Femi Gbajabiamila, Remo Stars Player, Sagamu Footballer

Femi Gbajabiamila, Remo Stars Player

Footballer’s killing: We won’t take this anymore, Reps vow

2/25/2020 8:00:00 PM

Footballer’s killing: We won’t take this anymore, Reps vow

The PUNCHreported that the Ogun State Police Command on Monday recommended that the SARS operative allegedly involved in the killing of Kazeembe dismissed. Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

Story story Endsars all over Nigeria, there service is no longer needed. Na today? This is not the first, second, third, fourth, fifth and seventh........... You people can't do anything. Too long in coming. If you people don't find a proper solution to SARS killing inocent citizens,I know one day, by God grace dey will start killing you people son and family

Righteous indignation is good but not good enough. Get the IGP to the Chamber and pointedly tell him to scrap SARS immediately. And take a psychological and mental audit of his men. All of them before giving them arms. HouseNGR just get NGRPresident NigeriaGov to send SARS NGRPolice to Borno to take over the BH war.

This is the same thing we heard when pa Fashoranti daughter was murdered by herdsmen almost a year later nothing happened. Politicians will only make noise no action. femigbaja Na for that una seat una no dey take am anymore. Yen yen yen. Bla bla bla. Rubber stamp legislators. femigbaja SpeakerGbaja NGRSenate HouseNGR

K What can you do bros? I don’t believe in their words anymore until they put it in action, PoliceNG will never stop killing and violating our rights until something is done with immediate effect 😡😡 enough of this bullshits EndSARS Na dia e finish. Zero action after talking. This can not continue really, the guy should not only be dismissed, the entire team should also be dismissed and he should be charged to court. Enforce strict measures

This is not the first time we hear such a thing from rep's Toothless bulldogs Talk is cheap. What will you do sir? femigbaja those killers should be killed too to teach others lesson . The only thing that will stop their madness is Capital punishment you wear SARS uniform and carry gun bought with tax payers money and you are extorting stealing and killing people. You are a robber

Yinmu Is it today SARS started killing people? U poeple refused to anything about it End SARS now they are spoiled and mean evil check other states killings everywhere When I read some kind message on here, I just turn and take a little nap to avoid some bullshit.. Just imagine what this one saying now HouseNGR you don't have to take anything. Just stamp the rubber. RubberStamp

From killing footballer They will progress to killing artist The. Later politicians Make una no worry, the madness 😡 will go around You won’t take this anymore’ see rubber stamp idiot o! please do something is getting too much.. Has ‘the Penny dropped’ now? Or this is still the usual small talk. After, then what?

It is good that you have vow not to take this anyone and we'll see anyway. But you people shouldn't have waited till a celebrity or well known figure was killed. If you have taken action when the unknown were killed you would have averted this one. femigbaja when are we seeing this and many more promises by this govt fulfilled? Nigerians are being pushed daily

Toothless bull dog So what are you planning to do? Before femigbaja 'won't take this anymore',let him drop or destroy the 'RUBBER STAMP' he's using as his legislative paraphernalia,and he must address MBuhari directly because SARS is just an agent of Buhari. EndSarsNow! Akuko Empty vow Why the actions now ,fuck this nation

Another house boy, audio talk We need to see the team of SARS office who committed this crime Just words no action. Pls just end SARS. They should stop searching people's phones and stop illegal arrest. They mad.. YimaUnited Clowns! You all know the cops kick back to their superiors, which is why nothing is ever done. You won't do anything. Please prove me wrong. Not holding my breath though.

This is an old song. Sing us another new song. How many policemen have been convicted, hanged for extra-judicial killings in Nigeria? Is it not time we set an example by hanging one of them in public gallo? Nonsense, what will you do apart from some motion without movement? Second base jare. Stop making noise. There is nothing a rubber stamp can do

We don't want sars again, na by force Hissssss Reps have indicted themselves. Enu Shiboti What do the Rubber Stamps intend to do? Rhetorics Una too dey talk talk,ZeroAction. Rubberstamp What will u do abeg. Do it now Who dem REP This is the type of news i love to hear What are you going to do about it? They are the one using this blood for sacrifice. Useless people. God will punish you all

Scam Those reps members only vows on the media, they wouldnt take any action against those killers called SARS This nah audio statement as usual We know when u guys will act, it’s when this guy’s shoots and kill any of your close relatives U people think we are foolish abi All forms of killing in Nigeria must stop

Coming from award winning puppet! Hot air Mtcheeew What's wrong with this one!!! .femigbaja The legislature's job isn't to issue threats. It actually holds people/agencies responsible, or act to strenghten, where deficient, the Institutions. It acts. Indecisive representatives! Killings from left, right & center. Maybe when nobody is left for them to represent again!

femigbaja its because you saw it in the news its always happening in surulere too where u represent got that just cus the guy is famous. EndSarsNow Act now! This drunkard Please Is the champions League match today? Miawn... Mmmmtschew Just imagine toothless bull dogs barking.... Na today? Dont sell us sweet 'honourable' promises abeg! You will keep taking it until one or two of you are killed by SARS,according to a governor 'while performing their legal duties'

Look at his mouth, shameless people. It is not time yet sir, but oneday the very youths of this nation will surly rise up against every injustice toward the youths of this country then we all will not sleep..The youths will show us all how lazy we all are and how we all turn this nation into a shit hole..

