Five Killed In Kaduna As Police, Youth Clash During Coronavirus Lockdown Enforcement | Sahara Reporters

SaharaReporters gathered that the traders converged at a temporary market located at Trikania following the closure of Monday market as a result of the lockdown order.

4/7/2020 1:16:00 AM

Five Killed In Kaduna As PoliceNG, Youth Clash During Coronavirus Lockdown Enforcement | Sahara Reporters SR gathered that the traders converged at a temporary market located at Trikania following the closure of Monday market as a result of... READ MORE:

SaharaReporters gathered that the traders converged at a temporary market located at Trikania following the closure of Monday market as a result of the lockdown order.

Apr 06, 2020 Five persons were allegedly killed on Monday at Trikania in Sabogeri Nasarawa under Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State during a clash between youths and police enforcing the stay-at-home order in the state over the Coronavirus outbreak. 

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It was gathered that the Civilian Joint Task Force made attempts to disperse the traders but the move was resisted by youths in the area, who were said to have overpowered the task force.The situation led to a reinforcement of armed policemen from Kakuri Division.

The police were said to have opened fire on the angry mob upon arrival in an attempt to disperse them, leading to the death of five persons.Also, many people were said to have sustained gunshot injuries during the incident. Read more: Sahara Reporters »

PoliceNG That's it zoological republic mentality, you want to protect them from dying through conora virus they insist then u now help the virus to finish them. Stupidity is a disease more powerful than covid 19 PoliceNG It is obvious that we now have 3 different virus in Nigeria. Corona virus, hunger virus and security personnel virus. The sad news is that there is only one choice which the government have subjected us to and that is death. So choose the virus you want to kill you

PoliceNG Can u imagine.... No love.... Some wailers will come now and say it is buhari.... PoliceNG People still dey drag with police in this country? Almost everybody in this country know that police are mad why will you join issue with the police? If a police officer insult you, tell am 'yes, Sir' in order to safe your precious life abeg 🙏🙏🙏.

PoliceNG Killed? Why na? We’re not at war! PoliceNG are a major part of our innate problems in Nigeria. Most rank & file are illiterate criminals, thugs, hoodlums and the sort of people society would reject, had it not been for their uniforms. ReformPoliceNow PoliceNG What's happening PoliceNG What is the total number of pple who had died since first index case in Lag compared to victims here? How many people had been infected in Kaduna apart from Elrufai? Why the total shutdown if Government was not prepared to meet basic needs of people?

PoliceNG Other countries are using cains to flog people who are not staying at home. But in Nigeria police use guns to point at the citizens. They should use Cain's not guns to control citizens to stay at home. PoliceNG Corona related death in Nigeria 7/03/20 Corona virus 5 Soldier killing 1 Police. 6

PoliceNG Nigeria police more dangerous than Coronavirus. Jesu 🙅‍♀️ PoliceNG segalink Imamofpeace AishaYesufu BashirAhmaad henryshield PoliceNG PoliceNG_CRU PoliceNG These are struggling youths and they are being killed. Why is Nigeria even caring if we go out and catch the virus? People have died because of poor healthcare in Nigeria, and the govt gives no shit.why are the concerned now? Is a question we should think about

PoliceNG This is bad news.... It had been better we allow corona virus to kill us than the gun of the monsters PoliceNG Killed? Not even injured? These people are bloodthirsty idiots. As usual. PoliceNG Please note Army has changed, Police have changed and Politicians have corrupted all forces. Army opponents=Nigerians Police opponents=Nigerians Politicians opponents=Nigerians Aso Rock opponents=Nigerians Boko Haram Opponents=Nigerians Which way now? Nigerians let be smart

PoliceNG Hunger is deadlier than Covid-19. getmebayo PoliceNG joshuahermansE PoliceNG People should be responsible. Obey simple rule, Stay at home. The book of life says obey the rule of the government of the land. PoliceNG This guy's will retaliate & more people will lose their life, NPF needs to handle this issue with care.

