Foods, herbs to manage female infertility - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

10/17/2021 3:18:00 AM

Foods, herbs to manage female infertility - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

17 October 2021This week, I will be talking about female infertility but before I proceed, let me share two stories with you. Over a year ago, my father told me a story of a couple battling infertility and after a series of tests, it was discovered that the woman’s fallopian tubes were seriously twisted. It was congenital. The couple were devastated. Months later, the woman got pregnant! How did it happen? It must have been that while she was going through HSG (a procedure to check the fallopian tubes), somehow, the twisted tubes straightened a bit and it gave way for the husband’s sperm to meet her egg! What have you done medically about your infertility? See a gynaecologist now. Your husband’s sperm count must be checked too.

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In one of the groups I belong to on Facebook, I saw a woman’s testimony. She said she went to see a doctor for the pains in her stomach and was told she was four months pregnant. She reached menopause at 42 and now she is 47 years old! She said she was only drinking guava leaves tea and taking garlic for flu. Guava leaves are part of the remedies for today.

I spoke with Mrs Akeju Olubukola, popularly known as Madam Akeju, the CEO of Madam Akeju Roots & Herbs, who is focused on maternal and reproductive health of herbal medicine and she shared one of her success stories with me. It is about a client in the UK who had problems achieving conception and has had five failed IVFs. She said the woman came to her as a last resort because she was above 40 and doctors were already suggesting surrogacy or donor egg. She said she started treatment on a proper detox that includes ginger, garlic, turmeric, cloves, bara, maca root and some other herbs. She told me she made sure the client adjusted her diet by stopping sugar and junks and eating more fruits and vegetables. She also told me the client was placed on other herbal treatments and at about seven weeks into all the treatments, the client got pregnant and now a proud mum of a boy.

Infertility is defined as trying to get pregnant with frequent, unprotected sex for at least a year with no success. Some risk factors are:Age (the quality and quantity of a woman’s eggs begin to decline with age).Smoking.Being overweight or significantly underweight.

Sexually transmitted infectionsAlcoholSome hormonal factorsPolycystic ovarian syndrome: It is associated with insulin resistance, obesity, abnormal hair growth on the face or body, menstrual irregularities and acne.Two hormones produced by the pituitary gland are responsible for stimulating ovulation each month — follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinising hormone. Some factors can disrupt the production of these hormones and affect ovulation.

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