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FIRS mulls charges on ATMs, WhatsApp

6/1/2020 5:41:00 PM

FIRS mulls charges on ATMs, WhatsApp

The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) says Nigerians will pay stamp duties on WhatsApp messages, SMS, and messages via any electronic platform

he Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) says Nigerians will pay stamp duties on WhatsApp messages, SMS, and messages via any electronic platform acknowledging receipt of funds.The revenue service, according to a report byTheCable, also stated that stamp duties would be paid on “POS receipts, fiscalised device receipts, Automated Teller Machine (ATM) print-outs”.

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According to a circular published by the agency, Nigerians will also be required to pay stamp duties on SMS acknowledging receipt of funds.FIRS gave illustrations of situations where Nigerians are expected to pay stamp duties, one of them says: “ABZ Ltd’s chief accounting officer, after receiving a cash payment of N500,000 from Mr. XYZ on behalf of ABZ Ltd., composed a message which reads: ‘receipt of N500,000 is hereby acknowledged’ and sent same to Mr. XYZ via WhatsApp messenger.

“In this case, the WhatsApp message acknowledging the receipt of N500,000 constitutes a receipt for which stamp duty is payable.Read Also:FIRS: The burden of leadership “Mr XYZ is required to make a disclosure of the details of the transaction using FIRS e-stamp duty platform or to the relevant stamp duties Commissioner. This will lead to assessment and payment of appropriate stamp duties and a consequential issuance of a stamp duty certificate or an acknowledgement.

“Such certificate or acknowledgement will suffice as evidence that stamp duties have been paid and that the electronic receipt has been stamped appropriately.” The agency adds that “all electronic dutiable instruments or receipts”, including e-mails, short message service (sms), instant messages (IM), any internet-based messaging service, are subject to stamp duty.

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Only God knows what they are smoking. Can they show me any developed country that is practicing this rubbish? After stealing us dry and oil is not bring any income,all they do is find a way to milk us just so they can maintain their wealthy lifestyle. Idiots Fire burn them Like seriously ? Develop an high income skill(money will pursue you). Learn how to make Text Animations in 10mins

Thank china sick fucks they are Buharists, hope you're exempted from this payment? Una never start OlaJehofa Ds season of oddity signpostg d MBuhari era wat else is shockg or yt 2 b seen under d Cow Gen, afterall since electns are over we're literally nw at hs mercy,md u hs enablers wl soon justify here d nd 4 ds pool of taxes,ds cn only happen in 🇳🇬 d most unfortunate natn in d world.

We warned you of Buhari and his cronies you wouldn't listen. Enjoy your change They must be kidding The only life dey give us for Nigeria na we go pay till we die kwa We don enter on chance for Nigeria Una don nearly die finish. I think this people are mad, what Wil they give us for free after using our money to buy data We Wil now stil pay duties.. Well its only God that can judge you people

We nigerian who we offended?😡😡 If it's possible for them to ask us to pay when we breathe they will do it willingly. What sort of fuckery is this? This Govt will not continue to disgrace the country, just look at again, God why ? There is big problem is Niwgeria, some of this people put in the office don’t see people and don’t know most people in Nigeria are suffering, they are treating Nigeria as a developed country but forget the fact that Nigeria is underdeveloped.

MBuhari The guys running FIRS are completely dumb headed and stupid. In fact, they are idiots. When WhatsApp is free, you want to be charging. So, you don't have creative ideas of generating money, isn't? Soon, you will charge people for using emails. These guys are real muta4ka 'Nigeria' is gradually becoming a weapon of mass destruction!

All the taxes yet we keep borrowing in billions everyday Just wow How can you do this they are free services You people should just start normal robbery __kunta_ Una no well at all. It has never been better... We are not moved. we only move for a New Nigeria. It will surely come! Hw did i get to Nigeria 🤔?