You wouldn't take it anymore, but BOKOHARAM hasn't stopped killing and but you take it like that, shame on you people I think all we do is hear no single action from you all. So far its not your child affected. But God has a way of turning things around. One day it would turn to u our leaders if u don't end Sars now, all of u would regret it by God's grace. Wicked leaders in a great nation...

Please, say you will not take this present one. Waiting for another one to happen will not solve the problem. Please, start now! Audio vow All the one that as been happening what have you done to it, do not worry it will still happen to one of your family very soon ok We need actions biko Stupid talk. Actions are needed now than never

Ebelebe Oh please! Abeggie, audio reps Stories! After boasting the party is on and looting continues, many jobless youth no plan from govt and more are yet to be born I'm glad with citizens comments here on twitter. Valid question to ask the ever condemning reps,' Since the squad is disbanded, what happens to ALL the rouge members? Prosecute or re-assign'?

😂 Thanks for telling us you won't take this anymore. 🤣😂 Na today ? Second base abeg Yes we agree but the sound of this ringtone is very familiar all talk and no action . Please bring justice to the deceased family NGRSenate NGRPresident HouseNGR Finally holudaray Abeg where I fit see original earpiece buy?

How I wish it happened to one of ur sons and daughters... Yea right until the next police brutality happens Have you ever 👂 that Togo, Ghana , Kanye police killed a Footballer's Dog 🐕 talk more of a Footballer ...... shame to this country ..I lack words for this Nigeria 🇳🇬 Audio vow Rubber stamp!🙄😒

Rubbish.! I can bet you people won't still do anything. I can bet anything Must it get to the level of ' we won't take this anymore' before u act? Imagine lives lost prior to this unfortunate incident. Pls act, we want action. Story! If only Nigeria was a serious country by now someone would have get sack for the careless killing of innocent young man But here in Nigeria human life has no value except cow.

Leave vow sir and swing in action Mtcheww Whitehouse Tuesday News. 'Whitehouse Fc is set to sell Bashir Agulla to Youngboys fc Kanya' If they can afford Fuck The Reps. What About The Young zones That Are not Footballers? This Vow Doesn’t Hold Water. Y’all Been Vowing Since Forever.. violin 🎻 This government have been vowing from day one and we are yet to see the result. Do something and stop your vows because it's not helping Nigerians.

God bless u sir... we wait till it materialized I will screenshot this.

Sagamu: IGP breaks silence, takes action over murder of footballer, 'Kaka' - Daily Post NigeriaThe Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has broken his silence on the alleged murder of Kazeem Tiyamiyu (Kaka) by some operatives attached to the It concern Una,,bribe go allow you nni How long with this continue? Radicality everywhere

Footballer’s killing: Police disband Zonal Intervention Squad in OgunSome police officers from the ZIS unit in Abeokuta had arrested the footballer, and thereafter allegedly pushed him to his death on Saturday. Hmmm Get the report well. The IG disband with immediate effect the 12 Zonal Intervention Squad in Nigeria following NGPoliceForce reformation.............

Remo Stars footballer: Two killed as police disperse protestersThis is so bad... The police madness have to stop. Disperse? Using live bullets on protester is something else. Who does that? Nigeria policing is the worstest ever.

Police recommend SARS operative’s dismissal over Sagamu footballer’s killingFuck police Did U say Dismissal!? Wowwww!!!! Dismissal for Murder? He better get out of the country because people are not smiling!!! Which dismissal? He needs to go to prison for killing an unarmed civilian.

Ogun: Two feared dead, as Sagamu boils over killing of footballer – Daily TrustProtests over the killing of a football star, Tiyamiyu Kazeem in Sagamu, Ogun state, on Monday turned violent and reportedly claimed the lives of two youths in the area. They should direct their anger on the SARS men not against themselves. MKabrik I can confirm to you that three died and many injured.

BREAKING: One Killed as residents protest death of Remo Stars footballerA yet to be identified protester, was on Monday Killed as scores of residents staged a protest in Sagamu, Ogun State, over the death of Remo... i_synthesis It’s happening again This is how the system will keep pushing people until something gives. Then this same silent leaders will know 400,000. Thousand police personnel plus 50,000 military personnel can't face 100,000,000 angry citizens. Sorry for who will be the president when it happens.