PoliceNG Jn. PoliceNG It is happening. I told you, don’t copy western countries by locking down entire country, you won’t listen. Hunger will kill more people in Nigeria than Corona virus. Find a solution that works for Nigeria but all you do is copy copy. PoliceNG Everything about Nigeria zoo becomes something else! Is Nigeria the first country to declare a lockdown! What a jungle

_Adadioramma PoliceNG This is where massive covid19 education comes in. For both the police and the hungry youths. PoliceNG Ohhh....that's a normal thing in Kaduna. They kill for fun PoliceNG Northerners always behaving like animal PoliceNG I know of places where people go about their business in this same Kaduna like nothing is happening, who born police to enter there? Yesterday, I went out to buy some food items and I shook my head as some men were saying the virus ba ne talaka ba, ba ruwamu de shi🙄

PoliceNG COVID19 = 2 Nig forces = 22 PoliceNG What happened to the use of teargas in situations like, why open fire on people you are meant to protect. This country is so frustrating PoliceNG I really do not know how long you expect people to stay from their source of income. You provided nothing for them and expect them to die? Why not ease them for some hours like we do in abuja. What happened to rubber bullets like they use in SA. Everything is kill wit police

PoliceNG Nigeria forces have killed more than Covid-19. PoliceNG Must we kill or die when enforcing law what kind of country is this? PoliceNG PoliceNG PoliceNG_CRU U guys kill faster than the scam virus kudos. See how u are. U say u are a protecting institution. Who are u protecting ? PoliceNG Hmmmmm

PoliceNG Because of our own health. It is so sad PoliceNG Bad headline,your story line said 'the youth overpowered the task force ' they attacked the civillian JTF,. That's was when the police was called in. Will police just opened fire if there was no attack on them or no incident? Lawlessness can't continue2 reign. Sadly they died

PoliceNG Quite pathetic PoliceNG Yet, in the South where we are calm, they maltreat us. See as the Northerners keep fighting Law Enforcement agents in violation of the lock down. PoliceNG But it beat my imagination how killing people 😭 is way to protect people from killer virus! There should be other ways apart from taking people's lives.. Security Agencies killed 7 Vs COVID19 killed 5. Despite clear directives from the authority!

PoliceNG Many of you gathered here debunking the allegation wen YeleSowore cried out over plot to arrest and infect him wit covid19 by NGRPresident working wit HQNigerianArmy over the revelation of that Kyari had been infected wit covid19. Now you are feeling the hit PoliceNG They are being asked to choose between a CERTAIN and an UNCERTAIN death!. They are making that choice.

PoliceNG I see revolution happening soon. frediecruze PoliceNG captainyinks_ PoliceNG What is wrong with Ngpolice? How can people stay in door? Where there is no light. How do u expect them to charge their phone . No food / light . Just in case of emergency. Do u guys want them to go crazy , or die of hunger. U people are very wicked. U guys are very disorganized

DemolaRewaju PoliceNG No. of Death recorded . Nigeria police = 7 COVID-19 = 5 PoliceNG Omg I don’t evil understand this country so call Nigeria 🇳🇬 why’s that nothing they participate they have to drop blood on ground i have said it once first thing if country his going to be great 👍 you we not see fighting in the country only pac-full

EGHO231 PoliceNG Just few days ago MBuhari warned you guys PoliceNG not to harm Nigerians. PoliceNG Link takes me to your site to go watch all the ads there, there's nothing written about this there except what you've already written here on Twitter... And what is wrong with our armed forces?!!! 😡 May the souls of the dead rest in peace.. 😔

PoliceNG Things that you don't try in other countries when you bring it to Nigeria it works perfectly. Imagine police killing same number as the virus. PoliceNG I don't understand this Naija again DemolaRewaju PoliceNG In other words, it is better for us to shoot and kills you ourselves than for the virus to do it

DemolaRewaju PoliceNG There is no instance whereby the Nigerian police and security forces will not apply force on unarmed and innocent Nigerians. How counterproductive and anticlimactic is it that killing people is a solution adopted to try and prevent people from being killed by a virus PoliceNG PoliceNG killed 5 in Kaduna to rescue them from getting killed by COVID19 What a country.