Make una milk us dry finish firsNigeria What have you guys been doing with all the funds generated... You will even tax Nigerians for going to toilet without tissue paper. You tax but can't provide amenities worth our tax. They are mad You guys are blazing mad!!! There is no other word for it but madness. May God impose thesame taxes on the lives of all of you in this government. Idiots!

Creative way of stealing money from innocent citizens, I'm impressed 👏🏽 It's like government wants that type of demonstration we're witnessing in USA here in Nigeria. If it happens they should be held responsible Hope this is not true! But banks are already in this. Or the money 'stamp duty' being deducted per transaction over 10000 is not getting to the right purse.

“A lazy leader taxes the poor but a smart leader tasks his brains” Prof. Ben Ayade. Joke ni jare 😂 how can they be serious with something like that. I'm sure it's a joke Federal Inland Revenue Services are not heartless now😅 Dotty_lilmiss LOL😂 This is not acceptable where in the part of the country did they practice such. Why is this country always different. Most we squeeze money from the citizen by all means? This called for National wake up and revolution to citizens rights. Nigeriansawake Citizenrevolution

banks are already doing same Fed govt don't squeeze Nigerians to death with multiple taxes. Our Nigerian government on thinks of how to compress the poor people and still from them, they don't bloody care about the situation one is, upon this lockdown situation, they thought of an idea on how to still another money, it's a shame

This is getting serious....... Tax on whatsapp Be like say ogun go perish all of us for this shit country .. bcos I don’t know what we re gaining from the yeye government.. duty paid untop car pass the money wey person take buy the car.. make dem no implement this level o Dats after taxing my recharge card nd calls,ds government is only very gud on exploitation of dr citizenry never thinks of how to give back.

Where is this country heading too... Very soon we will even pay for going to markets and even eating food in our houses. May God Help Us The government should think twice. Salary has been slashed to the barest minimum, companies pay less than 50%, businesses are struggling to survive, many have shut down, yet the government is not thinking on how to rescue the masses, than how to take more from them?

It's disappointing how the government spends more time thinking how to take from the citizens, but never think how to improve their lives. The citizens are in disadvantage of everything in country, the banks are milking us from our hard earned money via different charges,now firs Buhari needs to charge Nigerians stamp duty for breathing, that way everyone contributes his quota for living in Nigeria. Long live Buhari, 3rd term loading. Cheers

These ones wants to use us to recover the last three months It's time we call a spade a spade....this is blood sucking move...and should be killed right at the point of conception. Please what's this country turning to self? Is this the change they're talking about. This is tantamus to corruption thunder go 🔥 them

Can't even make out any sense here Original yahoo, yahoo government so now we don turn oyibo wey government dey try make sure say dem find format wey dem go use collect from the poor and masses wey them no dey provide anything for abi? We dey wait.... madness everywhere.... Nigeria please wake up and stop this backwardness

All they know is to extort the citizens without providing some basic infrastructures. Nigerian government is enemy of the people, this won't stop unless there is a great revolt by the progressive people of 9ja. You cannot achieve this by Social media ranting. Break the chains! You better stop this rubbish! You for kuku day make we die na!

Gradually cashless economy is dying This government have turned we Nigerias to ATM machines, things that is free in other Nations. May God save us from this pharaoh government. very soon they will introduce sex tax. The new boss is doing the dirty work he was appointed to do......Insensitive...!! 🖕🖕🖕 Phony headline

I did not see this message on there platform. They are joking Funny enough we are willing to pay tax for even ironing our mask if we can see 24 hours light in the whole of Nigeria permanently Whoever is initiating this must be out of his/her senses, looking all avenue to suck average Nigeria dry to finance their stupid extravagant lifestyle.

