Ergp, Nigeria Economic Plan

Ergp, Nigeria Economic Plan

FG to inaugurate committee for new economic plan


FG to inaugurate committee for new economic plan

Agba stated this during a familiarisation visit of the Centre for Management Development centres in Abuja and Lagos, a parastatal under his ministry.The ERGP which is government’s economic blueprint for 2017-2020 has the broad objectives of restoring growth, investing in the people and building a globally competitive economy.

The core vision of the plan is one of sustained, inclusive and diversified growth. The initiatives of the Plan are directed at attaining structural economic transformation.The new economic blueprint would cover a ten year period with a five-year rolling plan

“We are already asking the MDAs to review their sector plans and we are currently receiving them with a view to consolidating them and giving them to the technical working committee to work on.”He described the deficit in the agency’s infrastructure and staff capacity gaps as a hindrance to achieving it’s set goals

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On the positive side, the rate they set up these cttee's task forces and panels they get round to asking all of us some day and we can all bask in our estacode and allowances. afalli DoubleEph TexTheLaw Another avenue to steal more billions. Ride on.... Next Level What happened to the old economic plan? 🤔

Mtcheeew confused set of people This is the definition of cluelessness. They are not serious I hope is very clear to any discerning Dick and Harry that this govt has no clue on how to solve barrage of economic woes against this country. Don't forget it has just two functional years to go. The last year is for politicking . This is disheartening!

Committee upon committee.. Everytime na committee, committee When will all this committee end or come up with a solution? These government lack the capacity to govern. Simple!

FG approves N7 bn to support creative industryThe federal government says it has, through the Bank of Industry (BoI), approved a facility of about N7 billion for Nigeria's creative industry.

Another Committee on economic planning loading...Haba🤔🤔 what happened to the previous committee on this same economic plan? What happened to the implementation of ERGP? 9ja I hail oooo. Pure waste of time IMO. Honestly 3 years with buhari seems 300 years to me.smh Ok. Committee upon committee upon committee. God will save His people

Won fi setting up committee seyin ni At least there is one thing this government is good at.... and that is inaugurating committees....hopefully before they leave in the next 3 years or so, we will have so many committees we won't even know what to do with them👍.... good job MBuhari Another one? Committee my foot. Fulani no need committee before taking care of their herds of cattle. If you know you know.

Scammers have come again. Which useless and senseless economic plan again?All of una no get singular idea of how to run this Country again abi,if that is the case you better resign.People bereaved of ideas,yet went ahead borrowing the destiny of their children away. Economic plan can not save this country.... Please do the needful before bringing in economic tables and graphs.

Which one was the old template?

SERAP Gives FG Seven-Day Ultimatum To Disclose Details Of Recovered Abacha LootSERAP Gives FG Seven-Day Ultimatum To Disclose Details Of Recovered Abacha Loot. And if FG failed after the 7th day, what could SERAP do? Alawada people. And what will happen if they don't ?

At 11:58pm After d summit, things will soon no go change instead they will bring up one abstract plan that will get d situation worser dan bf. 😂😂😂 Fvking comedians. Economic plans for their friends and family. Them soludo team done expire? Lolz apc try by error party. Nigeria and committee formation. What happened to the committee Mr President formed some months ago?

Lol who to chair the committee, another olodo 😁😀 Committee yi nooni all the time. Several committees, zero result! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤣🤣🤣🤣 What will now happen to these bunch, most of them were warned not to jeopardize their hard-earned reputation for the simple reason, Fulani dominated theocratic regime has no ears, for basic economic principles let alone your macroeconomics philosophy.

Economic plan since 2016 nothing until now, how can economic plan work when one mab will steal billions

Savings Accounts Not Exempted from Stamp Duty Charges, Says FG - THISDAYLIVEDike Onwuamaeze The federal government has clarified that deposits into savings accounts that is up to N10,000 are not exempted from the payment of N50 stamp duty under the Finance Act of 2020. Director General of Budget Office of the Federation, Mr. Ben Akabueze, said in Lagos at the weekend that the Finance Act, 2020 …

Nike says.... That's all we hear, this committee and that committee and at the end....... . Hehehehehe We don’t need any thing from them , most Nigerians are just counting down for this incompetent administration to go We don't need an economic plan,we need a security plan,Nigerians have to be protected, they can't just be continuously slaughtered in a way worse than chickens by either the government do something or we resort to self help.

And to think this next level government Still has three years to keep on dishing out this kind of nonsense scares me. Forget Nigeria. This country is gone I'm fucking done with Nigeria , another way to embezzle money MBuhari , and even it's only the northerners that will be inaugurated, fucked up country where tribalism is at it's peak .

Another Economic Team..? This people are not serious.. Why is the FG not tired of Inaugurating committee?

Ibadan-Kano rail line ready by 2023, says FGAfter test running 😂 We pray so We don't want. It's already okay there at that Lagos-Ibadan. You can only help us extend it to Ondo state. Lobatan

Is Almajirisim no longer plausible. They should close more means of livelihood The ones that have been inaugurated since God's when nko What have been their achievement so far ....abi they want to use it to share money again ? The ones we've had over the years they ended in the dust bin 🥺 Another waste of time.

SERAP gives FG 7-day ultimatum to disclose how recovered Abacha loot was expended since 1999 – Daily TrustThe Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has given the federal government a seven-day ultimatum to disclose the exact amount of public funds stolen by and recovered from a former head of state, the late General Sani Abacha and details of how the recovered loots were spent since Nigeria returns to democracy in 1999. They always give ultimatum with action and the deal date Funny serap..rubber stamp....ask of those of Abdul salami,IBB,obj...Jonathan..while they're alive..if you want to be trusted.

SERAP Gives FG Seven-Day Ultimatum To Disclose Details Of Recovered Abacha LootSERAP Gives FG Seven-Day Ultimatum To Disclose Details Of Recovered Abacha Loot. And if FG failed after the 7th day, what could SERAP do? Alawada people. And what will happen if they don't ?

FG partners states to feed pupils at home

5,000 Ekiti residents received FG’s N20,000 each — Fayemi

Discos offer customers two-month free electricity

COVID-19: Katsina Govt Lifts Ban On Friday Prayers

BREAKING: Buhari pardons late Anthony Enahoro, late prof Ambrose Alli, others

COVID-19: Chinese doctors can’t attend to our patients – NMA, NARD

Boris Johnson ‘stable’ in intensive care

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