣🤣if you were an investor, would you put your money into the Nigerian project? A country where you can mistakenly toast MBuhari's daughter and SSS would go after your business like you're a terrorist?

MizCazorla1 Local investors prefer to invests overseas even Privileged Dangote has moved 70% of his wealth cos of currency volatility. Now if u r foreign would u invest in 🇳🇬 with power, security, water & injustice. God forbid medical emergency. Apart from extractive industry, premium tears Who will be interested in APC led Nigeria ravaged by terrorists with a regime sympathetic to terrorists openly having a terrorist sympathizer PANTAMI as a minister? Who?

Those who work hard to earn their money will. It open their eyes and waste it on Nigeria in the name of investment. They invest for profit and not the other way. Insecurity top their reasons. akevictor2 Sai Baba Harsh Govt policy will surely drive investors away which will in turn affect the strength of the economy Anyway Check this to view our furniture catalog on WhatsApp:

ovieroskoles Only dem dem, who are still affected badly by the situation will come here to defend Nigeria. Dem whose villages have one single man-powered borehole.

Nigeria records 184 new cases, discharges 32 – NCDC | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsThe Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) said the country recorded additional 184 COVID-19 infections as of July 22.

Wetin remain? Who would want to throw away their hard earned money? I think this 80% figure was padded to give the Nigerian business environment a better name. It's suppose to be 93%. Is it same country where people can't eat twice a day that they will go and invest? Rubbish 80% or 100% better we say it as it is

Buhari has tried his best , eyin didinrin Why am I not surprised? Who will want to do business with dullards? Seems the investor is Highly drunk. He shouldn’t put himself in a disgraceful MESS. Which reasonable investor will want to invest in an hostile environment, pls Buhari need to finish his remaining 2yrs and get out of that place . The country has suffered too much under him. What a monumental failure

Very quick to peddle this fake news but never a news about new military hardware procured by Nigeria. Tissue paper journalism.

China donates 470,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to NigeriaThe Chinese government has donated 470,000 doses of the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccines to Nigeria. The Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria... Hehe We don finish I'd rather have AstraZeneca than this. It is only 79% effective against normal variant. Not known whether it is effective against the Delta Variant at all.

Why won't it plunges....Hon.Minister sir, can you invest in an unsecured environment? And it’s cos of the youths, right? Devil spit for una mouths there Be lieying to yourself This is a big fat lie, even a child knows this Empty talk Second liar mohd Una never know anything...Lord pls take out any human being like Buhari out of my way!! An epitome of Failure!!

💔 When we av a failure as president dz is d result we get You can't have a disaster like Buhari an expect a positive result, anything Buhari touch dies automatically, since 2015 that he took over all the sectors in Nigeria is not working, $1=510

Loans to Nigeria mutually beneficial, says Chinese envoyMr Cui Jianchun, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Nigeria, says his country’s loans to Nigeria are of mutual benefit. Unbelievable Says the Witcher to the Bewitched Smiles, 😁 I hope one day in the future, China 🇨🇳 will stand up and say they've bought everything in my country. 😞

Congrats to Buhari Goverment they have succeeded The data don't lie you can't treat your people like nothing and expect foreigners to treat them like kings. EndBadGoveranceInNigeria