Coronavirus, Lassa Fever

Coronavirus, Lassa Fever

FG releases N386m for Coronavirus prevention


FG releases N386m for Coronavirus prevention

government had budgeted N620 million to curtail the virus from entering Nigeria“The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control was also given N315m directly. Other requests are in the pipeline and yet to be released,” he said.Mamora added that the Ministry has inaugurated an inter-ministerial committee to provide oversight leadership.

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We know the fund will go to the purses of those in charge. FG help Nigerians fight Lassa fever. Eyin ole ti e nko owo wa je Ahhh Money that will be stolen within 24 hours Nigeria government is doing well Say OiiN I hope dey will return d money if there was no case of coronavirus in Nigeria latter on What are they using the money to do? What are the measures to be made? Here we are again shouting

386million for 200million ... Abeg, make una kukuma share am 1M to each person so we can help ourselves individually Our governments, you are doing well. Fantabulous 386 million will be spent on masks and the officials will walk to the bank sharp sharp Looters, liars, charters Nigerian government. They shares the money among themselves.

😂😂😂😂 If I don’t abandon this country I have failed my generation

Move Beyond Diagnosis To Discovering Curative Drugs For Coronavirus, Babalola Tell FGAmidst apprehension caused by the spread of novel coronavirus infection from China, a Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Chinedum Peace Babalola on Wednesday, called on the federal government to strive towards moving from diagnosing the dreaded coronal virus, lassa fever as well as other viral diseases to finding curative drugs that will immunise her citizens against […]

Steal now cos no money in hell for u alll... This is the reason that yeye man as been shouting that he wants Covid-19 to visit him and his generation Look at this money grabbing clowns! After Chloroquine phosphate has been declared to halt the infection and disease spread... Someone wants to buy hand sanitizer for every Nigerians

FG You are doing well 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😂😂 Lol Wehdone 😂 oiinnnn Wetin day ejaculatee First set of money 💴 😋

FG to Discos: Allow other investors if you can’t deliver electricity to Nigerians – Daily TrustThe Federal Government has advised electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) to allow other investors if they cannot perform their responsibilities, saying the current subsidy regime is not sustainable. That should be better for how terrible electricity is, In nigeria. May God help You to do that That will be the best to allowed more competent hands.

This country wahala no too much virus never reach naija you done dey spend bili and Mili l for am fabolous3d Mad people 🙄 They'll soon empty the treasury. Poverty of the mind. Hmm fantabulous Who did they released it to? Chai...... Another avenue to swindle money Just like that🙁 This is the cause of corruption EFCC boss talked about. 🤣

Very funny, after finding cure to the virus 😂😂😂😂. We have jokers in the country. This reminds me of when we use to ask our parents money for Ozone Layer and Photosynthesis in secondary school.Soon they will allocate money for Trumps travel ban. Una go hear word!

Ahead Of April 1 New Tariff Take-off, FG Withdraws Electricity SubsidyAbout six weeks to the April 1, 2020 date for a new electricity tariff to come into effect in the country, the federal government has disclosed that it cannot continue to subsidise the power sector because electricity distribution companies (DisCos) have failed to make optimum use of the financial interventions. Minister of power, Saleh Mamman […]

🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Another opportunity to loot the treasury and siphon funds. This people are stupid ahswear.we dont have labs in each state for lassa fever diagnosis. Well i know some people are in business with this new money. Release to whom? Who will manage the funds? Oh! Buhari kukuma kill us ... Hmmmm. Someone just became 386m rich

new method in tackling Garrila warfare if the need arises may be to learn from ISRAEL on how to fight Werey Lawon eleyi oo, like the coronzvirus has entered their lives, why are they even using lie lie nose mask... Prevention they say is better than cure. Nice one 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. But make them nor use this opportunity chop money o🙏🏽

Biz don come! Dey go steal in the name of Corona virus

FG, States, LGAs share N647.353bn in January – Daily TrustThe Federal Government and other tiers of government shared N647.353 billion being distributions from the federation account in January this year. The figures were disclosed in a statement issued by the Office of the Accountant General at the meeting of the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) held on Wednesday in Lagos. The meeting, chaired by … The usage for economy benefits is d koko

Who do we offend in this country 😭😭 Now that 386million naira hv finally die cash crops solutions in regional terms, educational solution as related to technology, Corornavirus that have never been in Nigeria this pple are seriously mad AH-LOOTERS-CONTINUE All of them that will loot from that N386m Money released for prevention of Corona Virus, Shall die by the Virus one after the other. Mark this word Today OfficialAPCNg OfficialPDPNig NigeriaGov

prevention rather than in investing on research and development on illness such as HIV, Ebola, suppressing unemployment, choppings hmm prevention they say is better than cure, but this is opposite coin In the case of Nigeria, we are investing heavily on Something wey never come .....hmmm Another NPower version to government officials loading...