Don't crucify FIRS, first understand the Stamp duty arct. You will pay only message for the acknledment of receipt of Fund not all kind of message. This current admission is so heartless and clueless, the only thing on their mind is just to suck the ordinary citizen dry without you giving back when the need arises. You people should just continue una bucket go soon full. Awon gbewuri people 🙄

I believe this is a joke I'm not sure if Professor Osinbajo is still relevant in this government again, if YES, what has he been doing to protect this citizens. Must he just be sitting there as a figure head? If not because of him, I wouldn't have voted the silly party call APC. Bunch of scammers. It's mark zukerberg will loose I will move to imo or messenger lol

Very nice, when do we start paying for sleeping with Bae? They have come again Evil tax Is like they are having tetanus in their heads What are they stamping Gangan? Na who read the story? Summarise d content b4 I comments abeg Because na dem get the app? Oya na! God please come ....we are ready!!!....last last na to dey collect stamp duties before you do the do niyen

We Will stop sending massage on WhatsApp We will just just be viewing status Nigeria have started againt Na una get d app,if na play make u na stop am ooooo Absolute nonsense!!! Are this people normal,are they? This is not prolite why Stamp duty every minutes from CBN deducting our little money every minutes what is going on in this country buhari ?

Nawa ooo Na them dey sub for me? It shall never be well with you for bringing this idea. What good exactly have you done for the masses over the years? This unacceptable at all just because the oil prices has fallen the govt here are just looking for a way to milk us dry.....Lol Who will you pay N50 on Sms of N4. They forgot we are already paying VAT on Data and Airtime ? How fair and equitable will this be?

The alternative medium where the poor communicates is about to be blocked by Inland Revenue. How can govt informations reach the masses esp covid -19 etc This is absolutely rubbish Who did we offend in this country ? So social media user are the one to pay for all the loan the FG borrowed..... This high time Ogun lakaye strike the entire Aso rock

NIGERIA GOOD PEOPLE, GREAT NATION. Sooner we'll be paying stamp duty for moving or transporting oneself from one place to the other. This is what you get when you av clueless people at the corridors of power. FIRS better don’t start NigerianLivesmatter. Just a word of advice Yahoo Government. Are you normal

I think this is a laudable idea from FIRS. Very soon their tax net will include sleeping with one's wife. Can you pls say that again ? Nigeria with unimaginable challenges Lord killed all the cankerworm and the Palm award in our land Fraud Wetin remain? Na to die kawai. Haba!!! Na Thunder go fire buhari Are this people normal? What are they actually smoking ?

Scam and yahoo government. In this hard times you are imposing stamp duties on Nigerians This is ridiculous. Milking the people to feed the politicians they voted for 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Are you kidding me or what... NIGERIA is the Annex of Hell Wonderful This is the best administration ever. Can someone support this motion? 😂😂😂

Nigeria government, always taking and never giving back. People are still reeling from the economic effets of the COVID-19 crap you forced upon them & yet here you are with another means to extort them. You're succeeding in your plan to impoverish the docile masses, congrats. Bunch of mad people Pls don't push to the point were we start fighting back, enoughisenough.. What a shit hole called country

We told some people not to vote Buhari. Oya let's enjoy together Generate and consume it as a Bribe to finish your life after service. HOW CRUEL.!! Nigerians are you okay with this. This should not be haba. Even WhatsApp that was not designed by a Nigerian or the NG I know people will see this an exclaim. When the government brought this topic out as joke people were distracted with Davido n burna, now na ah this government wan kill us I now know the government isn't at fault but the people are

Hahhhhh, its right. Every person in this country are waiting a right to build him self well-well. We should pay, the day the middle class & the poor will rise up to speak for & defend themselves in this country there will be no Nigeria again 'coz they're the ones doing everything in/for the country. This is the reason Hausa Man replaced Mr Fowler. How many Hausa person will these duties applicable to. Their agenda is always to punish the southerners.

Very soon now dem go talk say make we dey pay tax for the air we dey breath in, pay tax for having wife and also pay tax when you start having children. Wetin driver no go see for road hhhhhhh😂😂😂😂 Make una kuku Kill us. SatanicGovernment Harda harajin bahaya zaku zo ku karba don gidanku Is it a crime to be a Nigerian? You ain't providing anything for the masses but you keep on facilitating means to milk them dry. This is totally unfair.

