Hotels, Schools

Hotels, Schools

FG to use hotels, schools as quarantine, isolation centres

5/29/2020 10:30:00 AM

FG to use hotels, schools as quarantine, isolation centres

Our ReportersThe Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, said the Federal Government would require hotels and school dormitories as quarantine and isolation centres because of a shortage of hospital beds.He stated this on Thursday during the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 briefing in Abuja.

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The minister noted that there were four levels of COVID-19 patients ranging from those on quarantine with zero or mild symptoms to those that would need to be in an intensive care unit.Ehanire said, “We have sadly recorded 254 deaths, most of them are persons associated with other ailments, confirming the general observation that risks are higher for those with illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes and non-communicable diseases.

READ ALSO:18 groups jostle to monitor $311m Abacha loot spending“We need to continue increasing bed capacity to match the probable number of patients so that we do not experience horrific scenes of bed space shortages seen in some European hospitals.“In event of overflow, we can require hotels and school dormitories to be prepared for level 1 which is quarantine, and level 2, is isolation of COVID-19 positive with zero or mild symptoms, to free hospital beds to be dedicated to level 3 which are moderate to severe cases and level 4 which is for the high dependency and the intensive care unit.

“I, therefore, call on activists and philanthropists to work with state governments to scale up non-pharmaceutical measures and beef up infrastructural assets for isolation and treatment in their states.”DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

Wow You can imagine. A place that is met for the future generations to learn should now be use as isolation center. It is an error.Well, I won't blame him because I believe if his children are schooling in Nigeria our country he won't make such statement. It is well with our country. Foolish apc government. When covid 19 is ending you are busy trying to still loot money. PDP never lied to nigeria throughout there sixteen years of leadership. Now I believe the saying that the devil you know is better than the angel you don't know. Next level of looting. apc

What are you guys quarantining? Thieves. Mad people, look at his mouth. Lie lie. Fine, so long as it's with the terms and conditions of the owner. But honestly, schools just have to resume, I've become a big time talkative at home🙆‍♂️, courtesy of my KIDS. 🤷🏿‍♀️ and also Aso rock ɢօɖ քʊռɨsɦ tɦɛ devil Good. But it therefore means there is no hope for resumption of schools as we are expecting? Or where will the students to be stay there relocate if school is to resume.

People in the comment section still rate these clowns. Smh Hotels 😂 I hope it will be government schools I taught they want to open up That is good of the government. It's good they go about their business with covid-19 while I handle mine. Hmmmmmm, schools ke? You guys should better leave schools out of this o. All the seized buildings nko? What will become of them 🙄

This guys are not planning to reopen schools at all.. where are the patients of this Covid ‘19 Awón òlòrí buruku ólóshí D hotels wey dem don lockdown or d one wey dem don demolish But they can Open church and Mosque Most of our head of government don't know how to deliver public communication Why? Are we ever going to get serious?

Isolation centres for healthy persons And your house is meant for what besides you should be a greater example Wetin them wan quarantine again? Is it the audio numbers of Covid19 patients or what? Shey aye o ma shey awon people yi bayi Comedy corner is at it again. FG to use Govt hotels and schools Na this matter we dey settle since

When we are planning to resume already😂 Why u no go use ur family house for village. Olofo Original minister himself.... 😄😉 Make una kukuma come use our houses as isolation centres ....unstable people 😏 Why not make use of stadia? Hotel kukuma better, but do we even consider our children's return to school at all? How safe would they be in such kinda environment with the ways we handle issues in Nigeria?

Instead of them to build standard hospitals. They should start by using mosque as isolation centers. Looters and visionless rulers. This man need to be tested. I think there is something wrong with him Una head no correct They have sold out all necessary land to be use big disgrace to be black skin How am I to believe daily inflated figure of the so-called confirmed cases?

E don happen Nonsense talk.. You pple should come and use our houses too for isolation centres.. Mtcheww😒 Mugu people FG to use schools and hotels as Quarantine Isolation Centres. No hope for school reopening I’m going to Mars,I’m tired of earth 🌍 So schools are not resuming any time soon? Is it d same schools that don't have doors, windows,water & even electricity🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Pls u guys should stop all this jokes jhare cos we the spectators are getting tired

Them carry covid 19 patients come my school, students no wan gree for fg.... Who go settle dis matter lyk dis? our homes is enough and those isolation centers that we have is enough There a lot of Abandoned gov houses that could be used instead of schools where do you want students to go After all the patients were discharged

Who will help us settle this matter now..!! Take away schools from this isolation centre and look for other means to create isolation centre this is totally unfair and not being thought out carefully If you use schools as isolation centres what now happens when schools are asked to resume back what will be the fate if those innocent children are the government thinking at all