Ohanaeze applauds FG over Enugu, Port Harcourt highwayApex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has commended the Federal Government for the rehabilitation of the Enugu-Port Harcourt highway, just as it expressed satisfaction over the quality of work on the road.

See levels , o por yeh yeh, owo oju eegun Time to chop. Scam nation ...Millions for health ,Billions for renovation that not everybody’s have access to See scammers Ogbon ati kowo je nooni But the federal government can not help or give financial support to Nigerians citizens in Wuhan. Shameless and senseless leaders

ShehuSani So this mask cost 368 million naira abi...Nigerians una no see anything ooo on ground So the infection comes through Mouth Nd Nose... Bcus I can see them covering mouth n Nose🤣😂🤣😂 Abeg, na who we offend for Naija wey no gree forgive us?

Insecurity: Buhari will not resign — FG – Daily TrustPresident Muhammadu Buhari will not resign over the security challenges in the country. The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, said this in Abuja on Thursday while addressing journalists. The minister was reacting to calls, from various quarters, for Buhari’s resignation over the rising insecurity in the country. “President will not resign. He has … is he the C in C? Will rather burn down the country, like the coup he embarked and removed the democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari on 31th dec, 1983.

Another office opened... Office don open Le Nigeria est une nation défaillante... Another money looting strategy.....fuck this govt I trust our leaders 😂😂 Na wa Nigeria how market For chloroquine? I'm not understanding. 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Coronaijiria

Chloroquine can cure it. Stop this clownery! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 clowns Cc officialEFCC the money is for whay FG is just politicalizing the Nigerians minds by looting country's treasures, Wuhan is the capital city of coronavirus, thousands of people had died till date there's no any effective medication for it. So, what hell you Wannan prevent while people are crying for poverty ?

Lol clown country Another peeper soup 🍜 money Some people have been made millionaires N386 million for prevention of Coronavirius. If Nigeria gets one case, what will happen? Is corruption now in Nigeria -- sorry, is coronavirus now in Nigeria? Money don go be that oOo. Since they can consider giving a gov. Abacha's looted fund as against agreement reached for its release. Zaa world zaa watching. Gaskiya! NaUnaNow

We need a value for money audit report after 3 months

emmynze999 😂😂😂😂 Nigeria my country Who are really the Virus 🦠 that needs cure like this But why are we like this in this motherland,? Common malaria they can't prevent for 50 decade. Another free money for their pockets Cashcow Chai They are yet to pay their npower_ng beneficiaries for 2 months now and no one is talking about the impending doom, an empty stomach will bring. A lot of money fly around this country yet those that work for it do not see it and even when they do, it comes 4 months later.

Our mumu don do again😂😂😂 Hmmmmm!!! ShehuSani Just to share among themselves, smh

Magu said it ooo but we didn't understand This country is finished.Sadiya_farouq refuses to pay npower_ng Beneficiaries. All we are seeing is Coronavirus Beneficiaries 😂😂 that doesn't exist. This country MBuhari is a big scam. Abacha loot is being looted again USEmbassyAbuja APC......share the money

Cashing out with clean corrupt hands 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Virus for China done make some people hammer for Naija... Ok ooo We are watching Mhmmm naija my country ,please mummy when should npower beneficiary be expecting their stipend 😒😒😒 Apccccc 😂😂😂😂😂 Jesus. Some wake me up😔

Theif They wan scam us.... Prevention is better than cure we claim And what's with covering nose/mouth ? Lol actors and actresses 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 if they'll be kind enough to tell us how much they charge Nigeria for those masks 😂😂😂😂it hasn’t come but they have released money. Share the money government

Proactivity is the new corruption 🙌👌 How much has the government released for Lassa fever that’s still prevalent in the country🤷‍♂️ 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Someone has cursed this Country Nigeria has become a cash cow to any smart opportunist, please how did we get here? Releases money for coronavirus prevention, why are you people just wasting money, the money ought to be spending on research. Hence, No victim yet on coronavirus, Fg should spend the money on Lassa fever because is a social problem now confronting us

Prevention? 😱 🤔🤷🙆

No delebration at all just released like that despite it not being in West Africa and then after cure has been found. Contingency fund account was created for something sha. The funds there must be spent somehow. Now I can see why convid-19 is actually caused by corruption 🤷‍♀️ FemiOjosu This money has been looted already