RevolutionNow Kuku kill us naw Dan Allah kawai a Kashemu musan cewa bakwa Qaunarmu Hmmm is very pathetic that Nigeria citizens doesn't have right of their own make una kill us na Every agency in Nigeria is just looking for formats to Bill Nigerians as far as their heads are loyal to the cabal nobody will put eye for them ..mad country!

Enough of all these extortion biko I think this has passed double taxation... In this hard Nigeria I hustle buy phone, buy sim, buy phone porche, come buy card because MTN for 1000 it's 1100 unless you buy from the bank 10 naira on a hundred, federal fire inland no dey, make I come still pay stamp on what's app!!! Stamp kill you dia

We are finally in a big shit if ds trash happens 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 How possible?. We will change format nah Extortion by any means necessary. Who stamp duty help!😬 Na that stamp go kee u So much for the ease of doing business in Nigeria. Somehow almost everything seems wired to frustrate the ordinary citizens and small businesses.

Who stamp duty help!😬 Na that stamp kee u What is this?😂 What is your problem, do you want to kill everyone in the country? daura131 🤣🤣 Hmmmm! Shikenan mu dai talakwa mun shiga uku kao mun wuce ukun ma a nigeria!! Madness Barayi kawai..... This is robbery!!! Lol 😂...i don't even understand why I'm laughing. Someone should please explain the meaning of all this long talk.

We will code the statement. Thunder fire all of una Imagine this wahala Kuku kill us firsNigeria WhatsApp Am sure they are really joking....multiple taxation everywhere...I love this country,soon some people go run go them village. firsNigeria WhatsApp That means they don't want to exist again, as all their offices will be burnt down.

firsNigeria WhatsApp What nonsense?😏 everyday is for the thief,one day is for The owner. firsNigeria WhatsApp I think this is how they want to pay back the loans they broad for their selfish interests, just tell us we should be paying tax to put food in our mouth. Clueless bunch of idiots. firsNigeria WhatsApp This Postmaster General has gone mad, he needs medical attention

firsNigeria WhatsApp Crazy system.. what have Nigeria paid citizen for? Medical ×, social amenities ×, life insurance × and they just want to keep borrowing and taxing citizen to enrich their purse. The wrath of God is at hand for Nigeria leaders. firsNigeria WhatsApp Tell them they are gone mad. They will soon propose tax on children's feeding allowance. Just imagine.

firsNigeria WhatsApp Sick bastards NGRPresident HouseNGR NigeriaGov nassnigeria because you can afford it. People are not even working your taxing and making unnecessary policies.. firsNigeria WhatsApp Thieves firsNigeria WhatsApp The most childish thing I've read from this Government! firsNigeria WhatsApp Whenever dey finish with us, they should let us know

firsNigeria WhatsApp Zoo firsNigeria WhatsApp What is this again...? They are beginning to see that all business activities are now going online and scare of loosing revenues. We will now pay for using social media... People who preach to us to just keep praying for Nigeria should stop it and rather teach us how to face this

firsNigeria WhatsApp Let dem put for the air dat we are using to breath there mean nothing if there put on WhatsApp we are still going to chart no matter how there will charge😡 firsNigeria WhatsApp Zoo called Nigeria wan kill the animals firsNigeria WhatsApp If the FG didn't kill Nigerians with taxes and different kind of duties what will they gain? Just kill us and that's all, after this lockdown that you guys supposed to help your citizens

firsNigeria WhatsApp So I Would Be Giving a Free Lecture On mini importation from China, Turkey and how you can source for goods 10 different site with cheap products yourself. This webinar is coming up on 6th of June 2020 Paid class inclusive. Click here to join the class firsNigeria WhatsApp I guess this is a joke or aform of sleep unearth

firsNigeria WhatsApp They want to squeeze us dry! firsNigeria WhatsApp Na ayelala go strike all of una oh😂😂😂😂 firsNigeria WhatsApp Wonders shall never end. How many times will I be charged stamp duty? On d receipt of d fund into my bank account, stamp duty was charged. On acknowledgement via SMS, or whatsapp, stamp duty will be charged again. I don't get it!!!