PoliceNG Police good job,nice job PoliceNG Obviously hunger wouldn't have killed as fast as this.....obey simple instructions. RIP PoliceNG Nigeria Police more dangerous than COVID-19, if you doubt this kindly check their killing record during the lockdown period. PoliceNG This lock down won't work here. We are inviting revolution

PoliceNG 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦 sad PoliceNG Wat wrong with our police Dey are useless PoliceNG I was talking about this earlier today, this would probably happen a lot more PoliceNG Corona killed only 5 in Nigeria but Police killed 5 in Kaduna Soldiers killed 4 in Warri What exactly have we achieved? PoliceNG What a bad and terrible experience! So it is that God save us at both end.

PoliceNG Which song should we sing to this now😂 PoliceNG Not surprised at all. This thing is bound to happen. PoliceNG They got used to shooting peaceful IPOB protesters... It's just a habit. Let's forgive them. Corporatte_Thug PoliceNG Police has no regard for US in Nigeria.... No be today.. May God punish dem.. And our yeye Government...

PoliceNG Useless country that can't do things peacefully PoliceNG 5 killed? Excluding the man in Abuja who went to buy food for his pregnant wife and the other dude in Warri. Can you guys remind me of how many people have died of Covid-19? Nigerian security operatives are beginning to look more dangerous than Covid-19. Stay at home people.

PoliceNG ho can police shoot armless citizens with live bullet to disperse them. i heard dat a child of 7yrs was shot death, this is broad day murder abeg PoliceNG Even COVIC19, did not killes five people in the entire country ,but Nigerian police killed, because they didn't respect human life. PoliceNG Nigerian force men are the real COVIK ONE NINE

PoliceNG Five killed in Kaduna over Covid-19 Covid-19 : PoliceNG What Naija always after is end result, what cause the killing will never surface. should police run away for youth.. mondafucker. if they come out again tomorrow to cause nuisance, kill them more... PoliceNG This is pretty unfortunate. But why couldn't they just obey the State Government directive? This lockdown or Sit at home thing is for the good of everyone? Some people are just happy being deviants.... RIP to the dead though.

PoliceNG This country called Nigeria is a death country and death leaders. Killing their one people they didn't make provision for. PoliceNG Covid 19 killed 5 in 40days and PoliceNG, killed 5 in one day for enforcing law cos of covid 19.... Nigeria is a ghetto! PoliceNG Nigerians we can't obey common order, na they lost their life, their family will still survive.

PoliceNG Summary of Tweet: Hunger and Lockdown together is a bad idea! PoliceNG Very close to where I stay though just hearing it, what a nation PoliceNG I kno 9ja own go result in killing.... PoliceNG This aboki just like to Dey waste their life sha PoliceNG COVID19 killed 5 in 40days while PoliceNG killed 5 in one day to protect against COVID19 This our country eh😂 😂 😂

PoliceNG COVID-19 is not killing but... PoliceNG Disgraceful by the uneducated northern youths

Five days of lockdown feel like five years -Lagosians cry outMany Lagos residents, especially the ones from families that are not used to bulk purchase of food items, are going through hard times as a result of the Coronavirus lockdown. Majority of the people dont have the money to buy anything. They are low income who made money on daily basis. They dont work now. Where is the money, some people survive by daily hustling You are right

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Five dead, 22 missing in ferry accidentPlease, inculcate specificity in your informations It is well 😭 Here's😲😲

Man in Russia kills five people for 'talking loudly' – Daily TrustA man in central Russia shot and killed five people for talking noisily at night under his windows, investigators said Sunday. The shootings took place in the Ryazan region during stay-at-home orders aimed at slowing the spread of the coronavirus. A 32-year-old man from the small town of Yelatma opened fire on a group of … Is Russia turning to be like the liberal USA? Putin, what’s happening?

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Man in Russia kills five people for ‘talking loudly’This guy go kill everybody if he arrives Nigeria 🇳🇬 smilingjude06 see your country ooo This man go kill the whole neighbourhood if na Naija... insane man!