This people have come again 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ If we no see the coronavirus which i know we will not see for naija insha Allah las las the 386m go enter dia pocket Welcome development however, the big Oga over there will colonized everything and at the end it will be a dream past. Releasing money for unseen disease Tụfịakwa this government

ShehuSani What form will the prevention take. N386m too much or too little for the purpose. I said it that this corona virus even though it may not infect anyone in Nigeria that it must surely affect our common wealth 😥😥😥

As in to PREVENT CORRUPTION? Our leaders can’t stop confusing us....officialEFCC Magu was right after all. I don't know what's the matter with these guys, they just waste resource anyhow without apology. Mehnnn this is insane! Who did we offend in this country Prevention.......... Did they travel to China? Because I no understand why them they cover nose for 9ja 💁‍♂️💁‍♂️

Ala ari mma wu uru ndi nze. Chai. Ndia ji anyi na oru. N386million worth of chloroquine is a lot To who? ShehuSani Mk una noveven go abroad go contact that disease carry come Nigeria, this one u guys are giving out money for the prevention or whatsoever Corona Virus they select only people for front? Why those behind no wear mask? Abi na only these masks una buy with over 300 million naira?

Comedy government...🤣 shankdido Bastards Them don open market for corona erigganewmoney com see watin u yarn before Story for the gods Corona-virus is a corruption🏃🏃🏃 This country is joke Money has gone into the pocket. No proved case of the Virus in Nigeria but the FG is already spending on it. We are our own problem.

Hmm.... Dem don find format to steal money again, God why me Scam Men have cashed out big time

As it concern them, they releases the money sharply As we speak, one snake is about to swallow that money Weve all faliled magu 😂 !! Coronavirus corruption After buying student beds and local blankets, they will share the remaining one. Nigeria my country. So buhari and his cohorts want squander our money because of a virus God in his infinite goodness spared Nigeria from. By the time buhari will finish with this our country hailers will all become wailers.

*boycountmedication* Awon werey. This is it, what they've been waiting for. They've been waiting for the virus to come so they can cash out, now it seems like this is the only way to cash out. Let's release money to prevent the virus when in reality they are not preventing anything but filling their pockets

Na so Lol ShehuSani Another 'office' for enrichment opened for some untouchables.

What of Lassa fever eradication? This nigaz had to make sure they collected funds on this Matter... Barawo Magu saw it first.. See free money. God abeg Even Lassa Fever that's at your doorstep you did nothing to prevent. This government just cease every single opportunity to steal. Rogues!! I think looting is a political hobby, it just has to be done

Some people don cash out 😂 But you couldn’t release such amount to handle Lassa fever😏😏 That means if one person eventually contact this virus in Nigeria, APC will release 10billion. Just imagine. This guys looking for opportunity to loot us dry. Big scam

ehigymetor Some people have blown 😂😂😂 Forever_Rayyan 😂😂😂😂 😂 😂😂😂 Share d money😎😎 $1m 🤣🤣🤣 FG became so unquestionable since the last 5years now and everything has gone totally wrong. Magu new exactly what he was saying but we all jumped on him. Coronavirusnextlevelscam. Is the 386Mil for chloroquine Corruption virus ba

Another office Choiiiii Another conduit for express looting. Stealing is there hobby Kai....see job!

This government! This government!! Those government!!!. Zero shame! Zero dignity! Tueh! It will not reach here When a curse was placed on Nigeria... The person was speaking phonetics cos we are just too fantabulus in our currupt practices... Sharp sharp N386m found its usefulness... Yahoo yahoo government

So the refuse to fund for lassa fever the went to fund sometin dat didn't concern us Finally when the virus comes, and some senseless elements have squandered the money everyone will have a share irrespective of how broke or rich you are. Arrant nonsense!!!! $1m for what really? Association of looter regime

We don enter one chance nija .😥😥😥😥 scam ooooo! Thieves.

p Bwarry is fighting kwarosion😁😁😁 Ok.The prevention plans is quit convincing. In Ebonyi, work is ongoing at old unity square abakaliki metropolis, Which also is commendable. Now, citing an assumed disease prevention and control center at a place like unity sqr makes me wonder if the Gods are to blame.

Chai... Nigeria is irredeemably lost. ShehuSani Check the Corona virus war chest again some civil servant's stolen everything already... ShehuSani Useless people!! Always looking for a reason to steal money Only prevention is this.... just wondering what it would have been if it was a outbreak 😷... For Abuja alone or for the whole nation?