firsNigeria WhatsApp APC 🙄 firsNigeria WhatsApp Let's pay on the air we breathe in also. Useless government firsNigeria WhatsApp Who else smells war.... firsNigeria WhatsApp Omg dis damn harsh + covid19. U people r hrtless firsNigeria WhatsApp Shey all dis one won dey wyn us ni abi wetin dey sup self e be like una won cause kasala

firsNigeria WhatsApp Look forward to this been implemented Awon 🤡 firsNigeria WhatsApp Crazy firsNigeria WhatsApp Wahala dey this country ooo. Who did we offend? Wow...just wow. Next level 🎼🎵🎶 Nigerians is it not time to wake up, is it until we pay for the oxygen we breathe too that we will wake up from our slumber. NoStampDutyOnAnyElectronicMessaging Whatsapp Sms Emailetc

Nigeria is a worse place to be a citizen.. More useless than anything else... What's really happening in this country , looks like we are sleeping why on earth is the government and his dogs always want to make life difficult for the people especially the masses that voted for them . Am tired ProtestAgainstNewNigeria wtf

Most countries are considering tax reductions.

NIPOST tackles FIRS over Stamp Duty collectionThe Nigerian Postal Service has again tackled the Federal Inland Revenue Service over who has the exclusive right to Stamp Duty collection. Both agencies have been laying claims to Stamp Duty colle… It's alright. The over involvement by FIRS is too much. Las Las all goes into same Pocket 😅 FirsNg Stamp duty is a scam. How can NIGERIANS be paying STAMP DUTY for mobile transactions? This isn't tax, & it's definitely not postal. It's pure scam by our Yahoo government

Re-FIRS ignores Buhari’s Directive, sacks nine DirectorsThe Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, has responded to the allegations and publication that by retiring eight(8) of its directors, it ignored Buhari's order and has entrenched nepotism and tribalism in its operations. The service in an advertorial published on DAILY POST denied the allegations and made further clarifications on its actions. Read details below... They will be quickly replaced by Fulanis There is no more buhari

Nigeria: Confronting our demons - The Nation Nigeria NewsMany analysts argue ad nauseam, that before the 1966 coup in Nigeria, the true practice of federalism was responsible for the great achievements..

CBN issues new directive to Nigeria banks, reverses timeline on ATM transactionsThe Central Bank of Nigeria has announced new directives to banks in regards to ATM, POS and web customer refunds. The apex bank in a statement on its verified Twitter page instructed that all banks, starting June 8, 2020, must resolve all backlog of ATM, POS and web customer transactions within two weeks. CBN instructed Nice one from CBN I pray they comply on time.

Ayade’s crocodile tears - The Nation Nigeria NewsFor the cheerleaders fasting and praying for God’s blessings upon him, let-me-tell-you-something: Ben Ayade didn’t have to duplicate tax managers Ben Ayade's crocodile tears by far more soothing /comforting to a depressed nation recovering from covid19 econo shutdown. Your vernom filled mouth and pathogen infested body and warped brain with tumour, what can you offer? There's no tears in your eyes. You hv Acids and toxins He isn't the first person. Even Jonathan also PhD couldn't tell the difference between stealing and corruption. Las Las, not just the North but even the Southern politicians are stupidly ignorants Hand him an Oscar! I was fooled by his flawless performance on stage.

African strongman in America - The Nation Nigeria NewsThe US regards itself as the land of the free and the greatest democracy on the planet, but the rise of Donald Trump as accented the fact that democracy God loves Trump and God bless him America have lost their moral right to claim to be the beacon of democracy. In the last 3+ years we have seen that compleetely eroded. With a president and members of congress that have refused to hold him accountable. there is no democracy without checks and balances You are conflating