Nawa ooo Say to say schools won't be returning summing anytime soon. This man should be sacked It has happen!... Looting continue This matter is getting complicated. Who go solve this Matter now 💁‍♂️ Y not using Assembly house for isolation centre or all head states houses for isolation Centres Olosho is not pleased with this

This minister with all sense of humility is confused. Please allow us to leave our lives. Please nobody should use my room oh, I take God name beg una 😂 Again in the strata of utter cluelessness This man appears on the top just second to his principal Buhari . 5YearsOfDisaster And if you use school as an isolation centers then why then the Federal Ministry of Education is putting up guidelines on how reopening of schools will start. Are you Ministers normal?

are you really telling us the truth Bunch of confused folks. School to resume, next school to be used as isolation centers. Why make us looks stupid?. That is not a wise thing to do When u people refused to act fast after the index case was reported am sure u didn't see this day coming,now u want to turn schools into isolation centre.abwg talk beta thing joor

I don’t trust this minister of health man anymore We are still talking of quarantine centres at this time Don't go borrowing $5 billion to isolate COVID19 patients Hotels like 2k a room and you'll put transcorp Hilton and it's likes on receipts, then tell the public its 35k a night including feeding. How about using those unoccupied properties in Abuja and those properties seized across Nigeria

Which one them wan come open ? I just hate to see the face of this incompetent whatever that lied to us on how ready they are to face Covid- 19 even before the index case. Wow. The business is so much being enjoyed that we are not thinking of returning schools instead converting them to business centers (isolation centers)

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I believe schools will open someday 😀. This country self tire me FG be trending on bullshitting everyday Hotels for the rich, schools for the poor. So una still dry dis matter Hmmmm.. These Men are NOT SERIOUS at all.. They just come to the MEDIA to make this Nigeria Covid19 seem LIKE that of USA, UK, FRANCE, ITALY & Equador all combined. Covid19 case in Nigeria is a PURE SCAM. They will just kidnap you & put you in Isolation cos someone must EAT

School to be reponed soon, now schools to be used as quarantine and isolation centers. This government self. What about legistors&senators ,ministers etc houses? what about NYSC orientation camps? Fmohnigeria Like your Cattle Colony nonsense, leave the schools in the South out of your sinister scheme. We won't allow you to contaminate our schools. Use the schools in the North as isolation centres and then abandon or burn them down later on the excuse that they have been contaminated.

That is the next level Which kind headline be this now🙄🙄 This people just dey glorify covid-19 as if na death sentence. It just an imagination not for real 🥺 Is a good business actually.. FG what is the colour of your problem? Is it the schools ur government built or d once d previous government dt u blame dt didn’t do anything...

Y no aso rock I don't understand. Are schools not opening again? 😳😳 This is. Ridiculous, this guys are confused😂 very soon now they will say school will resume next week confused set of people, copy copy govt.. Is that why you have refused to open the schools? Using subtle methods to achieve your BokoHaram agenda on Education... Book is Haram, right? The North never really value Education, the Southerners had better be vigilant; some things are not always as they seem.

They should use eko hotel and oriental hotel too cos I know how our leaders behave School? Why, why , why? erfay_ MBuhari And something dey tell me say make I no pay hostel rent this year oooo... how we go settle this matter like this? Isn't D same schools D federal government is planning to reopen? This disjointed government Na WA.

Very soon they will still drive the citizens out of their search of isolation centres. Mtcheeew Corona is Out Minister you don't need to rent hotel with huge amount it a waste of fund . We have seized properties and many ambandon old federal government properties all around Lagos Hmmmmmm.... Awon sheleya gov .... Dem no even geh sense again .....

Youths better move on with your life's Don't wait for FG I hope they will use Aso rock too These people Fmohnigeria NGRPresident NGRPresident are just stupid and wicked. Planning in opening Int airports so their kids could fly out and resume their studies abroad ,while kids here still at home because their premises is being use for isolation of covid-19 patients

Una never tire of ur false cases of covid one nine schools kor churches ni l believe u all can seen d truth in Governor yahaya bello thought about d covid false figures,Nigeria full of comedy So where will the children resume to? corona virus go kill u..i swear.. School way una wan reopen? The ones available you aren't making use of it. No adequate facilities. Now you want to use schools and hotels. Weldone

Is this man praying for a limit on this corona virus scam at all? Even the Europeans and Asian countries are already tired of it. Is it the schools that you people are opening soon? Are we sure these people know what they are doing? How we wan start school All the government properties you can't utilize anyone abi? You're fool!