I thought officialEFCC cures/fight the cause of Corona virus

ShehuSani Correct looting confirm Otunba lamba!!! ShehuSani Cash out Some money just drop ShehuSani Shey chloroquine no dey work again ni ShehuSani Inside naija ShehuSani Do we have any corona virus here nih?😕 $1,000,000M for what is not here yet Are you serious? 386million? This must be a huge joke huh! Nonsense and senseless government.

Lol person don cash out. Even one syringe we won't see.

The way this people are directing money to unknown destination is alarming 🤣🤣🤣🤣 See how this old men dey use coronavirus to launder money. Nija how far na Lol How much is Chloroquine? May God help Nigeria. This money no much na cancel the M and replace it with B But 1000pcs of nose mask and the rest money is gone.

Hmmmmmm Nigeria gov nawaoooo Jus to prevent 386m wen e finally enter u guys will sell the country abi.. There is Godoo Buhari and co. Hmm, 386 million, equivalent of 1.06 million naira to fight corona virus. Not serious Isn't is about time all these clowns stop the jokes. It's not funny anymore! NASS is spending our hard earned money buyin 'exotic cars', insurgency is ravaging states, high taxes are levied on virtually all services, some prankster is busy calmouring for 'boko haram Agency' ahn!

Aye fg de ma baje ni

Don't be surprised when officials at the airports start handing out chloroquine tablets to everyone entering this country, they'll tell us that is the preventive measure put in place Them don take this one oooo🤣🤣🤣 Criminals This government is most corrupt government ever in the history of Nigeria. Just wait for their dethronement, you will hear the kind of money that this government has embezzled, shock go kill some people.

It means each state is getting about 10 million. Is it enough? l pledged to Nigeria my country to be faithful Royal and honest to serve Nigeria is not by force... Lol, for what! , face mask Aiye o! Wọn tún ti gbé wa ni handicap! Another avenue to loot our money corona virus can not survive in hot climates Lassa fever is everywhere and nothing has done to prevent it

Ahhhhh! We think sey na play o.

They tried. How much did China govt spent so far. To prevent something that has not been reported in the country and this amount is allocated. What if? How much will be spend. Kontinue Ijoba Spending Our population is around 200million, If they share am 1m each change go remain, Nose mask is 200 naira, hand sanitizer is 500, annoiting oil is 150, detol liquid is 700, FG how far na, I can protect my self

Lolz To who? I'm pretty sure the money as been spent before it was released Another opportunity has come oooo. FG is looking for different means of looting funds Let me just do the break down myself, 286m for the chairman committee, 20m for the board, 30m for buying nonsense instruments for virus which can't survive in naija, and 50m for item 7 for people in charge.

The equivalent of USD 1 Million? We're very 'ready', indeed😭😭😭 What an opportunity! Clean shit. Any body wey chop from that money, may in belle run forever and ever!

Magu was right 😭😭😰😨 How Looking at the picture just makes me laugh so hard 😂🤣😆😂🤣 Oboi see better chopping without any stress. Buhari government we hail una oooo. Criminals! Yet we don't have drugs for lassa fever in most government hospitals,it's coronavirus that ordinary chloroquine dey cure that they release 386m. Ndi oshi

We once had a country smh😒😒 Hope it won't be looted And they will keep borrowing money.. Awon werey This is too bad, when hunger dey kill people 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉 Make corona virus jus jam dem as den pose for pic. Baskads lol

We hav pertual wailers,perpetual hailers won't rest. This is an emergency release,proactiveness,wit what i know about dis govt,no money will be released without proper documents nd process. Assuming dis money is to be embezzled,are we not same pple saying no money in corculation? Only God can save Inside life.

Which Corona virus prevention again? Do they want to order containers load of chloroquine ni? CoronaVirus was caused by corruption and vice versa. OfficialAPCNg is doomed 🤣🤣🤣our government are Jokers 😂😂 How much is chloroquine? Awon Were 🤥😀 The money is not too much for a big country like ours to prevent the virus. But my prayer is that any body that will divert the money for another thing, something worse than Corona will visit the person's home.

Lol. Comedians. Chloroquine no go work for Nigeria own? Clean money. Wonderful 😂 And that's how the money goes to Switzerland and France, don't ask me how This Government is just 100% comedy Is it for face mask and handgloves? Criminal people Half of which must have been swallowed before the ink is dry on the approval

officialEFCC Magu was right because the Coronavirus in Nigeria would be caused by Corruption.. This buhari government is worse than corona virus Another Fraud This is the worst government tenure so far Ehn shebi they said :prevention is better than cure '. After you people will say the govt is not proactive.

Make my share reach me ooo abeg!! That's my concern We just pray the virus doesn't come here. That is good. Money for coronapocket You covering ur nose with no lab gloves n you think you're safe? country ooo These people dey craze ooo

Shey FG dey whine us ni Arrrrhhhh Nigeria! APC oleeeeeeeeeeeee Finally the office have been open. My country my country 🤣😂 Cashing out with every opportunity Lol some folks on their way to the bank smiling rn More money to eat by the corona rats. This govt doesn't pride itself on accountability and transparency. Safe to say that it'd eat up the money while caring less about what Nigerians think.

KAI SOME DON 'CASH OUT.' BIG TIME😀😀😀 ! Just $1M common this government can do better, that ain’t no way to prevent it, this is too small compared to other countries measures. So much money to go around for the ministry faithful. In the end we won't get the spread for expenses

Hahaha next devil God has buttered people's bread again Don’t say anything. Just retweet Chai🙆🙆🙆 Omo see largesse.... Prevention kee una there Money for the boiz. Food is ready it's time to shop Free money and clean mouth. N368 M to buy cloroquine? Fantabulous! Twalkusam_01 kinging_24 Another way to embezzle money

Ahaha buhari again! U people always find a way to to loot our money, Almighty Allah will punish all of you But Chloroquine is not that Expensive naaaaw. 🤣😅😅🤣 another money to loot. By the time APC is through with the country, Libya will look like a paradise...hmmmmm Isn't that too much money for just Chloroquine?

What chloroquine can handle. Now they're making money out of it. We have been scammed. A joke country... Coronavirus is not in Nigeria yet these ones will always look for any means to siphon the govt money... Useless country. Exactly what they have been waiting for when they issue the statement “Nigeria can contain Coronavirus” mfs

Jokers 🤣👏🏿🤣

Only the politicians have their nose covered. The rest can die . thisisnigeria engrtolu Can you now see that magu officialEFCC is right somehow ... How much will chloroquine cost tori olohun ? Na 623m dy won use befr , but at least dy don cut am down .. Coronavirus dey cos corruption tru tru .. whats that equal to US money?

Advantage occurred, People With primitive mindset Stealing by opportune 🤣🤣🤣🤣 yes o prevention is better than cure. Corruption Anyone that says GOD won't punish all these crazy cows in power will receive multiple punishments in JESUS' Name. Amen! That’s d choppings Magu is right after all just an issue of semantics

Ahhh I thought as much In Nigeria, prevention is costlier than the cure. Hehe.., Coronavirus has not reach our soil, government officials has started eating money on coronavirus's head. May God have mercy oooo. If this money will prevent coronavirus from entering the country, then, no problem. Because if that virus comes in here... Hmmm! It would be worse than China.

Las las form people go hammer. FG have fall victim of this health Minister 😊😊😊 Tshonuyi43 come and see oh Why is the FG in a hurry to release this corvid-19 money? Is it because officials are interested in taking it via their usual official memos or the 1st victim has been identified in Nigeria? The money has been shared

Tears!! Na to chop close mouth; Mumu country Nigeria Now I understand Magu. He was bn sarcastic; Conora virus is the cause of corruption in Nigeria. this country is a joke 🤣🤣 There was a country 🤔 80% of this fund will be embezzled. 🙆‍♀️ Comedians The coronavirus that the cure is chloroquine? Congratulations health minister u have bn highly baptised.Chopping time is now here.

No single incident, magu has said it all Corona-virus is a corruption...

hmmmmm! What about Lassa fever epidemic in circulation N386m coronavirus prevention. What a conglumerate of silent crooks. A bunch of class clowns 😂 What’s next ? Snake will swallow it? A welcome gesture. Now, let the funds be used judiciously and not a Kobo be diverted. Coronavirus wey don dey find cure for or which one.... Awon Ole

Means to siphon money. Corrupt politicians. We know it going to happen. Naija bet don pay👏👏👏 No wonder Naija coronavirus is caused by corruption...I hail ooo 🤣🤣🤣 chloroquine 300million

Is alright Free money.. Chop clean mouth. Where do they enter that their covering nose? Those people behind, are they note human beings Only if the money will be used for this purpose 🙄 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Chloroquine no work again? 😂🤣😂 if you know, you know. Lol😄😀😄😃😀😄 Buhari government nah scam Rubbish

Who are this clowns...? Awon werey .... Always taking advantage to loot us dry....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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