Emaa shoriburuku nii oo.. Isolation center or stealing centre? Where is the looted money going in to even Abacha's loot? This man is sick! Wow so all this Headline news we be hearing about opening of schools na for Isolation center laslas ba.... issorite ooo Private Hotels or Government hotels Wow. Maybe the government own hotels and school. Can't the minister of health give out one of his building for isolation center? This a way of serving our fathersland.

Hotels as isolation, se no be say u mad.. Na how many hotel u build abi na how many government build are you normal at all, most of the hotels are private hotels o... Egbon dey need to carry you to China for check up e wa okay E yawere ni Monsieur_Moyin Wow nice development Trash×3 I see trash Why not convert all the stadium fields into a temporary tent hospitals. The schools and hotels chosen will be the ones belonging to politicians and will be an avenue for massive looting.

Are they saying we shouldn't open schools again? U can equally use restaurants and market areas too Nigerians don't mind bcos they don't say anything FG to use stolen estates and others as quarantine,isolation centres Leave Schools and improve them Bad news Good luck to resumption Wata sabuwa kuma Can you start with my school?

in whatever you do, don't carry any isolation centre to AAU ekpoma....i dey plan resume allow God punish una for me orumax Didn’t they just say schools are to resume soon or is FG mad Is it the same school they're about to open? Why 🙄 These guys don't even get idea again😅 Idea don finished for their heads😂😂

Gbogbo iro yi o necessary nah Quit this scam already School should open as far as social distancing and other precautions are observed,countries around the world have started opening in large capacity,let the aviation sector open too,cause Nigeria is loosing billions monthly,covid 19 is not a death warrant

thunder fire all of una.. what all the government abandoned properties instead of school wey never even reach Any facility to be used as an isolation or quarantine centre must must be in accordance with international and standard best practices. Makeshift isolation centres that may jeopardise the public health ultimately, is, therefore patently unacceptable. PublicHealth

But you guys is asking schools to resume back on June 8th and moreover shey na govt build those building una wan use for those owners This people are thoughtless.. I wonder where they get their ideas from.... Better leave hotel ooo, use school Na Una Papa Build the Hotels? 🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️ Nigeria Jaga jaga

That would have been what the Government would have done since the first case in Lagos. All international flights should have been directed to Lagos where we had the first case of Covid 19, hired a 5 star hotel where all new arrivals would have been quarantined. Hummmm? Confused leaders. They are already using It

Yes,this is a very great idea because we are aware that most of these top govt office holders own hotels therefore they will show a good example offering their hotels in these trying times. Lol We play too much in this country Who are they quarantining like this sef So how will schools resume next month?

So that when school reopen we will happily allow our children return to school This is not fair abeg What happen to aso rock ? This is the Twitter handle, mac_official_co follow for more updates on new technology... About FUELESS GENERATOR.. So what happened to all the money that has been given to you people Now no more opening of schools again ? This man is a very very stupid man

DSkeydo Gbas gbos follow me now to be followed back And u want to open school? We carry matter go police station, dem steal my guy phone....we flash ring for DPO pocket....we dey go another police station go settle TheMATTER

[BREAKING] School reopening: FG considers morning, afternoon classes🥺 Please can someone here assist me with 2K or even 1K to buy Foodstuff at home ? pls don’t let hunger finish me please , I don’t mind any amount sef even if it’s to buy foodstuff even if it’s Only Garri and Beans that i can get . pls help me retweet also 🙏😩 My Dm is Open pls God knows my baby isn't going anywhere

COVID-19: FG to roll out policy on schools’ reopeningThe Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) and Chairman, Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, revealed this on Wednesday in Abuja at the 36th joint national briefing of the task force. Read more: How much did they paid your government to open up the schools? I told one Islamic cleric to give a stipend to the government maybe they may be allowed to continue with the prayers. Are you all tired? Continue looting. After looting our money then we go help u retweet na Please I cant wait...

BREAKING: FG to release guidelines on school reopeningPlease can someone here assist me with 2K or even 1K to buy Foodstuff at home ? pls don’t let hunger finish me please , I don’t mind any amount sef even if it’s to buy foodstuff even if it’s Only Garri and Beans that i can get . pls help me retweet also 🙏😩 My Dm is Open pls Ok now they have finished looting When jhor.... Don't comman be telling us FG to release... Give us date n time abeg

Open airports, Rep tells FGLike seriously? Thought airports were opened

FG to inaugurate 200,000 capacity yam storage facility in BenueThe federal government will, on June 9, inaugurate the 200, 000 capacity yam storage facility for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Good one but doesn’t need this razzmatazz 200,000 tubers capacity, if yes, it won't feed more than 1,000,000,000 people a day Another backdoor Ruga attempt

FG needs to call OGEFZA management to order –Free trade zones stakeholdersThe group cries about the government agency’s desire to expand its mandate beyond its constitutionally allowed scope.